The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 999 - Pathetic Gu Lingsha (4)

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Chapter 999: Pathetic Gu Lingsha (4)

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She would also admit that she had gotten together with Qi Feng in a huff, but afterward, she realized that she had really fallen for him.

She liked the way he was tolerant, handsome, and had the gentleness and warmth that Mu Yuchen could never give her. However, deep down, Mu Yuchen always had a special place in her heart. Because of that, she hated him even more after the incident.

She had never mentioned this burden hidden in her heart for many years, and she had never expressed it. Right now, she unexpectedly revealed it all, actually taking herself by shock. Even she found herself saying these weird.

He frowned at her and said coldly, “I don’t like answering hypothetical questions.”

“I want you to answer me.” Gu Lingsha really wanted to know the answer to this, she could not help but reach out and hold Mu Yuchen’s sleeves. His uniquely cold aura came through. It was the same as she remembered. Her head felt heavier and there was a heated feeling bubbling in her chest. When she saw that his side profile looked even colder underneath the dim lights, she felt even more attracted instead and wanted to move closer, so she looked up at him with dazed blue eyes.

“I won’t,” he answered frankly. When he looked down at the sleeve in her hand, his handsome brows subconsciously frowned as something flashed in his eyes. He did not shake her off and silently tried to pull away instead. Then, he glared at her and said coldly, “You’re drunk. Let go.”

“I’m not letting go! I’m not drunk! You’re lying to me! I don’t believe you! Would you really have agreed to marry me for any other reason?” Gu Lingsha clutched on tighter while her eyes could not help but tear up. She took a deep breath and looked at him with mixed emotions in her eyes. There was resentment, frustration, and weakness as she said with a slightly raspy voice, “Our fates weren’t supposed to be like this. If you had chosen me back then, no one would be suffering right now. I could also be a really good wife! I’m not happy! I, Gu Lingsha, am the beloved daughter of the Hui Gu Corporation and a royal British descendant from my mother’s lineage. Whether it’s looks or capabilities, how do I not match up to you?”

“I’m not as pure and holy as you think. To achieve my own aims, I could also be someone who uses despicable tricks. With regards to the marriage, I told you before that if you really want to think that there were other reasons, I can’t help it,” Mu Yuchen said in a lukewarm tone. His gaze at Gu Lingsha did not waver, making her feel extremely pained.

“Besides, not everyone can control their own fate. If you’re really unhappy or if you feel wronged or even angry, then you’ll just have to blame it on your bad luck. You can also say that it was bad luck that both of us did not cross paths. When it comes to relations.h.i.+ps, we are two parallels that will never intersect.”

“Shut up!” Gu Lingsha had never felt this low. For some reason, she had exposed all of her vulnerabilities before him today, but this cruel man was saying these things to her without even a simple word of comfort. As a result, she was extremely angry and upset.

She, Gu Lingsha, was G.o.d’s favored daughter. All these years, so many men could not resist her beauty. Tragically, her family background, her looks, and that pride of hers had fallen to negative levels before him. It was a contrast not anyone could fathom.

Perhaps people like her had such a weakness. The more they could not have something, the more they wanted it. The more she could not get his fancy, the more she craved it. She could get Qi Feng, Qi Lei, and even Lingtian’s heart. Alas, she only could not get Mu Yuchen to even spare her a second look! From then on, all of the tragedies revolved around him. They were all because of him. Who could ever understand how she felt?

“You never tried to be with me, to begin with, so how would you know that we didn’t have a chance? Just based on our marriage contract, you should have cared more about me. Don’t you understand? Back then, wasn’t Xi Xiaye also hurt terribly by Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi? If you can understand her pain, why can’t you empathize with this wound in my heart? Yes, I thank you for willingly letting me be with Qi Feng, but I hate the way you look when you’re trying to shake me off like you’re tossing away a burden!”

Gu Lingsha seemed to have been suddenly triggered. She lost control and went off on a mad ramble. The pounding heart in her chest made her stagger a little, so she held on tightly to his sleeve as she leaned towards him.

“The fact that you think this way means you’re ill. You need to be healed. Let go. Don’t make me say it a third time!” Mu Yuchen’s voice instantly turned chilly.

“I’m not letting go…I feel terrible…Could you just hug me for a while? Just for a bit?”

Gu Lingsha felt warm all over as she breathed heavily and suddenly felt terrible from head to toe. Her head felt like lead and it was as if it was filled with Mu Yuchen. She could not help but reach out to hold Mu Yuchen’s arm and lean in. Her blue eyes flashed with the mistiness of hope and regret. The emptiness made her lose her self control, so she wanted to recklessly throw herself onto Mu Yuchen.

“Let go!”

She was quite strong. Mu Yuchen wanted to push her away, yet she seemed to have lost all rationality, only having sight for Mu Yuchen’s face.


Amidst the struggling, Mu Yuchen accidentally hit a pot that fell to the ground. A crisp shatter was heard, alarming the people inside, so they quickly rushed out.


At this moment, Mu Yuchen pushed Gu Lingsha away hard too. Because he was too strong, she lost her footing and staggered before she fell to the ground. She cried out in alarm. The cold of the floor made Gu Lingsha a little clearer-headed, yet because of the jostling and tugging about earlier, her gown was a little wrinkled now and the pink straps on her shoulders had slid down!

“Master, are you okay!” Li Si quickly rushed up and asked in concern.

Mu Yuchen’s expression was gloomy while his dark eyes were filled with disgust. He scowled at Gu Lingsha on the ground, his upset reaction evident.

As the crowd who came to watch seemed to have guessed what happened, Gu Lingsha’s clothes were a mess as she was looking at Mu Yuchen in a daze. Mu Yuchen seemed upset, and his eyes were filled with disgust. This all meant that…

The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 999 - Pathetic Gu Lingsha (4)

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