Divine Brilliance Chapter 118 - Little Heaven and Earth Bag

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Chapter 118: Chapter 118 Little Heaven and Earth Bag

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Just as he was in a daze, Li Yunniang walked over and burst out laughing, “What you looking at? This was given to her by the Pill Fountain Sect Sect master, personally crafted by Old Man Ming Dan. Even if it is in front of you, you can’t use it…”

Zong Shou frowned and looked away. Was this Li Yunniang at her menopause stage? She was like a porcupine…

The Heaven and Earth bag was a s.p.a.ce artifact. Inside it was a small world. Even the smallest ones had two hundred cubic meters of s.p.a.ce.

Made of Grade Eight and above beast leather, the person who crafted it had to be above the Day Wandering Realm.

In his last life in the early stages of G.o.d Emperor, a Heaven and Earth bag could be sold for a sky high price. Only after his name of Sword Emperor spread through the Cloud World was he able to kill over ten Grade Eight beasts to make small Heaven and Earth bags, taking the opportunity to earn a small fortune.

In the end, he even managed to get one in reality!

However in this era, things like the small Heaven and Earth bag was really rare. Even a spirit house sect like the Pill Fountain Sect should only have eight to ten of them. For that Old Man Ming Dan to give one to this female disciple showed that he cherished her.

He was indeed envious. In the future there were even smaller s.p.a.ce rings which had one to ten cubic meters of s.p.a.ce. They were really cheap and really common, any middle income person could afford one.

But in this era, the small Heaven and Earth bag was the lowest level s.p.a.ce artifact. To say he wasn’t jealous was a lie.

-I have heard about the crafting method of s.p.a.ce rings. I remember that west of Donglin Cloud Continent were numerous sumeru stone-producing lands, one of which was not far from Gantian Mountain. Now that I have soul power, maybe I can try making one or two. Carrying so many things around is really too inconvenient…-

Zong Shou subconsciously looked towards the flame in front of him, making the flames burn even brighter. Just as his heart was thinking about the sumeru stone and what materials were needed for the ring, Chuxue and Lian Fan had carried their prey back. There were actually three Grade Two Snow Pattern Pigs, one of them close to two thousand kilograms.

Zong Shou’s eyes opened wide and he was suddenly interested in personally barbecuing it. Although this forest had many beasts, most of their meat were tough to chew and impossible to swallow.

Beast like the Snow Pattern Pig were lazy, which was why their meat was softer and its taste was really delicious.

Using the skills that he had trained up in game, he spent only an hour to barbecue the Snow Pattern Pig to golden brown. After spreading on the spices, the smell was really tempting.

The people around were all drooling. Xuanyuan Yiren’s eyes glowed. Although she didn’t say anything and maintained an elegant appearance, the amount she ate was no less than Lian Fan.

Even Li Yunniang, who wanted to make a joke out of him, was surprised. She directly ate half of the pig leg, however her mouth still didn’t hold back.

“Although this meat is well barbecued, since ancient times real men stay far away from the kitchen. Not to mention the real heroes, even martial cultivators with some ambition would stay far away, who would focus on such small techniques?”

Xuanyuan Yiren frowned slightly, feeling that her words were a little too much. Just as she wanted to stop her, Li Yunniang looked over at Chuxue who was covered in feathers and mocked, “Why is your servant catching those sparrows on the roof everyday? Is it very fun? As her Young Master, why aren’t you more caring? What a good martial cultivation seed and not diligently practicing, playing with those birds every day. If you continue on, you will be wasted just like that.”

Chuxue had already been really annoyed with this woman and now she was totally annoyed, “I want to play with birds, so how does it concern you? Young Master wants me to catch birds, so even if I waste my talents it is not your problem. And also I am not playing! At the start, I could catch sixty and they would fly away. Now I can do one hundred and sixty-eight of them! If it were you, you definitely couldn’t do it! If you have the ability, why not try? Scolding people without showing ability, what kind of skill is that…”

When he heard Li Yunniang talk about playing with the birds, Zong Shou couldn’t hold it in and wanted to laugh out loud. His thoughts went in the perverted direction. At the end he was even laughing until his stomach started to hurt.

Li Yunniang gave a cold scoff, looking towards Zong Shou in disdain. She didn’t say anything, taking two bird cages and heading into the forest. In just thirty minutes she back out.

The cages were filled with sparrows, a nice two hundred of them.

Li Yunniang smiled confidently and let them all go. She stood in the middle of the gra.s.s patch, her body flas.h.i.+ng around and capturing the sparrows that flew away.

At the start, it was okay, but slowly she was losing the race. At first one flew away, then three, then five. In just a short moment only a hundred and twenty of them remained. Her face was dripping cold sweat while her eyes revealed a shocked expression.

At first she didn’t find anything special about it. Looking at Chuxue, she was only stronger than normal Mythic Masters, but was able to control so many sparrows within a 100 feet area.

A Mythic Master that reached the peak of the 8th meridian could do this, so as a Xiantian master she should be able to achieve it easily. However, the situation was totally the opposite of what she expected. Her speed was double that of Chuxue, but was unable to accurately grasp the flying trajectory of the birds.

After a short while Li Yunniang gave up. Her face was dark as she stood rooted, allowing those sparrows to fly away.

Seeing the situation Chuxue laughed, “See, they are all gone! So you don’t even know how to play with birds!”

Zong Shou was laughing so hard he probably suffered from internal injuries. However he chided Chuxue solemnly, “Chuxue, keep quiet! No one will think you are mute if you don’t say anything!”

Chuxue stuck out her tongue and continued to chew on the pig leg. Her food consumption was huge and she alone took up two legs. She was only worried about there being not enough food for her and liked it if she didn’t have to speak to others.

As for Xuanyuan Yiren, she was deep in thought. After thinking for a while, she was in awe of Zong Shou. “Did you think of this idea? It is such a good one, how suitable for her! Her intuition is really amazing…”

Li Yunniang’s face was green. After coldly scoffing she sat down next to the fire. Her sullen face appeared really weird under the light of the flames.

Neither Xuanyuan Yiren nor Li Yunniang spoke another word. After they were full and hydrated, they sat next to the fire and rested.

Zong Shou crossed his legs and seemed to be asleep. The hand within his sleeves was playing with a flying knife from start to end.

Using energy to wash the knife and spirit to nourish it. His soul was a bridge used to copy threads of Cloud Shocking G.o.d Destroying sword intent into the knife.

The material of the Cloud Pattern flying knife could be said to have reached the peak of talismans weapons. The sword intent that it could carry was five times that of the Willow Talisman knives.

With Zong Shou’s current cultivation Realm, he was able to copy over the intent much more easily. The amount of knives on him decreased instead of increasing, he only brought four.

Although his Six G.o.d Defensive Knife Technique had a hundred percent accuracy, the amount of mental focus used on each wasn’t small. The more focused he was, the stronger the killing power.


They waited until the sky turned bright and those Windrider Foals were rested up before standing up. Far away in the forest, a fiery glow charged up into the heavens. Fifty thousand feet away it exploded in the sky, revealing the wordBOAT. The eye-catching bright flames could be seen for a thousand miles.

Li Yunniang was startled while Xuanyuan Yiren instinctively wanted to rush over, but she stood rooted. After taking a look at Zong Shou, she hesitated.

Zong Shou looked calmly at the sky, saying expressionlessly, “It’s the flame signal of your Pill Fountain Sect asking for help. He either needs help or is in a life or death situation. It is not far from here, around sixty miles. Miss Xuanyuan, you aren’t going?”

Xuanyuan Yiren was astonished as she looked at him. She was shocked about how much he knew, but still didn’t move out, her expression filled with hesitation.

Zong Shou shook his head, “Miss Xuanyuan, don’t think too highly about your ability. You are only Xiantian because of the External Pill. Those people have other reasons for not acting on me, but definitely not because of you. Furthermore, I have Lian Fan and your servant. Even if something happens we can hold on until you return…”

Xuanyuan Yiren was slightly startled, but was still unable to make a decision. Although Zong Shou’s words made sense, why did it sound like something was wrong?

However, at this moment she couldn’t figure it out. Li Yunniang also stood up and bowed, “Just go, miss. I will take care of him. To not help someone from the same sect is a huge crime. If the person is just asking for help, it won’t be much, but if the person is in danger then…”

The moment she said that, Xuanyuan Yiren was like a sparrow flying away. Her hands formed a seal as she rose into the sky. In just a short moment she crossed a thousand feet, leaving a “I’ll be back quickly” behind before she disappeared into the sky.


The forest once again regained silence as everyone waited silently. In half the time it took to brew tea, Zong Shou suddenly smiled and fastened the Lightning Tooth Sword and Black Wave Sword to his waist, and then casually leaned on the giant tree. His expression was lazy as he looked towards that really evil and deep forest.

What had to come would still come in the end. He had waited five days for this battle. To not use their blood to glamourize his journey, wouldn’t his path back he boring?

Lian Fan had obviously been through a lot, grabbing his weapon. Chuxue and Li Yunniang also revealed wariness in their eyes.

In a short while, three people stepped out from the forest, each in one direction as they walked out of the shadows.

A slightly thin, scholarly-looking guy was the final person. They had weapons around their waists, all sword-shaped and all looking slightly different.

The lesser was Ren Qianchou, saying as he walked over, “Remember a few days ago I said that I would claim your life within half a month? I have come to keep my promise…”

Divine Brilliance Chapter 118 - Little Heaven and Earth Bag

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