Divine Brilliance Chapter 310 - Still Not Moving Aside

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Chapter 310: Chapter 310 Still Not Moving Aside

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Pretty much at the same time, outside the beast tomb, numerous beasts and Yin souls seemed to become crazy, going into chaos. They were all in an irritable state as they crazily charged towards the canyon entry.

There were tens of thousands of them, looking out they were like waves smacking the sh.o.r.e.

Just at this time, thousands of giant s.h.i.+ps traveled towards here majestically.

Yue Guanyun stood on the deck of the seven-tooth cloud s.h.i.+p, his eyes filled with shock as he looked at the beast flood beneath.

Luckily this beast flood was on the ground and didn’t have any intention to target his fleet. However, looking from afar he still felt extremely terrified.

“What is that Gantian Mountain fleet doing here? Are they asking to die? Such a beast wave. Even if we were working together, we couldn’t take it on easily…”

The person who spoke was a red-robed middle-aged man. He wore a grade 2 official attire, one of Yue Guanyun’s officials.

Although he said so in a joking manner, no one here could laugh out loud.

As this huge fleet continued forwards. In front of them, numerous ashen white beasts appeared on the ground, causing all of them to hold their breaths.

“It is a beast tomb! those Gantian Mountain people found a beast tomb!”

Along with this exclamation that who knows who made, the atmosphere on the deck became more and more solemn.

Yue Guanyun’s face changed, taking in a deep breath, his face looking unusually white,” it is without a doubt a beast tomb! With my estimations, the scale of this place is no less than 400 thousand feet around. Using the age of it to calculate, the rewards for Gantian Mountain would be no less than 10 million grade 4 beast crystals! What do the two of you think?”

“400 thousand feet, I don’t think it is just that?”

Feng Nu’s gaze was extremely dark like a storm was gathering in it, “I think it is no less than 500 thousand feet! This prince’s methods are so vicious, destroying these grade 4 corpses to reduce the value. Hmm, should I say this Zong Shou is smart or lucky? That’s just great. Our 3 sides game together and will go back empty-handed. Just chasing them took us 7 days! Gantian mountain should have obtained nothing and earned ten million instead. This time, when the 3 of us return, we will be a huge laughing stock!”

“Along with those complete beast corpses, their gains should be above 20 million grade 4 beast crystals! And also within that canyon, although we don’t know what the situation is like, why it attracts so many beasts. However, based on what I guess, their gains would be above 10 million.”

Xiong Ba’s tone was leisure, looking calm. Looking at his tightly clenched fists, it revealed that his emotions were like waves rising up and down.

“20 million, they just need to take 1/10 to let Gantian Mountain expand by a million troops! To recruit numerous xiantian, as well as those famous Xuanwu ancestors in the world. 99% will be under their flag. In just 3 years, the 3 of us won’t be able to stand up in Donglin Cloud Continent…”

The surrounding people instantly entered a state of silence. Yue Guanyun’s face turned dark as he looked about. He saw that everyone was filled with trepidation.

Especially those messengers who belonged to subordinate cities of Gantiaj Mountain City who all showed signs of regret on their faces.

And most especially Xijie City lord Xie Rong, who had broken the bridge and cut off ties with Gantian Mountain. His face was devoid of blood, ashen white like paper.

Yue Guanyun was instantly filled with a violent spirit, he knew that most of the people were regretting. If he wasn’t greedy to betray Zong Shou and followed his orders, following the Gantian Mountain fleet, the gains of Xijie City would be no less than 10 times the previous years. It was enough to let their strength rise to a whole other level.

At this moment, although he was annoyed, he couldn’t scold them. He scoffed coldly, “Why do we need to worry? No matter how much they get, they still need to s.h.i.+p it back before it counts as theirs!”

Feng Nu’s eyes lit up, “So with what Brother Feng Nu is saying, what should we do?”

Yue Guanyun scoffed with disdain, thinking that the 2 people beside were waiting for him to say that they were going to rob them or kill them such that no news of this gets out. After this matter, if it incurred the scolding of the various sects, at most the 2 of them will just be accomplices.

Anger didn’t rise in his heart, he only said expressionlessly, “The sects in the cloud world all made it clear that we can’t kill one another beneath the cloud ocean. That Zong Shou is crafty, inviting Lingyun Sect disciples on the boat, it seems like he was prepared in advance. Besides our armies have too many mouths and there isn’t any wall in this world that can block out all wind. However this time we don’t need to personally make a move, don’t we have these beasts to help? We just need to lock up the exit of this canyon…”

Xiong Ba was just about to say that the beast wave of this level would at most cause the Gantian Mountain fleet to be badly damaged. It wasn’t enough to wipe them out. Swiftly which he understood, respect appearing on his face.

“So that’s the case! The scale of this beast wave might not be enough but we can add some flames and if we plan it well, we can chase more beasts in. As long as they can only enter and not exit, we will be able to solve this matter. City lord Yue you are sharp-minded, what a good plan!”

Yue Guanyun smiled while crossing his arms, not saying any more. However on this seven-tooth cloud s.h.i.+p, it seemed like the Ying fog had dissipated, smiles appearing on their faces once more. Some of them were exuberating signs of joy.

Then the 3 of them didn’t even need to give any instructions. After most of the beast wave surged into the canyon, thousands of cloud s.h.i.+ps sailed into the canyon. They lined up in an orderly manner and locked down the exit of the canyon.

Yue Guanyun was still standing on the deck of the seven-tooth cloud s.h.i.+p. His eyes were complicated and conceited as he looked into the canyon.

Zong Shou was indeed the smartest person he had seen in his life.

Unfortunately, this kid was just too young and too inexperienced. He had also made too many mistakes.

However, just because of that, that was why he couldn’t be left alive.

Just at this moment, he saw Feng Nu, brows furrowed tightly like there was something that was on his mind.

Yue Guanyun’s brows raised thinking that was this person considering the profits after this matter. His heart was filled with disdain but his face gave a clear smile, “What is bothering Brother Feng? Is my planning inappropriate?”

Feng Nu shook his head, a moment later he said with uncertainty, “I am thinking. Zong Shou came right here after he went beneath the cloud ocean. Did he know this beast tomb existed? Since he did, why did he leave so many clues on the way to lead us here?”

When he said that, not only did Yue Guanyun’s expression switch, Xiong Ba’s eyes constricted and his gaze had a huge change.

In the next instance, they heard many roars coming from behind the canyon entrance.

The earth shook, numerous hoove rumbling sounds were like a galloping thunder. Like numerous beasts were surging over from all directions.

The sky was covered by dark clouds. Looking out, numerous fierce birds were swooping down towards the entrance of the valley.

It was another beast flood! Its scale was even several times bigger than before.

Yue Guanyun only felt his body turn cold. He reached out with his hand, casting out a talisman. It charged up ten thousand feet before it exploded. An eye-piercing golden light flashed as it shone all over. Causing the heavy black fog to be dissipated.

Then the people on the boat saw numerous giant beasts charge over. At the front were the quickest ones, their size was close to 50-60 feet. Although they weren’t able to form up into formations like the human race, in groups, their aura was majestic.

Yue Guanyun’s eyelids suddenly twitched, a bad feeling rising in his heart. He looked carefully at the black fog at the many images within.

They only felt several extremely strong and violent auras charging over. However, they all stopped a hundred thousand feet away, following which they chased numerous beasts to charge into the canyon.

“Grade 7! It’s a grade 7 beast!

Yue Guanyun stopped breathing, Feng Nu also wasn’t able to suppress the shock in his heart, taking a few steps back. His heart sinking, feeling ice cold.

He only felt that the day when he heard the news of his elder Son Feng Yu dying didn’t give him more despair as today.

The people behind all exchanged glances with one another, their eyes filled with shock and disbelief.

What was within this beast tomb to cause so many beasts to gather?

What did Zong Shou do such that he attracted tens of these rarely seen grade 7 beasts?

Did Zong Shou expect this?

A few breaths later, Xiong Ba hollered our, “Move aside! Aren’t you all going to move aside!”

The tens of thousands of workers in charge of controlling the s.h.i.+ps came back to their senses. The thousand of s.h.i.+ps blocking the canyon entrance all turned to a side, giving way as they went towards the two sides. It was chaotic as they b.u.mped into one another.

That flood-like beast wave had already charged over, getting close to the entrance of the canyon. The hundreds of cloud s.h.i.+ps that were blocking at the bottom part were instantly smashed into several pieces by the numerous grade 6 into several pieces!

Within the canyon, just as the tens of spiritual talismans got close to a hundred feet, the fiery red sword suddenly shook. A red-colored image swept out, in a moment it sliced those tens of talismans into pieces.

However, the sword body slightly shrieked and trembled, like it was badly hurt by these talismans that targetted the soul. It was extremely annoyed. The sword image spinning around and charging into the sky. Then a flame river slashed down from the sky.

Halfway through it gave out a loud cras.h.i.+ng sound. An ice mist sword image stabbed out from the clouds, smas.h.i.+ng with this Phoenix pattern Long sword.

In the next instance, the cloud shocking G.o.d destroying sword formed using pure spiritual energy and soul power was smashed into pieces.

Ling Fakong who was in charge of the spiritual formation scoffed coldly. His face turned green and white before turning back normal.

At the crucial moment, he cut off the soul power connection with the 300 spirit masters, lowering the damage to a minimum. This was why although they all suffered light injuries, but it wasn’t a big worry.

Divine Brilliance Chapter 310 - Still Not Moving Aside

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