MMORPG: Martial Gamer Chapter 1074 - Pugilist Is The Strongest Job?

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Chapter 1074: Pugilist Is The Strongest Job?

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Chen Long was not a weak player either. In terms of work and equipment, Chen Long was one of the top amongst Twelve Celestial Bodies.

Though Chen Long was just a mere, he had a whole set of Obsidian equipment on him. He could not even be killed with a huge blow from the Magician, but now he got killed just by a Pugilist within seconds?

Of course, Twelve Celestial Bodies were just shocked, but they were not in awe like the players in the hotel were.

It was not the first time that Chen Long was defeated by a Pugilist, just that the defeat that they just witnessed was more cruel than usual, as he got killed immediately.

Feng Yun Realm and the rest of the Twelve Celestial Bodies stared at Purity and the pugilists behind her and thought, “Man… are Pugilists nowadays all fierce like this?”

Such skilled players appeared after Iron Bull left, perhaps Pugilists became the best ultimate job?

“Big Brother, I don’t think these are professionals you found on the forum, I think they are job stealers.” everyone pointed a middle finger at Ratty.

That Pugilist’s skills were not worse off than w.a.n.g Yu. He might have been even plotting to steal Feng Yun Realm’s spot.

Ratty was troubled and said, “I swear on my name, I didn’t do this on purpose.”

Facing the shocked and angry faces on Feng Yun Realm and his men, Purity still maintained her calm expression.

“So? Should we talk about the price now?”

Purity reached out her hand and questioned Feng Yun Realm.

Feng Yun Realm felt a chill down his spine and nodded immediately, “Yes! Yes! I am willing to pay any amount as long as you kill all the players in Quan Zhen Sect!”

Feng Yun Realm was the one who nurtured Twelve Celestial Bodies ever since they were amateurs and knew exactly how good they were.

Though he scolded the everyday and called them useless, he knew that they lost only Quan Zhen Sect because their opponent was too strong and not because they were too weak. Hence, Feng Yun Realm was just venting his anger and did not put too much hope into the recruitment of players.

However, after witnessing Purity’s abilities, Feng Yun Realm’s desire to seek revenge got reignited.

Everybody knew what they were seeing and knew that these people were exact matches for Quan Zhen Sect. If they got them to join, Quan Zhen Sect might actually lose.

“Hmph! Thank G.o.d you knew your stuff!” Purity said calmly, “We have heard of Quan Zhen Sect too, and we know that they are not weak. How about ten thousand gold per person per level?”

Though Purity and her group’s ability were high, their desire for money was not. Hence, compared to Quan Zhen Sect, they were way better in this aspect.

Feng Yun Realm was a boss that did not have to worry financially, so he did not find this amount big if they could help him seek revenge on Quan Zhen Sect.


Right at this moment, Feng Yun Realm used his power as the wealthy and laughed at Purity’s condition and said, “The rank doesn’t matter. What’s more important is that those people have my equipment on them, and I will pay you the same price for the equipment you manage to get back, no matter if it’s theirs or mine.”


Feng Yun Realm added his bet and Purity would of course not mind.

Purity nodded her head and stood up, preparing to walk out of the place.

Seeing Purity leave, Feng Yun Realm said immediately, “Don’t go yet, Miss Purity.”

“How so?”

Purity turned around and scanned the Twelve Celestial Bodies players and fixed her gaze at Feng Yun Realm then said, “Do you want to treat me to a drink? Then I am sorry, I am not used to sitting at the same table as little servants!”

“F*ck!!” Twelve Celestial Bodies were shaking with anger. If it was not Purity and her Pugilist, they would have fought back already.

“N… no…” Feng Yun Realm broke a sweat and asked, “Don’t you need a downpayment or something?”

“Hm, hm! No need for that!” Purity smiled and moved her index finger left and right, “I am not scared of you guys bailing on the payment!”

After that, she brought her men out of the hotel without even looking back, leaving those that stayed look in awe at what had just happened.

After seeing Purity and her men leave, Feng Yun Realm finally calmed his nerves and said, “Is this girl just trying to trick us?”

Not only did Purity speak very directly, but her actions were swift and decisive. She brought her men straight to the harbour after leaving the hotel.

When they reached the harbour, the Pugilist who killed Chen Long spoke suddenly, “Big Sister, I think it’s not a good idea to go to Twilight City if we are going to go for Quan Zhen Sect.”


Purity turned and looked at the Pugilist who spoke and replied, “Do they not allow people to enter now?”

“No…” the Pugilist continued, “Brother Yu is there now… I’m afraid that…”

“Hmph! Scared?”

Purity sneered and said, “When did you become such a coward, Nian? I looked for occasions for you to practice your skills, but now you are scared? Do you think that we, Li family, are not embarra.s.sed enough?”

You did not guess wrongly, these players were not ordinary players, but the Li family.

If the Quan Zhen Sect Players were here, they would have recognised that the one talking was Li Yujie, and the one who just got scolded was her brother, Li Yunnian. However, in the game, his name was “Nian Liuyun”.

“Big Sister… I…” Nian Liuyun seemed really afraid of his sister. After getting scolded by her, he looked down and spoke with hesitation, “You know that Brother Yu was not easy to defeat… I’m afraid you will…”


Purity exclaimed, “I am at a disadvantage? Did I not lose enough? That guy had already climbed all over our head, and you are still praising him? You are not allowed to call him Brother Yu anymore, understand? If not, I will kill you.”



Before he could finish, Purity kicked her legs on his thigh and made him lose his balance.

“Little Jie… Little Jie!!”

Seeing the siblings start fighting again, everyone was startled and came up to stop Purity, “Calm down…”

“Hmph!” Purity said furiously, “This useless embarra.s.sment! We will just go ahead without him if he doesn’t dare to!”

As she said, she stepped onto the airs.h.i.+p when a muscular looking Pugilist spoke, “Jie, I think Nian is right. It is not very appropriate for us to go there now!”

MMORPG: Martial Gamer Chapter 1074 - Pugilist Is The Strongest Job?

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