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In this instant.

Long Fei finally understood why the word "Sky Water" was so familiar.

Because …

Amongst the Eight King Kong Systems, there was a King Kong called the G.o.d;s water king kong!

No wonder the ancestor said he wasn't simple.

"Which of the eight Vajra is simple?"

"Li Yuanba of the t.i.tan G.o.d blood vein, born with G.o.dly strength, is a holy king kong."

"The reincarnation of the holy buddha, the power of evil, the reincarnation of h.e.l.l, called the Demon Fighter Vajra!"

"Then what kind of power would he have?" Long Fei saw the abnormal excitement in the youth's heart, just like a gay man seeing a gay man.

Lin Yousheng took a step back, and said: "I'm not gay!"

Zhang Xuan's body shuddered.

He muttered to himself, "Does this expert have any special hobbies?"

Long Fei's face was full of excitement as he said, "I'm not gay either, hehe …"

Her smile was very vulgar, really very vulgar, as though she wanted to swallow Lin Yousheng whole.

Lin Yousheng took another step back, maintaining a distance from Long Fei, he said, "Aren't you from the Demon Sea? What are you going to the Yu Ling Island for? "

It was also at this time.

"Rumble …"

There was a loud noise in the sky as a huge wave appeared on the surface of the sea. The huge wave turned around and condensed into a huge water column. An angry elder stood on top of the water column as he said with a deep voice, "The a.s.sessment has failed!"

Lin Yousheng knelt down and said sincerely: "I am sorry, Patriarch. I have disappointed you."

The elder was still furious and said, "Hmph!" You have disgraced the entire G.o.d's water tribe. Not only did you act as you please during the a.s.sessment, you even colluded with an outsider. What do you take the a.s.sessment to be? What did you do to the immortals of the G.o.d emperor academy? "

"Lin Yousheng, from now on, you are no longer a disciple of the Lin Family of Tianshui, and the Lin Family no longer has a disciple like you."

Lin Yousheng's expression changed, and he said: "Patriarch, I will definitely give my all next time. I will definitely pa.s.s the G.o.d emperor academy's entrance exam, I …"


The old man waved his sleeves and interrupted: "Next time? You won't have a next time, G.o.d emperor academy's Immortal won't come to the G.o.d's water tribe anymore! "

"Lin Yousheng, you have truly disappointed me."


Looking forward to a hundred years, only then did the immortals of the G.o.d emperor academy come. They had to waste everything for this day, but …

He had failed!

The hope for the rise of the G.o.d's water tribe had failed once again.

Lin Yousheng had been entrusted with too much hope!

Long Fei took a step forward, and apologized sincerely: "Senior, all of this was because of me. If I didn't appear, he would have definitely pa.s.sed the examination.

"If there's anything I can do, I'm willing to do it with all my might."

The old man looked at Long Fei coldly, and said: "What can a low level war master Realm pract.i.tioner like you do? Of the Five Great Regions of Sky Martial Continent, the weakest existence in your South Horizon Region, what do you think you can do? "

"Can you help G.o.d's water tribe rise again?"

"Can you help Lin Yousheng enter the G.o.d emperor academy?"

"Can you?"

After being asked so many times, Long Fei was unable to answer any of them.


He couldn't do it now!

He couldn't help with these two things.

How could the G.o.d's water tribe rise to power? There was nothing he could do.

G.o.d emperor academy?

This was the first time Long Fei had heard of this academy. Furthermore, his heart was shaking because the recruitment criteria for the G.o.d emperor academy s were too high.

Defeating the ao Huang Empire was only a preliminary test, and it was only to the extent of obtaining the standard to actually take the G.o.d emperor academy's test, then how strong was this academy?

What came was an Immortal!

Long Fei was extremely shocked in his heart.

Lin Yousheng said: "I do not blame anyone, I am indeed not ready yet. Patriarch, please do not expel me from the G.o.d's water tribe, I beg you."


"You still have the face to beg me?"

The old man became even angrier and shouted, "This is the decision of the elders of the G.o.d's water tribe. Go, the gates of the Heavenly Water Island will never open wide for you."

And then …

The stream of water shattered, and the old man fell into the sea, disappearing without a trace.

Deep under the sea.

Returning to the Heavenly Water Island, Patriarch Fire thought to himself, "You Sheng, hurry up and leave this place. The farther the better. You are the hope of the clan you are born with. You must make the clan rise to prominence once more."

"Everything is up to you!"

The a.s.sessment, right?

He didn't even have one last thing to rely on.

The G.o.d's water tribe was facing the threat of clan extermination. Lin Yousheng had the best talent and was their last hope.

This was the only way he could guarantee his survival!

… ….

Lin Yousheng clenched his fists tightly, his teeth chattering as he kneeled on the ground motionlessly.

He hated himself for being useless.

Why can't he complete the mission within the time limit and pa.s.s the examination?

Why did you disappoint the family?

He knew that the entire clan placed their hopes on him, but he did not succeed!

Long Fei stepped forward and said gently, "I'm sorry!"

Lin Yousheng smiled bitterly: "It doesn't matter to you. Even if I pa.s.s the examination this time, I will also fail the G.o.d emperor academy's examination. I am not ready yet."


Lin Yousheng looked at the sky and laughed bitterly, "I no longer have the chance to prepare. The clan no longer wants me, the G.o.d's water tribe no longer wants me."

Long Fei looked at the depressed Lin Yousheng who picked him up from the ground, and asked: "I won't say anything else, I'll just ask you, do you want to return to the clan?"

"Do you want the clan to rise to prominence again?"

"Do you want your clansmen to burn you again?"

Lin Yousheng was very close to Long Fei.

"F * ck!"

"That's not the point!" Long Fei said: "The main point is: Do you want to?"

Lin Yousheng nodded: "Yes!"


"Can you stay away from me? I'm really not gay." Lin Yousheng turned her two cheeks to the side, showing a painful expression, and said: "I'll at most let you kiss me once, this is the limit of my tolerance."


Long Fei scolded.

Lin Yousheng immediately tightened her chrysanthemum and said: "Plugging is absolutely impossible, if you dare … I, I, brother, can you not be like this? "

"I'm really not gay!"

Long Fei:...

Long Fei was extremely puzzled. When did I become a gay man?

However …

Seeing Lin Yousheng like this, Long Fei was relieved.

To be able to tell from his resolute gaze that he would definitely succeed in the next examination!

He will definitely make the G.o.d's water tribe rise in power.

Long Fei smiled lightly and said: "Take me to Yu Ling Island first."

Lin Yousheng looked into the distance, sighed, and said: "Alright, since I'm going all out, I'll go to the Yu Ling Island and die on the island."

"Huh?" Strongest Upgrade System:

"What's the situation if he dies up there?"

Lin Yousheng said: "That's the death land!"

Long Fei thought, "The difficulty of the SS-Rank mission is indeed different, but... When can you let me gather all eight great King Kong? "

"Ancestor, what kind of powerful energy does this fellow have that has yet to awaken?"

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