Divine Brilliance Chapter 532 - Hard to Dismount When Riding a Tiger

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Chapter 532: Hard to Dismount When Riding a Tiger

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

While the two of them spoke, those ten thousand das.h.i.+ng lights had already decided.

The strength of the top spiritual sect was much higher than that of Kongqi Sect. Apart from ten thousand over grade-5 disciples, there were a full four hundred grade-6 Dao soldiers, which were the Common People Mysterious Dragon Warriors.

Most of them were female disciples. A crowd of young girls chatting happily together, what a feast for the eyes!

When the sect leader of the Seven Spirit Sect landed in front of Zong Shou, he was really startled.

Her looks, compared to Shui Lingbo, seemed like they had been photocopied exactly. Apart from a red small dot at the center of her brows and her calm expression, there was really no difference between the two.

Zong Shou knew that this woman was called Shui Lingxiao, and that she was the sister of Shui Lingbo. At thirty-seven years old she became the sect leader of the Seven Spirit Sect. She was a really extraordinary person. Only, she was surpa.s.sed by the glow of her own sister.

However, this Shui Lingbo was similar to her sister. Being beside him, she was extremely awkward.

After greeting one another and saying a few rough words, she returned to where the Seven Spirit Sect disciples were gathered, only leaving Zhao Yanran behind.

Once that Sect Leader Shui walked away, Zong Shou couldn’t help but glance towards Zhao Yanran, his eyes filled with a mocking intent.

“Your beautiful demon sect really knows how to a.s.sess the situation. Using your entire strength, what a large formation!”

“We are here to take advantage!”

Zhao Yanran nodded without annoyance, saying directly, “You obviously have a 100% chance of winning, so if we don’t look for some benefits, we really would be fools. Isn’t Kongqi Sect the same? Cunning and experienced, why didn’t you say so of him?”

Zong Shou turned around and laughed. “Aren’t you worried about having connections with me, the Monster King?”

“What should I be afraid of? If our Seven Spirit Sect saved you from the brink of defeat, others might speculate, but if we are just putting the cherry on top no one will really care. At most they would say that we are really cunning.” Zhao Yanran said as she glimpsed at Zong Shou.

She also couldn’t help but laugh, “Moreover who do you have to fear today? You just need to wipe out Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect and then there won’t be any problems with gathering seven thousand Blood Cloud Cavalry. With no problems within and no strong opponents without, which sect to chase out and which to murder is entirely up to you.”

Zong Shou felt helpless, thinking to himself that this woman was really hard to deal with. He looked towards the peak of the mountain in deep thought.

“I am only afraid this small pond can’t fit big fish like you all…”

“How so?” Zhao Yanran laughed coldly like Tianqi, filled with disdain. “Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect has to fight and Lingyun Sect must save them. They want to fish but they don’t know that this fish is just too big and is about to tear the net. However, if they don’t reel it in and keep the fis.h.i.+ng net, they won’t have any food, and will still die. That Yuankong will definitely be filled with regret after this.”

“Let’s hope so!”

While saying so, Zong Shou shook his head. However he had 90% confidence in his heart of their victory. He swept behind Zhao Yanran, asking, “Then what did you bring her for?”

Not far behind Zhao Yanran, it was Kongyao who was solemnly looking at his cavalry of seventy thousand.

He remembered that before they arrived, he told that crazy girl to choose a suitable time to release Kongyao.

“You are talking about her?”

Zhao Yanran looked behind. “This beautiful governor commander says she has to spectate. My relations.h.i.+p with her is not bad now, so I brought her over…”

Zong Shou frowned. His heart was filled with many questions. With her personality she could actually converse with Kongyao? Who was she kidding?

However he was too lazy to bother about this matter, turning instead to look at the girl called Jingyin.

Who knows if Zhao Yanran had brought her over or if she had just followed.

Towards this little nun, Zong Shou was filled with respect. He bowed his head slightly towards her as a greeting. She was startled and swiftly bowed back.

No matter how ignorant she was of worldly matters, she knew that the Monster King was someone who could stand beside her Jingtu Sect.

Seventy thousand iron cavalry, twenty thousand Seven Spirit Sect and Kongqi Sect cultivators had arrived in just an hour, twenty miles below Mysterious Cloud Mountain.

Now, in front of the mountain, a full thirty elite armies were gathered.

Zong Shou just needed to give a small signal and the entire army formation slowly stopped on a hill. That rumbling sound stopped. Pretty much all the cavalry calmly sat on their horses, taking the time to recover their stamina.

Zong Shou filled his eyes with soul power and looked at the formation opposite his, only to see that there were a few people on the high platform behind the army.

Seated in the middle was Yangfan. At this moment his face was ashen white, as ugly as it gets.

Of the ten other people beside him, there were city lords of the eastern cities and Lingyun Sect disciples. Their expressions were really serious.

Zong Shou was instantly delighted–by this time, they could be considered old friends.

He looked into the sky, only to feel numerous spiritual senses descend upon them. A number of people looked down from above.

Zong Shou thought to himself that it made sense. Since Lingyun and Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect wanted to make him lose face before the battle against Li Wuhui in order to shake his heart realm, they would naturally invite many sects to witness the battle.

This battle on Mysterious Cloud Mountain would also affect who dominates and rules Donglin Cloud Continent.

Even the Five Vast Habitats needed to pay attention.

… This was even better!

Just as he looked around, the peak of the mountain shone a bright light. In the air a giant human shape formed, a thousand feet tall. It had the appearance of Yuankong, and gave off a strong and majestic aura.

Zong Shou had previously seen the portrait of this Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect leader. The only difference was that this person formed with clouds was a hundred times bigger.

At this moment, he was coldly looking below and focusing on Zong Shou. “Today is my Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect Disciple Han Nishui’s marriage. Why did the Monster King lead his troops over?”

Zong Shou was too lazy to look at him. He really didn’t like people looking down on him, especially in such a moment.

“Yuankong, you should know why I came. Why do you bother to be so fake?”

Yuankong’s cloud illusion image was slightly startled, before he nodded his head. “Actually there is no need to do this, I am exaggerating a little! Seven Spirit Sect and Kongqi Sect are the reasons why Your Highness dares to fight?”

His gaze swept the disciples of the two sects before he retracted it. “One has to say that the situation today is a little unexpected. How about this, if you are willing to call back your troops, I will give Xuanyuan Yiren back to you. Only, you will need to give up Gantian Mountain. Or you can keep your mountain, and Xuanyuan Yiren marries my disciple. Out of the two you can only choose one…”

“I can only have one of the two?”

Zong Shou broke out into a laugh. “I will also give you two choices today. The first is to return Yiren, and get out of Donglin and give up this spiritual house. If you do both these things, I will allow you to leave! The second is to stay, and let Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect be destroyed…”

The cloud light giant above sucked in a deep breath before he laughed coldly. “Our sect getting destroyed? Such c.o.c.ky words! Since you are asking to die, then I will make it happen!”

He looked dark and coldly at Tianqi. “I don’t know for what reason Cultivator Tianqi joined Gantian Mountain. I also don’t know what benefits he is giving you. I only need you to help attack him, and I will not bother about the past matters. This is your Kongqi Sect’s last chance. Tianqi, please consider it carefully.”

Tianqi sighed slightly, waving his sleeves as a signal, and instantly a thousand disciples pushed out ten grade-7 Energy Destroying Crossbows. They placed them in front of the formation on the high ground.

Following which, he shook his head, and said, “Yuankong! Although we aren’t friends, we have existed together on the Cloud Continent for so long. I will give you a word of advice: Gantian Mountain can’t be stopped. Retreat out of Donglin and the risk of your sect being wiped can be avoided!”

Yuankong was startled once more, before he nodded his head, his gaze becoming sharper and darker. “Good! Really good, who knew that you could be so firm.”

Yuankong looked at Shui Lingxiao, but she didn’t wait for him to speak before she opened her mouth, “There’s no need to speak. Seven Spirit Sect came here to wipe out Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect!”

When Yuankong heard that, his brows furrowed. He scoffed coldly, “Since that is the case, then don’t blame me for not showing mercy! Zong Shou, Tianqi, you colluded with the demon sect. Today, even if you don’t die you will have no place within the Cloud World!”

When his words landed, the giant mist man dissipated.

Laughter burst out from the skies. “Why didn’t I know our demon sect had such a branch? In my eyes the Beautiful Demon Sect is our great enemy. However, this is interesting! Interesting. Coming from afar and falling into a trap, but still so confident. Rather, the Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect which is on home ground is so afraid and worrying so much. How will this battle end? I am really looking forward to it.”

Who knew where the voice was coming from. It was really sharp and extremely annoying to listen to, but it was very clear.

Zong Shou was too lazy to bother about that person, and did not spend any effort in searching for their location.

Demon sect people had come here just to join in on the fun. It was not worth wasting any energy on him.

He closed his eyes and adjusted his aura. In just a moment, the entire ground began to shake.

Numerous orderly horse hooves rang out, causing the entire region to appear as though there was an earthquake.

Zong Shou didn’t bother to look, only quietly waiting. Listening to the ninety thousand people around him, their breathing was in unison, and only a few people were panicky.

It made Zong Shou satisfied. Only a true elite army could rest peacefully in front of an enemy. The people with chaotic breathing were mostly from the Seven Spirit and Kongqi Sects.

Six hours later, feeling refreshed and with his focus and energy in their optimal state, Zong Shou opened his eyes once more.

He was greeted by the sight of millions of people formed up into many square formations, tightly wrapped around the high ground of the hill.

Divine Brilliance Chapter 532 - Hard to Dismount When Riding a Tiger

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