Weapon Master Chapter 1590

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Chapter 1590 - Spy?

"Gu …" Qiu Jian is back? "

Inside a stone house in Heavenly River City, Li Xinghan sprung up into the air. When he suddenly heard this news, he couldn't help but exclaim out loud. He even almost shouted out the two words "Gu Ying", and a trace of unconcealable astonishment appeared on his usually cold face.

Roughly half a month ago, a large number of Heavenly River City's cultivators went on a search, but were unable to find any traces of "Gu Ying" or the Fourteenth Stage Death Spirit.

He and Du Yue determined that "Gu Ying" and the 14th Ranked undead would perish together, and sent the message to Innate City.

Even when Du Yue came to the Heavenly River City as a guard, he did it because of. However, an accident happened to him in the Heavenly River City, and the two of them thought that after Lei Dao received the news, he would punish them severely.

Lei Dao did not punish the two of them, but sent a message and reprimanded them.

The two of them heaved a sigh of relief, but there were some doubts in their minds. Not long after, a large-scale battle broke out between the human cultivators and the undead in the center area. Only then did the two of them faintly understand that the Thunder Blade was probably focused on that huge battle and did not have the heart to deal with the matter of "Gu Ying".

This made the two of them somewhat nervous.

However, regardless of what they were thinking, one thing was certain, that "Gu Ying" was already dead, without even his corpse and bones remaining.

But after so many days, the 'Gu Ying' that he thought had died long ago had actually returned to Heavenly River City.

This was truly unbelievable.

However, in the end, Li Xinghan was someone who had seen countless storms and waves. After a moment of shock, he had calmed down and a wave of doubt rose in his heart. On the other side of the Nether Death Realm, there had been many examples of people who had possessed souls and returned alive.

However, almost half of the cultivators that returned were possessed by the undead.

"Could this' Gu Ying 'be the same?"

The instant this thought flashed through Li Xinghan's mind, a dark haze appeared between his brows, and he immediately shouted in a low voice, "Call Qiu Jian in, then inform the other commanders in Milky Way City so that they are ready. If my situation is like this, there is no need to worry."

"Yes sir!"

The slender and elegant young man opposite him clearly understood the meaning behind Li Xinghan's words. With a flash of his eyes, he bowed and took his leave.

Not too long after, a figure appeared at the entrance to the stone house.

This person was naturally Tang Huan.

After leaving Black Sword Mountain and getting rid of the group of Undead realm experts, Tang Huan used the "Void Escape" technique the whole way as he left the western part of the battlefield.

However, Tang Huan did not immediately return to Heavenly River City. Instead, he hid himself in the center of the "Domain Field". At that time, Tang Huan's body was constantly releasing an incomparably rich immortal spirit aura, and he looked like an incomparably precious human-shaped immortal artifact.

To return to Heavenly River City in such a state must have caused everyone to raise their eyebrows. They might even suspect that he was carrying an immortal treasure with him.

Once the news spread, it would surely attract the coveting of countless cultivators.

After all, his ident.i.ty in the "Domain" was confidential. Other than Lei Dao and a few other cultivators, no one knew that he was from the Spring Dragon Immortal Sect. They only thought that he was a disciple of the Celestial Sect. An ordinary first level Heaven stage cultivator actually possessed a supreme immortal treasure? If he didn't s.n.a.t.c.h it, who else would he s.n.a.t.c.h?

Tang Huan was very clear on the principle that owning a treasure was a crime.

Although Tang Huan did not truly possess a powerful immortal equipment, under the control and urging of Greed, not many people believed his explanation.

Hence, during the time he was at the center of the battlefield, aside from refining the energy contained in the pool, Tang Huan had also been constantly restraining his Immortal Spirit Insight.

Tang Huan was able to restrain the aura of his own strength. It was a natural state and he did not have to forcefully do it. After the flesh body transformed into the true "Celestial Body of the Sun", it released the celestial spirit aura that symbolized the Celestial Body, which was also a kind of natural state. In such a situation, restraining the will of an immortal spirit was far more difficult than releasing energy. After spending more than ten days, Tang Huan finally managed to subdue all of his celestial spirit intent.

Of course, in those ten days, Tang Huan's cultivation had also increased greatly, to the point that he was able to condense several hundred thousand dao crystals in one go. The current Tang Huan had a million and one Dao Crystals, and was already at the second level of the Sky Phase. His strength had once again dramatically increased.

"Qiu Jian greets Vice City Master Li."

After entering the stone house, Tang Huan bowed to Li Xinghan.

"Second level Heaven stage?"

The corner of Li Xinghan's mouth twitched, and he said expressionlessly, "I didn't expect Commander Qiu Jian to not only return alive, but also raise his cultivation so quickly, truly congratulations."

"Thank you, Vice City Lord!"

Tang Huan smiled slightly, "This one was just lucky and was able to escape from the hands of the Fourteenth Ranked Death Spirit, but my injuries were not light. Fortunately, I found a very secretive place in the middle of the battlefield, and healed my injuries there, and didn't recover until a few days ago.

Although Li Xinghan's expression was as cold and solemn as ever, one could faintly tell from the fluctuation in his spiritual aura that something was wrong with his emotions. Perhaps he was too surprised when he saw that he had returned safely.

This thought flashed across his mind, but Tang Huan did not take it to heart, he immediately turned his gaze and laughed: "Vice City Lord, I wonder, City Lord Du, he …."

"City Lord Du is no longer in Heavenly River City."

"A few days ago, we humans engaged in a great battle with the undead. City Lord Du was sent over, and his injuries are quite severe. He is currently recovering in the city of origin."

"So that's how it is."

After Tang Huan heard this, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Even though Liu Ming was able to completely retract his Celestial Spirit Aura, he was still unable to control it. Occasionally, there would be even the slightest bit of a Celestial Spirit Aura that would spill out. Li Xinghan was only at the peak of the fourth level, so he probably wouldn't be able to sense it. But since Du Yue was at the tenth level, it was hard to say.

It was a good thing that he was not in Heavenly River City now. If Tang Huan had more time, his control over the Immortal Spirit Insight would have become even more relaxed and unrestrained.

Upon catching Tang Huan's expression, Li Xinghan's gaze turned incomparably fierce.

"Vice City Lord, I wonder what the result of that huge battle was?" While thinking, Tang Huan could not help but ask.

"Aren't you clearer about the outcome of the battle than I am?" Li Xinghan suddenly laughed coldly as ruthlessness flashed through his eyes.

"What do you mean?"

Tang Huan's face darkened.

Li Xinghan was no longer acting weirdly, but rather extremely weirdly. Tang Huan could actually feel an extremely strong killing intent from his body.

Weapon Master Chapter 1590

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