The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1003 - Mu Yuchen vs Qi Feng (1)

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Chapter 1003: Mu Yuchen vs Qi Feng (1)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The next morning, Xi Xiaye was woken up by a loud rumbling!

She propped herself up on the bed and pulled open the curtains to look. It was raining outside, and the weather was gloomy. It had been a warm few days, and right now the rain cooled the air substantially.

It was not raining very heavily, but silver light flashed across the misty sky from time to time, followed by the sound of m.u.f.fled thunder.

This downpour was a little odd. Xi Xiaye thought about last night when she stood on the balcony to gaze up into the night sky that was blanketed with stars, yet this morning it was suddenly raining. The change in weather was quite mysterious.

However, the fluctuating weather was not the only thing that surprised Xi Xiaye. When she saw the newspaper, she read—

‘Hui Gu Corporation’s Heiress Gu Lingsha Failed To **** Glory World Corporation’s Chairman Mu Yuchen, Angering Chairman Mu!”

‘Hui Gu Corporation’s Heiress and Glory World’s Chairman Were Once Lovers, **** Trying To Reconcile?’

The many news of Gu Lingsha from last night came up one after another on the headlines. They were all talking about Gu Lingsha’s so-called seduction or trying to bed Mu Yuchen. The images even showed a close up of Gu Lingsha and a picture of Mu Yuchen leaving.

“What’s this?” Xi Xiaye gestured at the feature articles in the newspaper and looked towards the man, who was leisurely drinking tea beside her, in surprise.

Mu Yuchen squinted at her nonchalantly and said, “It as you see.”

“Isn’t Gu Lingsha about to marry Qi Feng soon? Ah Chen, why would she go to you? Don’t be having any dealings with her! Do you hear me!?” Ah Hui spoke up in a timely manner from the side.

As for Gu Lingsha, w.a.n.g Hui did not know what to say. To her, she once found Gu Lingsha quite understanding, elegant, composed, beautiful, and magnanimous. Because of Mu Yinan, she had always known there was a marriage contract, but afterward, no one had spoken about it, so she did not take it to heart, but when it came to Gu Lingsha, she was one of the kinder women.

However, her daughter-in-law, Zhuang Shurong, had always been extremely unhappy with Gu Lingsha. There had even been quite a tense situation between her and Mu Yinan over the marriage contract. After that, she and Mu Tangchuan had to invest a lot of effort before they managed to ease Zhuang Shurong and Mu Yinan’s relations.h.i.+p.

w.a.n.g Hui was someone who hated ha.s.sle. She felt conflicted about all the things in the past. Recently, Gu Lingsha and Qi Feng had suddenly appeared out of nowhere again, making her feel uneasy. Today, Gu Lingsha was said to be involved with the Mu family again. When could they finally straighten out these relations.h.i.+ps?

“I know what I’m doing. There’s no need for you two to worry,” Mu Yuchen said, then he turned to Xi Xiaye. “Have some breakfast first. I’m going out for a bit and won’t be back for lunch, so don’t wait for me, okay?”

When Xi Xiaye heard him, she immediately frowned. “It’s raining. Where are you going?”

“Yeah, it’s still raining outside!”

w.a.n.g Hui looked with doubt at Mu Yuchen who had already gotten up.

“I’m meeting someone to discuss something, just be good and stay at home to rest.” He chuckled, then reached out to touch her head before walking outside in huge strides.

“Put on your coat! And don’t forget the umbrella!” Xi Xiaye quickly chased after him and carefully handed him his coat from the rack on the side.

He took it and swiftly left the house. As he held the umbrella when he just stepped out, the chauffeur and Ah Mo had already driven over, and behind them was another black car. Obviously, those were the bodyguards.

“Bro, today’s news is quite entertaining. I’m guessing Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha won’t be too happy about this. They sure have a lot to handle with these negative news one after another.”

The car sped all the way to the cemetery in the suburbs as Ah Mo’s voice filled the car. Everyone could hear the cheer in between his words. “You sure gave them a taste of their own medicine!”

Mu Yuchen’s handsome face did not waver much.

“Don’t be too happy. With Qi Feng’s paranoia, he could probably tell that the incident with Gu Lingsha has something to do with me. Since I agreed to help Qi Lei buy some more time, I can’t let Qi Feng and the rest be idle, so I had to bring all their attention somewhere else,” Mu Yuchen answered as he looked calmly out of the window at the hazy view.

“Qi Lei? Oh, right, Bro, he’s recruited quite a number of people. VP Liu’s end has already arranged work for them too. Also, Qi Lei has also arranged for the people who stepped down because they were unhappy about the incident before to go over. Master Mo’s people have come over to help set up the system, and it’ll probably be done in another day or two,” Ah Mo swiftly reported to Mu Yuchen. Then, he looked hesitantly towards him. “Bro, do you really trust Qi Lei?”

Upon hearing that, Mu Yuchen’s gaze froze.

“I know that like Zimo and Su Chen, you have this doubt as well. I initially didn’t want to say too much about this since I trust my own judgment and can only do so much. Whatever comes next depends on Qi Lei,” Mu Yuchen answered simply.

Ah Mo then nodded. “I understand, Brother!” Keeping quiet, he looked away and continued to stare ahead.

The car traveled for quite a long time before it finally reached its destination.

“Brother, look, it’s Qi Feng’s car!”

Mu Yuchen had just gotten down from the car when Ah Mo already came over with a large umbrella, s.h.i.+elding his tall figure underneath as he hinted at him with his eyes. Following Ah Mo’s gaze to look over, indeed, he saw the two black luxury cars parked ahead.

“Let’s go.” Mu Yuchen’s calm eyes flashed with a chill as he turned and walked up the stairs. The row of people with him swiftly followed. He walked slowly up the flight of stairs. After a while, he saw a figure standing before the tombstone.

Dressed in a black sweats.h.i.+rt with a black cap on his head, he sat quietly in his wheelchair while bathing in the bleak and cold rain as he stared at the tombstone before him. He slowly bent over and put a bouquet of calla lilies before Mu Lingtian’s tombstone.

“All of you stay here,” Mu Yuchen said calmly and reached out to take the black umbrella in Ah Mo’s hand before he continued walking ahead.

Ah Mo turned to gesture at the people behind him, and they all knowingly stood on both sides to guard the crossing.

The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1003 - Mu Yuchen vs Qi Feng (1)

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