Divine Brilliance Chapter 254

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Chapter 254: Chapter 254 Give an Explanation

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Just as it was silent, Huli Jichang suddenly coughed softly, his face a little unnatural, “I am sorry young master, Zong s.h.i.+! The situation has changed greatly, and the other side has won. Our Xuansu Sect won't partic.i.p.ate in this Gantian Mountain Monster king battle. The things we have discussed are all canceled. Naturally, we won't want any compensation from you for our involvement.”

After Wuye Zhenren hesitated, he opened his mouth with much difficulty, “Prince we have lost. You are intelligent and know when to give up. You can leave with me and return to senior brother. Once you join our Daoming Sect, after a few days, you can become a direct disciple. You will still be able to make a name for yourself!”


Zong s.h.i.+ smiled coldly, his face filled with disdain. He looked right at Zong Shou, his expression dark and cold, bringing with it some viciousness.

“This time, we are far from losing. Why should we leave? In my eyes, we still have a 50% chance of winning this Monster king battle!”

Wuye and Jichang both were speechless and guessed that Zong s.h.i.+ most probably couldn't accept reality and was spouting nonsense. The latter directly scoffed coldly, turning around and leaving. He thought that no matter how talented one was, without some difficulty, one wouldn't become successful. The prince had just failed once, and he had gone crazy.

In the next instanced Zong s.h.i.+ said, “Brother Xue, when you use the illusionary mist heart charming technique, you also need your race's illusionary here mirror right?”

Xue Moyan, who was standing at the side, smiled from start to finish. His lips instantly raised, “So what if I did bring it? Allow me to be frank. In my eyes, you have no chance of winning at all.”

“That might not be true!” Zong s.h.i.+ shook his head, “I admit that Zong Shou's schemes might be above me, but don't forget that he's still trash and can't cultivate martial arts nor spiritual techniques. He is even worse than normal people. Since you can cast that technique, then hiding our tracks wouldn't be a problem.”

“You want to directly a.s.sa.s.sinate the prince?”

Xue Moyan smiles widely and revealed a little interest, “That might be possible. However, now you don't have much to repay my Xue family.”

“Once this matter settles, even Zong family will belong to the eight tail Xue family! Is that good enough?”

Seeing Xue Moyan smile, Zong s.h.i.+ knew that he was already tempted. Then, he said, “And also Ying dragon valley. My Gantian Mountain can give it up and take nothing from in. The 30% discussed before can be given to Daoming and Xuansu Sect.”

Wuye Zhenren was originally unhappy, but now when he heard that, his face loosened up and relaxed, revealing a face full of warmth.

Lihu Iichang had already walked out tens of steps. Now he turned back and laughed, “Deal! Young master Zong s.h.i.+ is generous, let Jichang gamble with you this time! Only, when are you planning to attack?”

Zong s.h.i.+'s heart relaxed a little, following with viciousness rose up within him, he smiled in contempt, “Naturally its when that prince is most gleeful and delighted!”

He can come up with hundreds of plans! I only needed one sword to end his life!

Zong Shou was still riding on that grade 4 warhorse, looking lazy. It wasn't that he purposely acted out, but because he was uninterested. He wanted the matter today to end quickly, so he could focus on his sword path instead.

His hand had such an advantage, and if he still lost in the end, then he was a total idiot.

In the last life, Zong Shou who was unable to cultivate and didn't know much about the world was naturally unable to solve this situation. Apart from dying or being a puppet, he had no other path to take.

He had increased by tens of years of knowledge and had also recovered his cultivation of the last life. This small problem was naturally resolved simply.

He suddenly felt a vicious intent siege him.

Zong Shou's brows furrowed but he disregarded it. When one had too many flees, one wouldn't feel the itch. When one had too much debt, one wouldn't worry.

Since entering the city, there had been too many gazes filled with killing intent. So many that he was numb and wasn't willing to bother.

Anyways, no matter what methods they used, he would face them.

Chai Yuan had lost all hope in his heart, he stopped delaying the following actions. In just a few moments all the young, old, woman and weak were all sent over.

With Hu Zhongyuan and Zong Gang there, Naturally, he couldn't go back on his words.

In another few minutes, 60 thousand soldiers were split from the private army of the wind bear race.

Chai Yuan still looked leaned towards Zong s.h.i.+ and Zong Yang. However, after being forced to surrender, he didn't have any plans of keeping his strength. The ones he chose were all the elites.

The 2 armies added together numbered 140 thousand, waltzing towards the west.

This time, not only did they have the additional 60 thousand wind bear race elites, but the 5 towns of east city army had high morale. Unlike before when they were feeling uneasy from the cleansing of the army, they instead felt lucky.

Apart from that, 200 thousand strong men were held hostage, chasing them at the front to open a path for the army.

Within Gantian Mountian city, pretty much everyone cultivated and had huge strength. Everywhere they pa.s.sed was leveled.

The place the wind bear race lived at was just 15 miles away from The Eye bear race.

The army pushed forward, and in just 15 minutes, they had arrived. Around them, there were also many branches of troops getting close. The 50 Thousand of the west city army, as well as the palace guards, city protection army which numbered 100 thousand, were all Qiu Wei's troops.

The various sects in the city watched on, but they knew the situation was fixed already. They all gathered their troops and gathered over in this direction.

All of a sudden, the eye wolf race gathering area was surrounded by 300 odd thousand troops, locking up ten miles of land around.

All of a sudden, killing intent filled the skies and shot into the heavens. War flags waved and armors rattled.

The strength of the eye wolf race wasn't weaker than the wind bear race. Their combat strength was weaker, but their population was larger. Their private army was 130 thousand strong. Most of the soldiers were famous for being courageous and strong. But seeing themselves surrounded by such a huge army, their eyes couldn't help but s.h.i.+ne in fear.

Although those generals' eyes were cold and dark and furious, they were all suppressing it, unable to retaliate. They could only reduce and shrink their formation, allowing the army to push forwards and compress their s.p.a.ce.

Until they had no place to retreat before a group of people walked out from within the formation. Amongst which, they were mostly old people who were most probably the eye wolf race elders.

However, the one at the lead was a young boy around 20. The hair on his body was like steel needles wolf fur, the center of his brows had a tear. His was the purest eye wolf race bloodline.

Zong Shou didn't recognize him but Hu Zhongyuan was extremely familiar, smiling,” I knew this kid couldn't take it…”

Seeing Zong Shou look over with an asking expression, Hu Zhongyuan explained, “He's Ling Fakong's eldest Son Ling Xuan. In the past, he had a decent relations.h.i.+p with me and we were once great brothers. He is different from his Father. Ling Fakong leaned towards Zong s.h.i.+ while he is like my Father. Which was why my Father always said that we were born in wrong bodies.”

Specially emphasizing the words “in the past”. Zong Shou shook his head and smiled, not focusing on that.

The race matters within Gantian Mountian city were complicated and everyone had the right relations.h.i.+ps. Sometimes, joint marriages were commonplace.

To focus on this was asking to be unhappy.

As for the other words he said, it made him slightly pay attention. However, it was just slightly.

He didn't know whether or not Hu Zhongyuan was speaking for his good friend. Anyways, he didn't care whether or not this Ling Xuan had kind intentions towards him.

The matter today had reached such a stage, so no matter what the enemy did, he would be able to solve it.

He saw Ling Xuan walk to the front of the 2 formations, immediately bowing, “Eye wolf race Ling Xuan requests to speak with the prince!”

Zong Shou couldn't help but pout. If it was Ling Fakong coming over personally, then it would be more like it.

One race leader Son and he had to personally meet him, what a loss of status! Looking at the situation, with Ling Fakong not here, they most probably couldn't discuss anything.

He raised 3 fingers to the side, “Tell him that if he doesn't surrender, we will fight. Either we wipe your race or immediately surrender. There's no other path to take!”

Hu Zhongyuan instantly understood, moving his horse to the front, looking pitifully at that Ling Xuan before his face turned solemn once more. “The prince said that within 300 breaths if you don't surrender, he will wipe out your entire race!”

Zong Shou was startled, this fellow focused on brotherhood. He was planning to give him 30 breaths and not give them time to consider whilst he changed his plan and said 300.

Thinking about it, he didn't bother anymore. Everyone is selfish and he didn't make it clear. However, after this matter, he would have to punish him.

That Xuan Ling's face was ashen white his eyes s.h.i.+nning unstably. The few elders Behind him were the same, their bodies trembling slightly and their eyes revealing a hesitating expression. They wanted to agree but it was like they were worried about something.

Just as Ling Xuan was about to open his mouth but no words came out. Outside of the battlefield, a heavy sigh broke out, “Prince our eye wolf race surrenders!”

He saw one person. His robe was fluttering as he came from the distance. His handsome face, just like Chai Yuan, was filled with a deathly color.

Just like that, he walked over from the side. When he came to Ling Xian's side, he knelt.

Zong Shou's expression changed slightly as he moved his horse to gallop slowly in front of the two of them.

Then, he looked coldly at Ling Fakong.

Although this person was calm, his face was ashen white. His eyes were clear, but one could see his regret.

Zong Shou smiled, “Do you know the background of the Xue family? You know their ambition and still joined Zong s.h.i.+ to mess around with them and be corrupted?”

His body shuddered. Zong Shou shook his head, pulling out Zhongyuan's tiger king knife and throwing it in front of Ling Fakong.

“Uncle Ling, this time you did wrong. The Eye wolf race needs to give me an explanation!”

Divine Brilliance Chapter 254

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