Divine Brilliance Chapter 372 - Inspiration Instantly Forms

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Chapter 372: Chapter 371 Inspiration Instantly Forms

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

The vast and large intent suddenly spread out within the cave.

Even if all the ascended and day wandering realm experts were already prepared, at this moment, they held their breaths slightly.

Zong Shou was suppressed by the energy such that he felt uncomfortable. His brows rising coldly, “My sword path will never be extinguished. It is just a barrier from heaven. Why do I need to borrow help from others?

From just now till now, he had sighed for a long time. He only felt his heart becoming more and more tired, his brain wanted to fall asleep. However, he slashed down once more.

The 74th sword and the 74th mark jumped onto the wall drawing and cause the dragon image to be more lifelike.

After finis.h.i.+ng that stroke, his face showed a slight look of happiness and joy. Then he hurriedly consumed a few more pills, closing his eyes to calm down the energy in his body, nouris.h.i.+ng his hear blood and to rest his soul.

That voice kept silent following which he laughed, “You do have some pride, however, I believe you! Never extinguished? I didn’t expect you to be a real swordsman. Do be able to bear with a dual meridian body every day, the pain of twisted meridians to train martial cultivation to such a level. To be able to peak the true mysteries of the sword path at such an age. In front of my reflective wall, you are unyielding and resilient to slash out 74 swords. People like you indeed don’t need to rely on external help.”

His said suddenly, “That’s right, you want to break my true dragon image is it to grasp sword soul? You little fellow has high ambition, however, I like you! However with your cultivation, to break this picture you are still a little lacking…”

Zong Shou was lazy to reply, keeping silent for a long while. He stood quietly like that, 30 minutes later he opened his eyes once more, the sword in his hand waving out again!

75th! 76th! 77th!

3 successive swords slashed out, causing the stone shrapnels in the area to fly about.

Zong Shou’s face became ashen white, devoid of any blood.

He pretty much used up all the potential in his body before unlocking the mysteries of these 3 swords.

…He needed just 4 swords to be able to break this puzzle!

“…77 swords! You little fellow are skilled with the sword to such a level! d.a.m.n it! That place is too far…”

Who knows how many worlds that old man traveled. At that moment, the voice became even clearer. However, his voice seemed to be a little exhausted.

“Oi! Little kid you can forget about the last 4 swords, you don’t even need to think about it. You need to have already merged spirit and martial arts or have the ability to do so before you can unlock it. With your talents, you can already be my disciple. Why not take me as your master?”

Zong Shou wasn’t even listening at all, the words from the old man were treated as random noise by him and he directly blocked it out.

At this moment, apart from the sword in his hand and the giant dragon stone carving opposite him, there was nothing else in his mind!

Unexpectedly, he thought that after those 3 swords the 4th mark would be harder and needed more time to deduce and play out in his head.

However, surprisingly, the following 3 swords just needed some slight thought for him to get the gist.

It was exceptionally simple, he seemed to know how to slash out like it was an instinct!

However he slightly hesitated, he repeatedly thought about it in his heart in disbelief before he made another move. The purple-colored sword light shone brightly and brought with it an eye-catching bright sword arc.

78th! 79th! 80th!

Another 3 sword marks were drawn out, causing the dragon body to suddenly appear filled up.

The feeling of the people around was most apparent. They felt that the dragon on the stone wall had blood and meat and was lifelike. Like at any moment it would break out of the stone wall.

However, this dragon shape stone carving seemed to be lacking something. It lacked the last most crucial stroke!

The true dragon above was also the same. It tried to break into the sky and fly high, however it seemed to be restricted by some sort of power, unable to rise into the air.

Zong Shou felt satisfied. His brows were filled with joy. He didn’t expect those 3 swords to be so simple.

It seems like the 3 riddles left by the dragon shadow old man was a loss of standard.

In front of him, one last mark was left, it was probably going to be the most difficult sword!

…It was the sword where the nine types returned to one! The final technique of the nine dragon shadow sword had to be within this final sword.

At this moment he remembered that just now the dragon shadow old man was seemingly nagging some words into his ear.

However, when he tried to recall, he couldn’t remember anything. At that time he was too focused and everything in the world couldn’t leave any mark in his mind.

“What else can I say? You little brat, do you want me to die from being too obsessed or die from exhaustion before you stop? You are spirit…”

That voice scolded out but then it stopped.

Zong Shou was confused when he heard that, however, the voice was much clearer, the intent sent over also seemed much stronger and indiscernible.

It was not much different as compared to Wei Xu.

…that day his senior brother didn’t go all out. But this old man was also several s.p.a.ces away.

“…cough! Cough! You are a return to sun spirit master. Good, this place is too far away, I have used up most of my energy. If I continue to rush, I might harm the foundations of this body. So listen boy, are you willing to be my main disciple?”

Zong Shou’s brows rose up, following which he shook his head slightly, saying without hesitation, “I apologize, I already have a teacher. Common people path 2nd generation direct disciple, 7th disciple!”

Although he wanted to have a few more masters to learn more sword techniques, he knew about the need to respect his teacher.

As for his ident.i.ty, in front of Saint realm experts, there were no secrets he could hide so why not just say it out openly.

“Common people path 2nd generation direct disciple?”

Dragon Shadow was astonished. However what he was shocked about wasn’t that Zong Shou had a sect but because of the words 2nd generation direct disciple, “Xi Zi, that fellow died thousands of years ago. How could he still recruit disciples? That’s right, don’t tell me, Wei Xu. That fellow recruited you on behalf of his teacher. Or you went under Lin Xuanshuang?”

Zong Shou’s brows rose up, thinking that this dragon shadow old man was mostly correct. Following which he nodded slightly, “My teacher is indeed called Lin Xuanshuang!”

The dragon shadow old man burst out into a cold laugh, “Your senior brother Wei calculated things well! The luck of their common people path is so bountiful, actually picking up such a treasure under the noses of the righteous path sects.

Zong Shou’s brows furrowed, expressing some rage at the right time. He was also quite annoyed by this Wei Xu, however, he couldn’t let such an outsider find out.

“Forget it! Let’s not talk about that. He was willing to give you the main sect 2nd generation direct disciple ident.i.ty, he was willing to sacrifice things.”

The voice of the dragon shadow was filled with some unhappiness and annoyance. However, if one listened carefully, one could notice that within it was envy and jealousy, many feelings mixed up together.

“Little kid, since I left the nine dragon shadow sword technique in the world, how wouldn’t I think that there was a 99% chance that it would be obtained by you disciples from the large sects? I just couldn’t bear to see my top technique get lost without a successor! Setting the dragon gate is just to find a suitable sword technique successor. I have no intention of spreading what orthodoxy so it doesn’t matter if you are a direct disciple of the common people path…”

Zong Shou thought about it but still shook his head, “This matter is hugely important, I will have to ask my senior brother Wei Xu!”

“Your senior brother Wei Xu? He would probably beg you to.”

The annoyance in his tone became even thicker, “Using you as a bait to hook me, how vicious! Little kid, you came this time was it on orders from him? What more do I have to say?”

Zong Shou blinked his eyes and still hesitated a little. Mainly because the sword technique of this dragon shadow old man was already going to be squeezed dry by him.

As long as he broke this reflective wall dragon picture, he could naturally grasp all the mysteries behind this nine dragon shadow sword.

If within this ten thousand years, this dragon shadow’s cultivation didn’t improve, stopping at the saint realm and having no other sword path attainments, then it was better for him to not have such a master.

Who would like to get themselves a master who they have to respect and be filial to for no reason?

However, following which Long Ruo kept silent for a long time. Just as Zong Shou was feeling weird, thinking that this martial saint was so furious that he gave up. The old voice once again spread over, “Eh? You are amazing. You are the lord of a country, Gantian Mountain Monster king. After inheriting your father’s legacy you swallowed several prefectures of land in a few months, occupying close to a third of Donglin Cloud Continent. However the many sects there, especially that Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect and that Long Ruo have many grievances with you…”

Zong Shou instantly rolled his eyes, this old man went to investigate his roots.

“Ah! 160 breaths to break the Sky Sword Platform and you know how to draw the luck word talisman. They even let a person like you go, benefitting the common people path. Should I say the people of Lingyun Sect are unlucky or just stupid?”

As he said that Dragon shadow old man laughed, however this time he was calm and unperturbed, “Little fellow although the common people path is strong, after Xi Zi died, it is just barely struggling to live. Even now, don’t you still need someone to rely on? If something happens to Gantian Mountain, it isn’t convenient for common people path to help…”

Zong Shou held his breath, the words of the old man aimed right at his weak spot.

Gantian Mountain’s foundations were weak and before its strength formed, it wasn’t convenient for the common people path to act for him. There were too many things to consider. With this Dragon Shadow’s help, both he and Gantian Mountain would benefit.

However, he retracted his thoughts. Just now he had suddenly had an inspiration-an inspiration to break the final mark of this stone wall.

Divine Brilliance Chapter 372 - Inspiration Instantly Forms

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