Divine Brilliance Chapter 10 - Burning Sword Wu Wei

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Chapter 10: Chapter 10 Burning Sword Wu Wei

Translator: ryangohsff Editor: Nora

“Burning Sword Wu Wei?”

Zong Shou pondered for a while before shaking his head. He had totally no impression of such a name.

However, after he took a few glances at the person before him, Zong Shou found that he had some skill.

The surface of his skin gave off a magnetic copper glow, and was obviously as strong as iron. For someone to have trained until the surface of their skin reached such a state, their internal training would have probably reached the peak.

Out of the nine Body Chakra Meridians, he had probably opened at least seven of them. His aura was as sharp as a knife, he had learned the true meaning of the sword. Such a person would be acknowledged even a hundred years from now in the Cloud World. He was as strong as Yin Yang.

“Young Master, you have never heard of him?’

After her initial shock, Chuxue’s expression returned to normal. Her tone was flat, without any emotion at all. “He is Zong Yu’s senior at Duyang Mountain. Two years ago, to escape pursuit, he killed five Mythic Masters from Defeng City within half a day before escaping. The entire West of the Donglin Cloud Continent was shocked by this, and it was said that hundreds of martial artists were killed by him.”

Zong Shou nodded slightly. He had heard of Defeng City; it was a human city close to Ice Ocean. Its ability was not bad, and it was no weaker than some small nations. It had numerous experts, and many exquisite martial art legacies.

Within the Cloud World, three Chakra Meridians were known as one stage. Body, Heaven, and Earth, for a total of twenty-seven Chakra Meridians. One was separated into Martial Warrior, Martial Master, Mythic Master, Xiantian Master, Martial Ancestor, Xuanwu Ancestor, Ascended Ancestor, Grandmaster, and Spiritual Grandmaster. Each stage was further split into three levels, and above all of these was the unfathomable Celestial Realm!

In the future he came from, it was already rare for one to break out from the peak of internal cultivation. Even in the game, many years after the spiritual energy exploded, most players stopped at the Xiantian Master and Martial Ancestor level.

Mythic Master was the average regardless of the era you were in.

For that Burning Sword Wu Wei to kill five experts of the same stage meant that he had some secret techniques.

Apart from that, he was also familiar with that Duyang Mountain. It was very famous at the starting period of the G.o.d Emperor era, and had caused a lot of trouble.

He cared more about the fact that the girl beside him was already filled with the intention to fight to the death.

It was like she was afraid of him being afraid. Chuxue suddenly hugged him and muttered, “Young Master, don’t be afraid! Master has predicted it and asked me to bring that thing along. Young Master will definitely be fine…”

Zong Shou was totally unprepared, so he got hugged. His nose was filled with the smell of her. Next, he felt something that was so big, and his entire face plunged into it. It was soft and comfortable, making it hard for him to believe that Xue’er was truly only thirteen.

His instinct was to break away, but his heart twitched, and his mind came up with a bad idea. His head burrowed into her embrace as he enjoyed it all, “I am not afraid. I feel more worried about Xue’er. How soft! How fragrant! I really want to take a bite…”

“Young Master!”

Just as Su Chuxue was feeling moved, her body froze up, and she jumped backward with her face flushed red.

Zong Shou did not feel embarra.s.sed at all. It seemed like this girl was afraid of skin contact. After laughing, he looked outside the window. Coincidentally, he exchanged glances with Zong Yu on the hill.

Those dark eyes were cynically looking at him like he was looking at a dead person. Following that, his line of sight was covered by the edges of the window.

With a cold snort of contempt, Zong Shou continued to let the Willow Mark knife spin around in his right hand, only it was spinning several times faster than before. His wrist was stable as a clamp, adding thirty percent more strength. However, his entire aura became calmer, like he was not there at all.

Chuxue was stunned. She instantly forgot about the awkwardness from before, turning around and looking attentively at Zong Shou.

There was obviously nothing going on. However, for some reason, Zong Shou at that moment gave her a feeling of utmost danger.

It was like the person sitting next to her was not her Young Master. He did not seem like the person who had failed to progress after training in martial arts for ten years, and was deemed trash by everyone. Instead, he was like an ancient desolate beast, choosing who to swallow up.


Atop the small hill less than six hundred feet high, Zong Yu was looking at the carriage half a mile away as it swiftly ran into the distance.

After a long while, he gave out a cold laugh, “Just as I expected, hey! Those people definitely aren’t willing to stay in Twisted Gathering. Senior Wu, you have seen those people today, are you confident?”

“That girl isn’t a problem; you three can handle her. But this Yin Yang…”

Thinking back to that calm and majestic figure sitting at the front of the carriage and guiding the horses with a single hand, Wu Wei’s eyes turned serious. He instinctively gripped the sword in his hand tightly, and several veins actually popped out from his thin and shriveled hand.

“That person’s skill isn’t normal! I ain’t his opponent. That person is from the human race, so why would he work for Gantian Mountain?’

Zhou Yu frowned slightly, “I don’t know the background of that person. I only know that he was once a disciple of a big sect. Because my uncle helped him, he left the sect to become a coachman for Gantian Mountain. He has a body of exceptional skill. Senior really can’t do anything to this person? Actually, you only need to drag him away…”

“I only said I wasn’t his opponent, not that I couldn’t do anything to him. Three days later, your senior Li will also come to Dragon Lake Plain,” he said simply.

A look of curiosity appeared on Wu Wei’s face, “As for that prince, what are you going to do to him? He is your cousin, so are you really going to kill him on the spot?”

“I’m not such a fool!”

After laughing coldly, Zong Yu placed down all his worries. “Uncle has run for thirty years, and there are many people in the race that are loyal to him. Even if they don’t want that rubbish to become king, they wouldn’t allow the last descendant of uncle to die at the hands of the others. My brothers and cousins are all ambitious. If I kill him, they would make me the scapegoat! I was just scaring him before. I understand the theory of having the emperor in my power and ordering the dukes about in his name.”

When Wu Wei heard that, he directly shook his head, “Master instructed me to help you all the way. I can even help you kill him. If those brothers dare to stop you, let’s just kill them all. Even slaughtering Gantian Mountain wouldn’t be a problem…”

Zong Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry, “My Gantian Mountain isn’t that small Defeng City. Even if my uncle dares, master still has to be worried. Forget it, senior won’t get it. As for my cousin, although I won’t kill him, I won’t let him have an easy time. A piece of rubbish that can’t train any internal energy actually wants to be the heir?! Will we really let an impure b.a.s.t.a.r.d inherit the position of Monster King and take charge of the million branch races of Gantian Mountain?”

As he spoke, who knew what Zong Yu was thinking. An ugly blood scar actually appeared on the right side of his face, and hatred could be seen in his eyes.

“If he falls into my hands, I will make his life a living h.e.l.l!”

Wu Wei kept silent. He did not know what grievances or past his junior brother had with that heir, and he was not willing to ask either.

He only came to this Dragon Lake Plain to kill!


To proceed to Lingyun Sect’s Pill Spirit Mountain, they needed to cross the Dragon Lake Plains and reach the East of the continent, which would probably take half a month.

Unexpectedly, the carriage galloped for five days through the wilderness and got out of the swamp region without obstruction. It was peaceful all the way. The sneak attack they had been preparing for had not arrived. However, the depressed feeling of the calm before a storm was getting thicker and thicker.

Chuxue was on high alert. Standing on the roof of the carriage, she suspected everything around her. Zong Shou stayed within the carriage to train like nothing was happening. Even if the carriage stopped occasionally, he would not come out.

He tested all of the three hundred Willow Mark knives one by one. However, he only kept five in his sleeves, hidden right next to him.

With his current cultivation, it would not be possible to use spirit to train the knife. However, days of carrying them along could help strengthen the spiritual connection and have some slight effect.

The other flying knives were used by him for training. He did not use internal energy. He just repeatedly shot them out in an uninteresting manner.

After all, they were different from the ironwood flying knives, whose weights and thicknesses were different. For those knives, a slight error would cause deviation. Out of the three hundred Willow Mark knives, a large half were used to let his body get used to controlling them.

For the true trump cards, these five were enough!

Divine Brilliance Chapter 10 - Burning Sword Wu Wei

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