Divine Brilliance Chapter 406 - Dari Rulai

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Chapter 406: Dari Rulai

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Zong Shou was helpless, drawing a talisman out in the air. It was a purify word.

When Hanfang saw that, he understood. He knew that the purify word talisman was the main reason for the purity of his soul. However, it seemed like this fellow had other methods to be able to solve the weaknesses of the heaven swallow energy conversion technique.

“It was actually this talisman. Junior brother really thought outside of the box. Before that heaven swallow old man disappeared, it was said that because his true qi was chaotic, his soul was corrupted. He was close to going crazy. Although the heaven swallowing energy conversion technique was a great skill, the price was also large…”

As he said those words, he saw that Zong Shou’s eyes were filled with impatience. Hanfang knew that he had gone off-topic, coughing lightly he said, “Then did you come regarding how to shape the body and form a true image after the day wandering stage?”


Zong Shou nodded his head, solemness filled his eyes, “I am using the heaven swallowing energy conversion technique as the foundation, if I don’t prepare in advance I won’t be able to pa.s.s the body forming and true image realms. Which is why I specially came to ask senior brother for advice!”

Hanfang’s brows furrowed and entered deep thought. He wanted to speak a few times but he retracted his words.

A moment later his eyes lit up, “I also have no solution to this matter. Looking at your soul, that heaven swallowing energy conversion technique has become something like your life’s special ability. Unless you totally disperse it and reconstruct your soul. However if you choose to do that, not mentioning that it would waste at least a year, it is a waste to disperse the ability of the heaven swallowing energy conversion technique. However, if you don’t choose to go on the body forming true image path, you can use the Buddhism technique…”


Zong Shou’s brows rose up, his eyes filled with shock.

“That’s right!”

Hanfang nodded his head and smiled, “The secret techniques of our common people path merges the essence of Taoism and Confucianism which is why we walk the spirit master body forming and true image path. Buddhism is different from us, what they do was to first shape dharma.”

Zong Shou also knew about this. In the last life, he had clashed with disciples of the Buddhism faction. Those disciples did indeed first cultivate dharma.

This was why Taoist spirit masters were battle at spells and controlling spiritual energy before they entered the celestial path and had a huge variety of methods. As for the Buddhists, they trained in magical powers. Their spells were fixed but their powers were vast and huge.

Between the 2, it was really difficult to decide who was better. In the end, everything will flow back to the roots. The Buddhists still need to form the true image whilst the Taoist spirit masters also needed to form dharma.

However, to him now, walking the path of dharma seemed like it could help him avoid the difficulties which were body forming and true image.

“However, if you really want to form dharma, the path you walk will be different from others. No one can advise you. You can’t follow the dharma that the true buddhas walk. The few G.o.ds of the Taoists also have really different foundations compared to your heaven swallowing energy conversion technique. This path is even tougher to take…”

Whilst saying that Hanfang was recalling something, “I remember that the Technique teaching Pavillion has a few Buddhism books which might help you. This Book Hiding Building B also has a few like the Heavens Dharma true solution, Little Origin Scripture, Character Ocean formation and Formless Yuantong which can help you. If that still doesn’t work, you can search at Book Hiding Building A. However you would need to ask for permission from the sect leader’s disciples…”

Zong Shou’s heart sunk slightly. Since Hanfang said that the road would be tough, then it was undoubtedly difficult.

Then he was filled with gratefulness. He bowed solemnly towards Hanfang. If it wasn’t for this senior brother giving him pointers he wouldn’t have a clue about how he should proceed for several years.

That Hanfang smiled awkwardly and waved his sleeve, an external force straightened Zong Shou’s body, “There is no need to do that, actually I didn’t help much. I feel ashamed as your senior brother. I am also antic.i.p.ating what this top-cla.s.s technique, the heaven swallowing energy conversion technique is going to develop in your hands. Although your dharma would be a little complicated, the moment you form it you will definitely benefit loads from it…”

Zong Shou smiled and didn’t care much about what Hanfang said. Even a fool could tell that through his tone that he was trying to console and skip over this matter.

He didn’t have the mind to harbor on about the effects of this dharma and only wished to successfully pa.s.s this difficult stage.

Following Hanfang’s pointers, he took out all the books regarding dharma and realized that not all of them belonged to Buddhism. There were also one or two Taoist ones for example that formless yuantong which was a Taoist scripture.

He also didn’t know which celestial path expert wrote it, after flipping over he only felt that it was extremely profound, filled with many mysteries.

He could only first keep it into his heaven and earth bag. He was ready to a.n.a.lyze it last. On the contrary, although the books left by the monks of Buddhism had word usage which confused him but were a little easier to understand.

He searched around for a bit to see if there were any books that could help him.

Suddenly his heart jumped intensely as his gaze fixed opposite him on the bookshelf. On the 6th layer, a golden-colored book was standing out as it jumped into his field of sight.

“Vairocana Mandala? Vairocana was one of the buddhas which held the highest position in Buddhism. Vairocana is seen as the sage which embodies all values. This scripture when translated should be called the dari saint virtue scripture? Who wrote this, it’s rare…”

Zong Shou felt weird. He cultivated the heaven swallowing energy conversion technique. It could reduce what is too much, increase what is too little, it swallowed the heavens and consumed the earth. It was the most demon path technique there was, it was totally unrelated to this Dari Rulai.

Could he still cultivate this Dari dharma?

However, his heart was really actually surging. Like the depths of his soul, the core of his soul, the source of his path was signaling to him. There had to be a reason for that.

He must have missed out on something…

Dari Rulai, the sun that shone on every part of the world, chasing away all darkness. His heaven swallowing energy conversion swallowed and consumed everything, causing everything to turn into nothingness. If he could cultivate it then what would happen? Darkness will cover everything?


His mind clicked as he picked this Vairocana Mandala up. He had a rough feeling that this book might really be able to help him.

Then he looked around but was unable to find any books that interested him.

When he went down the stairs, he really saw that Hanfang’s face was filled with worry. Zong Shou sighed. It was as he expected, his senior brother said those words to console him.

However he didn’t put it to heart. At most he would invite the seniors of the sect to help him reform his soul. This was the blessing of being in a big sect.

With that nine-layer paG.o.da keeping things in check, the hole in his soul had started to heal. His reliance on the heaven swallowing energy conversion technique was nothing like before.

Saying goodbye to Hanfang and leaving this Book Hiding Building B, Zong Shou walked towards the south of the common people palace.

Within the common people path vast habitat there were the Technique teaching pavilion and the Method teaching pavilion. Inside was stored the true secret techniques of the sect.

Although those 12 Book Hiding buildings kept a vast book ocean of tens of millions of books, most of them were information, recording the comprehensions of seniors towards the path of heaven and earth as well as annotations by many experts towards such cultivation methods. Next would be random types like pill refining and weapon crafting.

To truly learn secret techniques and spells one had to go to these 2 pavillions.

There were a total of five floors to the Technique teaching pavillion. This was the first time that Zong Shou came here.

However one couldn’t learn the cultivation methods here for nothing. One had to have a certain amount of merit.

With what the future G.o.d-emperor game called it, this so called merit was the contribution point of the sect. It was of similar nature to the merit points that he set up in Gantian Mountain.

Zong Shou had never come here so naturally, he didn’t earn any so called merit. However, after entering the sect Wei Xu had given him 3 thousand merits. Based on what his senior brother said, this was the maximum amount set by the sect. If he wanted more in the future he had to personally earn it.

At this moment he was a little nervous, not knowing whether or not his merit was enough.

Stepping in, Zong Shou felt slightly more at ease. On the first level, the labels on the bookshelves were around 50.

Looking out, they were actually all grade 5 exquisite rank techniques. On the second level, the grade 6 pinnacle rank only cost not more than 300 merit.

With his direct disciple ident.i.ty, he had a 30% discount.

The few Buddhism techniques related to dharma were all around grade 7. However as they belonged to Buddhism and there were few people in common people path who cultivated it, it was much cheaper.

Zong Shou took all these books away and he only managed to use up half. However, he wasn’t done yet as he walked to the highest level. At this place, there was an invisible layer. Zong Shou used his token to swipe to open it, he was totally un.o.bstructed. Following which when the bookshelves on all 4 sides entered his eyes, his pupils instantly shrank.

As expected!

On the 3rd floor was the 7th rank techniques. The 4th level was the 8th rank techniques. As for this last level, there were rank 9 and above secret techniques and cultivation methods!

The great sky changing meditation technique that Wei Xu pa.s.sed to him was within.

Looking at the label below, he instantly took in a deep cold breath, 100 thousand merit!

He didn’t know what one had to do to earn this merit but he knew that this extremely large number was something that normal common people path disciples wouldn’t earn in their entire lives.

Even a sect as strong as the common people path only had 200 of these spell books and secret manuals.

What was surprising was that Zong Yuan was actually here, looking stunned at an area.

Zong Shou didn’t bother to ask as he looked around. A moment later his eyes locked onto a Buddhism scripture which was also golden in color.

Diamond realm dari rulai mantra

Holding it in his hand and trying to flip it, this scripture had spell bindings, he was unable to open it but he could have a preview of it.

The moment he opened it, it wrote, “Vairocana, getting rid of all darkness, illuminating everything in the universe, nouris.h.i.+ng all living beings in the world. The light of dari will never be extinguished and will s.h.i.+ne on all worlds…”

There was also “Get rid of darkness spread light, the light of rulai’s intelligence will be spread far and wide, s.h.i.+ning brightly, there is no inside or outside, no difference between night and day”. As for the scriptures after there were spells hiding it such that he couldn’t see anything more.

Zong Shou’s brows rose up and knew that this was something he needed. Looking below he heaved a sigh of relief.

…Grade 10 saint spirit rank, 5 thousand merit!.

Divine Brilliance Chapter 406 - Dari Rulai

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