Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 143 - There Isn’t Even A Single One Who Can Fight?

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Chapter 143: There Isn’t Even A Single One Who Can Fight?

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Feng Lin’s opponent did all he could and manifested many clones of light and shadow to dazzle his vision. Sadly, it was useless to Feng Lin’s mental energy that could penetrate everything.

The light and shadow dissipated, and his opponent who was hypnotized walked down the dueling platform and only returned to his senses after a long time.

At this moment, Feng Lin had already left.

His opponent didn’t say anything and could only depart in heavy spirits.

This was a suppression due to an absolute disparity in strength, causing his opponent to feel true despair.

It was like before a heavenly sent disaster, any plans and methods could only be a joke.

“Feng Lin, victory. Time taken: 15 seconds!”

Feng Lin once again insta-killed his opponent, inciting a wave of commotion.

Very swiftly, the crowd soon discovered that this was merely the beginning!

“Feng Lin, victory! Time taken: 12 seconds!”

Another insta-kill with a single glance.

“Feng Lin, victory! Time taken: 10 seconds!”

Feng Lin’s latest opponent just walked up to the platform and soon went down helplessly, conceding right away.

Everything seemed like a joke.

From the start to the end, Feng Lin didn’t even launch a single attack. Not a single person was able to last past 15 seconds, as they were all instantly hypnotized and conceded.

“Too powerful!” Although Feng Li and Feng Jinpeng were still on the battlefield and were also existences that were supreme geniuses, capable of defeating their opponents with a single move, Feng Lin still attracted the attention of many.

The others had to launch attacks, and their opponents were able to either evade or defend against it. But Feng Lin merely needed a single glance to defeat his opponent.

Just this point alone caused many to view him with fear and trepidation.

“Young Master Feng, what do you think of Feng Lin?” The clan leader saw Feng Lin’s tyrannical performance. His heart stirred and consulted the demonically handsome young man beside him.

“He’s very powerful!” The young man tilted his head and contemplated, before giving a high evaluation.

“What?” The clan leader was shocked. He was very clear of this Young Master Feng’s origin. Young Master Feng’s status was extremely esteemed, and to him, the cultivation standards here in the solar system could be considered so low that he didn’t even want to glance at it. Yet, he actually gave Feng Lin such a high evaluation?

Could it be that Feng Lin’s strength was comparable to his?

It appeared as though he guessed the clan leader’s thoughts. The demonically handsome young man rolled his eyes and calmly spoke, “You are thinking too much. How can the b.u.mpkins of this solar system be comparable to me? Although the solar system seems vast, it’s still ultimately too tiny and inconsequential in the perspective of the entire universe. Other than this place being slightly special due to it being the origins of humans, there’s no value here at all.

“You guys are trapped inside the solar system and can be treated as frogs at the bottom of a well, not knowing the vastness of the starry s.p.a.ce and the strength of true geniuses which most definitely exceeds your wildest imagination. I said this young man is very strong because he became an interstellar cultivator at the age of seventeen and is considered very rare in your solar system. The others wouldn’t be able to defeat him so easily, but that’s just it.

“You must know that such standards in the interstellar s.p.a.ce can at most be considered below average. Only those who can become elite cultivators by the age of eighteen can be considered an impressive character…”

The young man sneered, mocking the delusion of the clan leader.

Not only was the clan leader not angered, but he had a look on his face like as though it should be so. He then asked again, “Young Master Feng, in that case, can you evaluate Feng Lin’s potential?”

The demonically handsome young man surveyed Feng Lin. He thought about it a little before replied, “If I didn’t judge wrongly, this Feng Lin should have awakened the mental gene and strengthened it to an extremely high level. Mental energy can control one’s thoughts and consciousness, making him a terrifying opponent.

“Moreover, the mental energy of this Feng Lin is extremely powerful and only those at the same level as him would have the ability to resist. For those who are weaker than him, they don’t even have the strength to stand before him, let alone fighting him.

“As a unique aspect of cultivators that have awakened spiritual-type genes, their mental energy can instantly gush forth in a formless manner and hypnotize everyone, causing their opponents to lose even before they fight. There’s a saying in the interstellar s.p.a.ce, describing spiritual cultivators. ‘Those who don’t dare to look me in the eyes are all considered ants!'”

He calmly spoke, a.n.a.lyzing and explaining the unique style in Feng Lin’s combat style.

The young man then continued, making another judgment. “Mental Gene is only a basic-level gene. Since this Feng Lin can become an interstellar cultivator, he must have also awakened an extremely powerful primeval gene. The aura of his body is completely one with the universe. Maybe only a few individuals like Feng Li and Feng Jinpeng would be able to force him to display his true power!”

“I see.” The clan leader nodded repeatedly as though he was benefiting from a lecture.

He activated the A.I. monitoring system and closely observed Feng Lin’s performance as thoughts formed in his heart.

“Next battle, on the number #11 dueling platform, Feng Lin vs Feng Zhen!”

Feng Lin walked over.

“Feng Lin, you…” This time, his opponent was a burly fellow and was preparing to say something.


The air rippled as a powerful wave of mental energy controlled his thoughts.

At the next moment, this burly individual had a blank look on his face and lifted his hand while saying, “I concede.”

Feng Lin walked down the dueling platform, not saying anything from the start to the end.

Next, there was nothing that could stop him.

12 seconds!

11 seconds!

14 seconds!

Feng Lin’s mental energy was vast and mighty, tyrannical to the extreme. He didn’t care who his opponent was, he always settled the fight within 15 seconds with no exceptions.

Before this, the crowd still had expressions of interest as they observed Feng Lin’s performance. But now, all the excitement had faded away.

Although Feng Lin’s performance was shocking, the way his opponents lost was always the same. Was there still any meaning to watch him?

If they didn’t know that this ranking compet.i.tion would affect individual’s glory and their future status in the clan, many people would even feel that those losers were all in cahoots with Feng Lin and had lost to him intentionally.

They wanted to see Feng Lin’s true strength. There was no meaning to watch him abuse the weak.

It was truly lonely to be invincible. It wasn’t that he was too powerful, but in this huge clan, there didn’t seem to be even a single one that could fight.

After experiencing the various battles on Mars and the life-and-death fight with the t.i.tan, this ranking compet.i.tion was simply insignificant in comparison. There was no challenge at all.

After winning for a total of twelve rounds straight, Feng Lin finally met an opponent whose vitality stats reached 9.6. On the surface, it looked that this person could at least be considered an opponent.

This was a cultivator apprentice with a skinny frame. It was already very rare for his vitality stats to reached 9.6. As long as his genes evolved, he would be able to instantly become an interstellar cultivator.

At the instant he saw Feng Lin, it was like he was facing against his greatest enemy. He didn’t waste time talking c.r.a.p and immediately took up a defensive position.

Coiling Snake Style!

His body instantly turned soft and flexible as though he had no bones. He had inherited the Coiling Snake Gene that was inherited by many through the generations of the Feng Clan and guarded himself tightly.

Feng Lin’s mental energy gushed forth, but he couldn’t sense his opponent’s thoughts at all. His opponent’s bio-magnetic field didn’t have the slightest ripple at all. It was like his opponent was already dead.

Seeing the defensive stance his opponent took, Feng Lin’s interest stirred.

Snakes were a type of creature that could enter hibernation, causing their consciousness to sink into a state of extremely deep sleep. It was very tough to hypnotize someone of this state.

In any case, it can be considered pretty interesting!

Feng Lin’s lips curled up in a smile. Did this person think that he only knew how to use mental hypnosis?

Wasn’t this thinking too naive?

Feng Lin lifted a finger and calmly spoke, “You are worthy enough to make me use a single finger!”

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 143 - There Isn’t Even A Single One Who Can Fight?

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