Divine Brilliance Chapter 371 - Dragon Shadow Old man

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Chapter 371: Chapter 370 Dragon Shadow Old man

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“What sound is that?”

Outside of the dragon gate, at the mid-waist portion of the Dragon Gathering Mountain, the ears of the bored Shui Lingbo raised upwards as she heard attentively at the sound spreading from within the mountains.

A moment later her brows rose up in shock.

“…That’s a dragon roar?”

That sound obviously came from a dragon roar and its grade wasn’t low, most probably grade 9 and above.

…Which also means that this dragon had most probably transformed and entered the gates of the celestial path!

It was a peaceful and normal martial saint remnant image, so how did such a turn of events happen?

Although this place was called the Dragon Gathering Mountain and the cave inside was called the dragon gate, but how was it possible for there to be a true giant dragon?

Xuan Taiji also stood up, flying high up into the sky as he looked down from above at the entire Dragon Gathering Mountain.

His expression instantly became weird.

…He didn’t sense things wrongly! This mountain was actually shaking slightly.

That Lingyun Sect Ling Lie also flew beside him. In terms of depths of spiritual cultivation, Ling Lie was much stronger than Xuan Taiji who rose up later.

At this moment he used spells to cover both of his eyes and he similarly frowned.

“The caves inside the mountains seem to be collapsing. That’s impossible. Why did the dragon shadow martial saint want to destroy this place? Did the martial saint already fall? But if that was the case then the martial intent that he left behind should have dissipated…”

His tone was uncertain but it made Xuan Taiji’s eyes constrict as he took in a deep breath to suppress the shock in his heart. Then he said expressionlessly, “If my guesses are correct, somebody has already obtained the legacy of the nine dragon shadow sword. The spiritual wave is impending. It is a blessing for our cloud world for such a hero to appear.”

That Ling Lie was instantly startled. Just now, he was contemplating such a possibility.

However, deep down in his heart, he didn’t dare to believe it.

This place was opened for ten thousand years. Sects sent countless disciples but were unable to solve the puzzle. It was just broken by someone like that?

He wanted to retort, but in the next instant, he felt an intense fluctuation of the nearby heaven and earth spiritual energy.

He looked down with a shocked gaze.

His heart instantly sank. It seems like the guesses that Xuan Taiji said about the nine dragon shadow sword was most probably true.

Xuan Taiji’s gaze also constricted. Then he said towards Shui Lingbo who was slowly focussing, “Fairy Shui, we need your help. Can you cast an illuminating spell such that we can see the situation within?”

Shui Lingbo heard that. However, it took a long while before she retracted her gaze. Then she smiled coldly, “Illuminating spell? I think you are crazy. This is the dragon gathering mountain, there is the intent of the martial saint suppressing it. People like me who haven’t entered the celestial path can’t even cast out my spiritual sense much less the illuminating spell…”

Xuan Taiji wasn’t annoyed and he didn’t show any unwillingness, naturally, he also didn’t retreat. He only expressionlessly took out something from his sleeves.

“If that saint was within the cloud world then naturally I wouldn’t dare think about it. However, today, he is hundreds of worlds away. I have a grade 2 bright sun spell mirror. Senior master Lie also has the grade 9 yunxiang true image talisman of the Lingyun Sect. Doesn’t Fairy Shui want to see what is happening within? Aren’t you worried about the situation of the few disciples of the common people path?”

That Ling Lie didn’t say any bulls.h.i.+t and directly threw over a talisman.

As for Shui Lingbo, after hesitating slightly she laughed coldly before waving out some true qi and collecting both the mirror and talisman in front of her.

She chanted out before leading the yunxiang true image talisman away. Following which the index and middle fingers of her right hand combined and pointed at where the inner gate cave was as she chanted out “open”.

Instantly a mist gathered over and in just a moment a cloud formed in the sky above.

First, it showed what the cave looked like. Then, the clouds formed people.

As it was formed from mist and clouds, everyone was white and their faces were unclear.

Xuan Taiji’s brows furrowed and knew that what Shui Lingbo cast wasn’t the illuminating spell but the sensory image viewing spell…

He didn’t say anything, just observing. Even then this was already enough.

He was only worried about the safety of his 2 junior brothers.

Then his face turned to shock.

Why was Jin Buhui here? That kid entered the inner gate? Did he see wrongly?

Looking closely once more, that fat body couldn’t be faked. However, a moment later, Xuan Taiji stopped paying attention to his good-for-nothing junior brother.

All their gazes were attracted to the body which was dancing with the sword in front of the reflective wall.

Shui Lingbo who was maintaining the spell was dumbfounded.

…It’s Zong Shou!

This fellow seemed to have done something extraordinary…

The voice was unclear and he couldn’t hear it carefully. Zong Shou was also unwilling to listen to it.

Anyways he thought that it was because his mind wasn’t pure, d.a.m.n it. He immediately focussed more, calming himself down. His brows were furrowed tightly as he went all out to solve the next sword stance.

He didn’t even know that this cave was right about to collapse.

However, for some reason, the voice in his ear became even louder, making him annoyed.

“Little kid…”

Who knows how long it pa.s.sed did the voice become even clearer. This time he could hear what this voice was talking about.

Don’t even think about it!

Zong Shou really couldn’t accept it, for him to be so close to the next level of the sword path. He wouldn’t allow anyone or anything to disturb his mind.

A sword slas.h.i.+ng out, leaving a deep mark on the reflective wall.

This was already his 70th sword, 11 more swords, 11 more strokes and he could complete this incomplete dragon-shaped carving!

“Interesting little fellow!”

The sound rang out once more filled with a little amused intent, “I’m not a heart demon. Do you know that I, dragon shadow, have crossed 15 worlds just for you to listen clearly to me? Do you know that even for saint realm experts like me, crossing worlds isn’t that easy?”

Only then did Zong Shou listen clearly, his brows raised and he hesitated slightly.

“Dragon shadow? Is the one speaking dragon shadow old man?”

Such a thought only rose up in his heart but wasn’t spoken out by him.

However, the moment he thought that the voice rang out once more with praise, ” that’s right, you finally came to your senses. However, a person learning the sword should be so focused. You are true and sincere towards the sword path, that is a good thing…”

Zong Shou was instantly really surprised. Could the voice of the owner understand what he was thinking about?

He wasn’t able to be sure whether or not it was a heart demon, something evil trying to attract his thoughts or was it the true dragon shadow, old man?

Following which he heard the dragon shadow laugh coldly, “How can it be fake? Which evil spirit will dare to take half a step near my Dragon Gathering mountain? The thoughts of people naturally have the soul to amplify. You are in my cave, if I don’t know what you are thinking then I would have wasted ten thousand years of cultivation, saint realm cultivation…”

Zong Shou exclaimed. He was enlightened, thinking that dragon shadow’s words were like what the people of the future had researched. He realized that the thoughts of people had special magnetic waves.

That saint realm expert could differentiate it, that was extraordinary. He thought back to his senior brother, could he do that too?

Speaking of which, when he insulted his senior brother Wei Xu most probably heard it too?

Speaking of which that voice was most probably not a heart demon, he also didn’t have any bad thoughts towards this dragon shadow.

However, at this moment, he didn’t know what to say. More importantly, he didn’t know why this dragon shadow old man appeared suddenly appeared?

Following which Dragon Shadow said coldly, “That year when I left the dragon gate sword cave, I didn’t do it willingly. That was why I set up so many restrictions to make things difficult. I didn’t expect that ten thousand years later someone would comprehend it. Since you can break half of the mystery, then naturally you can inherit my nine dragon shadow sword. That is good, my promise to that person is considered complete today. Listen up carefully, the last heart mantra of the nine dragon shadow sword is…”

Zong Shou didn’t listen, instead, his mind was even more focused. The 72nd sword, the 73rd sword struck out successively. Then he held the sword the other way round as he started to think.

At this moment, his heart had never been so clear before. He knew that the true mystery of the nine dragon shadow sword was on the reflective wall.

Why would he be distracted to listen to this dragon shadow old man who he didn’t know was real or fake, to his so called heart mantra?

The meaning of the reflective wall to him wasn’t just a grade 10 sword art!

It was a challenge, a challenge that could raise his sword path!

Dragon Shadow read a few sentences after which he realized that Zong Shou didn’t even bother to remember. He was furious, saying, “Little brat that doesn’t know what is good for you! I wanted you to save some strength, you didn’t accept my kindness. Do you think the reflective wall that I left is something anyone could break?”

Although his tone was filled with rage for some reason it also had a bit of praise.

Just as he said that Dragon Shadow suddenly exclaimed like he was surprised by something.

“Your body, you are a dual meridian body? Why didn’t you tell me that?”

Zong Shou instantly rolled his eyes, was there a need to say that? Anyways, ever since he entered only now did he come into contact with that old fellow, who did he have to say it to?

In the next instance, he felt a strong power suddenly grabbing his body.

A few threads of external strength from an unknown place reached into his body. Then the voice was even more shocked.

“You can use such a way to complete dual meridian cultivation, what revolutionary thinking, Compared to normal people wouldn’t you have several times more true qi and spiritual energy? Good! Good! Good! Eh? You are a broken soul body with barriers from heaven. You are a person who broke through the human barrier out of the 2 barriers?”

That power suddenly became more and more vast, causing Zong Shou’s body to feel slightly painful. The voice of Dragon Shadow rang out once more, this time he was really serious, suppressing his surprise,

“Are you relying on the help of others or are you using your strength?”

Divine Brilliance Chapter 371 - Dragon Shadow Old man

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