Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2140 - Big Brother Tian is Very Awe-inspiring

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Chapter 2140: Big Brother Tian is Very Awe-inspiring

Terrific lad!

Long Chun unexpectedly bursting out this sentence frightened Long Xun until he fainted and regained consciousness several times.

Long Xun three people’s faces changed greatly.


Long Xun directly gave a blow to the back of Long Chun’s head, nearly beating him to the ground.

“Disrespectful! To dare speak to Lord Ye Yuan like this, are you tired of living?”

Long Xun reproached Long Chun fiercely, then turned around and put on a smiling face as he hurriedly said, “Your Excellency, this child is insensible. Please don’t stoop to his level.”

“L-Lord? This guy is merely an Eighth Firmament True G.o.d human, even inferior to me. Why are you, Big Brother Xun, calling him lord?” Long Chun had a doubtful face.

Not just Long Chun, the others all looked at Long Xun with great surprise.

What kind of character was their Big Brother Xun? He actually bowed his head in submission and was obedient toward a human who was not strong, saying yes repeatedly with servility.

Long Xun wished to smack Long Chun to death with one slap right now. He roared angrily at Long Chun and said, “What? Not even listening to Big Brother Xun’s words anymore, is it? Call him His Excellency! From today onwards, Lord Ye is our boss!”

Long Chun and the rest exchanged glances, clearly somewhat hesitating.

But in the end, they still chose to listen to Long Xun’s words and called out.


Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “Big Brother Xun is still your boss. I don’t have the spare time to be your boss.”

Long Xun hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, yes, what kind of character is Your Excellency? Why would you take fancy on being a boss? That … Your Excellency, your meaning just now is … you think nothing of Empyreans too?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Think nothing of them or not, I’ll only know after having a crack at him. Alright, find a secluded place. I’m going into a closed-seclusion.”

Along the way, Ye Yuan hunted many abyss monsters again. The harvest was enough for him to be in a closed-seclusion for a while.

After Ye Yuan left, the baffled looking Long Chun finally could not resist opening his mouth and asking, “Big Brother Xun, this … What in the world is going on here?”

Long Xun looked at him fiercely and said, “If you don’t want to die, shut your mouth for me! You don’t look at how he’s only Eighth Firmament True G.o.d. If he wants to annihilate us, one finger is enough!”

Long Chun still did not believe this as he said, “Eighth Firmament True G.o.d? One finger to wipe us out? Huhu, Big Brother Xun, you really know how to joke!”

“Who is freaking joking with you? You didn’t see His Excellency taking action! Do you know how we came back along the way?” When Long Qing was saying this, his face still carried an intense look of fear.

“How did you return? Could it be that you didn’t walk back?”

Long Qing smiled coldly and said, “We walked back, but he also killed all the way back! Along the way, the abyss monsters that died in His Excellency’s hands are no less than a thousand!”

“What? How is this possible!” Everyone had a look of disbelief.

Long Xun laughed coldly and said, “Believing it or not is up to you guys! The three of us saw it with our own eyes, so could it still be fake? Don’t blame me for not warning you guys. If you all want to seek death, feel free to go and provoke him!”

Long Xun swung his hands and left, leaving behind the crowd with dumbfounded faces.

… …

Long Xun had already lived in Dragon Eye Cave for a long time and indeed had some ability.

This camp was in the abyss monsters’ no-mans-land and there were actually no abyss monsters that came close. It was rather quiet, perfect for Ye Yuan’s closed-seclusion.

Ye Yuan refined the tarnished black devil crystals; his realm also slowly stepped closer to Ninth Firmament True G.o.d Realm.

Three months later, Long Zhaotian brought a group of people and came fighting to the doorstep.

“Long Xun, looks like you won’t shed tears without seeing the coffin! Today, Big Brother Tian, I, will trample your camp!” Long Zhaotian was awe-inspiring as he shouted.

Long Xun said in a cold voice, “Long Zhaotian! You took advantage of the fact that I wasn’t around and injured my, Big Brother Xun’s, brothers! This score, we should also settle it properly!”

Long Zhaotian laughed loudly and said, “Long Xun, looks like you still haven’t figured out the situation! Let me tell you, our boss is an Empyrean Realm powerhouse. You dared to defy her elderly self, you’re dead for sure!”

Long Xun similarly laughed loudly and said, “It’s you who didn’t figure out the situation! Do you think that only you found a backer? On Big Brother Xun’s trip out, I also found a backer!”

Long Zhaotian’s expression changed, extremely surprised in his heart.

This guy wasn’t putting up a bold front, right?

“Hahaha, Long Xun, do you think that you can scare me, Big Brother Tian, away with one sentence? You acknowledged a boss? Call him out. This father of yours will pummel him to a pig’s head!” Long Zhaotian said with a loud laugh.

He completely did not believe that Long Xun found an expert too. How could there be such a coincidental thing?

He just found an expert here and an expert popped out on Long Xun’s side too?

“Oh? It’s you who said that you’re going to pummel me into a pig’s head?” A figure landed, looking at Long Zhaotian very calmly. It was precisely Ye Yuan.

“Ye Yuan!” When Long Xun and the rest saw Ye Yuan, they hurriedly bowed in salute.

When Long Zhaotian saw Ye Yuan, he was first stunned, then immediately burst out laughing.

“Hahaha … Long Xun, this is the expert that you found? A human, and it’s even an Eighth Firmament True G.o.d? Hahaha … So formidable! I’m so scared! Brothers, let’s hurry up and tuck our tails between our legs and run. The boss that they found is really too scary!”

Long Zhaotian laughed wildly, but his words were full of ridicule. Naturally, there was not a hint of really being scared.

Just an Eighth Firmament True G.o.d, so why would he take him seriously?

Long Zhaotian’s subordinates immediately pandered to it.

“Yeah, we’re so scared! This boss, you mustn’t make a move. We’re afraid that we can’t hold out.”

“Hahaha … Eighth Firmament True G.o.d, I’m really so scared!”

“Long Xun, you’re really declining with each pa.s.sing day, to actually find an Eighth Firmament True G.o.d to deceive yourself as well as others.”

… …

The other party mocked away, but Long Xun responded with a cold smile.


Laugh to your heart’s content!

A while more, you guys probably won’t even have the strength to cry!

Recalling when he saw Ye Yuan back then, didn’t they also had this kind of expression?

But later, their faces were slapped resoundingly.

This Long Zhaotian was posturing in front of His Excellency and even said that he was going to beat His Excellency to a pig’s head, heh heh

“Laughed enough?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Long Zhaotian laughed hard without ceasing and said, “Haven’t laughed enough yet. Let me laugh a while more. You just be happy for now. Otherwise, you’d already be pummeled to a pig’s head now by Your Father!”


His voice had yet to fade when a fist already landed on Long Zhaotian’s face, sending him flying out.

With Long Zhaotian’s peak rank six cultivation realm, he could not react in time at all.

Several months had pa.s.sed, Ye Yuan’s current strength already steadily closed in on middle-stage Eighth Firmament True G.o.d, how much stronger was it compared to back then?

If not for him reining in his strength, Long Zhaotian would already be utterly dead.

Ye Yuan knew that these people stuck together and helped each other out inside the Dragon Eye Cave.

Although both sides were on bad terms, they would not really fight to the death.

Otherwise, just this bit of people, even if the abyss monsters did not kill them, they would have long wiped themselves out by themselves.

Bang, bang, bang

The tempest-like fists landed on Long Zhaotian’s body, each fist not leaving his face.

In several breaths, Long Zhaotian became a complete and utter pig’s head.

The smiles of those subordinates were still stiff on their faces at this time, but could not smile no matter anymore.

Long Tian said that he was going to pummel him to a pig’s head, but in a blink, he was beaten to a pig’s head by him …

Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2140 - Big Brother Tian is Very Awe-inspiring

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