Divine Brilliance Chapter 516 - Destruction Dragon Pellet

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Chapter 516: Destruction Dragon Pellet

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“So it’s him… He was actually sealed in the Third Dragon Hall…”

Zong Shou’s heart sunk a little since he knew what Aokun meant. The Dragon Pellet most probably didn’t belong to Aokun.

Actually, this was to be expected. The reason he obtained this was just because of that tiny bit of hope.

After slightly sighing, Zong Shou’s expression returned back to normal.

“Does Brother Aokun recognize the owner of this Dragon Pellet?”

“Yes, I do!”

Aokun nodded his head, there was no dejection hidden within his sigh, “He is also listed as an evil dragon and is also at the G.o.d Realm. However, I’m extremely far from him. This person was sealed because he wanted to create a new True Dragon bloodline outside of the original 9 types, he called it the ‘Destruction Dragon’. In the end, he was just a step away from succeeding his goal. Many Dragon Race experts worked together to capture him. As for me, I only killed many due to love and managed to anger an End Realm expert. Within the same realm, there are still differences in strength, I am not in his level.”

He smiled towards Zong Shou, “I can’t use this Dragon Pellet. If I forcefully merge with it, I won’t be able to enter the Saint Realm for the rest of my life. However, within it, there are many Destruction Laws. If it falls into the hands of End Realm experts, they would become great treasures!”

Zong Shou frowned upon hearing this. Destruction Laws walked the same path as Jueyu’s Great Extinction Sword.

If this Dragon Pellet could allow one to comprehend these laws, then this item is really an amazing treasure.

Without thinking much about it, Zong Shou placed a bottle in front of him. After opening it up, the area was quickly filled with a dense spiritual energy.

“Energy Acc.u.mulating Essence Fountain Water? There’s actually such a treasure in the Third Dragon Hall?”

Aokun was shocked when he felt the spiritual energy, following after, he shook his head. “This is a top spiritual item used to heal injuries, however, it doesn’t do much to help me form my pellet.”

Zong Shou’s expression dulled after listening, he felt a little ashamed. This also meant that he pretty much earned nothing from the Third Dragon Hall.

On the contrary, Aokun consoled him. “Aokun thanks Your Highness for your thoughts! Actually, it isn’t much of a worry. I already waited ten thousand years, it is only just a while longer. There are only 7 years left until the spiritual wave. Be it forming a new pill or searching for where my old pellet is sealed, I will definitely find a way.”

As he said this, he looked around. “As for you… Why did your lifespan drop by so much? Since your name entered the mysterious golden life book, you weren’t even 16. You should have around 2 thousand years left to live! Oh? … Is this the energy of the Absolute Beginning?”

Zong Yuan and Ruoshui were both astonished as they looked over in shock. This was the first time they heard that Zong Shou’s lifespan was greatly reduced.

Zong Shou smiled when he heard this, he thought that since his name was on the book, his lifespan could have been increased by double. This meant that the World Viewing Instrument didn’t reduce his lifespan by 940 years but by a full 1,880 years.

“Within the Dragon Hall, I was fortunate to witness the opening of a world, I saw the scenes of the Absolute Beginning. The price to this was 1,800 years of my life! Who knows if it’s a blessing or a curse…”

Aokun was startled, his face was filled with a weird expression. Who knew if it was envy or pity?

“Whether it is a blessing or a curse would be whether or not you are able to step into the Celestial Realm before your lifespan is used up. To people like me, it is only a dream. I never knew that within the Third Dragon Hall, there would be a chance to see the scenes of the Absolute Beginning. It was just 1,800 years? It would be extremely worth it for me!”

He looked back at Zong Shou. Just as he was about to say that Zong Shou had gained a lot in his expedition, his eyes suddenly fixed on the jade pearl.

After carefully looking right at it, his face was abruptly filled with excitement and trepidation. He was extremely eager and impatient now. He quickly reached out and held the pearl.

Aokun directly disregarded the outer sh.e.l.l, his eyes stared at the few jade blue liquids within.

“This is actually Taixuan Pellet Returning Liquid!”

After muttering these words, Aokun laughed out loud.

“Who knew that I, Aokun, would actually have a day to make a comeback and have a chance to make it to the Saint Realm. What a great plan! You judged my life and said that if I didn’t surrender to that person, then I could only fall. That I would never have the chance of reaching Saint Realm. What about now?”

His voice shook through the heavens.

Zong Shou was startled as he looked at Aokun with a weird expression.

After noticing what happened, Aokun suppressed his laughter. However, his eyes were still filled with excitement.

“I apologize! I was too exhilarated, this is only because this is the first time I’m so happy in 8 thousand years!”

Zong Shou nodded his head understandably, his eyes focused on that jade pearl. He felt curious, could it really help him form the dragon pellet? And also who was the person who he was talking about?

“This item is actually a type of Celestial Pill, not only can it help people like me form pellets, but it could also be useful for human cultivators to cure broken Dantian injuries. There is too little of this right now, but with the Energy Acc.u.mulating Essence Fountain Water and the Destruction Dragon Pellet, it can help me recover my injuries. As for the person I call Mingce, he is half-taoist and buddhist, he’s a old crazy man who loves to live his life leisurely. You will naturally recognize him in the future…”

After casually explaining a little information, Aokun asked curiously. “Where did your highness get this from?”

Zong Shou kept silent and didn’t speak, he looked towards the Chuxue who was sleeping on top of the chill golden tiger.

Surely he couldn’t tell Aokun that this brat swallowed 3 pages of the Mysterious Golden Life Book and then spat the pill out, right?

However, Aokun already roughly knew that this was what had happened.

He looked at Chuxue and processed his thoughts for a bit, he quickly said in enlightenment, “So that’s the case! Your Highness, please help me thank the few seniors from your Common People’s Path, tell that I am truly grateful. Their help is beyond words. If you all have any orders in the future I will follow it!”

Zong Shou could only laugh awkwardly, to this date he wasn’t even sure who was the one that placed Chuxue into this annoying slumber.

Aokun didn’t really care much about this matter. Right as he was about to say something, his brows rose up as looked into the distance.

“Those two girls from the Ye family are back…”

Zong Shou was shocked once he heard this, he quickly looked out and saw nothing. He knew that his spiritual sense was much weaker than Aokun’s, so he stopped trying. He asked him, “Brother Ao! Is this Ye family really famous during the Cloud Desolate era?”

“Naturally! They were like thunder to the ears!”

Aokun smiled and explained to Zong Shou, “Monster Race people like you tried to merge with the blood of G.o.d Beasts. While the ancestors of the Ye family felt that the Dragon Race found it hard to give birth, and found it harder to raise their children. They as dragons merged with human blood. During the Cloud Desolate era, the Dragon Race were extremely furious and nearly sealed them. However, after looking at the current situation, their descendants aren’t living really well.”

Zong Shou was speechless, he thought to himself that this time, he finally knew something about the Ye Family.

The Ye family sisters were indeed in a bad situation. However, their seniors should still be alive, if not, the Common People’s Path wouldn’t spend so much effort on them and send him over to help with their problem.

“I have a bit of relations.h.i.+p with their ancestors, however, it’s not convenient for me to meet these two juniors. I will take my leave.”

Aokun said this as he kept the bottle of Energy Acc.u.mulating Essence Fountain Water,

Just as he was about to break out into the sky, he suddenly remembered something, he smiled as he turned around.

“I forgot to mention! Dragon Shadow, that old man has already returned and is 10 worlds away. He will arrive in a few days, he said that you can do what you want with Lingyun Sect and you didn’t have to worry about anything.”

Zong Shou’s body rooted to the spot and his heart felt warm. However, he just responded with a flat “Oh”.

This caused Aokun to smile.

“49 days later, I will be able to form a Dragon Pellet and step into the Saint Realm. This is all thanks to you, Now, I would be able to grasp the path of destruction. At that time, I can even help you! Based on what I know, beneath the shrines apart from the Seven Spirit Sect, most don’t have Saint Realm experts. Even if they do, they aren’t regarded highly by me. If you want to do anything just do it!”

Zong Shou still gave a flat reply to this and didn’t say much.

Aokun didn’t mind, he looked into the far distance. “There are over ten people looking for you. Do you need me to help you with this?”

When Zong Shou heard what Aokun said, his gaze turned cold. Following shortly after, he calmed down and smiled.

“Since they aren’t much, then I, Zong Shou can handle them myself, there’s no need for brother Ao to help!”

Aokun laughed out loud as he tore the s.p.a.ce open.

“Since that’s the case then this is goodbye for now! You have gained a lot this time, do be careful…”

When he said these words, the void that was forcefully torn open had already healed. Aokun was nowhere to be found.

Zong Shou’s expression slowly turned serious. Moments later, he came to his senses and casually threw the Night Demon Wing towards Ruoshui.

As for the other items, he kept them all and only placed the golden-colored shuttle in front of his eyes.

This was a flying s.h.i.+p, a grade-2 magical treasure. After binding with it, one could use it. Who knew how fast its speed actually was.

Zong Shou flicked out with his finger and a drop of essence blood entered the shuttle. Just as he was about to cast some spells to bind with the object, Feishuang and Feihan had returned.

They were riding on a gigantic s.h.i.+p this time, it was 3 thousand feet long and suddenly appeared in front of them.

Ye Feishuang jumped off from the boat, following which, her brows furrowed. “Why are you still here? Just now, I saw the Yuans.h.i.+ Demon Sect and the Daoming Sect people searching the area. They would probably arrive in a few minutes.”

She curiously looked around as she continued speaking. “Just now, I sensed the aura of the Dragon Race, why did it disappear?”

Ye Feihan directly ran next to Zong Shou and pulled his hand, her voice was anxious. “Little Brother Shou, run! I saw many Spiritual Grandmasters and also a True Image Realm Spirit Master, they are really skilled! Let’s go!”

Zong Shou felt that his heart was feeling slightly warm. He really didn’t know what to say about these two girls.

They could have obviously just made their leave and stayed away from the coming problems, but they decided to come back just to remind him.

Although Ye Feishuang’s personality was a little bad, she was still kind-hearted.

“Bulls.h.i.+t! When have I ever escaped?”

His brows furrowed as he stood up, he casually looked in the direction where the two of them came from.

Ye Feishuang really thought that this fellow was really dumb to go head to head against the arriving sects.

Zong Shou’s head went numb, he thought that there were really too many of them. After thinking for a moment, he decisively opened the golden shuttle in his hand. It swelled up to a thousand feet.

“Forget it! I don’t have the mood to deal with them! Why don’t we test the speed of this Grand Demon G.o.d Shuttle?”

Divine Brilliance Chapter 516 - Destruction Dragon Pellet

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