Divine Brilliance Chapter 89 - Out of Body Realm

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Chapter 89: Chapter 89 Out of Body Realm

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Is this the refining of the soul?” Chuxue’s back straightened as her heart rippled endlessly.

She had lived for thirteen years and spent seven years in Spirit Cultivation, but this was the first time she had seen such a situation.

Legend had it that when a spirit master reached comprehension, or if his soul reached a clear state, the moment when his soul was connected to Heaven and Earth, one’s potential would be ignited and cause one’s soul power to increase rapidly and help to improve his Realm. Among more talented spirit masters, such situations were really common.

That was why when spirit masters cultivated, apart from daily practice and acc.u.mulation, they paid a lot of attention to comprehension and spirit.

The current Zong Shou was not only hit by a strong source of spiritual energy, there was also an unknown pressure spreading out in all directions along with that long whistle, covering an area a thousand feet around.

In just a breath of time, his soul power Realm had jumped over an entire level!

After over ten breaths, the whistling sound slowly stopped. The emotions in his chest were all vented out.

“Is this the Out of Body Realm?” Hesitantly raising his hand, he saw bundles of spiritual energy gathering up within his palm.

First was fire energy gathering up into a ball of flames. When that dissipated, it changed into water energy, a ball of liquid floating three inches above his palm.

Without using any talisman or artifacts, they were naturally formed in his hand.

It was obvious that he had succeeded in Spirit Cultivation and he was at the Out of Body Realm, where his soul could control the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth.

Who knew that after Sword Emperor Tanqiu reincarnated, his biggest achievement wouldn’t be in the martial path, but instead his soul, reaching the Out of Body Realm…

Shaking his head slightly, Zong Shou only felt speechless.

An Out of Body Realm spirit master could compete with Xiantian masters, and no matter who it was, it was a great feat. However, he didn’t feel happy about it.

“Not only did my soul power increase, even my injuries within my soul ocean have healed. Forget it! With this Out of Body Realm cultivation, I have some self protection ability and at least I won’t be easily killed by others…”

Thinking about that, Zong Shou laughed at himself, feeling that he was indeed a little hypocritical.

The refining of his soul today was not only a happy thing, it was also a turning point.

All the pressure that had been gathered up within his chest had been lessened slightly. At least now he wasn’t totally defenseless.

From today on, no matter who it was, they would just fight to the death. In his last life, although he was used to the martial path, he could still use his soul to drive a sword!

The water in his hand dissipated, turning into small bits of pure spiritual energy, and disappeared into the air.

A thread of lightning appeared within his hand. The lightning shone, like there was something in his body that resonated along with it, and the glow instantly swelled and turn into a purple arc of electricity, wrapping around his hand and giving out a buzzing sound.

As expected, my control of lightning is far stronger than the other elements. This is probably due to all the purple lightning sealed up in my body, as well as the mental core and source mark absorbed from the Lightning Phoenix egg…

Recalling that sect in his memory, the Phoenix Pill that had been refined didn’t have such effects. Within that sect, the number of spirit masters good at using lightning were also rare.

He got a sort of feeling that him using the Heaven Energy Swallowing Conversion Technique to absorb the essence energy of the egg was a much better method than refining it into pills.

Regarding the specifics, he still needed to personally experience and test it out.

His mind wandering slightly, Zong Shou smiled bitterly in the next moment.

He nearly forget about the main matter. Did the resolution of this matter cause his remaining emotions of the earlier Zong Shou to disappear?

A pale sense of sadness once again rose in his mind as he looked towards Gong Xinran. Zong Shou suddenly exclaimed.

“Oh? This Hook Tail Lion…”

The spiritual energy around the giant lion which he had forcefully tamed and led over was so thick it had started to take shape. Its aura was roughly enough to go head to head against his.

“Grade Four Rising Moon Lion? What good luck. Oh yes, there’s also Little Gold…”

The bloodline of the Hook Tail Lion had mutated, breaking through the Fourth Grade barrier mostly because it had comprehended something during his battle with the Xiantian master.

His body seemed to be hidden in the moonlight.

However, Zong Shou was too lazy to deal with it. He remembered that his First Protector Spirit Beast had also reached its crucial moment.

Turning his head and looking at his shoulder, he saw that the eggsh.e.l.ls of the Lightning Phoenix egg had all disappeared. Little Gold gave off a full expression, laying there stuffed at the edge of his shoulder.

Its body was still a silver color, however on its surface there were lightning-like patterns. The spiritual energy gathered in its body had increased to seven times its original amount. It felt much heavier on his shoulder. The metallic feeling on its surface was also much stronger, the result of Zong Shou feeding it various metals every day.

It had obviously entered Grade Three, but the energy within the eggsh.e.l.ls were simply too huge and Little Gold was unable to totally digest it.

“Are these patterns lightning tattoos?” Zong Shou was slightly startled, Little Gold’s evolution this time was slightly different from what he knew in his last life.

However, he didn’t have to let the little fellow walk the path that the person in the last life chose. Moreover the current situation didn’t seem to be bad for it, and instead seemed largely beneficial.

With a slight thought, Little Gold’s body shone with a purple lightning-like glow, but much dimmer. The spiritual connection between him and it had also greatly strengthened at this time.

Zong Shou smiled, this little fellow had probably gained some new ability. He flicked with his finger and Little Gold’s body dissolved once again, wrapping around his arm once more.

Coincidentally, the aura of the that Rising Moon Lion had totally stabilized. However, it showed no intentions of taking revenge. Instead, it slowly walked over and laid down five hundred feet away from him.

Its eyes were filled with respect.

Zong Shou was surprised and didn’t think much about it. Instead, he looked towards those two Mythic Masters not far away who were trying to split up and run. One of them was still fighting with the Dark Chill Tiger, while the other was quickly getting out of his sight.

Before this he was helpless, but right now he just needed a thought to be able to kill them.

However Zong Shou didn’t act. The purple lightning in his eyes shone once more, looking really sharp. “Xue’er I will leave the two of them to you. No matter what you do, only return after you killed them…”

Since one was a spirit master, one couldn’t not have Protector Spirit Beasts and also couldn’t not have people protecting them while they meditated.

He didn’t wish his body to be destroyed by someone else when his soul left his body to fight.

Although Qi Xiao didn’t reach the Out of Body Realm, he was an example.

At the current moment, he only had Chuxue and Yin Yang who he could trust to protect his body.

However, this Xue’er still needed to be trained.

Chuxue acknowledged his order, a bit shocked before immediately turning around. Her actions were as swift as a cat as she chased after that person who was close to a thousand feet away without any hesitation.

Zong Shou looked towards a small bottle lying on the wild gra.s.s. It seemed to have rolled out of the sleeves of Gao Yi, and had some b.l.o.o.d.y marks on it.

“What is this? It looks like a pill?”

His palm gestured, and a ying wind wrapped up and pa.s.sed the porcelain bottle into his hand. Zong Shou’s expression instantly filled with utmost wonder.

Divine Brilliance Chapter 89 - Out of Body Realm

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