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Chapter 2080: Lowly

At the Grand Pill Establishment, Empyrean Loneswan was more and more respectful in front of Ye Yuan.

During this one year, Ye Yuan brought him to tour the extreme north’s territories and challenged the various mighty Seven-star Alchemy G.o.ds. There was not a single defeat.

Even the extreme north’s number one person, Empyrean Xiao Yu, also completely lost to Ye Yuan.

Of course, during this one year, Empyrean Loneswan gleaned immense benefits by following Ye Yuan’s side.

He was an Empyrean to begin with. He was even more sensitive toward the flow of Dao.

The realm that Ye Yuan displayed made him have a feeling of suddenly seeing the light.

Coupled with Ye Yuan’s guidance normally, Empyrean Loneswan was already just a step away from the middle-stage Dao Realm.

At present, he felt incomparably joyful regarding his own decisive decision.

So what if he was an Empyrean?

Putting down those vague and insubstantial pride and acknowledging an exceptional teacher beats several thousand years of bitter cultivation!

“Master, it’s likely not appropriate for us to isolate the Ice Cloud Tower like this, right? No matter what, she’s an Empyrean powerhouse too. At this rate, I’m afraid that she’ll be detrimental to you!” Empyrean Loneswan said cautiously.

Ye Yuan could tell that Empyrean Loneswan was really concerned about his safety.

But he did not take it to heart and just said coolly, “No worries. Just based on her, she can’t harm me yet. Oh, right. Help me spread this piece of news out, saying that Master wants to refine a furnace of medicinal pills and require the Profound Yin Divine Physique to a.s.sist by the side. If there’s a Profound Yin Divine Physique that comes forth, Master will definitely show generous thanks.”

The moment Empyrean Loneswan heard, he could not help revealing a strange look as he said, “This …Tthere’s a Profound Yin Divine Physique inside that Ice Cloud Tower!”

Ye Yuan revealed a look of surprise and said, “Oh? So coincidental? Forget it, let that old lady get off cheap then. If she can have that Profound Yin Divine Physique come to help me refine pills, this matter will be dropped just like that. Oh, right, this piece of news still needs to be spread. Make that old lady come find us; don’t make it like we’re rus.h.i.+ng to beg them.”

“Yes, Master!” Empyrean Loneswan received the order and left.

Ye Yuan naturally said these words on purpose.

Toward Empyrean Loneswan, Ye Yuan still could not trust completely yet.

After all, those who were able to corroborate their Dao and take the seat of an Empyrean in this Jiu Luo Ji, which one was simple?

Once anything went wrong with this matter, Ye Yuan had the means to protect himself. But wanting to save Lu-er would become extremely difficult.

Traveling along the way for several decades, Ye Yuan had long planned everything out.

Empyrean Ice Cloud was not on guard against him at all, but he knew about Empyrean Ice Cloud like the back of his hands.

He sought out a Profound Yin Divine Physique to a.s.sist in pill refinement with the name of a grandmaster, this was also commonly seen in alchemy and would not arouse people’s suspicions.

Everything that Ye Yuan did previously was all for the sake of this scheme today.

He wanted to make Empyrean Ice Cloud send Lu-er over willingly!

It was just that Loneswan’s action of acknowledging a master made his plan go a little easier.

Sure enough, the moment the news was spread, Empyrean Ice Cloud ran over.

Just lending for a few days, Empyrean Ice Cloud naturally would not let go of this chance to get on friendly terms with Ye Yuan.

“The incident previously was all Ice Cloud failing to see your true ability despite having eyes. I heard that Master Ji requires the a.s.sistance of a Profound Yin Divine Physique in pill refinement. Our Ice Cloud Tower just happens to have a disciple that’s of the Profound Yin Divine Physique. Ice Cloud is willing to lend her to Master Ji to refine pills. I hope that Master Ji won’t bear a grudge against Ice Cloud anymore and let the Ice Cloud Tower off,” Empyrean Ice Cloud Tower said with a fawning smile.

Ye Yuan had long seen through that this Empyrean Ice Cloud was an old lady who bullied the weak but feared the strong.

Vast Wind a.s.semble was strong, so she delivered her disciple up with both hands.

Previously, being displeased at the sight of Ye Yuan was because she still had not reached the end of her ropes.

But now, she saw Ye Yuan’s true strength. So, she yielded.

How could the coldness and pride from before still be seen at this time?

If one did not know, one would even think that this Empyrean Ice Cloud was the neighbor’s mother, being very cordial.

Looking at this face, Ye Yuan only felt disgust. Lu-er actually acknowledged such a person as master; Lu-er truly had eyes but could not see.

“Humph! Since this Ji made my first appearance in the world, I’ve yet to be looked down upon by people like this before. So what if Empyrean? This Ji can’t tell how many Empyreans I’ve seen before, which one isn’t reverent and respectful towards this Ji? Only Lord Ice Cloud turns your nose up at this Ji!”

Act out the full thing when putting on a show. Ye Yuan naturally would not relax his bite so easily.

These Empyreans were all extremely cunning. Since he played the role of this arrogant character, then be arrogant until the end.

If he let things go so easily, it would arouse people’s suspicions instead.

At the very least, he had to make Empyrean Ice Cloud feel that refining pills were just in pa.s.sing, it was not essential.

Empyrean Ice Cloud had an awkward look on her face and she said, “What Master Ji said is right. Actually … after the matter that day, Ice Cloud has always regretted it too. It’s just that …”

“It’s just that you felt that you still had a way out and didn’t have the need to lower your head to a mere True G.o.d Realm, is it?” Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile.

Empyrean Ice Cloud was even more embarra.s.sed when she heard that. She suddenly felt that although this Ye Yuan was haughty, he was actually extremely scheming and not the kind of silkpants who looked down on everyone.

Just looking at his actions in the extreme north, she could tell that the other party advanced gradually and entrenched himself at every step, all the way until he forced her into a desperate situation.

Thinking up to here, Empyrean Ice Cloud became even more respectful in her heart.

She was born with this mindset: if you were strong, she would be weak, but if you were weak, she would be strong.

“This … It was all Ice Cloud’s fault. I only hope that I can make up for it a little. Ice Cloud hopes that Master Ji can provide this opportunity,” Empyrean Ice Cloud said respectfully.

But Ye Yuan said coolly, “I can give you the opportunity, but your Ice Cloud Tower’s medicinal pills, the price will increase 10% more than other factions! Don’t use that kind of expression to look at me. This is your punishment! You don’t think that by sending a Profound Yin Divine Physique over to refine pills, our enmity can be wiped clean off the slate, right?”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Ice Cloud had an impulse to vomit blood.

To Empyrean factions, the medicinal pills that they expended every year were very considerable.

10% price did not look like much but acc.u.mulated, it would be very horrifying.

And this was all money thrown away!

However, being able to purchase medicinal pills, this was already a substantial step that was taken.

Actually, Empyrean Ice Cloud did not care too much about whether or not she could purchase rank five and rank six medicinal pills.

But the rank seven medicinal pills that Empyrean Loneswan refined, she could not survive without them!

Ice Cloud already heard that during this one year period, Empyrean Loneswan’s strength advanced greatly. Many medicinal pills that he could not refine in the past, he could refine them now.

This was simply a piece of ma.s.sive good news to them, these Empyreans.

Disciples were just tools to earn money for them. Only their own strength becoming powerful was important!

“Many thanks to Master Ji for giving Ice Cloud this opportunity. I wonder when Master will be refining the pill, so that Ice Cloud can have people bring the Profound Yin Divine Physique over.”

Ice Cloud already could not wait to send Lu-er over.

But Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “No hurry. This medicinal pill is very hard to refine. This Ji still has to prepare. After three days, you just get people to send her over then! Why? You aren’t willing?”

As Ye Yuan said those words, he discovered that Empyrean Ice Cloud wanted to speak but swallowed the words back. Ye Yuan could not help furrowing his brows.

Empyrean Ice Cloud jumped in fright and hurriedly waved her hands and said, “No, no, no! Ice Cloud dare not! It’s just that … about Ice Cloud’s disciple, Vast Wind a.s.semble’s Feng Tianyang took fancy on her, but she isn’t willing, threatening with death at every turn. Ice Cloud is afraid that she’ll make use of this chance to escape, so …”

Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2080 - Lowly

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