Divine Brilliance Chapter 197 - Really the First Kiss

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Chapter 197: Really the First Kiss

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Within the hot and stuffy pill room, the furnace fire blazed. Xuanyuan Yiren was sitting in the middle, in front of the giant cauldron with 3 golden-colored dragons carved around it, her brows furrowed as she was deep in thought.

Zong Shou was really excited, looking on without blinking at the furnace. An expert training in pill refining and not bothering to hide at all. This chance was so rare.

It would be a waste if he didn’t learn it.

“I also don’t know how to dissolve that seven decay ghost face poison. The hardest part of the ghost face poison is because it is a mixed poison. Using the poison of its body to swallow the poison of other beasts. The way spirit masters nurtured and grew it was different. The makeup of the poison was often different. I looked carefully and only recognized 24 of them, there are 7 that I am unable to recognize.”

Xuanyuan Yiren’s face filled with apology and guilt, Zong Shou’s brows raised up with a wors.h.i.+pping expression, looking over, “You actually recognized so many? Your teacher said you are the top in the pill refining path, as expected it is right!”

Before this, he had squeezed his brains dry and flipped past all the books he had seen in his life. He only barely managed to recognize 6-7 of them, also including the venom of the ghost face snake inside.

The GAP between the 2 was like heaven and earth.

Xunayuan Yiren was originally a little depressed, but when she was praised by Zong Shou she revealed a smile, “Those 7 poisons aren’t any extremely toxic things but they are really uncommon. It also slightly affects the overall toxicity. I don’t think I can come up with an antidote. However, luckily you thought of this blood deducing method if not we would have no way at all. Yesterday when I was meditating I only managed to come up with 3 pill formulas which are all mild and medium items. Even if they are useless they won’t be harmful. The first 2 can help Miss Ruoshui clean the toxin whilst the latter can strengthen her body’s immune ability. If every 3 days you help her change blood, in 2 years she can return to normal…”

“2 years? That’s too long. Yiren do you bear to let me only use this helper 2 years later?”

Seeing Xuanyuan Yiren at a loss, Zong Shou smiled, lightly flicking a paper as it floated over. “Yiren help me see if the few formulas above can help cure it within 3 months?”

Xuanyuan Yiren didn’t say anything, taking the paper in her hand as she read, “Cooling snow rustic pill? Gelsemium elegans, nine-mile snow, Angelica, Long Han, xueqie gra.s.s…”

She was slowly filled with doubt, just as she wanted to ask why some of the ingredients were poisonous, but when she looked at the last one she was startled. After thinking for a long moment she was impressed, “Yellow Dragon gra.s.s! What a miraculous thing. A poison pill can actually be changed into a poison curing pill. Who made this recipe? I really want to meet him and ask for some advice!”

Zong Shou rubbed his nose and looked at the ceiling. The owner of this pill recipe came from 7 thousand years later and wasn’t even alive!

“If we have this pill, we can do it in 3 months! We also only need 1-2 days to refine it.”

Xuanyuan Yiren continued to look, her heart filled with antic.i.p.ation. After a short moment, her eyes constricted as she stared at Zong Shou, “Little Shou your these few pills are to help who improve?”

Zong Shou knew he couldn’t hide it from her, laughing awkwardly, “You should have met that Zong Yuan. With his situation, he should have long broken through to martial ancestor but has been stuck at 3 meridians for 3 full years, wasting a lot of time in the past. He is a waste. With his roots, I can help him to quickly get to 6 meridians. And also Yin Yang who needs these more. In just a year I will have one more Xuanwu ancestor, only do you have these herbs to make them?”

Naturally, she had. Zong Shou had taken a look at her heaven and earthbag and he naturally knew what was in it like the back of his fingertips.

Xuanyuan Yiren obviously knew about his sky thoughts, pouring in disdain and also smiling as she asked, “I have never seen these few pills before. They were all magnificent and advanced. Did you see them from the records of the Lianhai College? In the future, if I have the chance I will definitely go take a look!”

Zong Shou laughed continuing to look into the sky, “Who knows? Anyways I remember.”

Xuanyuan Yiren scoffed, obviously not believing. Although she didn’t ask she looked carefully at Zong Shou like one would when they looked at a treasure. After a short while, her eyes focused on the paper in her hand. This time it was really serious, thinking for Long and spending also an even longer time. After 15 minutes she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, “Chill Flame coral spirit pill, mysterious energy replenishment pill. Little Shou are these two pills especially for me?”

Zong Shou acknowledged, boringly watching the jumping flame of the furnace, “Your mysterious moon wood brilliance method has some flaws and if you are not careful you will die. I have no way now but these 2 pills along with the chill spirit mysterious sense pill can Ensure that you are fine. The lackings of the cultivation method can be made up for with pills, after all, it is an external method. To totally solve it one must work on the cultivation method itself.”

What he said was simple but it made her heart joyous. An urge surged in her heart. She suddenly jumped up and lightly drifted beside Zong Shou. Her lips tasted of the chicken pecking rice when she kissed his cheeks. Following which she gave a bright small and backed off.

Zong Shou was instantly startled, after a short while he came to his senses. Following which he was furious, they were alone in a room, that was pretty much teasing and provocation! This little girl. Did she really think he was a 14-year-old kid? If he didn’t counter-attack, could he say he was still a man

In the next moment, his body exploded like a wild beast. His body shooting out and pinning the lost Xuanyuan Yiren onto the ground before she reacted he held her pink tender mouth, his tongue like a venomous snake drilling into her mouth, mixing around within. Following which he sucked, sucking her tongue into his mouth.

Xuanyuan Yiren originally wanted to instinctively resist, her body struggling and her hands pus.h.i.+ng forward. But when his tongue went in, she instantly felt a body chilling electrical current spread from the tongue tip. A hot energy surged towards her as she was pressed down by the warm lips, causing her body to turn soft, unable to muster up any strength.

After the intense start, when he noticed the girl in his hands getting more and more strengthless, a smile appeared in his eyes. Following which his actions turning gentle. Kissing that thin lips and pa.s.sionately licking them, sucking continuously and occasionally using his teeth to bite lightly.

When Yiren gave an unhappy grumble did he stick his tongue in and wrap around her fragrant tongue. He only felt that it was really delicious, continuously sucking and licking it to no end.

Their breathing slowly heated up, Yiren’s eyes drifted and unconsciously knew how to cooperate. Although she was rusty, Zong Shou was really experienced. His hands naughtily reached into her dress and grabbed the soft spot on her left chest, playing around with it. Occasionally he would tease and pinch the cherry on the top.

Following which Zong Shou went a step further, sticking a hand quietly down and touched that really wet gorge, lightly moving around it. His fingertips caressed the lip-like bottom following which he touched that protruding little bean.

Just as his one finger poked into that cave entrance to heaven, Xuanyuan Yiren suddenly came to her senses, her eyes looking clear once more. However, she only felt her body feel soft, unable to move. The great sensation from below and her chest took away her last bit of energy. She could only open her eyes and look at Zong Shou with a pleasing expression, her eyes looking misty.

Not seeing Zong Shou have signs of stopping, she accepted her fate and closed her eyes. Ready for the time where the lamb came to the slaughter. Her heart was filled with unhappiness but also a little antic.i.p.ation and happiness.

However when a moment later Zong Shou sighed and let her go. When their lips separated, only to see a silver thread pull from their lips.

Xuanyuan Yiren felt ashamed looking at the situation, her body retreating quickly to several feet back before stopping. She was totally looking at Zong Shou like a flood beast.

She first adjusted her dressing and sat cross-legged next to the pill furnace with her face flus.h.i.+ng red. After a while, she felt something wasn’t right. Only to see that beneath her hips a large portion was wet like she had accidentally peed herself. Then she looked at Zong Shou’s hand, especially the middle finger which was filled with liquid.

She couldn’t help but panic, hurriedly kneel sitting pulling down her clothes to cover her pants. Her chin seemed like it was about to sink to her chest, not daring to even take a look at Zong Shou, her voice like a mosquito, “Zong Shou! You, how can you do that? We haven’t even completed the marriage how can you treat me like this?”

“Who can you blame? Who ask you to tease me?”

Zong Shou sighed once more as he looked down. It was pretty much solid as steel, a pillar piercing the heavens. “Sigh, I am worse than a beast again today.”

“What are you saying I didn’t tease you. I was just happy and wanted to kiss you.”

Xuanyuan Yiren didn’t know what he meant by being worse than a beast. Her heart slowly calmed down but when the wave of excitement she felt on her body dissipated, she felt a sense of loss. She rather he hugged herself once more and really entered. The liquid at her lower body not only didn’t stop but flowed more.

Forcefully subduing her emotions, Xuanyuan Yiren calmed her heart. Following which she became curious, brows relaxing, “Why do I feel that you were really experienced just now?”

Zong Shou’s brows perked, his expression didn’t change, “Well trained? But that was my first time, my first kiss. In your eyes am I so amazing?”

“First kiss?” Xuanyuan Yiren immediately burst out in a cold laugh, “Then what about the times you treated Miss Ruo Shui’s wounds?”

“Cough cough! You also said that that was treating her wounds! How can you count that…”

Zong Shou said as he looked at his right hand. Xuanyuan Yiren couldn’t keep calm anymore and threw the grapes at the side viciously at him.

Divine Brilliance Chapter 197 - Really the First Kiss

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