The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1216 - Fall Out Once Again! (2)

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Chapter 1216: Fall Out Once Again! (2)

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He just smiled as his eyes exuded a mysterious charm. He did not deny it.

“Ah Bo found something very interesting during his investigation. Although there’s still a need for verification, these hints confirmed my suspicion.”

Interesting things?

Xi Xiaye frowned, but she could not figure it out. She took a sip of her juice and then said, “Well, you should still be careful. Just like you said, Doris isn’t an easy opponent. I’m not sure what she’ll do if she finds out.

“Regarding Zhou Zimo’s matter…is there anything that I can help with? You’ve been staying here for so long that our son’s been looking everywhere for you before he goes to sleep every night.” She looked at him.

“I’ll leave things over there to you. Our sons…” Mu Yuchen lowered his head and took a deep breath, “Zimo can’t handle it alone here. I have to look after him.”

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Don’t worry. I don’t mean it that way. I understand Zhou Zimo and you are good friends, so it only makes sense for you to help him out…”

Xi Xiaye did not continue because she understood that while Mu Yuchen truly loved her, he was also a loyal friend. Su Chen and Zhou Zimo definitely had an important place in his heart, and it was probably the same in reverse.

Otherwise, Su Chen would not have been so angry.

Xi Xiaye gave it some thought before saying, “Mr. Mu, I support everything that you do without a doubt.”

Mu Yuchen’s expression was gentle as he just sliced up the steak quietly…

Compared to the heartwarming scene here, a storm was brewing over City Z.

The long national day holidays arrived right after the Mid-Autumn Festival, so it should be a relaxing time, but there were some people who were strained.

Qi Kai was not doing well, and City B was not doing any better either. Although the market was closed during this long holiday, they could expect what would happen when the market reopened. The drop in their share prices would be shocking.

Gu Lingsha was still locked up in the police station, so Qi Feng sent a lawyer there to keep an eye on things. The police could not get anything out from Gu Lingsha, so all they could do was just supervise her.

The weather was getting cold as autumn arrived, especially during such a windy and cloudy day.

Qi Feng’s mood was similar to the weather. When Morrison helped him into the police station, his expression was calm.

“Master, Missus is right inside. Her emotions are a little unstable…” Morrison suddenly stopped as they arrived at the door.

Qi Feng glanced at the door before him. “Open it.”

Morrison then opened the door as ordered.

Only Gu Lingsha was inside the interrogation room. She was grabbing her hair as her whole body was curled up.

She looked towards the door when she heard noises.

Her black hair was totally messed up while her pretty little face was pale and she seemed exhausted. It was obvious that her past few days had been horrible.

“Ah Feng, you’re here!”

She stood up immediately the moment she saw Qi Feng and her eyes widened as she looked at him. Her gaze was filled with helplessness.

“Why are you only here now? Why did you just come?!”

Dumbfounded, Qi Feng took a deep breath and glanced at Morrison who quickly moved him closer towards Gu Lingsha so that he was stopped right opposite her.

“Leave us for now,” Qi Feng looked at Gu Lingsha as he spoke to Morrison.

Morrison glanced through the interrogation room before whispering to Qi Feng, “Master, there are no security cameras here.”

Qi Feng nodded and Morrison quickly left the room.

“Ah Feng!” Gu Lingsha calmed down a little after she heard the sound of the door closing. She called out to him again before speaking up angrily, “I really didn’t take drugs. Those aren’t mine! It must be that witch Xi Xiaye who framed me. Just look at how confident she seemed that night. She must have planned this!”

Gu Lingsha kept thinking about it these past few days. She realized that it was not a coincidence, so she came to the conclusion that Xi Xiaye had framed her!

Moreover, Xi Xiaye was the only one who could have gotten close to her that night. Who else could have hated her so much to frame her like this?

Gu Lingsha’s hatred towards Xi Xiaye only grew every day, especially in the past few days. Qi Feng did not visit her at all and only got lawyers to see her. Although she had been asked to calm down and refrain from speaking too much, Doris still sent someone over to check up on her, but Gu Qiwu was nowhere to be seen at all!

“Framing…you’ll need to prove that you’re being framed. The police found those stuff in your bag and your blood samples proved that as well. Shasha, how can you prove that Xi Xiaye framed you?”

While Qi Feng was worried about Gu Lingsha, her unreasonable release of anger annoyed him.

“It’s her! It must be her! Who else would’ve done that except her? Do you think there’s someone else? Didn’t you see how cheeky she was acting that night? She probably planned it all along! Ah Feng, you told me that you’d take revenge for me. How did things turn out like this? Xi Xiaye is fine, yet I’m stuck here…” Gu Lingsha’s angry tone was filled with suspicion.

The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1216 - Fall Out Once Again! (2)

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