Divine Brilliance Chapter 311

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Chapter 311: Chapter 311Who Would You Harm by Accident?

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

The Phoenix pattern Long sword smashed the ice mist sword into pieces. The sword attack was slightly blocked. Before it regained its aura from before, a flame light s.h.i.+ning all over, burning the heavens.

In the next instant, Zhu Junhou and Zong Gang both rose up. The former was obviously really experienced, holding a large halberd in his hand. The moment he jumped into the sky, the hundred thousand armored soldiers of Xuan Mountain City merged into one. The halberd aura exploding, and the energy glow charging thousands of feet.

Although Zong Gang's cultivation was a grade weaker, in terms of the martial path, he was a bit better. His control of the strength of the entire army was more to his pleasure. Numerous lightning light exploding up from around his body and gathered at the tip of the spear.

The spear glow halberd energy pretty much stuck on the Phoenix pattern Long sword. In an instant, it caused the sword attack to freeze in the air before swiftly retreating. However, both Zong Gang and Zhu Junhou's faces turned white as they retreated swiftly. Blood seeped out from the corner of their lips.

At this moment, numerous galloping thunder noises spread from the entrance of the canyon. Who knew how many beasts were galloping over and charging into the dense fog. Only to see numerous thin threads of sword energy appearing under Ling Fakong's control.

Without needing to slash out, just hanging in the air, one could just use the momentum of these beasts charging over to cause huge harm to the beasts.

Those thousand cloud s.h.i.+ps had hundreds of thousands of archers which all shot up. Using the cloud shocking illusionary token, cooperating with the arrow rain, finally being able to block this scary beast flood.

However, the few people who were beside the body of the celestial path expert didnt have spare attention to focus on what was happening at the entry. They all looked at the Phoenix pattern Long sword nervously.

That Jing Tao Zhenren laughed loudly, “Your highness is truly trustable, I thank you!”

Following which a shuttle flew out from his sleeves and directly struck above. It was apparent that Jing Tao had prepared for a long time. This shuttle was filled with strength. Just halfway into the air, it caused a thousand feet of land around to freeze up.

The strength of it was actually no less than that of the fire red sword.

The expressions of Zong Shou, Zhao Yanran, and others all changed. Grade 7 spiritual weapon… no wonder Jing Tao Zhenren was so confident. Even if he knew that this Phoenix pattern sword, which was close to breaking was not simple to deal with, and that being first to attack would take the greatest risk, he wasn't worried at all.

Although there was a 4-grade difference between grade 7 spiritual artifact and a grade 2 magical weapon, if this magical artifact was close to breaking, then the situation was different.

A loud 'keng' broke out. The entire heaven and earth reverberated, ripples spreading out.

That ice-blue shuttle, as expected, was smacked back by the sword.

However, the grade 7 spiritual artifact suddenly exploded out. Numerous ice chill energy burst out, causing the fire sword light to instance shriek out.

This Jing Tao was truly a vicious character, directly exploding that extremely precious grade 7 spiritual artifact!

Just as the icy mist dissipated and was evaporated by the fiery glow, everyone used their eye power to look closely.

They saw that the Phoenix pattern Long sword burst away a thousand feet by the explosive strength of this grade 7 spiritual weapon. The entire sword body still hasn't burst to pieces. It was only covered in a layer of white frost.

Jing Tao Zhenren was astonished and then he heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that this sword was a spent force. As long as one slightly used slightly more strength it could totally burst it into pieces. Sacrificing this grade 7 spiritual artifact indeed caused huge damage to this flame sword.

In the next instance, a body flashed across. It was that Gu Liekong who had been storing up energy, slas.h.i.+ng out with his knife. The vast knife glow smashed directly on the sword body of the Phoenix pattern Long sword.

The 2 of them was first on a standstill. After a long while, it gave out yet another sharp ring. This grade 2 magical weapon finally burst into pieces.

However, the knife attack didn't stop like it was uncontrolled as it continued to slash down.

Although it was retracted just as it was about to touch the ground, it still slashed one of the corpses harboring pinnacle sword gra.s.s into pieces.

Then, with a whistle, numerous pale white deathly energy swiftly spread about.

Zong Shou's brows raised up. Right away he pulled onto Yiren and Chuxue beside him and retreated a thousand feet away. The other people reacted swiftly and all jumped away.

They recognized that this was dense death energy. Just touching it, if one got off lightly, their lifespan would be shortened, if serious one would die. All living beings will all face death. However, apart from the hundred-odd spiritual panes of gra.s.s, there weren't any other living beings.

At the same time, an energizing scent spread about and swiftly wafted about in the air.

Zong Shou took a few sniffs and felt the true qi in his body riot. It was like the scent caused his cultivation to improve by several levels. At the same time, a thread of poison seeped into his body. However, they were instantly burst apart by the world shocking true energy.

This spiral true qi was useless towards the delicious wine, but it was a complete crus.h.i.+ng victory against various poisons.

Although Jing Tao Zhenren's eyes were filled with regret, he felt furious. Right away he hollered at Gu Liekong, “What have you done! You spread out this corpse harboring pinnacle sword gra.s.s. Are you trying to attract all the beasts in this Hailing Plains before you are done?”

Then he looked at the entrance of the valley in fear. He saw that after those beasts smelled the fragrance, their eyes all turned red and they became crazier.

The people's faces all turned ashen white. All of a sudden they didn't have the energy to bother about the corpse of that celestial expert. All of them looked towards where the beasts were surging.

At this moment, a thousand s.h.i.+ps, hundred thousands of archers along with that cloud shocking illusionary token was like an invisible dam that was blocking the beasts.

In just a moment, it was obviously on the verge of falling.

Zhu Junhou frowned slightly. Before this, he realized that there was something off with what Gu Liekong did. Along the way, he did many under the table actions. His current actions also made one have doubts.

But this person was Zong Shou's subordinate and he couldn't say it out. Gu Liekong acted blur and smiled bitterly, seeking for forgiveness from Zong Shou, “I was careless causing our Gantian warriors to be in danger, I seek forgiveness from the ruler!”

Zong Shou waved his hand, “Humans have times when they make mistakes. What wrong did you do? Luckily the land area here is special and even if the beast wave gets bigger we can block it…”

Jing Tao Zhenren was speechless, thinking that he was really generous. It was a sin and he actually just waved it off.

However looking closely at the land geography, it is as what Zong Shou said, making it really suitable to defend against the enemy. However he was still uneasy, saying seriously, “your highness, my cloud shocking illusionary token can at most laugh for an hour. It could at most block grade 6 beasts. The scent of this corpse harboring pinnacle gra.s.s will definitely attract grade 7 beasts. Your highness, please use the nervy destroying crossbows early.”

“Energy destroying crossbows?”

When Zong Shou heard that, he suddenly hesitated, “it seems a little inappropriate…”

Jing Tao Zhenren was totally furious, hard for one to understand. In such a race against time, life or death situation, Zong Shou actually hesitated at such a moment. Who knows what exactly was this person thinking about!

Then he had a thought in his mind. Was Zong Shou worrying about him consuming too much using the energy destroying crossbows?

After all this special spiritual artifact used up one grade 6 beast crystal at one go.

He couldn't help but feel disdain. His originally high evaluation for Zong Shou fell by several grades. He was definitely from the monster race, too petty!

However, he still needed to rely on Zong Zhou's strength now, Jing Tao asked solemnly, “Why is it inappropriate? Your highness if we don't use the energy destroying crossbow now we won't have a chance too anymore. All of us will definitely be buried here! If your highness is reluctant to use those beast crystals, our Lingyun Sect can pay for half!”

Zong Shou's face was still filled with hesitation, “It isn't that I am unwilling to use the beast crystals. The only thing was that I heard people scolding me outside. If we harm them by accident then…”

When that Jing Tao Zhenren heard that he really wanted to slap Zong Shou in the face.

As a return to sun spirit master, he didn't hear it. There were so many Xuanwu ancestors didn't pick up anything. As a person with no martial path and spiritual cultivation, where did you hear that?

He couldn't help but scold out, “Who would you harm by accident? Your highness, you are so muddle! Even if the king arrives, I won't bother. Your highness, please give the order, I Jing Tao will take all responsibility!”

Zong Shou was waiting just for the words, giggling as he said at Gu Liekong, “Have you heard Jing Tao Zhenren's words? tell the s.h.i.+ps not to be unwilling to spend beast crystals and arrows, keeping their lives is important! Don't fire those 800 energy destroying crossbows all at once. Split them into 3 waves and fire in rounds!”

After he finished he blinked his eyes towards Gu Liekong.

Gu Liekong going take it and laughed out. At this moment he could roughly Guess Zong Zhou's rough plan.

Leading over the 4 thousand Taoyun City s.h.i.+ps all over, not only to act as s.h.i.+elds to block the 2nd beast wave but under the attacks of these 800 energy destroying crossbows who knows how many of them can survive. How scheming…

He resisted the laugh and solemnly bowed towards Zong Shou, “Gu Liekong won't let the ruler down!”

His tone was solemn, filled with the utmost respect. This moment was when he was truly sold by the new Gantian Mountain ruler.

In the next instance, Gu Liekong jumped up and directly headed towards the s.h.i.+p where Zong Shou was on.

Zong Shou smiled, following which he smiled at Jing Tao Zhenren, “Based on the agreement you can have the first pick. You can take 20% of anything here!”

Jing Tao didn't push it away, first taking 20 of the corpse harboring pinnacle sword gra.s.s. Although he used much Strength, even using a grade 7 spiritual artifact, the one that contributed the most, after all, was Zong Shou. His face wasn't so thick to take all the older ones. He only gave himself a set based on the value.

And just at that instance, the entire valley shone a burning glow. The entire heaven and earth shook once more.

Divine Brilliance Chapter 311

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