Divine Brilliance Chapter 1044 - Dan’er Danger

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Chapter 1044: Dan’er Danger

Maybe because he went through the true absolute beginning and end, although the Black and White Qilin were hundreds of generations away from their Ancestor, they were able to instinctively modify the laws within the Black and White Holes.

The two Qilin were also influenced by the Beginning and End Dharma, their bloodline and bodies were becoming purer.

“I can’t comprehend it all right away, I need to go into secluded meditation for a while…”

Even as a not so professional Spirit Master, if he didn’t worry about the changes in the structure of his Dharma and true image, then he was really stupid.

There weren’t any other problems along the way and after four hours Zong Shou finally returned to Gantian Mountain Peak.

Before he even arrived, a Dragon roar sounded out. It was that Yin Dragon that charged out from the peak, displaying its silver-white body as it looked over.

A huge Dragon aura pressed down.

Zong Shou grinned, was it trying to show him who was boss?

Zong Shou continued to travel in the air, totally unaffected at all. He used the Return to One Sword Sword Intent to protect his body, forming a seamless circle. That Dragon Intent was blocked 100 feet out.

Shock appeared in the eyes of the Yin Dragon as it stared right at Zong Shou.

It was like it was surprised that Zong Shou was actually able to grow to such an extent in such a short time.

Zong Shou laughed and threw out a few white bottles.

The eyes of the Yin Dragon lit up as he swallowed the bottles. It then nodded towards Zong Shou in grat.i.tude.

Within those bottles were things Zong Shou s.n.a.t.c.hed over these few years that could nourish Yin Souls and even wipe out grievances.

He saw that this Country Protector Beast still had much vengeful energy in it which had not been removed yet.

They were the most stubborn parts left after 10,000 years of acc.u.mulation. Unless the Yin Dragon used his King Path Energy to wash it for 3,000 years, otherwise, it was impossible to be clean.

However, if he could use the items, this process would be sped up.

That Yin Dragon was pleased and stopped bothering with Zong Shou and Chuxue. It spread its tail in the air and comfortably bathed in the sun above the cloud layer.

Zong Shou broke into a laugh. Although the Dragon was lazy, with it here he didn’t need to worry about the safety of Gantian Mountain.

“So it had already formed its Dragon Pellet…”

This Yin Dragon had already grasped a portion of the ability to change between Real and Illusionary.

However, he seemed to have formed a Dragon Pellet of another Dao.

Its strength grew and had stepped into Saint Realm which wasn’t really surprising to Zong Shou.

Kong Rui had long ago mentioned that the G.o.d Beast was connected to the strength of Great Gan and was buffed by the luck of the country.

The stronger the country, the stronger the Country Protector Beast would be.

If it got weak then the cultivation of the Country Protector G.o.d Beast would naturally be at risk of dropping.

At this point, Great Gan had already occupied 76 worlds. Even in the entire region, it was a decent sized power.

Within the Cloud World, its territory had expanded by close to double. Naturally, this Yin Dragon was able to step into Saint Realm.

Gongyuan had the Heaven Movement Mother and Son Sword and didn’t attack Great Gan pretty much because he was worried about this Dragon. Or, maybe he had already taken some losses under its claws.

In the last life, this Dragon was most probably at Saint Realm strength. This was why after swiftly breaking through, it was able to control its power.

It was much stronger than he, who used King Path Martial Arts to barely be considered a Saint Realm Expert.

After sending the Dragon away, Zong Shou looked towards the peak. He could see Xuanyuan Yiren holding a two-year-old baby, smiling as she looked at him.

She was still so alluring, there was more of a mother’s warmth to her.

Zong Shou’s eyes landed on the kid. It was waving its little fist in her embrace, not saying proper words but just randomly making noises. It was really energetic and playful, a kid that one had to worry a lot about.

His features were distinct, more like the mother than him. He was young and his five features already looked really handsome, actually not looking foxy like the Sky Fox Race which really surprised Zong Shou.

At first glance, he felt connected to it by bloodline.

Zong Shou’s lips rose up as he strolled over, he hugged him up and then kissed him.

However, this little fellow feared strangers and after resisting, it didn’t cry but instead bit his face.

Although his teeth hadn’t grown, he was really strong.

Zong Shou laughed out loud and knew that this was his son.

He then felt weird, “Why is it so small?”

Five years had pa.s.sed since he left the Cloud World, so why did this fellow look like he was only two?

Speaking about this matter, Xuanyuan Yiren was also filled with worry, “I don’t know. Since you left, Dan’er has been like this. Although I am skilled in medicine, I was unable to find out why. I didn’t dare to randomly give him medicine, so I could only wait until you got back…”

Zong Shou was stunned and grabbed his wrist.

The last time he returned, he was worried that his son would have a Dual Meridian Body like him, broken soul body. This was why he specifically looked at his body structure.

The outcome then made him heave a sigh of relief. He did have a Dual Meridian Body but his bloodline was stable.

His son pretty much inherited everything from him but didn’t have that many flaws as he had.

Dual Meridian Body was tough to cultivate but with his World Shocking Spiritual Art, this kid’s future achievements wouldn’t be weaker than anyone else.

As for the pain of the twisting meridians, since Zong Shou could take it, his son naturally could too!

If he couldn’t cultivate, then he could just have a normal life.

He reached in with True Qi to rotate along the nine Chakra Meridians in Dan’er’s body.

There wasn’t anything unusual, just that his bloodline felt shaky.

A moment later, Zong Shou smiled, “It is the World Burning Blood, the bloodline flowed down the line.”

It should be his mutated World Burning Blood Eye which caused Dan’er to stop growing.

When the bloodline improved and became World Burning Blood, the one that benefitted the most was his mother and Dan’er.

Currently, Dan’er hadn’t grown out his World Burning Blood Eye. Moreover, for bloodline to improve, one needed to use ocean amounts of True Qi.

The bloodline sucked it away, causing Dan’er’s growth to slow.

Luckily, he came back in time or the outcome would be catastrophic.

If this went on, Dan’er would wither up and die sooner or later.

Her face changed when she heard this, no wonder she couldn’t deduce the reason.

“We need to seal it first!”

Bloodline Evolution couldn’t be stopped, otherwise, the outcome would be bad. Zong Shou could only slow down the speed at which his True essence was absorbed.

However, that was far from enough.

There were too many kids in the Sky Burning Lu Family who died early due to being born with World Burning Blood.

“Neither you nor I can ensure Dan’er’s safety. The only way is for me to send him to Senior Master Xiuguan for him to take care.”

Divine Brilliance Chapter 1044 - Dan’er Danger

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