You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 993 (12)

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Chapter 993: Unt.i.tled (12)

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Clearing his throat loudly, the director said, “Ok, everyone, we’ll take a five-minute break.”

During the break, Song Cheng suddenly walked towards them.

The director looked at him and asked, “Manager Song, what’s up?”

With a broad smile, Song Cheng explained, “It’s like this. Our Brother Shen feels that by the time filming ends, it will be rather late. With the next shooting scheduled for early morning tomorrow, it’s a little inconvenient. We were wondering if the filming crew could arrange for accommodation at a hotel nearby, we’ll just stay there tonight.”

Director: …

Hence, could it be that Best Actor Shen was really interested in Qiao Lian?

Given that Best Actor Shen had so generously given them a month of his time to film, he couldn’t possibly decline such a request.

As for Ms. Qiao…

Well, she should be more than glad to have Best Actor Shen make a move on her.

Half an hour later.

After Qiao Lian was done filming and left the set, her junior a.s.sistant came up to her and said, “Sister Qiao, the crew says that tonight we’ll have to work overtime, so they’ve booked accommodation at the nearby hotel for us.”

Staying at a hotel?

Qiao Lian raised an eyebrow. It wasn’t a problem.

It didn’t matter now that she was living alone.

Furthermore, because of the filming, she had informed her fans that the live stream sessions would stop for a few days.

Qiao Lian nodded, completely unaware of the fact that she had been earmarked for Best Actor Shen’s pleasure.

The filming that followed went extremely smoothly.

At 8 p.m., they finally finished for the day.

When Qiao Lian and her junior a.s.sistant arrived at the hotel, they found that the filming crew had so respectfully booked her the presidential suite!

Elated, her junior a.s.sistant exclaimed, “Woah, I didn’t think that there’d come a day that even I could stay in a presidential suite!”

As soon as she said this, a crew member smiled and said, “May I explain? A room has been booked for you too. Oh, that’s right, you’ll be sharing the room with another a.s.sistant from our crew.”

The junior a.s.sistant fell silent.

Patting her arm, Qiao Lian headed towards the Presidential Suite.

Upon unlocking the door and entering the room, she saw that it was rather well-furnished.

Humming a tune, she walked into the room. However, as she entered the living area, she suddenly halted.

She spun around sharply to look outside.

Then she looked down again at the card key in her hand. Again, she lifted her gaze and looked steadily at the man in front of her. Flabbergasted, she asked him, “Have you gone into the wrong room? This is my room!”

Shen Liangchuan uncrossed his long legs and stood up. He walked to her a step at a time, saying, “That’s right. This is indeed your room. I’m here to look for you.”

Guardedly, Qiao Lian took a step back and asked, “What do you want?”

Shen Liangchuan cast his gaze down and replied, “Hmmm. There’s going to be a kissing scene tomorrow. I’m here to go over the script with you.”

Qiao Lian was speechless.

What sort of rubbish excuse was this?!

She wasn’t a child, how could she not tell right away that this was a feeble excuse?

The next moment, she saw that indeed the man had two scripts with him. He placed them on the coffee table and turned back to look at her. “Are you going to make the whole crew wait for you tomorrow?”

Qiao Lian kept silent.

“Take a seat.”

Qiao Lian found herself unconsciously obeying his instructions. Shen Liangchuan pointed at the content in the script and said, “We’re filming the wedding night. There’s a kissing scene and, the day after, there’s a bedroom scene.”

“How can it be so filthy?” Qiao Lian thought to herself.

At this point, the seat on the sofa next to her sank. Following this, a dark silhouette filled the empty s.p.a.ce beside her. Her head spun around. She saw that Shen Liangchuan had moved to sit next to her. “So let’s try the kissing scene first?”

You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 993 (12)

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