Divine Brilliance Chapter 66 - Sworn Brothers

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Chapter 66: Chapter 66 Sworn Brothers

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Gantian Mountain Prince Zong Shou? I will remember this name!”

Lei Dong nodded, a warm smile appeared on his face, “My blade intent improving today is all because of little brother. For such kindness, how can I repay you?”

Zong Shou wasn’t a pretentious person, all that helping people and not asking for anything in return, that was all bulls.h.i.+t. When one helped others, one should naturally get some benefits. He took in a deep breath before saying without any hesitation, “Even if I didn’t say anything, you would probably understand your Mountain and River Blade intent within a month. You give me too much credit, how about you protect the three of us as we proceed towards Cloud Saint City?”

“Next month? Although I was just a small step away from having small success in my blade intent, it might not have happened next month, it would at least take three to five months. And furthermore you not only advised me, you have saved my life! How isn’t this huge help?”

As he said that, Lei Dong scoffed heavily, unhappiness appearing on his face, “To pay it off just by sending you to Cloud Saint City, are you looking down on me? Do you think my life is worth so little money?”

Zong Shou was speechless, saving his life? Did Lei Dong actually plan on killing himself?

“Slow down! Gantian Mountain Prince, I have heard about you!”

Lei Dong’s expression changed slightly as he tried to recall something. In the next moment, he shouted at his servants, “The few of you, bring an incense table over!”

His servants were really smart and swift, and in a short while who knows where but they found an incense burner and a table.

Choosing a wide s.p.a.ce and placing it down, Lei Dong ordered them to find wine gla.s.ses, lighting up candles and incense. Even three types of sacrificial items were all prepared.

When Zong Shou saw that, he was surprised and didn’t know what was going on. Lei Dong pulled him to the incense table, following which he prayed seriously.

“The heavens above, today I will make Gantian Zong Shou my brother! From today on, we will share all blessings and disasters, we will die and live together. If I go against it, I will never be able to drink Miss Zhenru’s Snow Spirit Wine for nine hundred years!”

The voice although sounded magnificent, but the words that came out were amusing and funny. However, Lei Dong’s face twitched, like nine hundred years of not drinking that wine was a very painful thing for him.

Zong Shou was startled as he stood rooted to the spot; he didn’t understand how suddenly they were going to become sworn brothers? What the f** is happening?

Just as he was at a loss, Lei Dong stared over, “Why aren’t you speaking? Unless you think that Old Lei isn’t worth being brothers with?”

Zong Shou held his words. He had no choice but to pick up three incense sticks and swear towards the table. The words he said were similar, only the last part was slightly different.

“If I go against this oath, I, Zong Shou cannot touch books in this life!”

He didn’t want to say stuff like spending life in a living h.e.l.l or being unable to claw back up or something. However, not being able to read books for the rest of his life was a really serious oath to him.

in his last life he loved to read. The reason why his cultivation had improved was because the library that he managed had a huge collection of books.

To be unable to touch books for the rest of his life, just thinking about it made Zong Shou feel his heart tighten up and regret slightly. Was this oath too much? How painful of a matter would that be? Who knows, maybe that Snow Spirit Wine was just something useless to this guy…

When Lei Dong heard that, he burst out laughing, smacking Zong Shou’s shoulder, “So brother is a special type of person, I like your personality! Nine hundred years not drinking Snow Spirit Wine, a life of not touching books, it is pretty much the same!”

He didn’t control his strength with that smack, nearly dislocating Zong Shou’s arm. Luckily, he’d had some success in marrow training, and his Bone Meridian’s acupoints were mostly opened up, so he didn’t spit out blood.

Lei Dong didn’t care, taking out the full wine bowls that his servants had prepared, forcing out over ten drops of fresh blood. He forcibly grabbed Zong Shou’s hand, a sharp strength cut his wrist, and he placed his blood into the bowl. He took a bowl and drank it all, smas.h.i.+ng it on the ground in a proud manner.

“Today Zong Shou and I drank blood as a form of an alliance, the heavens can bear witness to it! From today on, we are life and death brothers!”

Zong Shou looked at his right wrist and the wound dripping blood; he wanted to cry but no tears came out. Normally when one became sworn brothers, this blood-drinking step was common.

But why did Lei Dong have to just use a few drops of blood while he had to cut his wrist? Did he mean it or not?

Helplessly, he could only drink up the wine in the other bowl. At the start he could taste the sweetness, and that this wine was unusual. In the next second, he felt like a ball of fire had exploded within his chest. His throat felt a pain similar to when his wrist was slit.

His brain started to get dizzy. What wine was this? It looked no different from white wine. Be it the color or the taste, it was the same, so why was this wine so strong? It could pretty much compare to the Celestial brews pa.s.sed down in the future.

He saw Lei Dong blink, looking over in disbelief, “This is the half-step shake brewed by Miss Zhenru, a few drops and a strong man would become drunk. With my four Heaven meridian cultivation I only dare to drink three bowls at once. For brother Shou to drink such a big bowl at once, you are amazing! Although your body is weak, your spirit is something that normal people cannot compare to!”

Zong Shou only felt really depressed, he wanted to tear up Lei Dong’s face into shreds.

Why didn’t you mention that a few drops could make a big man drunk? Spirit your head, if I knew this wine was so overbearing, who would be so foolish to drink it all?!

Just as his consciousness started to fade, he saw Lei Dong’s expression turn serious, his tone filled with killing intent.

“From today on, you are my brother. No matter who it is, whoever dares to touch a single hair of yours, I will kill their entire family!”

His words encapsulated a hidden sharpness, like an overbearing knife. The hundred-foot giant saber at the side suddenly rang out, like it was resonating with Lei Dong. An overbearing blade intent surged up all around.

Zong Shou was startled, his eyes looking stably at Lei Dong, the corner of the lips raised up to reveal a smile. And then his head tilted to the side and he lost consciousness.


When Zong Shou woke up again, he noticed that he was already within the carriage. His head was feeling an intense pain, giddy and heavy, a really unbearable feeling.

His brain was totally blank and he couldn’t remember anything. It was a while before the headache slowly faded and he started to remember what happened before he became drunk.

It seemed like he was plotted against after swearing brotherhood with someone, a bowl of half-step shake and he was drunk.

Wu, I fell for it! Lei Dong, you jerk! Bullying me for being weak! I will remember this, one day I will show you!

Cursing out silently in his heart, Zong Shou looked out of the window. It was just one carriage, alone and travelling on the road.

The next moment a pet.i.te person walked into the carriage. After looking at Zong Shou, she was instantly delighted. “Young Master, you are awake! It is already the fourth day, you nearly scared Xue’er to death!”

Divine Brilliance Chapter 66 - Sworn Brothers

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