Divine Brilliance Chapter 400 - Qiushi, Ideals Instantiation

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Chapter 400: Chapter 399 Qius.h.i.+, Ideals Instantiation

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

After they changed their looks, Hanfang brought Zong Shou and the group around the vast habitat and introduced to them the various buildings in the place.

Book Hiding Building, Scripture Lecture Hall, Pill Refining Pavillion, they were all present.

What Zong Shou was most interested in were the places where the lectures took place. Every time he pa.s.sed by he would stop and listen attentively for a moment.

However, after a few times, he felt disappointed. The lecturers that the common people path invited did indeed have a high standard.

However since he grasped sword soul on Dragon Gathering Mountain, the martial path mysteries that they talked about were too shallow and were of no help to him.

He could only leave helplessly, only a few places where they talked about spirit master cultivation surprised him.

He was worried about not having a proper spirit cultivation legacy. What the lectures of the common people path talked about were the most basic parts of spiritual cultivation. Not only was it shallow but detailed, it wasn’t as obscure as what was written in those spirit master books and helped to scratch his itch.

If it wasn’t for Hanfang impatiently rus.h.i.+ng him, Zong Shou wanted to walk in and pay close attention to the lesson.

There were a total of 15 lecture halls which were all quite huge, each could sit 3 thousand people. There were only 3 for spiritual cultivation but 12 for the martial path.

The common people path’ spiritual cultivation attainments were only weaker than the Taoist sect. However, in this world, their martial cultivation was still numerous times better.

Apart from that, there were lecture halls for pill refining and weapon crafting, formation path as well as branch techniques.

Zong Shou followed Hanfang, strolling along like they were looking at the scenery. His eyes weren’t attracted by much. It wasn’t until he reached an area, where the most majestic hall entered his eyes that he was slightly stunned.

“This place is?”

It wasn’t that this lecture hall had any unusual points but that this place was especially noisy. From a long distance away, they could hear the debating sounds within.

When Hanfang heard that his eyes were complicated as he looked at the signboard of the Scripture lecture hall.

“Qius.h.i.+ hall, it is where disciples of the sect understand their path…”

Zong Shou’s eyes rose up, understand their path? Understand what path? After he walked in, the moment he stopped in his tracks, the debating noises within spread into his ears.

“…In my eyes, there should be a revolution in the world! Today the 5 continents and 12 islands the rich own everything whilst the poor has no standing at all. The sects are all corrupted and splurging cash whilst people are freezing and dying by the roads. For what reason can some people after being born not do anything and enjoy ruches? For what reason do the people work so hard for their entire life and be ordered around by others? All people in the world should be equal, this wealth should be equal too…”

“Brother Yin’s words are wrong, although those rich people are parasites—people who do nothing but eat and sleep—their riches were gained from the tireless working of their parents and grandparents. It’s normal for them to be protected by their families. If everyone was equal, then why would anyone in the world be willing to strive and progress? If this goes on won’t everything be in a mess? What our ancestor Xi Zi meant was for people of the world to grasp their destinies, to be able to speak out their voice and not be the slaves of others…”

“Hei! Riches are not equal, there is a gulf between the top and bottom, there is also a cla.s.s system so how can there be equality? Riches are made by the hands of the people. In my eyes, those merchants take up the hard work of others and are people that should be killed!”

“That’s right! The people who earn their riches the proper way are okay, what is annoying are those who use power and money, and also martial powers to force people, to make the people of the world live a hard life.”

“Which is why if our common people path takes over the rule we will make the political rule clear, ban spiritual and martial cultivation, to solve the inequality problem and make the rich virtuous…”

Zong Shou’s brain turned into mush as he heard that, thinking about what kind of people were in this hall. As expected from the common people path.

Taking a look into the hall, there were no less than a thousand of them. They all shook their heads and were continuously debating. No teacher was giving a lecture and no one to bother about any of them.

Zong Shou shook his head and directly walked away. Following which he looked opposite, the noise from there was much louder than it was here.

It also had a signboard which wrote ideals instantiation hall.

Zong Shou followed Hanfang over, right away he heard some words and he was astonished. He heard someone say,”…Last year when I went back home I had prepared 400 intense fire talismans and also gathered some friends to blow up that Taishou’s house! Unfortunately, before I completed my preparation the sect called me to come over to the vast habitat to cultivate, what a waste. That Lihai Taishou have any of you heard of him? He was famous for being violent and last year he increased the taxes in the city to 40%. He also worked together with a few dog merchants to occupy 120 thousand mu of farmland around the city to force the people of Lihai to be unable to make a living, how despicable!”

“…That is despicable. You should have gotten rid of him before you came!”

“All of you are wrong! That method is simply too extreme, although we focus on the lives of the people, we cannot act on behalf of the heavens. Such people will naturally be punished by the heavens, we just need to spread the values of our common people path and let the people know that it is time for a revolution.”

‘Hey! I think you have read too many Buddhism scriptures! Why don’t you talk about these in front of those Confucians? When our ancestor Xi Zi had these thoughts what did the Buddhists and Confucians do? They gathered up their elites and wiped out thousands of our disciples! In this world, the fist is the biggest. We should fight back, pay blood with blood and make them yield. Only then will the world change too.”

“This junior brother’s brains has problems. Don’t care about him. However, to use the intense fire talisman to a.s.sa.s.sinate, these methods are a little overboard. I have my break 10 days later. I am prepared to return to do a big one. Have you heard of that Helian Iron Mountain in the central continent? 3 million wrongfully blamed people are being locked to dig mine stone, day after day night after night. Be it the young or the old, they needed to do hard labor and be whipped by others. I am prepared to bury some explosive spiritual talismans in the houses of the n.o.bles in the nearby cities. If they aren’t willing to release the people then I will blow them all up!”

“Helian iron mountain? I heard of it before. It was said that 30 years ago Yan city locked up convicts, 99% of them were innocent. The Yan City pa.s.s guard was about to stage a coup, what did it have to do with them. Senior brother’s plan is a good one! However, to release these people, it is best if you target that Han King of the dynasty. Why not count me in, but we have to be more detailed for this plan.”

“Blow people up? How about you count me in? Using explosive spiritual formations to kill people is what I enjoy the most.”

“You want to use explosive spiritual formations? Senior brothers, those n.o.bles dying isn’t much but what about those servants? I think it isn’t appropriate.”

“What isn’t appropriate? We want to change the world so naturally there needs to be sacrifices. Those servants are working for bad people, even if some of them are innocent. They should be laughing to their deaths for dying for those 3 million people!”

Zong Sho pouted thinking to himself: Laugh! No wonder the reputation of this common people path was so bad. Even ten thousand years later they were being looked down on by others. This was pretty much the base of terrorists, trying to sow chaos in the world, a bunch of unscrupulous people…

All of a sudden he didn’t know whether it was a blessing or a calamity for him to join this common people path. Anyways his future was becoming worrying.

Just as he was about to leave he heard a voice,”…Apologies senior sister, the reason I returned late was because of Gantian Mountain. I originally thought that due to the monster king fight for the throne it would be unstable and we would have chances to stir chaos which was why I stayed there. Unfortunately during that night when we were ready to start a fire to create problems, Zong Shou had swept out the various races and Zong s.h.i.+. Then we thought that with a new ruler, the people will doubt someone so young and we might still have a chance. We purchased armor for ten thousand and contacted thousands of poor people and some of Zong s.h.i.+’s old gang to get ready to stage a coup. Who knew that Zong Shou was so amazing, giving a few new policies and settling their hearts. A few months ago he defeated Taoyun City and expanded by ten thousand miles. Seeing that there was no chance, we helplessly returned. What a huge loss this time…”

“Zong Shou? I have heard about this person, he is said to be talented with foresight with top talents. Not long ago he destroyed the physical body of Long Ruo, becoming the student of Dragon Shadow. What he loved was to act cool, liking to hide his cultivation and a stroll around and let people fall for his tricks.”

Zong Shou’s head was filled with cold sweat, so there were such people with nefarious intentions under his rule.

Luckily during that night, he was quick with the sword. If not if things dragged on who knows what kind of consequences would there be.

He noted this down in his memory, getting ready to let Ruoshui take a close look and in the coming days it was best they clear out all these hidden problems.

The words that the other woman said also made him feel slightly happy. Thinking that he truly was famous all over.

Only that last sentence made him unhappy, it wasn’t like he was doing so willingly.

Sighing, Zong Shou walked away slowly, following which he glanced towards Hanfang, “Were these 2 halls also set up by senior brother?”


Like he didn’t approve of these 2 places either, Hanfang’s tone also felt weird.

“Your senior brother say that it was the theories of the land and it would only become clearer as people debated it which was why he set up these 2 halls. The Qius.h.i.+ Hall is for the debating of ideas whilst the ideals instantiation hall is to gather thoughts to benefit all, to discuss how we could instantiate the ideas of the common people path. However, who knows how it slowly started to change, even your senior brother was helpless and allow things to continue on their own. Don’t worry these people are just randomly saying things. With seniors and teachers, they wouldn’t dare to mess about.”

Only then was Zong Shou slightly at ease, however, he still felt bitter in his mouth. They most likely didn’t dare to fool around however there were still some people who weren’t restrained by the sect.

The last place was the dorms. Zong Shou and the others were arranged into a lone courtyard which split into 3 rooms.

Although it was wide, the scenery was beautiful. The decorations within were really simple. Apart from beds and cabinets, there was nothing else. Inside was a really basic Spirit Gathering formation to gather spiritual energy. On the door of the room, there were the words 1st courtyard A.

Zong Shou was thinking about how the sect was too prudent. That the way they treated him who was a 2nd generation direct disciple was just so simple. Was it because they were too poor?

He heard Hanfang say, “Since our common people path wants all people to be equal so we must set the examples. Although the sect is split between direct, core, inner and outer disciples, but the cultivation conditions were all the same. Even I have similar conditions…”

Divine Brilliance Chapter 400 - Qiushi, Ideals Instantiation

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