Weapon Master Chapter 1660

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Chapter 1660 - Mid Heavenly King

"This... How is that possible? "

Thousands of meters away, Ji Feng's eyes widened and he couldn't help but cry out. His face was filled with disbelief.

"The Rainbow Immortal Sect actually produced a Heavenly King?"

A few of the Elders of the Nine Heavens Sect at the side could not help but look at each other in dismay. They could all see the intense shock and disbelief in each other's eyes.

"Heavens …" "w.a.n.g …"

Not too far away from the peak of Ji Dynasty, Grand Elder Du Hongwan of the "Illusionary Heaven Gate" softly chanted these two characters, her beautiful eyes filled with an indescribable surprise.

"Doesn't this mean that the Nine Colored Immortal Sect is already comparable to our four great sects?" A lady in a green dress beside Du Hongwan whispered.


"Motherf * cker, this is really unexpected!"

Dozens of meters in the air, the burly man standing on the ground slightly opened his mouth as his eyes stared like bronze bells. He stared blankly for a long while before blinking his eyes, coming back to his senses and exhaling a long breath.

"... "The Heavenly King of the Nine-Colored Immortal Sect …."

At the edge of the hole Cao w.a.n.g smashed open, Canghai Sword Sect's Elder Xu Bi's face went stiff as he mumbled the half a sentence that he didn't even have the time to say. His voice was actually like a mosquito's buzz.

After the sect heads of the Canghai Sword Sect and the Qianji Sect were killed, the remaining elders of the two sects chose him as their representative. Using an extremely precious treasure, they rushed to the "Sky Cracking Platform" at the fastest speed possible.

If that Heavenly King Stage powerhouse from the "Great Demonic Saint Sect" was willing to appear, he might seek justice for the Azure Sea Sword Sect and the Thousand Revolution Sect.

When he heard the rumors of the Nine Colored Immortal Sect, he immediately realised that the Heavenly King Stage expert who killed the two sect heads must have come from the Nine Colored Immortal Sect. And after hearing that Cao w.a.n.g from the Great Demonic Saint Sect had already led people to the Nine Colored Immortal Sect's encampment, he subconsciously rushed over to stop them.

However, what he did not expect was that Cao w.a.n.g actually rushed into the encampment without waiting for him to finish speaking. In the end, he was instantly heavily injured by that expert from the Nine Colored Immortal Sect.

"Sky King, it's actually Sky King …"

"There are three Heavenly Kings. I wonder if this senior from the Nine-Colored Immortal Sect is a Low Level Heavenly King, a Mid Level Heavenly King, or a High Level Heavenly King?"

"How... What was going on? Didn't they say that we, Zi Yun, only have five Heavenly Kings? Now, there's actually a sixth, and it's even from the Nine Colored Immortal Sect? "

"Since the Heavenly King was promoted, there must be some kind of strange phenomenon. Why have we not sensed anything at all?"


Amongst the crowd, many of the cultivators came to their senses and instantly cried out in alarm. At this time, the crack in the door of the palace had already closed.


Cao w.a.n.g leaped up and when he landed, he stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

"Elder Cao..."

The dozen or so Great Demonic Saint Sect cultivators seemed to have awoken from a dream and rushed forward.

"Elder Cao, now do you know if you are worthy or not?" Within the palace, the clear and melodious voice sounded once again, and the tone of the voice was filled with even more ridicule and ridicule.


A sickly, captivating blush surfaced on Cao w.a.n.g's pale face. An unconcealable, shameful, and angry expression flashed across his eyes. The surrounding cultivators from the Great Demonic Sect all had expressions of anger flickering on their faces. The female from the Nine Colored Holy Sect mocked Cao w.a.n.g in such a manner. Naturally, their faces didn't look too good either.

"Let's go!"

Immediately after, Cao w.a.n.g let out a low shout of hatred and was quickly escorted by many of the cultivators of the Great Demonic Saint Sect.

Heavenly King, only the Heavenly King could contend against him.

Although the Great Demonic Saint Sect had Heavenly King Stage powerhouses, they were still in the encampment, and their thirst could not be quenched. On the other hand, the Nine-Colored Immortal Sect had the Heavenly King as their leader. If they were to continue pestering him, it would be asking for trouble. He could only bear with it for the time being and report the situation to the sect.

Xu Bi suddenly came back to his senses. Looking at the figures of Cao w.a.n.g and his group, he suddenly had a thought.

Previously, he only wanted to stop the conflict between Cao w.a.n.g and the Nine-Colored Immortal Sect so that he wouldn't suffer a loss. But now, it seemed that Cao w.a.n.g suffering a loss at the hands of the Nine-Colored Immortal Sect was a great thing for the Azure Sea Sword Sect and the Thousand Revolution Sect.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, if they knew that the Nine-Colored Immortal Sect had a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, the "Great Devil Saint Sect" wouldn't turn hostile towards them just because of the Canghai Sword Sect and the Thousand Revolution Sect. Furthermore, the two sect heads, Hong Kuanghai and Hua Xing Guo, were killed because they wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the Nine-Colored Immortal Sect's s.p.a.ce Aircraft.

However, the Nine-Colored Immortal Sect had heavily injured Cao w.a.n.g. Even if it was just to save face for their own Elder, the Great Demonic Saint Sect wouldn't let the Nine-Colored Immortal Sect off so easily.

As he thought about it, an almost imperceptible look of happiness flashed through Xu Bi's eyes. His body moved and he immediately followed the group of Great Demonic Saint Sect cultivators.

"Leader, would it attract the revenge of the 'Great Demonic Saint Sect' if you heavily injure Cao w.a.n.g?"

Inside palace, Pang Xuan couldn't help but speak up. In front of her was Xiao Zihan, who had just come out of the "Nine Colored Spirit Leaf" s.p.a.ce.

"It's fine."

Xiao Zihan waved her hand and smiled, her expression indifferent and unperturbed. "The 'Sky Cracking Platform' is about to be activated. If the Great Demonic Saint Sect really wants revenge, then we can only wait until the end of the 'Myriad Domain Dao Arts'. "

"During this period of time, the Great Demonic Saint Sect would definitely not dare to lay a hand on us. After I return from Xuandu, if the Great Demonic Saint Sect still wants revenge, it will also be that Heavenly King who comes looking for me. Right now, Zi Yun Tian does not have a Heaven King, so I would not care about an ordinary Heaven King. "

"Sect Master, you've advanced to the Intermediate Heavenly King?" Pang Xuan, Gu Jingbo, and the others were stunned for a moment before they were overjoyed and overjoyed.

"That's right."

Xiao Zihan slightly nodded her head, "Ancestral Master Tang Huan is currently a.s.sailing the Heavenly Dipper Realm, I will go in first. All of you stay outside and watch.


Immediately, Xiao Zihan once again returned to the "Nine-Colored Spirit Leaf" s.p.a.ce.

Outside of palace, the surrounding cultivators from the various sects had finally dispersed. The good show that they had initially imagined had ended before it even had a chance to play out. However, the various news regarding the Nine Colored Immortal Sect caused the surrounding people to clamor about the 'Sky Cracking Platform', and the news even crazily spread out in all directions.

Although no one could clearly see the face of the woman from the Nine Colored Immortal Sect, she did not personally admit her ident.i.ty as the Heavenly King. However, when she made her move, all those rank nine marquis were by her side. The sudden appearance of their auras and the terrifying strength that she had displayed did not fail to indicate her cultivation base.

She, was undoubtedly the Heavenly King!

Although the crowd still could not understand why there were no signs of the sixth Heavenly King appearing when she was promoted to Heavenly King, they were certain that the news of the sixth Heavenly King appearing would shake the entire Zi Yun Tian. Furthermore, the structure of his sect might even undergo a huge change.

Weapon Master Chapter 1660

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