Divine Brilliance 71 Chapter 71 Trip To Blood Valley

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"Desolate Record 37th page, 4th line, Year of the Starfall: the G.o.d bird Lightning Phoenix appeared in the east of the Donglin Cloud Continent! 56th page, 12th line, end of the Desolate Era: the Lightning Phoenix fought the Sparrow Dragon, blood scattered in the West Spiritual Plains.

"Also in the Records of the Cloud Desolate, Year of Yanhuang, Sparrow Dragon sneak attacks and injures the Fire Phoenix. The Fire Phoenix fled thirty thousand miles in defeat, its tracks unknown. In the year of darkness, east of the Cloud Continent, there was a Phoenix cry near the ocean, voice spreading for three thousand miles. Cloud whales going crazy and hurting hundreds of thousands. East Ocean mountains, numerous beasts died..."

Zong Shou spoke frankly and with a.s.surance, while Yin Yang was getting more and more confused. Ancient books didn't have an exact year mark, and could only use what happened that year as a symbol of that year.

The words Zong Shou said were basically recorded in a few ancient books and were talking about ancient history. What did that have to do with him going out alone?

In the next moment, Zong Shou smiled, filled with utmost confidence, "I heard that the fire Phoenix and the Lightning Phoenix are always together. But during the Yanhuang Year when the Sparrow Dragon injured the fire Phoenix, where was the Lightning Phoenix? Why did it have to find the Sparrow Dragon 300 years ago? When a G.o.d beast has children, it will take 1800-2000 years. The Year of the Starfall to the end of the Desolate Era was a nice 1700 years.."

Yin Yang frowned as he thought, slowly guessing what Zong Shou's intention was, his eyes filled with astonishment. Zong Shou's words were like an alien speaking, fuzzy and he couldn't understand. 

"After the Desolate Era, the Cloud Continent was split into numerous pieces, splitting up into five continents and numerous islands. The east of the Cloud Continent became the current Donglin Cloud Continent. The mountainous area that was near to the ocean was definitely the Sudian Mountain Range. I was curious, so I looked through many ancient texts, before guessing that the place the Lightning Phoenix laid her egg was in the Blood Valley Demon Corpse Mountain!"

Speaking of which, Zong Shou's face showed a little bit of helplessness, "That place, with you there, we are unable to enter…" 


Walking on the streets, Chuxue looked around nervously.

"Young Master, why not go back? Can't I get other people to help you get the Meridian Spirit Gra.s.s? It's not like we can't pay. Also that Lightning Phoenix egg, it's your guess, it might not be there..."

Not long ago, using the Dragon Spirit Jade Wall and the Blood Cloud Marrow, she had stepped into the Mythic Master Realm. However, Chuxue didn't have the aura of an expert, looking around in worry.

Zong Shou was expressionless, this was already the eleventh time she grumbled when they went out. Left ear entering, right ear exiting, he acted like he didn't hear her.

It wasn't easy to convince Yin Yang to allow him and Chuxue to travel out of the city. He also used much effort to draw everyone away, so how could he return so easily?

The Meridian Spirit Gra.s.s mentioned by Chuxue wasn't much, only that item he definitely couldn't give up.

The two of them had already changed their clothing and disguised themselves. Chuxue's face was slightly yellow, her brows slightly thicker, her eyes smaller. Although she was still beautiful, she was totally different from before.

Zong Shou was similar, wearing the Wind Traveling Spiritual Bone. He decided to go along with it, and his entire person seemed much bigger and stronger, his face also had some slight changes. Because of the Aura Consolidation Art, the both of them looked like normal Martial Warriors.

This close-to-perfect disguise technique was one of the reasons why Yin Yang agreed. Apart from Chuxue's unnatural expression, there wasn't anything suspicious about them. Unless there were Grandmaster-level people who could lock onto one's soul, basically there was no chance anyone could recognize them.

They causally bought some things along the way. The closer they got close to the city gate, the more Chuxue's brow furrowed as she kept looking behind her.

Zong Shou felt amused and too lazy to bother with her, walking casually out of the city gates. Just as he was walking towards the north, Chuxue stood rooted to the ground.

Zong Shou was surprised. Did someone see through their disguise and followed them?

Turning around and looking along Chuxue's point of view, there were two woman galloping over on their horses. The one in front was wearing a fiery red s.h.i.+rt, while the one at the back wore a long green skirt. Their mounts were both Cloud Stepping Foals.

They didn't notice Zong Shou and Chu Xue, directly riding out of the city.

Zong Shou's brow furrowed. "Who are those two?" Chuxue's expression changing wasn't without reason. These two women were definitely people she knew. Two Xiantian experts naturally attracted attention. The one in red who was so young and only sixteen, all the more she was eye-catching.

"It is Miss Yiren!" Chuxue came back to her senses after a long while, her face at a loss. Seeing Zong Shou not understanding, she explained, "Young Master, you forgot? Miss Yiren is your fiancée. Eight years ago you met her at Xuan Mountain City..."

Zong Shou's memory instantly jumped back to those thirteen years and he felt enlightened.

A woman changing a lot after she grew was not a false statement. That little brat that loved to follow Zong Shou around was now a beauty no less than Chuxue. Her eyes also held a heroic spirit.

Looking back at her jade white body and that skin untainted by wind and dirt, one could see that she had already trained to the surface skin. She had probably crossed the internal cultivation stage and entered the Xiantian Realm.

However, her expression wasn't arrogant. Although she was cold towards the soldiers asking questions at the city gate, she was really polite. Although she had a n.o.ble ident.i.ty, she didn't look down on others.

This was his fiancée? The Xuan Mountain Princess?

Zong Shou recalled the words Yin Yang said to him, and couldn't help but laugh out loud. It seems like she most likely came over to find him to end the marriage. This Cloud Saint City was certainly so chaotic, all sorts of people gathered in an area.

He only felt a heavy pressure pressing down on his shoulders. As time went on, and the time that Zong Weiran disappeared into the Oblivion Cloud Ocean grew longer and longer, be it Gantian Mountain or his allies, they would get more and more unrestrained.

The next time they struck, it would not be like the previous two times, which were just probing attacks. Gantian Mountain didn't have a lack of Xiantian Martial Masters, and as for Martial Ancestor-level experts, Donglin Cloud Continent had thousands of them.

He had totally no interest at all in his fiancée. He also had no mood to turn back into the city to meet her. He didn't care, pulling Chuxue to travel north.


They spent two days walking over two hundred miles before taking off the annoying disguises.

Afterwards, they directly cut through a nearby valley and swiftly crossed the mountains.

This place could be considered within the Sudian Mountain Range, but it was just an eastern branch. Lingyun Sect's influence here was really small. The place Zong Shou wanted to go to was a place all martial cultivators in Donglin Cloud Continent were afraid of.

Within three thousand miles, this was the only place that Lingyun Sect couldn't influence.


Walking another half a day within the mountain, the area in front of Zong Shou and Chuxue grew a lot wider.

In front of them was a giant valley. Around them, although they were surrounded by mountains, it was really vast and they were unable to see the end of it. Looking out, one could see beasts grouped up and roaming around.

However it was different from other places. Even the more gentle beasts had eyes s.h.i.+ning with a red glow, revealing strong bloodthirst and craziness.

Chuxue's face was even more bitter. "Young Master are we really entering this Blood Valley? I heard that the elite beasts here are at least Grade Two. Compared to the swamp wolves in Black Soil Swamp, they are even harder to deal with. That Demon Corpse Mountain is even more dangerous. I heard that Xiantian martial cultivators and above can't even enter. As for those below Xiantian, even if you can enter you might not come out whole…"

Zong Shou didn't care, taking out a bottle of medicine to wipe on his body,smiling, "How is it that bad? Xue'er, since you know that this is Blood Valley, then do you know how it came about?"

Chuxue didn't understand, saying patiently, "I know a little. Legend has it that a different race's demon G.o.d was killed here. His intent didn't disappear, which was why any living being who came over would slowly lose their mind and become explosive! Be it humans or beasts, there is no exception, which was why this is known as Blood Valley. I also heard that many elite beasts are able to upgrade and evolve or mutate here, which was why every few years there would be a beast wave that rushes here. When that happens is the most dangerous period for this Blood Valley."  

"You are right. However, there is another reason why the beasts here are like that. It has nothing to do with that demon G.o.d's will!"

Zong Shou gave a light scoff, and then took out another bottle and handed it to the startled Chuxue. "Wipe this on yourself. At least in front of Grade Five beasts, we will be fine. Although it is so small, it is worth a lot of money…"

Chuxue didn't believe him. She personally witness Zong Shou use herbs worth less than thirty silver to make this, so how could it be worth any money?

As for the so-called effects that he claimed, all the more she didn't believe it. However, thinking back to how much miracles her Young Master has caused, she wiped the medicine on her body and followed Zong Shou into the Blood Valley.

What was weird was that the scent of the medicine wasn't thick, and it was even slightly fragrant.

Those fierce beasts who roamed the Blood Valley seemed to be unable to see the two of them. Even if they occasionally got close, after sniffing that scent they would hurriedly avoid them!

Divine Brilliance 71 Chapter 71 Trip To Blood Valley

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