Weapon Master Chapter 1420

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Chapter 1420 - Tras.h.!.+

There were more and more cultivators. After a long while, there were nearly a thousand. Among them, there were about two hundred Black Dragon disciples from the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Mansion.

"Everyone, the numbers are almost up."

A loud and rough shout suddenly sounded out, suppressing the surrounding noise, "Next, let's attack this treasure cave's entrance together." However, in order to prevent the door from being breached, and to increase the number of casualties, it would be better if we can agree on the distribution of the various materials inside right now. "

The one who spoke was a st.u.r.dy man in grey. He scanned the surroundings and shouted loudly, "What do you guys think?"



"This is a good idea!"


The grey-robed man was a cultivator of the Heaven's Expanse Sect, and the moment he finished speaking, a chorus of agreement sounded out from the crowd behind him.

When the other cultivators heard this, they couldn't help but slightly nod their heads.

It was a good idea to make an agreement on how to divide the forces. If not, who knew how many people would end up here when the thousand contenders started fighting? In such a large-scale battle, let alone a seven transformations sky, even Huang Ji himself would be scared out of his wits.

"In your opinion, how should we split it?"

A delicate shout suddenly sounded out, and the person that spoke was a white clothed young girl with a slim figure and a beautiful face, and she held an emerald green sword in her hand that flickered with light.

"I think we should split the loot based on the number of Heaven Saint Masters Huang Ji has."

The grey-clothed man laughed, and said somewhat proudly, "I've just counted, there are ten Huang Ji Realm warriors here, and the items in the treasure cave can also be divided into ten portions. One Huang Ji Realm warrior can get one portion, and as for how you divide it, that will be up to you."

As soon as he finished speaking, the surrounding crowd burst into an uproar.

"You have a good plan."

The white-clothed woman laughed coldly, "According to your distribution method, your Qian Yuan Heaven Sect has five Heaven Saint Masters here, and can take five of them in an instant. With three of Limitless Temple's Heaven Scholars and three more, we have the most people, and we are the ones who contribute the most, but we can only take that pitiful portion."

The hundreds of people behind the woman in white came from different sects, and all of them looked furious.

"Having points is better than not having any points at all!" The grey robed man laughed and ignored the white clothed woman. In the blink of an eye, he looked towards another group of cultivators, "Does your Limitless Temple agree to this?"

"You …" The white-clothed woman was angered to the point that her long, shapely eyebrows slanted inwards.

"We have no objections."

Amongst the cultivators of Everlasting Temple, a young man wearing a yellow robe nodded with a smile. Although they had three Heaven Saint Masters, after such a long time, they had become the smallest group. Although their share was less than the Qian Yuan Heaven Sect's, it was still within their range.

The woman in white's face froze, but there was nothing she could do.

This group of cultivators came from different sects, and although they had a lot of people, they didn't have the same thoughts. Moreover, they didn't dare to offend the Heaven Sect, so they only dared to be angry. As for the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Mansion, although it could compete with the Qian Yuan Heaven Sect, there was only one Heavenly Scholar Huang Ji could contend with. No matter how dissatisfied he was, he could only accept this reality and share his share of the treasures with them.

Since that was the case, he didn't mind if he didn't want the items from the treasure cave.

"I have an objection!"

Just as the white-clothed woman was about to leave, a clear voice suddenly rang out. Looking over, the black-clothed man who spoke was the only Heavenly Scholar Huang Ji from the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Palace. Unfortunately, he was only one person, how could he contend against the five people from the Qian Yuan Heaven Sect?

Thinking up to this point, the woman in white couldn't help but shake her head and sigh inwardly.

"What do you have to say for me?"

The grey-robed man looked at the man in black with a teasing look in his eyes. Not only did he have such an expression, even the Heaven Sect cultivators behind him had looks of mockery and ridicule on their faces.

Since there was only one Heaven Scholar Huang Ji in the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Mansion, it was naturally impossible for him to accept such a distribution. He was bound to oppose it, but opposing it in such a manner was completely futile. This point was something that the cultivators of Everlasting Temple and the other sects understood. As for the grey-robed man and the others, they understood even more. That was why they were so confident.

Even the cultivators of the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Mansion were well aware of this.

"I feel that we should not use the number of Heaven Saints Huang Ji has, but his strength. For example, although I was alone, it was more than enough to defeat five trash. Under these circ.u.mstances, if five pieces of trash get five portions, then I can only get one portion. This is clearly unreasonable. "

The black clothed man was naturally Tang Huan. When he spoke, a smile was plastered on his face.

The moment he said these words, the surroundings immediately became silent. Be it the grey-clothed muscular man's group, the white-clothed woman's group, or the Heavenly Palace's disciples, all of them were stunned.

Not only did he call the five Heaven Saint Masters of the Heaven's Sky Sect trash, but he even thought he could defeat five of them by himself? Was there something wrong with his head, or was he overconfident?

"Isn't it a little too much?"

After their initial shock, the Heavenly Palace's disciples couldn't help but look at each other in dismay. However, if Tang Huan were to completely enrage the Heaven Saint Masters of the Heaven's Expanse Sect, he was afraid that he would suffer a huge loss. If the situation got out of control, a chaotic battle might take place in front of the cave.

Thinking of this, everyone immediately became vigilant.

A moment later, the cultivators of the Qian Yuan Heaven Sect returned to their senses and all let out angry curses. Under the extreme anger of the grey-robed man, a ferocious smile appeared on his face, "Since this friend of the Huang Tian Manor is so confident of his strength, then we, the five useless Heaven Saint Masters, can only accompany you for a test."

"Brothers, let's attack together!"

With a shout, the five people dressed in grey jumped out from the crowd. They brandished their weapons and rushed towards Tang Huan, their bodies radiating with the might of the heavens.

Seeing this scene, many cultivators, especially the disciples of the Heavenly Palace, couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

The woman in white shook her head, a bit regretful. That fellow's appearance was pretty good, but it was a pity that he had no brains. Fighting one against five, he would lose for sure. In this sort of situation, simply being courageous was not enough.

Of course, those Heaven Sect cultivators would not dare to kill a disciple of the Emperor Dragon's Heavenly Mansion in front of everyone. However, if it was just a serious injury, they would have no qualms.

Amongst the cultivators of Everlasting Temple, the yellow robed man also subconsciously shook his head and muttered with a hint of schadenfreude: "That guy is going to suffer."

"No matter how many pieces of trash there are, they are still tras.h.!.+"

At this time, Tang Huan laughed indifferently, the spear in his hand slowly pierced out in front of everyone's eyes.

"Chi!" Amidst the piercing sound of air being torn apart, a resplendent jade-blue l.u.s.ter burst forth, dazzling everyone's eyes. At the same time, Strength Qi roared out from the spear, instantly condensing into a terrifying wave that howled forth, slicing the surrounding s.p.a.ce into pieces.

Weapon Master Chapter 1420

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