Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1900 - I'll Bring You Out!

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Chapter 1900: I’ll Bring You Out!

“Goodness me, what a handsome little brother! Quickly come in and take a look! Our Carefree Grove is a pleasure town, guarantee that you’ll have such a good time that you’ll forget to go back.”

The moment Ye Yuan arrived at Carefree Grove, a middle-aged woman who had partly lost her good looks immediately came up to drag him, forcefully dragging him inside.

Ye Yuan looked at the madame and asked, “Does your place have a girl called Jiang Haitang?”

The moment the madam heard, she immediately became vigilant and looked at Ye Yuan profoundly as she said smilingly, “Young Master, this is a thorned rose. Although she looks ravis.h.i.+ng, her personality is fierce like a fire! We have plenty of fine girls here, so why don’t … Sir change to another one?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “This young master likes wild horses, I want her. Arrange for a room and bring over for me.”

The madam narrowed her eye and said with a nod, “Since Young Master likes it, that’s fine as well. Come, men, bring this Sir up to the main room.”

At this time, a hustler jogged over and led Ye Yuan into the main room.

These lands of pleasure were similarly very well-received among martial artists.

The journey of cultivation was extremely dreary, not everyone could focus wholeheartedly on Dao.

After some martial artists with mediocre talent reached a certain realm, it was very hard to have breakthroughs again, and they would naturally be reluctant to part with the splendor of the world.

This kind of martial artist was actually in the vast majority.

Walking along the way, Ye Yuan discovered that this Carefree Grove’s business was really popular.

The looks of the girls here were rather outstanding. Furthermore, each and every one of their cultivation was not weak, making Ye Yuan very surprised.

Cultivation reached the Divine Lord Realm, even the Celestial Deity Realm, how could one be willing to come here and be reduced to the playthings of men?

Ye Yuan maintained his composure and arrived in a fine room, the decoration inside was extremely luxurious.

Before long, two burly men escorted a girl and pushed open the door to the room.

Ye Yuan focused his eyes and looked over, but saw that this girl was thin and pallid, quite a number of bruises faintly on her face.

Her hands and legs even had handcuffs and shackles.

But before coming here, she had clearly been tidied up meticulously, concealing quite a bit.

Although haggard looking, the stubbornness and resolve to die in this girl’s eyes could not be concealed no matter what.

Ye Yuan took a glance and could not help but sigh in his heart.

After entering, that girl glared at Ye Yuan.

If looks could kill, Ye Yuan would have already died several times over.

But Ye Yuan was indifferent and said coolly, “Unlock her handcuffs and anklets.”

Those two burly men were taken aback and said hesitantly, “This … isn’t appropriate, right? Sir, this la.s.s is very fierce and has already injured many guests.”

Ye Yuan said, “Do you guys feel that she, a la.s.s whose divine sea is sealed, can hurt me?”

One of them thought about it and still released Jiang Haitang’s restraints, and said with a cold snort, “Be more obedient! If you still dared to be impolite toward guests, you know the outcome!”

Finished talking, those two burly men went out.

Ye Yuan poured himself a cup of wine and also poured a cup of wine for the empty seat opposite and did an inviting gesture, saying with a smile, “Sit down and talk, drink a cup of wine to calm your nerves.”

Jiang Haitang did not sit. She looked at Ye Yuan and said with a cold smile, “Shameless thing, want to use alcohol to knock me out? Dream on!”

Ye Yuan just smiled when he heard that. Downing the cup in one gulp himself, he smiled and said, “You’re called Jiang Haitang?”

“So what?”

“Your father is Jiang Jadehall?”

Jiang Haitang’s face changed and she said in a cold voice, “Who are you?”

Ye Yuan looked at her and said smilingly, “800 years, Fourth Firmament Celestial Deity, not bad, not bad! Looks like the effect of the Supreme Jade Void Pill has already been brought to play completely.”

With this, Jiang Haitang really got a shock.

She looked at Ye Yuan and said with unbelievable shock: “You … who the h.e.l.l are you? Why would you know that I’ve taken the Supreme Jade Void Pill before?”

The matter of Jiang Haitang having once taken a divine-grade Supreme Jade Void Pill was only known by her and her father, two people.

Then, how did this young man in front of her knew?

Unless …

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You’ve already guessed it, haven’t you?”

Jiang Haitang stared fixedly at Ye Yuan and said in disbelief, “You … You’re Ye Yuan? Impossible! My father told me that when you left Heavenly Eagle Imperial City, you were merely a First Firmament Divine Lord. It has only been a few hundred years, how can you possibly cultivate to be a Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity? Unless … Unless you consumed a Celestial Deity Dao Fruit?”

Ye Yuan made another inviting gesture, indicating for her to sit down and talk.

This time, Jiang Haitang did not refuse, sitting down opposite Ye Yuan.

Except, she still did not drink alcohol.

Ye Yuan could perceive that she still had a vigilant heart towards him.

Looks like Jiang Jadehall being thrown into jail and her being captured in a brothel made her produce an intense vigilant mentality toward everyone.

“Reach your hand out,” Ye Yuan said.

Jiang Haitang was taken aback but still extended an arm out as he said.

Ye Yuan reached his hand out and put it on Jiang Haitang’s pulse, and slowly closed his eyes.

Before long, he opened his eyes and said with a nod, “Not bad, it’s indeed the Supreme Jade Void Pill that I refined.”

Jiang Haitang was taken aback and said, “You suspected me?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Just like you doubt me, I’ll naturally suspect you too.”

Jiang Haitang thought about it and said with a nod, “Alright, but I’ve already consumed the Supreme Jade Void Pill for eight to nine hundred years, you can tell whether I’m Jiang Haitang or not just by reading my pulse? Or … are you tricking me?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “The medicinal strength of divine-grade medicinal pills won’t dissipate so quickly. I believe that you’ve already felt the benefits of this medicinal pill. Higher grade void spirit divine pills, even vast spirit divine pills, can even affect martial artists for all their lives. The medicinal pills that I refined myself, I naturally have a score in my heart.”

Jiang Haitang knew that what Ye Yuan said was right. With her talent, it was originally impossible to cultivate to be a Fourth Firmament Celestial Deity so quickly.

These few years, during cultivation, the power of the Supreme Jade Void Pill still played a role at crucial moments. That was how it let her break through bottlenecks faster.

One had to know, Jiang Haitang’s current strength already caught up to Jiang Jadehall!

This kind of improvement speed was unimaginable to the previous her.

“T-Thank you!” Jiang Haitang said.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “It is already my luck that you don’t hate me. If not for me, your father also wouldn’t have been thrown into the death cell either, and you also wouldn’t have been reduced to such a plight.”

But Jiang Haitang shook her head and said, “You don’t have to be like this. My father said that he owes you a great favor. His promise to you must be fulfilled! I know that he did it all for my sake …”

Talking up to here, Jiang Haitang’s tears could not hold back anymore, flowing down akin to a dam that opened up.

Ye Yuan sighed and said, “Brother Jiang is truly trustworthy! You rest a.s.sured, I absolutely won’t let Brother Jiang die just like this. Rather, it’s you . . how could you be foolish enough to ask a tiger for its skin?”

Jiang Haitang cried bitterly and said through sobs, “I … I really had no choice.”

Hearing Jiang Haitang’s tearful complaint, Ye Yuan’s fury was ignited once more.

It turned out that Jiang Haitang went to find Yu Jinsong that day, but she was requested by him to offer her body to him before he was willing to let Jiang Jadehall out.

Jiang Haitang’s personality was staunch with moral integrity and was unwilling to submit. Who knew that Yu Jinsong lit a Souleater Incense in the room.

He drugged Jiang Haitang and sullied her innocence, and even sealed her divine sea, sending her to Carefree Grove.

Jiang Haitang’s temperament was staunch with moral integrity and already long harbored the resolve to die. It was just that Jiang Jadehall’s life and death were unknown, that was why she dragged out an ignorable existence to this date.

Ye Yuan sighed again after listening until the end. Pulling Jiang Haitang’s hand, he said, “Come, I’ll bring you out.”

Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1900 - I'll Bring You Out!

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