Divine Brilliance Chapter 566 - Desire to Make Peace

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Chapter 566: Desire to Make Peace

*In the Cloud Ocean, within a floating palace hall…*

Ge Hanyan looked at the cloud mist changing and sweeping in front of her. Her eyes had no anxiety within, looking really cold.

She was originally a warm person, but now she gave off a cold aura, just like the current Cloud Palace.

Extremely bleak and chilling!

Usually one would be able to see Lingyun Sect disciples moving around the Cloud Palace, searching for places to cultivate and study martial and spiritual cultivation methods.

Looking around, there were just a handful of people there. Most of them were out of sors, worry appearing on their faces.

Only when Yan Feibai walked by her side did some energy appear back in her eyes.

“The meeting is over?” Looking at Yan Feibai standing there, she knew the answer. She only asked it subconsciously.

Ge Hanyan turned around, her expression still one of loss.

“Which means that Great Senior Master Ling Weizi and Senior Master Long Ruo really fell on Mysterious Cloud Mountain?”

“Yes!” Yan Feibai nodded, his expression a lot more stable and composed than a few days ago.

“Not only Great Senior Master, our Lingyun Sect’s four hundred Grade Six Dao Soldiers, along with two thousand cultivators, all fell. I heard that Senior Master Long Ruo was slain by one sword, dying together with the Monster King. What a pity, Senior Master hated Zong Shou his entire life and in the end that Monster King didn’t even look at him. He just killed Senior Master along the way. Instead, Han Nishui was the one that the Monster King hated deeply, slas.h.i.+ng him apart at the waist…”

Ge Hanyan didn’t know what Yan Feibai meant by those words. It sounded like he was mocking, but there was no disdain in his tone at all.

However, she had no intention to feel bad for this Senior Master whom she had only seen a few times.

Long Ruo had already lost his heart, filled with jealousy and hatred, which was why this outcome was already destined.

She sighed within, and continued to ask, “Then what did the elders say?”

“Sect leader has given up the position! He punished himself to face the wall for nine hundred years as punishment for his mistakes.”

As those words were said, a few bells sounded out in the Cloud Palace. It was majestic and grand, but at this moment it made this already chilling and cold palace to feel even more desolate.

The first was the bell that announced that Lingyun Sect had changed their sect leader. Yan Feibai said in a composed manner, “Senior Master Zu Renkuang will replace him. I am not the first seat, becoming the choice for the next sect leader. Lingyun Sect has backed out of Donglin Cloud Continent. What the sect wants is to have a talk with that Monster King…”

Ge Hanyan understood, the so-called ‘have a chat’ meant for them to make peace.

The current Lingyun Sect didn’t have the ability to go up against Gantian Mountain!

Thinking about the Donglin Cloud Continent, she only felt a chill down her spine.

…Lingyun Sect there had close to twenty thousand inner and outer sect disciples, as well as their families, all wrapped up within.

Backing out like this, the elites of Lingyun Sect these ten thousand years were all going to waste.

Thinking about the tragic deaths of the two thousand sect disciples on Mysterious Cloud Mountain, Ge Hanyan couldn’t help but turn from sadness to rage, “Are we just not going to care about the deaths of those two thousand?”

In her heart, she still admired Zong Shou, and also her own taste.

On Pill Spirit Mountain, that teen who had humiliated a sect with one sword was truly extraordinary.

Dual meridian body, barriers from heaven, broken soul… all those actually didn’t stop him at all…

Two years later that Monster King still managed to fly into the heavens and dominate this world!

However, she felt really depressed and frustrated.

“After all, our Lingyun Sect plotted against him first! In this world, whoever has a bigger fist wins. The current Gantian Mountain does indeed have a bigger fist than us!”

Yan Feibai shook his head and knew that his junior sister was just venting her frustration. In such a short while, she couldn’t intend to go up against him.

Looking on as Ge Hanyan calmed down, only then did Yan Feibai speak up again expressionlessly. “Even if you want revenge, now is not the time. You and I are the only remaining direct disciples, and have the responsibility to inherit the legacy and protect the sect. Not only must we make peace with Gantian Mountain, we need to think of a way to borrow their strength. If there is a chance, we might even join them and work for them…”

Ge Hanyan’s eyes opened wide, filled with disbelief.

“Half a day ago, Donglin has already destroyed seventeen sects and aristocratic families. There are four which were destroyed by the demon sect! Outside of the Cloud World there are numerous demon sect cultivators, even some spiritual house sects, who are looking on aggressively.”

As he said that, Yan Feibai’s expression didn’t change at all, like he didn’t think much of the danger that Gantian Mountain might be able to wipe out their sect at any moment.

“However, with our past grievances with Gantian Mountain, if that Monster King doesn’t speak up, who in the world will help us?”

Ga Hanyan’s face was ashen white, that final sentence jolted her back to her senses.

At this moment Gantian Mountain was already so strong…

If that Monster King didn’t allow it, who beneath one of the Shrines would dare to help Lingyun?

As for the Shrine sects, what reason did they have to help Lingyun?

On a secluded mountain range…

Many explosions caused the spiritual energy here to be really restless.

Hundreds of thousands of people were gathered here, beating drums and clamoring about. They were all dressed in different kinds of s.h.i.+rts and armor, their formations really disorderly.

Beneath the mountain, Yin Yang caressed the Blood Halberd in his hand, looking ahead coldly.

These troops were all gathered by the nearby city lords. Actually apart from making them look more majestic and grand, there wasn’t much use. However, they used this to show their loyalty and willingness to serve Gantian Mountain.

Dozens of spirit masters who followed over were controlling twenty Grade Five Energy-Destroying crossbows, shooting in turns.

That seemingly unbreakable spiritual formation was riddled with holes and marks.

In just a few more minutes, it would be broken open. Even that mountain couldn’t hold on. The twenty-four hundred Blood Cloud Cavalry under him was enough to forcefully break open this mountain!

One unit of the Blood Cloud Cavalry, three hundred people led by a Grade Seven cultivator, could go up against a Grade Nine. If it was above a thousand people, their strength would enter the spirit realm.

However at this moment, there were only two Grade Seven cultivators, Zong Yuan and him.

To prevent others from breaking out, they split into two teams, led by Zong Yuan and him, to destroy the sects and families one by one.

Their speed was much slower than expected. The ability of many aristocratic families and factions to hide their strength far exceeded that on the surface.

For example, this Yuntan Section front of them, just a small faction with no more than three hundred people. Who knew that their Mountain Protecting Formation would actually be so firm?

Yin Yang only felt really excited to try himself, his eyes filled with impatience. The blood in his body also burned, his vital energy boiling up, unable to control himself.

This was the first time he had felt such a strong fighting intent.

He thought when he stepped into Grade Seven his acc.u.mulated results would be used up and that his cultivation would slow down.

However, that day when Zong Shou led them, gathering all their strength to go up against that Shenxiao, his soul seemed to have been washed, following which the cleansing of the marrow and bones, and training of bones and tendons also surprised him.

Most of the Blood Cloud Cavalry members, due to the poison in their body, the effects weren’t shown.

However, his cultivation was showing signs of loosening, and even had signs that he was about to break through.

“Capital commander, you seem a little anxious today?” a questioning voice spoke up from the side. Yin Yang turned his head and saw it was Fa Lingkong, who commanded a hundred spirit masters.

Frowning, Yin Yang also knew that his emotions were out of the ordinary, and nodded. “I was indeed anxious! The Ruler is about to get married, but we have yet to wipe out these sects and factions…”

He had personally witnessed how Miss Yiren and Zong Shou came together. They were about to get married, so how could he not care?

Ling Fakong was startled and distracted. Without him noticing, that kid had already grown into a man.

Two years ago, he didn’t think that Zong Shou would be able to grow up in this cruel chaotic world, or even be able to marry.

He had made a mistake once, and definitely wouldn’t make it twice.

“These sects and factions are really stubborn!”

With the strength Gantian Mountain showed, and the fame of the Blood Cloud Cavalry, only sixty percent of the sects chose to flee from Donglin. There were twenty percent who chose to join Gantian Mountain, in order to keep their spiritual mountains. Others, like this Yuntan Sect who felt they had a little strength of their own, chose to hide in their mountains and wait.

Who knew if they are really foolish or too confident about the strength of the sect themselves?

“This Yuntan Sect is such a joke? To actually think that those other sects that they are allies with came over to help?”

Based on what Ling Fakong knew, there were three sects nearby whose fates were connected to that of Yuntan Sect.

An hour ago, two out of the three sects had already fled. The remaining one had decided to surrender, willing to be subservient to Gantian Mountain.

In his eyes, Yuntan Sect was doing this to try to raise their own status and value. If they were able to blunt the blade of the Blood Cloud Cavalry, they would be able to win a supernatural position in Donglin. However, they didn’t intend to fight to the death.

Before this there were several other examples, this was extremely annoying…

Yin Yang listened on, when suddenly dozens of spiritual lights rose up. In an instant, the spiritual formation which was about to collapse mostly recovered.

His last bit of patience disappeared.

“Raise up the Blood Kill twin flags! Before we wipe out this entire sect, no blades are to be sheathed!”

Even if Xuanyuan Yiren scolded them after the matter, he would just take it. His body lowered as he led the cavalry in a charge forwards.

Yin Yang drew a halberd and flicked it out. The Blood Cavalry behind him did the same thing.

Two thousand b.l.o.o.d.y halberd light instantly smashed down like shooting stars as they headed into the mountain peak.

The entire mountain body instantly trembled.

Yin Yang had already arrived in front of the spiritual formation. The Blood Halberd in his hands slashed down. It extended out for a thousand feet before it pounded this layer of walls into pieces!

Close to a hundred spirit masters who were trying their best to maintain the formation all spit out blood.

At this moment in this part of the world, hundreds of thousands of people were silent. This was the strength of the Blood Cloud Cavalry! Rather than hearing hundreds of stories about it, seeing it once was better…

Divine Brilliance Chapter 566 - Desire to Make Peace

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