Divine Brilliance Chapter 218 - Maniac Lightning Land Walking

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Chapter 218: Chapter 218 Maniac Lightning Land Walking

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

The entire battlefield was silent at that moment. Li Luo could even see that Xiong Kui was staring furiously over. He spat blood out from his mouth.

The corner of Li Luo’s lips couldn’t help but perk once more. His heart was in pain. A full 6 thousand elite cavalry was blown to pieces. There was even double that number which was heavily injured. This also included Blazing Flame Mountain’s close to 2 thousand strong elite wind chasing cavalry. No matter how deep one’s foundations were, one would feel sad from that.

“300 three-arm spiritual crossbows. The prince is truly rich. I’m impressed…”

He didn’t praise Zong Shou’s methods and planning. He only recognized and praised Zong Shou for being rich and using his money to crush people.

300 three-arm spiritual crossbows, a full 150 grade 4 wind flame explosive arrows, tens of grade 7 beast crystals invested in… Any power and any troop in the Donglin Cloud Continent was going to lose to that.

When Zong Shou heard that, he didn’t bother at all, breaking out in a smile. So what if he was abusing money? As long as he could win, he was lazy to care so much.

At that moment s.h.i.+ Dan had opened her eyes, looking carefully at the deep hole before heaving a sigh, “How many more wind flame explosive arrows does the prince have?” Her eyes were filled with antic.i.p.ation. As long as they had over 3 thousand, then this battle was a definite win. If they had 600, then they could at least retreat without harm.

Zong Shou was still manipulating the black mirror in front of him. When he heard it he mocked himself, “How many of these grade 4 arrows could exist in the world? With just Kongqi Sect alone producing, they only made a thousand in these few years. I could only purchase 2/5 of their storage.”

s.h.i.+ Dan’s face couldn’t help but feel bitter. 2/5 of a thousand which was only 400, and before this, they had used up half.

They were most probably going to lose this battle. One mustn’t look at how good the 3 thousand Xuan Mountain cavalry looked, pretty much ma.s.sacring the 2 thousand tiger leopard cavalry and 50 thousand cavalry army. But in front of a hundred times the enemy, they were going to be exhausted and run out of energy.

Before this, Yang Xuan was more or less overconfident which was why he sought out Zong Yuan who was being controlled by the pervertedly strong Zong Shou. When the main general died, the entire army wavered. Now the enemy generals were already prepared. Using 3 thousand to charge at an infantry army that was prepared was no different from asking them to die.

Moreover, even the enemy in front of them was tough to handle. Taking such a huge loss, they definitely wouldn’t let Zong Shou get away with it twice.

As expected, in just a short moment, the tens of thousands of Blazing Flame Mountain cavalry who could still fight moved their horses once more. This time, they didn’t gather at one spot and instead split into hundreds of waves to surround the carriage and give probing strikes.

Moreover, at that moment, even Li Luo was shaking his head. He didn’t have any high hopes. Their troops were elites and their generals were smart. Such an enemy was the toughest to fight, no weakness at all. He really couldn’t think of how Zong Shou could win this.

Seeing him, Zong Shou gave him a wide smile, “Are you so worried? A weak giant might not be able to defeat a strong lion. Why not we make a bet? I guess this battle would shock the Cloud Continent and become a legend. 3 thousand cavalry stepping over a huge army. I didn’t think my little servant would have such a story…”

When he said those words, the 35 thousand cavalry of Blazing Flame Mountain armed their bows and shot at fast speeds whilst charging. Only to hear a loud “Hong”, numerous bowstring shooting sounds converged into one. Then, 35 thousand arrows flew down like a dark cloud.

It caused those 500 iron tiger halberd warriors and thousand Xuan Mountain City armored soldiers to hide into the carriages. Then, they heard “dong dong” sounds like the outer sh.e.l.l of the carriages were made of elite steel, and the arrows were unable to penetrate through it.

Li Luo pulled out his twin knives, jumping into the air and spinning. This resulted in wind, which swept away all the arrows which shot towards their direction.

s.h.i.+ Dan sighed and shook her head. Zong Shou was well prepared, but the words he said didn’t have any persuasiveness at all.

Luckily those Blazing Flame Mountain cavalry didn’t dare to charge at the formation. After a few probes, they all retreated. Although they didn’t have many wind flame explosive arrows, Zong Shou did purchase many grades 1 and 2 spiritual Arrows. The three-arm spiritual crossbows themselves were really strong weapons. Tens of giant crossbows shooting together could defend against the attacks of a thousand.

s.h.i.+ Dan was slightly relaxed and stopped paying attention to that. Together with Li Luo, they focused ten miles away at the intense battle. What entered their eyes caused them to be slightly shocked.

They saw huge waves of arrows cover the skin in that direction. In front of the hundreds of thousands of troops, arrows were stuck into the ground. However, the 3 thousand cavalry behind Zong Yuan didn’t suffer from too many losses, charging about in front of the army. Pretty much each time they could provoke a wave of arrows, they could predict where the arrows were going to land, avoiding it at a quick speed and das.h.i.+ng around the arrow rain. Those 3 thousand Xuan Mountain cavalry seemed to have adapted to Zong Yuan’s tempo. Following him as they suddenly moved quick and fast, suddenly charging, suddenly changing their directions.

The Yunxia Mountain infantry archers hiding behind tens of square formations were showing obvious signs of exhaustion. Normal martial masters would be devoid of energy after firing 10 arrows from a 2500 kilogram bow. Once one exceeded 20, the muscles in their arms would break apart. Mythic masters could shoot tens of kilograms heavy bows and their stamina was slightly better but in the end, there was still a limit.

In just 15 minutes the number of arrows was reduced. Li Luo and s.h.i.+ Dan couldn’t help but exchange glances. They knew that the archers weren’t exhausted, but they were conserving energy. How exactly did Zong Shouo force the enemy to such an extent?

Looking at one another in surprise, the 2 of them looked over once more. This time, they were focused and knew that the most dangerous and crucial time had arrived.

At that moment, in one of the square formations slightly right of the crescent formation, Mu Ling’s head was covered in cold sweat as he looked forward with his eyes opened wide. At those black armor cavalry who stopped 20 thousand feet away and were resting up.

He couldn’t feel nervous, and he had to be focused. In Yunxia Mountain, he was ranked 9, lower than Yang Xuan. Towards that arrogant tiger leopard cavalry commander, he always felt annoyed. When he heard news about him dying he floated slightly. That was the outcome when you underestimated your enemy. To think this person bragged that he was a famous general but died in the hands of someone who wasn’t even a Xuanwu ancestor.

However, until 15 minutes ago, just as he thought he had given the enemy enough respect did he realize that he still underestimated them. This Zong Yuan’s choice of attacking direction was coincidentally the weakest part of the crescent moon formation, the easiest part to breakthrough.

That charging, unstoppable aura seemed like it could split past their crescent moon formation in one blow.

He knew that their infantry formation was solid, that the enemy only had so little troops. However, at that moment he somehow had such a feeling.

A feeling that his hundreds of thousands of troops could only wait and be like ants forming up and defending. The 3 thousand cavalry were like eagles soaring high above waiting for a good chance. Occasionally they would sweep down to scare them. They were really nimble and shockingly sharp.

He was a calm and composed person but he couldn’t help but rush the archers to shoot out to try to stop the charge of the enemy. On the other side of his ally Xie Nu, the situation was similar.

At that moment, those archers hiding behind the formation couldn’t give him any help.

Just as his senses tightened, in the next moment Mu Ling’s eyes constricted. The red armored cavalry leader moved once more!

The current Zong Shou was so calm that his heart had no waves. From the disbelief when he charged and stabbed past them for the first time to going all out to a.n.a.lyze and study. To now when he could understand each change of direction and motive of holding back. He could even predict where Zong Shou was planning to strike and the angle of which he was attacking from. The two of them seemed to be spiritually connected, forming a real strong understanding.

He had some rough feelings and thoughts on the battlefield before. He could notice the weakness of the enemy and the changes in their formation. However, it wasn’t as clear as today, like that layer had been removed by Zong Shou.

At this moment, he knew that the true battle had only started.

He rode on the dragon horned winged horse, proceeding forward at a moderate speed until he was 1200 feet away and still no archers fired. A light flashed in his eyes as he went full speed ahead.

He saw a spear forest in front of him, closely packed long spears formed rows of spear walls. Numerous cold blade lights shone brightly.

Zong Yuan didn’t care and hesitate as he clashed across. Just as he was a hundred feet away, his spear was raised high.

“Purple lightning spear, lightning frenzy earth pa.s.sing!”

The bright yellow pearl on the spear injected a ball of essence energy into him. Then, a huge lightning glow charged down. It traveled for tens of feet before exploding. The tens of spear-wielding soldiers were blown into the air. The strict spear forest was instantly in chaos and a gap appeared.

Zong Yuan didn’t hesitate and charged within. He knew that at this point, the spear forest arrangement wasn’t as strong as it seemed on the outside. He also knew how to swiftly pierce through and cross this formation.

Behind him, Tan Tao and Hu Zhengyuan, as well as 10 martial ancestors of the mysterious armor wind dragon cavalry, followed closely behind. They added strength at the same time to open up this breach, 3 thousand iron cavalry was like an iron current as they stepped into the formation.

The extremely strong impact instantly knocked away many people. 16000 horse hooves in just 10 breaths of time caused this 5 thousand men strong square formation to be trampled into chaos!

Divine Brilliance Chapter 218 - Maniac Lightning Land Walking

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