Divine Brilliance Chapter 116 - World Shocking Spiritual Art

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Chapter 116: Chapter 116 World Shocking Spiritual Art

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Shui Lingbo didn’t bother, lightning flas.h.i.+ng frenziedly in her eyes, bundles of lightning crazily exploding down like no soul power and spiritual energy were needed to cast them.

Zhao Yanran laughed softly, controlling the boat under her foot and shaking her head, “I don’t care, but that Junior Brother might have been taken away. We have wasted half a month and who knows, maybe he b.u.mped into another fortuitous encounter and was fancied by those secret sects. Cloud Saint City is not far from Lingyun Sect, I heard that there is also a Martial Ancestor living in seclusion there…”

Shui Lingbo’s face changed, her expression really dark. She wanted to give up, but was unwilling to do so.

After a short moment she scoffed coldly, her body flas.h.i.+ng as she arrived on the boat that Zhao Yanran was standing on.

In the next moment, her eyes were attracted by a rock at the back of this boat.

“Isn’t this the Mountain and River saber intent of that old rat Lei Dong? It is such an eyesore. Eh? Whose sword is that? Numerous swords slas.h.i.+ng down, but they look like they were from the same cut. Using one type of sword intent and breaking it up into tens of structure, but not losing its original intention. It is also that Mountain and River martial intent, but it is so much stronger than that Lei Dong! As long as one’s comprehension isn’t bad one could definitely learn something from it..”

“Who else can it be? It is my little Junior Brother that hasn’t joined the sect. I heard that it was to give Lei Dong pointers, which was why he used a sword to carve the stone.”

As the conversation went on, Shui Lingbo’s eyes were s.h.i.+ning brightly. Zhao Yanran was startled, “Senior Master, you aren’t going to fight with me for it, right? Rather than taking this stone from me why not get him…”

Shui Lingbo’s expression burned with more and more pa.s.sion, her eyes focused on that sword mark, unwilling to s.h.i.+ft away even for a moment.

The more she looked at it the more she loved it, she couldn’t help but reach out to touch it.

Seeing the situation, Zhao Yanran felt like a piece of her heart was being cut off, her face turned green. Her body flashed and blocked the stone, “Uncle master, that is mine, don’t touch it!”

Shui Lingbo felt slightly awkward, her eyes turning, “Yanran, you are my junior sister’s disciple, we are one family, why do we have to split things so clearly? Why not give it to me? I’m willing to give a Dragon Energy Sword for the stone, hasn’t your junior sister wanted it for a long time?”

Zhao Yanran hesitated, after thinking her face revealed that she was in a difficult situation, “What about three years from now? I want to use it to comprehend sword intent. And apart from that Dragon Energy Sword I want ten more Purple Spirit Pills…”

Shui Lingbo clicked her tongue, with no intention to bargain with her. She walked to the front of the boat in high spirits. As expected, capturing that person quickly was the most apt solution.

As long as he entered the Taiyuan Sect, wouldn’t she get as many such rocks as she wanted?


Not long after Shui Lingbo and Zhao Yanran left, another leaf boat appeared in the clouds and arived near this part of the cloud ocean.

However it didn’t dare get close to the area where the lightning had spread, stopping ten miles away.

In the next moment, a person walked out of that heavy lightning, falling into the boat.

Battered and exhausted, all the hair on his body was barbecued, only a few broken pieces of cloth remained, barely covering the important areas, revealing a body of strong and firm muscles.

“How risky, just a little more and that old demon witch would have pulled me down! Just angering her a little and she chased me for fifteen days. As expected from an old demon witch that no one wants to anger. She only removed the seal and reached the Grandmaster level, to actually be so terrifying…”

Shaking his head, Lei Dong waved his giant saber, cutting himself several times. A ball of lightning seeped out, and with it some fiery energy.

Lei Dong didn’t mind, looking at the black-s.h.i.+rted man at the helm, “Oh right! Old Black, where is my stone?”

The black-s.h.i.+rted man gave a helpless smile, bowing, “Please don’t be angry master, the stone has been stolen by the Seven Spirit Sect’s Zhao Yanran!”


Lei Dong’s brows twisted as his expression turned solemn. “Old Black, you are a Martial Ancestor of the Earth chakra level. Even if she is the first seat of the Seven Spirit Sect, you shouldn’t lose to her!”

“She said that if I didn’t give it to her she would rather destroy it!”

Lei Dong’s expression changed while the old man was still totally ashamed, “I believe I can beat her, but I would be unable to protect that stone. Miss Yanran said that if I lent her that stone for three years she would find a way to lead away the Taiyuan Fairy. I am useless…”

“Three years? What I’m afraid of is we aren’t going to get it back! Forget it, treat it like we owe her a favor,” Lei Dong scoffed, resisting the urge in his chest. He drew another wound on his leg, after which he leapt into the air, heading west.

Just as the black-s.h.i.+rted man was feeling a little weird, Lei Dong’s voice arrived from far away.“I’ll go meet Uncle, I sent a letter to him A few days more and the old man should arrive. This time I was really prepared to waste that woman’s time. Brother Shou is such a talent, I can’t let him go on the wrong path. Although I can’t handle her, there are definitely people in the world that can!”

The black-s.h.i.+rted man was startled. So this matter… wasn’t over?

Shaking his head, the old man continued to navigate the leaf boat onwards. His head was filled with a load of questions, thinking that it wasn’t a true demon sect, even the old master liked their theories, so why was Young Master so anxious? Or was he really bullied badly by that Taiyuan fairy?


Sitting atop the carriage, Zong Shou’s right palm held a rotating ball of true qi.

Half of it was watery blue, like mist and ice beads; the other half was deep red, showing a flame-like glow.

The two opposing nature energy b.a.l.l.s were now mixed together in a spiral. They repelled one another, while also attracting one another.

Be it fire element true qi or the mist true qi, both of them had threads of purple lightning s.h.i.+ning within.

Lightning and fire were partners with one another, but the majority of lightning in Heaven and Earth existed within the clouds.

This was a energy cultivating technique merging the Indefinite Spirit Emperor Art,Nine Destruction Unrestrained Lightning Technique, and Heaven Swallowing Energy Conversion Technique. This self-created technique was named the World Shocking Spirit Art.

Its name didn’t have any relations.h.i.+p with the technique itself. Zong Shou only wanted it to sound strong and great. As long as ‘world shocking’ was said, everyone would know that this technique was really really great.

That true qi turned mist was naturally the illusion art from the Sky Fox, merged with the Eighteen Cloud Shocking G.o.d Destroying sword intent.

It could turn into a million illusions, while also forming energy to harm people. It had purple lightning with it, its strength was huge.

The fire element true qi came from his body characteristics.

Just two days ago, Zong Shou was finally able to deduce that the characteristics of his human race bloodline was fire, monstrous flame.

It was still unawakened, but every time he meditated during those two days, he could feel a flame in his soul he couldn’t put out that was burning brightly.

Merged with the World Shocking Spirit Art was also an energy cultivation art previously unknown in the world, Pinnacle Immeasurable Flame.

At the current rate he had just completed the cultivation method to the Sixth Meridian of the Bodily Chakra and there were still many weaknesses. Happily, the characteristics it showed were really extraordinary.

Zong Shou himself was in deep thought, seemingly observing the true qi changes in his hand. However, he was actually thinking about Xuanyuan Yiren, dealing with all the chaotic thoughts.

He wanted to annul the marriage, but with her personality she definitely wouldn’t agree.

The only way would be to let her give up herself. If things were the same as before, it was pretty much impossible to do so.

Whether or not he had the ability to protect himself, the outcome wouldn’t be too different.

If she knew that his soul power had already pa.s.sed the Out of Body Realm, that girl would not easily give up on the marriage.

If he forcefully annulled the marriage, the outcome would be really uncertain. That girl would most probably reject it, but there would be a slight chance she could agree. However, she might also see it as a huge insult and become enemies with him.

Was he really going to let her not marry for the rest of her life?

He was like a heartless man, actually feeling unwilling to let her leave, much less let her become a pa.s.serby.

For who knows what reason his heart felt really complicated…

Hence the only thing he could hope for now would be that her parents might make her change her mind.

If he removed his t.i.tle of trash, what if his future father-in-law, who he hadn’t met, changed his mind again?

This Xuan Mountain City Lord Xuanyuan Tong said to have a deep relations.h.i.+p with his father, their friends.h.i.+p was unparalleled. Even now that Zong Weiran’s status was unknown, the two of them still had some friends.h.i.+p between them. To annul the marriage sounded really ugly. The end result was really unpredictable.

Speaking of which, was he feeling too good now? Should he hide his strength or not?

This journey would definitely have some killing and fighting, so how could he hide it?

A sudden pain spread from his palm, jolting him back to his senses.

“How amusing! I, Sword Emperor Tanqiu, actually contemplated over and over about such matters! Let the heavens decide for me, everything will be solved when the time comes. If I really am unable to annul the marriage, then I will just marry the girl, I won’t be at a loss anyways and I won’t feel unhappy. On this journey, I will have to go all out, and the killings will be unpredictable, in the end she would still find out…”

His thoughts grew free and un.o.bstructed as he looked carefully at his palm, and the changes of the true qi. That spiral was losing control and piercing his palm. Even the energy within his body felt pain.

-As I expected, there are still weaknesses! If I am not careful, I will lose control of it, there are many areas for improvement. I can barely cultivate it, just need to change and modify it in the future. As for the other mistakes, they will only appear as I cultivate. Legend has it that the Cloud World nineteen thousand years ago was a martial arts desert, until the Desolate Era where many experts rose and those primitive techniques started to be slowly perfected, resulting in many cultivation methods that shock the world today. I have the martial arts secret manuals to borrow from and look at from the future, so I can’t lose to anyone before me!-

Zong Shou closed his hand and that ball of true qi dissipated.

This World Shocking Spirit Art was really explosive, but was weak in a drawn-out fight. This ball of true qi could only last for two hours before the energy within his body showed signs of drying up.

However, it was a perfect fit with what he had set out to create in the first place!

Divine Brilliance Chapter 116 - World Shocking Spiritual Art

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