Divine Brilliance Chapter 253 - Unwilling to Accept Defeat

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Chapter 253: Chapter 253 Unwilling to Accept Defeat

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Hearing Chai Yuan’s voice, Zong Shou was instantly delighted. The corner of his lips rose. It was happening as he had expected.

These people were so amusing. Did they think he wouldn’t destroy everything?

Hu Zhongyuan also heaved a sigh of relief. At least the situation didn’t develop towards the worst situation. Then, he was delighted. After forcing Chai Yuan and the wind bear race to surrender, Zong Shou’s strength has increased once more.

He had a 70% chance of winning this Monster king battle.

Zong Shou didn’t think too much, moving his horse towards Chai Yuan. He wasn’t afraid this person would flip and suddenly change sides. If he did, he didn’t mind using his head to establish his prestige!

Even if he knew that he was Zong Weiran’s old subordinate, he didn’t care.

He was always clear about who was enemy or friendly. Within the wind bear race, it wasn’t like he didn’t have any brunch families to rely on.

Zong Yuan and Li Luo were wary and safe, doing their job to avoid Chai Yuan going against his word. However, when the group of them arrived in front of vast country duke Chai Yuan, they noticed that he was at a loss, like his heart had died.

The corner of Hu Zhongyuan’s lips twitched. He felt pity for him. He knew that Chai Yuan was a prideful person and being forced by Zong Shou to surrender was an unprecedented blow.

However, Zong Shou was lazy to bother about him, looking at Zong Ming who was thrown on the floor. The meridians and important acupoints of this person were indeed blocked, but he could still open his mouth.

Looking at Zong Shou walk over, his tone was dark, “Prince, you still aren’t releasing me? I’m the sky fox Zong family grand elder, and you are just a prince. As long as you hadn’t inherited the throne, you are under my charge! Is this how you face your seniors? Who knows how Zong Weiran taught you to be so unfilial and rude!”

Zong Shou rolled his tongue. He thought to himself that this fellow didn’t know the situation that he was in.

Looking around, Zong Gang and Li Luo all frowned their brows, obviously feeling annoyed.

Seeing the people in front of him slowly reveal killing intent, Zong Ming didn’t talk anymore. After scolding him, he knew that Zong Shou had no intention of letting him go. Instead, he went to convince Chai Yuan, struggling and shouting, “Brother Chai aren’t you gonna act? With your strength, it would only take 10 steps to kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d. It’s more than enough! Are you going to let this trash inherit Gantian mountain? At that time be it your wind beast Chai Family or my sky fox Zong family will fall. If we end this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, then there would be no problems!”

Being called a b.a.s.t.a.r.d by Zong Ming, Zong Shou wasn’t angry as he just quietly looked at the two.

But Chai Yuan still lowered his head. Who knew what he was thinking about, but he had no intention of attacking. He sighed regretfully, the lightning winged sword in his hand was pulled out from its sheath with a metallic clang.

Zong Ming was startled, instinctively realizing something. His face changing as he scolded out,” Zong Shou you dare to kill me? I’m the Zong family grand elder, your Grand Uncle! I have no sin today, so don’t thinks about killing me. You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if you dare touch a finger on me, you’ll kill a relative for no reason, you can forget about inheriting our Zong family race leader position! I, Zong Ming, also have Zong Bo above me, and I’ll ask them to deal with you…”

“Zong family race leader? Who cares?”

Zong Shou laughed as he heard that, completely disregarding it. He rode his horse over and directly chopped down! With a crisp breaking sound, it caused Zong Ming’s head and body to split, his head flying into the air.

Chai Yuan raised his head, looking at a loss at the flying head go up and then come down, rolling tens of feet on the ground.

It seemed like he didn’t expect Zong Shou to be so decisive when he killed.

Immediately, his heart had some thoughts as he looked right at Zong Shou’s body.

The Zong family grand elder’s ability, even if it wasn’t his level, it was still earth chakra 8 meridians, his skin was still strong as steel.

Under the mythic master level, even if they allowed them to chop, they wouldn’t manage to do so.

This head broke so crisply and the cut was so perfect. If it wasn’t that the prince’s ability reached a certain realm, he was holding a sharp knife in his hand.

However, no matter how hard he thought about it, even if a dual meridian body could cultivate, he wouldn’t be able to have much achievement.

Seeing Zong Shou’s eyes look over once more, Chai Yuan sighed silently, opening his mouth, “My wind bear race’s 80 thousand soldiers are willing to be moved by the prince! However, the prince should know what happens to the anxious dog that jumps over the wall. Zong s.h.i.+ has Daoming and Xuansu Sect helping him along with the Xue family. If they are forced, they might do anything. As they say, things will be good if everyone takes a step back…”

Zong Shou shook his head as he heard that in disappointment. It seems like till now Chai Yuan still leaned towards that fellow.

However, he was lazy to bother what he thought, not willing to listen, directly interrupting. His lips were filled with mocking intent, “There’s no need to say anymore! Compromising is impossible for me. Even if they go all out against me, they still need to have the ability to drag the entire city down. I give you 8 minutes to send out all the old and young of the Chai family. 15 minutes later, choose 60 thousand soldiers from your private army and follow me to the Ling family!”

Chai Yuan’s brows furrowed, he wasn’t surprised with sending the old and young of his family over. It was what was said after that surprised him.

Then, a cooling intent filled him as he mocked himself. Since Zong Shou could think about making him surrender, how would he not think about how to recruit more people?

At the Zhengan Mountian peak, just when Chai Yuan captured Zong Ming.

On the stone platform, a falling pin could be heard. Hu Qianqiu and Qiu Wei were both stunned. The Guards behind them were numb up and stood on the spot.

They all looked down in disbelief.

“The prince is truly decisive and sharp and also really surprising!”

When that blood glow spurted out, tens of miles away Zong Shou cut Zong Ming’s head in one sword. Qiu Wei sucked in a deep cold breath, a weird glow s.h.i.+ning in his eyes, “If he didn’t surrender, directly he enemies with him. What nerve. Maybe the prince can’t cultivate but his personality is enough to be the king of a country!”

“Either die today or die tomorrow. One doesn’t need to think about it. Even if I take a step back, in a few months, Gantian Mountain will be destroyed. Zong s.h.i.+ has seen through me, but our prince has also seen through them. I, Hu Qianqiu, have still underestimated Zong’er.”

Hu Qianqiu said whilst thinking about how he said he couldn’t cultivate. That might not be true.

It made him feel uncomfortable and also find it hard to bear. Who knows when would Zong Shou let all these old subordinates know how scarily wrong they were.

Opening his mouth and revealing his tiger tooth, Hu Qianqiu shook his head, “let’s cut the c.r.a.p! Looking at the situation, our prince isn’t going to talk to Zong s.h.i.+ and the others! Let’s directly sweep across and destroy their foundation. Hehe, I love this plan! So overbearing…”

Qiu Wei slightly nodded, “Chai Yuan has surrendered so next should be the Ling family of The Eye wolf race. Apart from surrendering to the prince, they have no choice. 3 out of the 4 big families of Gantian Mountian has joined the prince. The prince just needs one word to tear the Zong family apart. The remaining problems aren’t a worry. Although it is far from over, victory is confirmed. I’ll go arrange the forces and tell the generals to go all out to a.s.sist him!”

After speaking, he didn’t stay anymore. Taking huge strides like that of a shooting star as he headed down the mountain.

Hu Qianqiu smiled, just as he wanted to follow closely behind, he stopped and looked across. Thinking to himself that those people mustn’t be feeling good now right?

Who asked that little kid known as Zong s.h.i.+ to be arrogant!

He originally thought the prince needed to show his one with the spirit martial path to threaten everyone. But instead, he smacked everyone with a stick and still achieved such an outcome.

On the opposite Gantian mountain peak, Zong s.h.i.+ was not only not feeling good. He was feeling so uncomfortable, the anger and depression in his heart nearly made him vomit blood.

Just as the east city army spread out their formation he could Guess Zong Shou’s intentions.

But now it was too late. Even if he guessed it he couldn’t stop it.

The att.i.tude of everyone around all had intense changes.

Lihu Jichang and Wuye Zhenren all frowned tightly. The latter was better, he was his senior master and only the love in his eyes disappeared by a lot. The former backed off several steps and not looked at him anymore.

Zong Hao’s faze was cold whilst Zong Yang was gloating and provoking him.

Zong s.h.i.+ couldn’t help but clench his fists tightly, fingernails stabbing deep into his hand.

Did this Father and Son think that with Zong Ming dead, he had no one to rely on in the race? Did they think that if he lost they could still live?

That Zong Yuan and Zong Shou would let them off?

He only felt rage strike his heart, wanting to smash a slap right on both of their faces. However, he didn’t dare to. 10 over years of confidence collapsed.

What he regretted was getting Zong Ming to persuade Chai Yuan. If he knew this would happen, even if he lost, he could still keep some trump cards.

He had underestimated that piece of trash. Who knew that that mistake would be so vicious.

He suddenly heard a soft sigh by his side. Zong Hao turned back and looked out, only to see Ling Fakong turn around and walk down the mountain.

Zong Hao’s eyes turned sharp and stepped forwards, “Where is Brother Ling going?”

“Where else can I go? Do you still need to ask? Naturally, back to my Ling family! Since he could force Chai Yuan to surrender, how would he let my eye wolf race go?”

Not bothering to defend his back, he said expressionlessly, “we have lost, so even if I stay, it’s useless. If Brother Zong hao wants to act, then go ahead. Only at that time, I will go all out to fight you.”

Then, he brought Zong Yang to follow Ling Fakong down the mountain. Zong s.h.i.+yuan didn’t hesitate at all, giving a mocking smile as he strode away.

Along with most of them leaving, the atmosphere at the peak was unusually suppressive.

Zong s.h.i.+’s face turned green and red, startled and not speaking, not bothering about the change of heart of the people behind him. He only felt bitter and laughed at himself. A moment ago he was still so confident, but in just a moment, the tables had turned.

He suddenly had an idea, fighting spirit reigniting in his heart.

…he still hasn’t lost today. He still had a chance!

Divine Brilliance Chapter 253 - Unwilling to Accept Defeat

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