Weapon Master Chapter 1760

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Chapter 1760 - Surrender!

"Haha, that fellow Big Hammer is usually extremely arrogant, but today, he has suffered a lot."

"That person's strength isn't bad. No wonder that sledgehammer was defeated."

"So what if their strength is not bad? We have dozens of immortal equipment here. This wave should be enough to turn them into dregs!"


Dozens of instruments became spirits, and aggressively approached him. Waves of mind instructs (in a second) interweaved within the palace, some were mocking, some were ridiculing, some were mocking, some were mocking, and some were looking down on.

In the blink of an eye, the first to act, the sword and the staff, touched upon the very front of the 'Dao of Primordial Fire'.

"This is …"


However, in the blink of an eye, the two immortal artifacts were like frightened rabbits as they hurriedly retreated, and their mind instructs (in a second) s released a dense sense of fear.

However, although they retreated quickly, the flames moved even faster.

In the blink of an eye, the mind instructs (in a second) of the two immortal artifacts were sealed off by flames.

"What's going on?"

"What's going on? Those two guys ran out of steam so quickly?"

"Dao fire!" "It looks like a stream of fire, and it's not even an ordinary stream of fire!"


The sudden change caused the dozens of immortal artifacts to be greatly shocked, and they suddenly stopped in their tracks as their mind instructs (in a second) s were filled with surprise and bewilderment.

In the next moment, they noticed that within the transparent flame, the sword and rod were violently churning, and the artifact spirit within seemed to be suffering great pain, yet it was unable to break free. At almost the same time, the resplendent light emitted by the immortal equipment also dimmed down at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In a short span of time, the two immortal treasures completely stopped moving.

"Kui Cow, Yuji, keep it safe!"

Tang Huan waved her hand, and the two immortal artifacts flew past him, flying towards the Kui Cow and She Yuji and landing in their hands.

After capturing this scene, the dozens of immortal artifact spirits were completely stunned. If they could take human form, they would all be dumbstruck and at a loss for words.

Tang Huan slightly raised her brows, and the "Primal Chaos Daos" continued to surge forward.

This group of immortal equipment spirits had stayed in the viewing hall for countless years and finally gained their intelligence. Since then, no cultivator had ever entered this place, so their self-confidence exploded and they felt that even if their boss, my second brother, and the giant hammer spirit were heavily injured, it wouldn't be able to affect their confidence.

But just then, those two immortal equipment were instantly suppressed by Tang Huan, which was equivalent to pouring cold water on them.

Judging from the intensity of its aura, out of the dozens of artifact spirits, the strongest was at the ninth level of the Sky Sovereign realm. There were six of them in total, and the weakest was at the sixth level. Even they had no ability to resist under the attack of Tang Huan's dao fire, and were inferior to the other artifact spirits.

"Stop! Stop! I surrender! I surrender! "

"Quickly retreat! The fire cannot be blocked head on!"


After a short period of shock, dozens of artifact spirits woke up. In an instant, mind instructs (in a second) flew everywhere as one immortal artifact after another retreated at an even faster speed.

These artifact spirits were not stupid. The sword spirit and the rod spirit as well as the hammer spirit's encounter had made them clearly understand that this cultivator in front of them could not be defeated, especially that extremely strange dao flame. Even if everyone rushed forward together, the sword spirit and the rod spirit would most likely end up as well.

Tang Huan did not stop as the flames continued to surge forward like a violent storm.

Although the dozens of artifact spirits were begging for mercy, they weren't like the sword spirits and pole spirits, who had deeply felt the power of the "Chaos Daos." If the dao flames were restrained, other moths might appear. Only by letting them taste the feeling of being invaded by the dao flames could they be completely subdued.

Whether it was an immortal or a Dao weapon, they were all forged from firepower.

Therefore, to these immortal artifact spirits, Tang Huan's "Primal Chaos Daos" was their nemesis. Of course, this was also because they were not strong enough. If there was any immortal equipment spirit whose strength was comparable to a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, Tang Huan would naturally not use such a method.

"Friend, show mercy!"

"We have already surrendered, yet you still won't stop? How hateful!"

"Spare me, spare me …"


Inside the mind instructs (in a second), there was a sound like the wailing of ghosts and the howling of wolves.

However, after the collision with the dao flame, the offensive power released by the immortal equipment quickly melted away like ice and snow under the blazing sun. And with Tang Huan's use of all her might, the "Primal Chaos Dao Flame" broke through bamboo, bearing the brunt of the dozen or so immortal equipment and were drawn into the transparent flames.

In the next moment, the primal chaos flame advanced at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed. The remaining immortal artifacts could not avoid it and were instantly covered by the flames.

Dozens of Dao artifacts struggled violently within the violently churning transparent flames.

In this situation, although the Kui Cow and She Yuji could not catch the artifact spirit's mind instructs (in a second), Tang Huan, as the controller of the "Chaos Dao Flame", could clearly feel every single mind instructs (in a second) within the flames. At first, some of the mind instructs (in a second) s were filled with angry curses, but after a short while, they all turned into pleading.

After being covered by the Chaos Dao Fire, its firepower was nearly all-pervasive.

Under the constant onslaught of firepower, the artifact spirit had no choice but to desperately resist. However, as soon as he touched the firepower, the artifact spirit's soul force rapidly melted. However, the artifact spirit couldn't retreat. Otherwise, the firepower would rush in. If this happened, then perhaps the entire artifact spirit would be annihilated.

At this moment, the experience caused the dozens of artifact spirits to feel even more terrified.

However, Tang Huan was not moved at all. She could only teach them an unforgettable lesson, so that they could be completely obedient, just like the sword and staff spirits from before. Of course, after this incident, it would take them a long time to get back to their original state, but it was completely worth it.

Not long after, the l.u.s.ter from the dozens of immortal artifacts began to weaken, and their struggles became weaker and weaker.

"Kui Cow, Yu Ji!"

With a slight thought from Tang Huan, the "Primal Chaos Dao Flame" rippled strangely and brought several tens of immortal artifacts over to the Kui Cow and She Yuji. One of them grinned widely while the other squinted her beautiful eyes into a crescent shape. Both of their hands moved like lightning, storing these immortal artifacts into their spatial storage devices.

Following that, the flame converged into his body like a receding tide, while Tang Huan's mind expanded rapidly, enveloping the entire summit of Solitary Sword Peak as he carefully examined it. However, there were no longer any immortal equipment or the aura of any other instruments in this hall.

"Boom —"

Right at this moment, the heaven and earth inside the encampment shook violently. Even the Forgotten Peak began to tremble. At the same time, a loud sound could be heard. Tang Huan squinted her eyes, her heart was thumping hard, "Is it because of the commotion over at Song Jing's side?"

"Let's go!"

Without waiting for the Kui Cow and the nine spirits to reply, Tang Huan carried the two of them and charged out of the viewing hall like a meteor.

Weapon Master Chapter 1760

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