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Chapter 1513: t.i.t For Tat

“Finish him!”

The Ancient Empire’s players were also extremely violent as they did not hesitate to charge towards w.a.n.g Yu with their weapons.


In terms of escaping, w.a.n.g Yu had never been afraid of anyone. Seeing that the Ancient Empire’s players were angered by him, he laughed monstrously as he flew upwards. Following three consecutive jumps, he managed to get out of the encirclement of the Ancient Empire’s players.

“Such impressive abilities!”

Seeing how nimble w.a.n.g Yu was, the Ancient Empire’s players were taken aback.

At this point, w.a.n.g Yu turned his head, chuckled and ran towards the bottom of the mountain ridge.

s.n.a.t.c.hing a BOSS was not something honourable so w.a.n.g Yu was naturally wearing a mask. Even though everyone couldn’t tell how he looked like, they could tell from his humongous figure that he wasn’t a player from Wild City.

After all, Chinese players were usually more pragmatic. Besides Guardians, no other jobs would make their own figure this ma.s.sive.

“F*ck! He is actually a player from Forgotten City?!”

Seeing w.a.n.g Yu’s figure, the Ancient Empire’s players came to a conclusion.

Ancient Empire was an imposing existence in this place. The players in this guild had great attainment in self-cultivation so they wouldn’t offend others without reason. However, this didn’t mean they were afraid of trouble.

It was already frustrating enough that their BOSS was being s.n.a.t.c.hed, let alone by a foreigner.

No one could bear to swallow this injustice.


Following the command, the more agile jobs of Ancient Empire started chasing after him.

Just as w.a.n.g Yu was pulling the aggro from the Ancient Empire’s players, A Thousand Old Blossoms also met some of the Glorious Sword’s players which w.a.n.g Yu killed in Forgotten City.

In the eyes of the foreigners, all Chinese essentially looked similar. Any difference was probably just the height and build.

A Thousand Old Blossoms came out trying to impersonate w.a.n.g Yu and even players in the country would mistake them, let alone foreigners from Glorious Sword.

“Oh, s.h.i.+t!!!”

These players were slaughtered by w.a.n.g Yu so one could imagine their fear for him.

When they saw A Thousand Old Blossoms at the resurrection point, these fellas started having cold sweats dripped down their back.

At the same time, A Thousand Old Blossoms received a notification.


Looking at the increase in attributes, A Thousand Old Blossoms almost jumped excitedly.

At this point, Meng Xi waved her hand towards A Thousand Old Blossoms, “Come over.”


A man could never resist a beautiful lady.

Seeing that a beautiful lady called him over, A Thousand Old Blossoms walked over with smiles all over his face.

The moment he arrived in front of Meng Xi, Meng Xi pointed at A Thousand Old Blossoms and shouted in a foreign language, “This is the person who took your Black Glorious Stone. Everyone hurry up and get it back from him! Do not let him get away!”

“What did you say?”

A Thousand Old Blossoms tilted his head as he was trying to grasp what Meng Xi said.


All of a sudden, an arrow was shot towards him from the side.

From the start, A Thousand Old Blossoms was not weak and with a threefold increase in his attributes, he was much stronger than before.


A Thousand Old Blossoms took out a dagger and that arrow was knocked onto the ground by him.

A Thousand Old Blossoms looked around hurriedly.

“Oh, sh*t!”

A Thousand Old Blossoms was so shocked that his soul almost flew out of his body.

The Black Glorious Stone was a main city quest which meant that the rewards were definitely extremely ample. After Meng Xi’s shout, the streets were all filled up with players from Forgotten City.

A Thousand Old Blossoms was a person who sought nothing but profit. However, he was smart enough to know that he shouldn’t stay here to await his death just because of l.u.s.t.

“Sister, I shall make my move first! You should wait here for Brother Bull to rescue you!”

Seeing that the Forgotten City’s players were getting closer, A Thousand Old Blossoms took one step back and was about to go into [Stealth].

“Hurry up and mark him!”

Meng Xi shouted to remind them.

An Archer, not too far away, raised his bow and marked A Thousand Old Blossoms.


A Thousand Old Blossoms was marked as he went into [Stealth]. He couldn’t help but look at that Archer in a peculiar manner as he clenched his teeth. He wielded his dagger and charged towards that Archer.

What kind of monster was a level 60 player with tripled attributes?

Especially for an agile job like the, he ran like flowing light.

Before the Archer could react, A Thousand Old Blossoms was already in front of him and took care of him almost immediately.

Following which, he got out of the encirclement with his incredible speed.

The Forgotten City’s players were naturally not going to let this piece of meat in their mouth slip away so they chased after him without hesitation.

Players always had a crowd following mindset.

Seeing so many people chasing after A Thousand Old Blossoms, the other players who didn’t know what was going on joined in the pursuit as well.

Given A Thousand Old Blossoms’ current speed, no ordinary person would be able to catch or stop him.

After A Thousand Old Blossoms escaped the encirclement and got out of Forgotten City, there were only a few Archers dangling behind him.

However, the BUFF on A Thousand Old Blossoms was ending soon.

A Thousand Old Blossoms knew he wasn’t as capable as w.a.n.g Yu to be able to come and go under the pursuit of a magnificent army. Seeing that there were only a few players who managed to catch up with him, A Thousand Old Blossoms executed [Haste] and ran towards the border.

“Hahahaha, you cannot defeat me. It is not your fault that I am this strong…”

A Thousand Old Blossoms was incredibly despicable. As he ran, he didn’t forget to provoke them.

Even though the Forgotten City’s players couldn’t understand him, they were still provoked and irritated by his arrogant demeanor. Even if A Thousand Old Blossoms did not have the Black Glorious Stone with him, they were desperate to pin him down on the ground to beat him up.

A Thousand Old Blossoms ran for some time and just as he was about to cross the border, a sea of people appeared from the other side of the border.

“F*ck!” “What’s going on?”

Just when A Thousand Old Blossoms was wondering what was with all those people, a familiar figure appeared in front of him.

“Bull G.o.d?”

A Thousand Old Blossoms couldn’t help but cry out.

“Don’t talk to me! Quickly shout for help!” w.a.n.g Yu glared at A Thousand Old Blossoms.


How despicable was A Thousand Old Blossoms? A mere exchange of glances and he knew what w.a.n.g Yu meant. He took out a fake badge and hung it around his chest as he even started crawling while shouting, “Help me…”

When the lead expert of Ancient Empire heard that A Thousand Old Blossoms was speaking Chinese and saw his badge, he quickly shouted, “Brother, hurry up and hide behind us.”

w.a.n.g Yu also shouted, “Haifu, haifu…” before flas.h.i.+ng into the crowd of players.

w.a.n.g Yu and A Thousand Old Blossoms started chuckling as they hid within the crowd while Ancient Empire and Forgotten City’s players stared at each other on the country’s border.

At that moment, the atmosphere was terrifyingly cold.

MMORPG: Martial Gamer Chapter 1513 - Tit For Tat

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