Divine Brilliance Chapter 560 - Returning to the World

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Chapter 560: Returning to the World

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Speaking of which, he was quite funny. He was just going to meet a person, did he have to bother so much with pros and cons?

He turned around and stepped back into the mist ocean.

When he reached the outer region, he felt that this place was different from the outside world.

There was a magnetic force deep in the ground, and for some reason there was also a vast magnetic force in the sky. The two of them repelled and tugged at one another.

If one was caught off guard, they could pretty much rip any living being into shreds!

Outsiders didn’t know about it, but ten thousand years later the mystery of this oblivion cloud ocean was finally solved.

Although humans couldn’t live in this place, it was a paradise for earth element beasts.

In the depths of this area, demonic energy was surging out, using the magnetic force to surge up ten thousand feet high and infect the living beings in the area. They made the beasts here really crazy and violent.

Zong Shou carefully walked about within, his mind on a direction as he walked along.

He didn’t know where exactly Zong Weiran was, but since Dragon Shadow said that his father was alive, then it seemed like he should definitely be hiding somewhere in the area.

He had the feeling that he didn’t need to purposely search, just walking in this direction and he would definitely be able to find him.

Who knows after how long, just as Zong Shou’s internal energy was about to be used up in this explosive and violent gravity, his brows rose.

“Oh? This place…”

For some reason the speed at which his blood was flowing suddenly increased by several times, his meridian flow sped up by that much.

This was his bloodline reacting…

Looking around, Zong Shou locked onto an area. There was still nothing in front of him, only dense mist.

His instincts told him that there was something mysterious about what was in front of him!

Zong Shou took a deep breath and walked over slowly. He reached out to touch the area about.

His eyes filled with enlightenment. The s.p.a.ce is being stacked?

No wonder the Daoming Sect and other sect people were unable to find him.

If not for him viewing the scenes of the absolute beginning and comprehending some s.p.a.ce techniques, he wouldn’t have been able to sense the unusual parts of this area.

He didn’t hesitate to tear up a part of this s.p.a.ce.

Zong Shou took a really stable step forward. The moment he entered, he saw that this place was actually a close to thousand feet square. He was shocked!. To be able to open up this s.p.a.ce in the Oblivion Cloud Ocean where gravity collided, and hide it in a layer of time… what cultivation must one have to achieve that!?

In the next instant his pupils spread wide, seeing a person within sitting down.

This was someone he had seen millions of times in the memory of Zong Shou. His body was thin, his face was elegant, and he gave off a bright aura, as majestic as that of a mountain!

It was Zong Weiran!

His father’s eyes were tightly shut, like he was meditating and thinking about something. Zong Shou looked down between Zong Weiran’s hands.

…In front of his chest was an item. Looking closely, it gave off a glow of blue light. One could see that within it was a blue book…

That book was something Zong Shou was really familiar with, in the last life he had seen it before!

It was the Book of Eon Extreme Life!

Zong Shou was instantly lost!

This item was actually in Zong Weiran’s hands? Those rumors were actually all real!

If the book in his hands was that unique spiritual technique treasure, that what was that blue light within his soul?

How was he connected to that book?

The depths of his soul suddenly exploded. in the place where that ball of blue light started to twist and fluctuate, a connection formed with the book in Zong Weiran’s hands.

It wasn’t like one sleeping at to the end of their life, or dying from injuries or soul breaking apart, but its existence was being denied by a certain power of this world!

Someone like him shouldn’t exist in this world!

This power was extremely strong, suddenly breaking out. No matter what he used to go up against it, he was unable to stop it for even a moment.

His consciousness slowly went blurry, only his physical body still existed in that world.

Was he really going to fall here?

If that was really the case, then he would have really died for no reason. In the last life, after he obtained the Book of Eon Extreme Life it was similar. He came to this world ten thousand years later, not knowing anything. His life was really amusing…

Zong Shou realized that he could still laugh out loud now. He sighed slightly to himself. If he knew that this would happen then he shouldn’t have come.

He decided not to resist it, waiting quietly for when he was totally wiped out.

However at this moment, there was finally movement from the green-robed man.


The moment he opened his eyes, there seem to be stars appearing in Zong Weiran’s eyes. He looked over, his gaze filled with questions. His line of sight gathered towards that area, extremely sharp. “You are… Shou’er?”

Zong Shou was unable to say anything at all. In his heart he was thinking that he was Tanqiu, his Shou’er was already totally swallowed by him!

For some reason his heart felt warm, two streams of tears streaked down his frozen face. He had been looking forward and longing for that voice and the person in front of him for a long time.

This warmth made him feel adored and really close to him…

“Something isn’t right! You stole his body?”

That Zong Weiran frowned, his voice was first filled with doubt, his eyes filled with killing intent. Just as Zong Shou felt a chill in his heart, the voice sank down. This time Weiran said with a confirming tone, “No, you are Shou’er it can’t be wrong!”

When these words were said, the power which made Zong Shou’s soul fly and leave his body stopped.

Zong Shou was finding it even tougher to speak now, he was unable to think at all. He knew that his presence and existence was still being denied and not accepted.

Zong Weiran sighed deeply, looking at the Book of Eon Extreme Life in his hand.

“However, why is that the case? The quality of the soul is the same. How can there be two Zong Shou’s in the world? I, Zong Weiran, am definitely unable to give birth to two identical kids…”

He muttered to himself, after who knows how long he suddenly raised his head and looked right at Zong Shou.

This look was one that could s.h.i.+ne through tens of millions of miles right through Zong Shou’s soul, viewing every mystery within him.

The blue book in his hands started to shake the air around him.

“So that was the case! Was it this Book of Eon Extreme Life?” Zong Weiran muttered in enlightenment, speaking in a distracted manner. “This world definitely can’t have two of these books. When one appears, the other shouldn’t exist…”

He gave out a teasing sound, “Ah? So I, Zong Weiran, am at such a tragic state? I couldn’t save Hanyan, and even my only son couldn’t be kept…”

Zong Shou’s heart moved. Hanyan, that was the name of Zong Weiran’s wife?

Thinking back to Gantian Mountain, that palace was also named Hanyan. His mother was surnamed Lu, the direct bloodline of the sky burning Lu family, that meant she was called Lu Hanyan…

Who knows whether or not Zong Weiran understood what, his laughter was tragic and self mocking, filled with pain and hatred.

“What a Lingyun Sect! To actually dare to do that! I really shouldn’t have left that Zong s.h.i.+ behind! Brother Hu and Brother Xuanyuan are not bad, one helping you such that his race got wiped out, the other leading hundreds of thousands of troops and all dying. It is my good fortune to get such brothers! What maniac Blood Monster Saint, Nine-Tail Fox King. I am just a tragic and pitiful person unable to protect my wife and kids.”

As he said that, his gaze turned happy as he laughed.

“Shou’er, you are not bad! As expected from my kid! As long as the heavens gave you a chance, you would be able to rise up! Barriers from heaven, you managed to break them! Three years of time and you unified Donglin! Great, well done! We should have chased that Lingyun Sect out of this continent long ago!

“Sword emperor Tanqiu? You have been through so much trouble, to have so many achievements, it was really tough on you. Eh, this illusionary realm ten thousand years later is really interesting! Only you need to remember that you are not Tanqiu, but my son Zong Shou. We need to break this riddle…”

He was actually reading out and describing Zong Shou’s experiences one by one in an extremely detailed manner.

Each sentence he asked, Zong Shou felt like his existence became much more stable, his thoughts became more nimble.

He still didn’t understand, was he really Zong Shou?

Why did Zong Weiran think that way? And Dragon Shadow, too?

Zong Weiran looked towards the blue book in his hand.

“Shou’er, do you know the past, and use of this Book of Eon Extreme Life?”

Even if he knew, Zong Shou was unable to reply, allowing Zong Weiran to explain at his own speed.

“Legend has it, that hundreds of thousands of years ago, before this region of world had appeared, this book already existed. It and another universe recorded what was termed as the Universe and Eon books. The Universe book recorded the path of s.p.a.ce, while this recorded time. Many spirit masters desire it.

“These words were indeed true. Within this book are indeed the secrets of time. However, did you think about why these two books have the words creation and life in them?”

Zong Shou was startled. Did those words have other mysteries?

Zong Weiran smiled, “Within this book it not only has an Eon word, there is also a Life word. It is a treasure that is able to change fate. In the future, you need to use it well…”

He sighed, filled with unlimited unwillingness and a little self-mockery. “I really can’t bear to give up the chance to reach saint realm in one step. Forget it!”

He actually casually waved his hand, and that blue book flew right at Zong Shou.

It headed right into the center of his brow.

In that instant, Zong Shou felt his soul return, and he could once again control his body.

He suddenly understood that time could be split into past, present, and future.

He was originally the future Zong Shou, that Book of Eon Extreme Life was also the future Book of Eon Extreme Life. Only at this moment, they both returned to the present…

Divine Brilliance Chapter 560 - Returning to the World

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