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The compet.i.tion continued.

Another two hours pa.s.sed.

none of the four hundred or so Spirit Gra.s.s were wrong.

The people around him were all alarmed.


The Pill Court also attracted a lot of attention.

Many elders from the east region also entered the Pill Academy as they watched the unparalleled compet.i.tion from a close distance.

Mu Ling's eyes darkened.

He started to suspect if Long Fei had come into contact with Spirit Gra.s.s before. He could remember so many Spirit Gra.s.s after entering the Pill Academy for two days?

He had probably never seen so many before.



However, Long Fei described every single word in detail, even more so than what he described. Many of them were things that even he did not know.

This fellow was not simple.

"Spirit Gra.s.s..."

"Are there any more Spirit Gra.s.s s?"

He had already used up all the Spirit Gra.s.s by Mu Yuan'an's side and was extremely excited. He was already very pleased that a talented Spirit Gra.s.s master like Mu Ling had appeared in the Eastern District's Pill Academy, but who would have thought that Mu Fei, who had just entered the Academy for two days, would not lose at all.


It also allowed him to have a new understanding of many Spirit Gra.s.s.



Mu Yuan was perspiring profusely. He perspired profusely from flipping through the books as he said, "Elder, the Spirit Gra.s.s s in the Spirit Gra.s.s Room have all been defeated."

"No more Spirit Gra.s.s?" Mu Yuan'an frowned, "What do we do?"

"How about we call it a day?"

They were both geniuses, without a doubt.

Mu Yuan'an also didn't want the two of them to be hurt.

Long Fei shrugged, "I don't care."

Mu Ling, however, didn't give up. "No, we have to decide who is stronger today."

He was still suppressing his anger.


With so many people watching, he couldn't lose to a mere service disciple.

So much shame?

Then again.

He was only half familiar with a thousand or so Spirit Gra.s.s, he couldn't win against Long Fei, the service disciple!

Mu Yuan'an said: "Without the Spirit Gra.s.s, there's no way to continue this."

Mu Ling replied, "There are no Spirit Gra.s.s in the Spirit Gra.s.s Room, I have one here."

While they were talking …

Mu Ling took out a Spirit Gra.s.s that had three green flowers on it. The Spirit Gra.s.s's surroundings flickered with a bit of a fluorescent light, which was the Holy Source that was emitted by the Spirit Gra.s.s.

One could tell with one glance that the rank was not ordinary.

Everyone looked at him, their eyes staring straight at him.


"This Spirit Gra.s.s is filled with spirit light, this Spirit Gra.s.s's grade is definitely not low."

"Mu Ling Senior Brother is indeed powerful, there are even such Spirit Gra.s.s."

"Hahaha... "That brat Mu Fei will definitely lose this time."

… ….

Everyone looked at Long Fei.

Long Fei looked at the Spirit Gra.s.s in Mu Ling's hands.

Mu Ling revealed a pleased expression as she thought to herself, "The Spirit Gra.s.s we just fought against is at most a fourth stage Spirit Gra.s.s. I don't believe that you know about this Spirit Gra.s.s!"

"I came across this Spirit Gra.s.s while I was in the middle of a floating arm." Mu Ling looked at Long Fei with a complacent smile, "Mu Fei, do you know?"

Ten seconds pa.s.sed.

Long Fei said: "This Spirit Gra.s.s is called King Lu Luo."

"You said that you picked it on the cantilever. Do you want to deceive me or the elder?"

"The attribute of this Spirit Gra.s.s is Yin, so it must grow in a place with extreme Yin energy. It also has another special characteristic, and that is the Holy Source that can absorb other Spirit Gra.s.s. "

"The Holy Source of a thousand Spirit Gra.s.s can make one flower grow."

"These three green flowers of yours consumed quite a few Spirit Gra.s.s."

"A Green Lo King like you is a sixth stage Spirit Gra.s.s, but it's a pity … Unfortunately, you don't understand. You only know how to let him absorb the Holy Source's aura, but don't know that it can only absorb the yin attribute Holy Source.

"At most, I can just be a decoration, it's no use at all!"

As soon as he finished.

Everyone looked at Long Fei with incomparable shock.

Mu Yuan'an was extremely shocked in his heart. He had a little understanding of the Green Net King, but it was as if Long Fei had raised the Green Net King before.

And then …

Everyone looked at Mu Ling.

Mu Ling's expression turned ugly as she muttered, "Mu Fei, what do you know?"

Long Fei laughed and said: "There are quite a few Alchemy Senior Brother s and elders present. If you think what I said is not right, any of them can go and refine a pellet and see if the pellet you refine can reach the level of this Spirit Gra.s.s."

Mu Yuan'an looked at Mu Ling and said indifferently, "Do you want to confirm it?"

There was anger in his words.

Because …

In order to raise this Spirit Gra.s.s, Mu Ling had used more than three thousand of them. This was a huge waste of the academy's resources.

Mu Ling said, "Elder, this Green Lo King is not like what he said. I, I … "I …"

Zhang Xuan was infuriated.

Originally, he wanted to use this Green Net King to suppress Long Fei, but he didn't expect him to actually know everything, and even reveal his secret.

Right now, he wanted to kill Long Fei.

And then …

Mu Ling stared at Long Fei and said, "Alright, let's take it that you're right. It's your turn to set the question."

He still hadn't stopped.

He had to defeat Long Fei.

Long Fei said: "I don't have any Spirit Gra.s.s on me, and I even want ten of them for you."


Mu Ling's eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

At this time.

One of the elders who was watching the show walked out and said lightly: "I have a Spirit Gra.s.s here, please inspect it."

"If anyone can identify it correctly, they will be rewarded!"

As soon as he finished.

Everyone looked over.

Long Fei's pupils also tightened, because the elder that came out had a purple jade tablet hanging from his waist. This ident.i.ty …

It was not simple at all.

He hadn't heard of anyone with a purple jade ident.i.ty token in the Eastern District.

At first, Mu Yuan'an did not notice, but when the old man walked out, he saw it. His expression changed, and he immediately bowed as he walked forward, with a face full of respect, and said: "Master, you … "You, when did you arrive?"

Mu Yuan'an's master?

The Great Elder of the West District's Pill Academy.

Furthermore, he was one of the three great Alchemy Masters of the Mu Clan who had refined countless medicinal pellets, making him an extremely important figure in the Mu Clan.

Mu Xingyun!

Mu Xingyun smiled faintly and said: "I just arrived, just arrived. I didn't think that there would be two such genius Spirit Gra.s.s masters in your Eastern District. It's rare, very rare."

Mu Yuan'an was elated.

All the disciples felt full of pride.

Mu Xingyun walked forward and glanced at Long Fei, then nodded his head in satisfaction. With a flip of his right hand, a vine like Spirit Gra.s.s grew out of his palm.

This vine was absorbing Mu Xingyun's Holy Source.

Was he using his own Holy Source to nurture a Spirit Gra.s.s?



Mu Xingyun also had another nickname, Drug Madman.

He often did some extremely crazy things.

This was the first time Long Fei had seen someone using his own body to nurture a Spirit Gra.s.s, and he was secretly shocked in his heart.

However …

This kind of Spirit Gra.s.s was already beyond the level that the system could identify.

A question mark was constantly appearing in the system.

That is to say, the system is unable to identify it.

This was also because Long Fei's level was the same as the G.o.d's chop. He could only be higher than 10 levels at most, and the system's identification techniques were also the same.

He knew what kind of big shot Mu Xingyun was. As long as he performed well in front of him, it would be hard for him to not s.h.i.+ne in the future.

He stepped forward.

Mu Ling's face was full of respect as she said, "Elder, I'll go first."

Mu Xingyun smiled faintly and said: "Please."

Afterwards, he did not forget and said, "If any of you win, I can agree to any of your conditions, including … "Go straight to the west region!"

The Mightiest Leveling System Chapter 3915

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