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His words were extremely cold, not because of the pressure from his aura, but because it was a type of pressure that a powerhouse would have on a weakling, it directly penetrated into the depths of Long Fei's heart.

Long Fei's back was drenched in cold sweat.

His palms were also wet.

No trump cards, no killing moves.

The opponent was too strong.

It was very likely that he would die in one move.

The difference in levels was simply too great.

However …

No matter what, he could not lose in momentum. Long Fei smiled slightly and said: "It is not certain who will die yet!"

No matter what, he had to be tough!

This was the standard for Long Fei.

He was madly thinking about how he could kill these two Bosses.

"Long Batian, come out here!"

Long Fei shouted, "Aren't you invincible? Don't you think you can make me invincible? Release your power. "

Long Fei thought about the dragon's scale in the Dragon Squamous Boundary.

The dragon's scale was definitely Long Batian's, and only Long Batian would say something like that.

He said before that he could control life and death, and could make Long Fei invincible.

What about power?

Long Kuang lowered his head in silence.

He couldn't say anything.

Long Lin did not respond.

Ever since he signed the contract with Long Fei, he had never appeared again. Control life and death? Not at all.

Long Fei had never felt it before.

"F * ck!" Long Fei could not help but curse: "I knew you were a hammer, what the f * * k use of you."

"You even control life and death, and the ancient world's most powerful powerhouse!? You control your sister!"

Long Fei was very angry.

The G.o.d's chop's cooldown was useless.

His current cultivation was only at holy-moon state, he was not his opponent.

There was no one in the system that Long Fei could rely on.

Against this kind of powerhouse, Long Fei did not even have a single trump card in his hand.


"Do you think you're still alive today?" Black Robe Man raised his gaze, his right hand also gently raised, "Weng!"

The sound of a saber could be heard.

A blood-red Mountain Spliting Knief was in his hands.

The blade was 1.3 meters long and was blood-red in color. At a glance, it looked like a blade that had been drawn from a pool of blood. Blood dripped from the blade.

The blade moved, pointing at Long Fei.

Long Fei frowned, "Weng!"

A powerful force seemed to have penetrated his head, and even his head was about to explode.

His body trembled.

His entire body could not support it any longer, and he bent down, his knees trembling.

Just this incomparably sharp Blade Qi was not something Long Fei could withstand.

Too strong.

"This blade killed thirty-seven thousand six hundred and eighty-seven people. You are the eighty-eighth. You should feel honored for your own death."

"It is the glory of your life to die when I fall down."

As soon as he finished.

The man's eyes narrowed as killing intent burst out from his eyes. He raised his blade with his right hand and slashed down.

This saber strike did not have any Secret Techniques of Cultivation.

It was also just a casual slash. This was because to him, Long Fei of the holy-moon state did not even need to treat it seriously.

A casual slash could instantly kill.

The blade descended.

The blade had not even reached Long Fei yet, but a b.l.o.o.d.y big broadsword had fallen down from above Long Fei's head. Although it was just an illusion, it was as if it was real.

Cracks appeared in the sky above the valley.

The cracks were as thin as hair.

One slash.

The demon beast that was still falling in midair instantly split into two upon touching the Blade Qi.

This slash was savage and savage.

Icy cold.


Long Fei's pupils constricted. A flash of blade light appeared in his eyes, and he was about to stand on top of.

I can't just watch.

He had to strike back.

"Ahh …"

Long Fei bellowed with all his might, as he looked at the two groups of people in the sky with a heavy gaze, "Ah … Ah... "Ah …"

"Power of Inscription."

"Explode All!"

In that instant, Long Fei's body was covered with dense runes, and the clothes on the upper half of his body burst and flew out, the lines of the muscles on his body extremely distinct.

Those runes were like little black tadpoles that covered his entire body.

It was none other than the talisman symbol user.

It was very ferocious.

Black Robe Man's gaze turned cold as he said in a sudden tone, "Cursed person?"

"This inscription …" I've never seen it before. "

"It's no wonder why you would continuously break through within such a short period of time. It's such a pity, if not for the fact that I have to deal with Mu Clan, I would really want to take you in as my disciple."

"What a pity, what a pity!"

Black Robe Man said coldly: "Go die in peace."

In the distance.

The giant golden-furred ape was as violent as a thunderbolt. It madly rushed over, and continuously collapsed some mountain peaks under its feet.

He could feel that Long Fei was in danger.

However …

The distance was too far, and he could only worry.

Everything now could only be done by Long Fei.

With the eruption of the Power of Inscription, Long Fei clenched his fists tightly, staring at the blade shadows that were rus.h.i.+ng down from the sky, he roared with all his might, and threw his fists forward.

"Thirty-two Explosion Fist."

The release of Eight Bursts fist by four times.

With the support of the Power of Inscription, the strength, speed, and strength of his body had all been strengthened.

His fist was like a torrential downpour as it violently struck out.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

"Boom, boom, boom …"

An explosive sound.

The saber shadow shook a little when it landed on the saber shadow. It continued to crush it forcefully, but its speed slowed down by a bit. A crack appeared on the blade shadow after the ten fists were thrown out.

The blade shadows looked like they were about to break under the twenty fists.

The thirtieth punch.

The blade shadow had already touched Long Fei's hair, he held his breath, the blade shadow in his mind had already moved.

"Ahh …"

The last two punches had shattered the saber shadows.

The danger was averted.

Long Fei's body sank as both of his hands supported himself on the ground. Sweat trickled down his forehead, and his face was covered with sweat.

This move used up almost all of his strength.

In addition, the symbols were also slowly fading away.

He had exceeded the limits of his body.

Black Robe Man was stunned, "Since you are able to block my blade, you are truly not bad."

Long Fei struggled to stand up, and said: "I don't need you to remind me, I know that I'm not bad."


"What a pity!"

"You're going to die next time."


The corner of Black Robe Man's mouth lifted, a cold light flashed past his eyes. His legs moved, and his figure charged straight towards Long Fei.

It was only a Blade Qi just now.

This time, he attacked from a distance.

He even used a blade technique.

Knife technique.

Long Fei had to use all his strength to block the blade strike just now.

After all, this was the Haoran Realm, which was more than 20 levels higher. If this difference was placed in front of others, let alone resisting, their bodies would probably be chopped into smithereens.

Now, the Black Robe Man made his move.

He had already landed in front of Long Fei. In Long Fei's world, Black Robe Man was like a giant G.o.d, and he chopped down with his blade.

Long Fei was incomparably small, and said with a heavy heart: "Am I going to die?"

"Am I going to die?"


"Your father hasn't lived enough!"

"I don't want to die yet!"

"I still want to kill a Boss!"

As he spoke, a subconscious idea entered his, and at the same time, activated the power of the divine moon.

It immediately drew upon the power of the plane of light.

Long Fei shouted hysterically, "Explode for me!"

The Mightiest Leveling System Chapter 3939

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