Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 146 - Utter crushing

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Chapter 146: Utter crus.h.i.+ng

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

“2nd dueling platform, Feng Lin vs Feng Zhen!”

Since Feng Lin defeated his opponent too quickly, it would take a total of thirty minutes before the system matched him against another partic.i.p.ant.

Moreover, as the compet.i.tion continued, the strength of the partic.i.p.ants would only increase and the battles would be even more intense. The duration of their battles would become longer as their consumption rate of energy grew larger.

Feng Lin moved up to the dueling platform. And before the fight began, Feng Lin’s opponent was consuming potions of life frenziedly, using this time to replenish his nutrients and energy that he had consumed earlier.

Feng Lin didn’t hurry his opponent, he simply waited by the side while feeling speechless in his heart.

Rounds after rounds, how long would it need? This caused him to feel extremely impatient.

Situations between life and death were the best for training one’s combat prowess and fighting will.

The geniuses in the clan were all nurtured by the clan’s efforts, and things were too easy and comfortable for them. How would they be able to compare to Feng Lin who had tempered himself through real life-and-death situations, fighting in many b.l.o.o.d.y battles?

Hence, this resulted in Feng Lin’s current combat style. It was fine to be relaxed if he didn’t act. But the moment he acted, he would make sure to crush his opponents.

These geniuses from the clan, in Feng Lin’s perspectives, were playing around during combat.

They would even show mercy when exchanging blows and try to avoid harming their opponent’s vital parts. This made him extremely speechless when he saw it.

“Feng Lin, you are a nice person. Next, I will…” This time around, his opponent, Feng Zhen—seeing that Feng Lin was patiently waiting at the side for him—had a good impression of him and wanted to praise him.

“Stop!” Feng Lin stretched his hand out to stop him from continuing. “Don’t speak so much c.r.a.p. Hurry up and begin. After finis.h.i.+ng you off, I still have to prepare for the next battle.”

“You…” All the words he wanted to say were now stuck in his throat. This Feng Zhen was so angry that he actually laughed.

After finis.h.i.+ng me? Preparing for the next battle?

My judgment was truly wrong. I didn’t expect this fellow to be so arrogant.

Do you think you will win against me? Let me make use of your carelessness and give you a complete defeat.

Seeing that Feng Lin hadn’t entered his combat state yet, Feng Zhen coldly laughed and instantly launched an attack with the entirety of his strength.

Thunderfire Shooting Star!

His countenance turned red as all the genetic might he could muster instantly gushed forth, twisting the s.p.a.ce, generating boundless thunder and fire that fell from the sky. The waves of energy were extremely chaotic and were like flood trying to drown Feng Lin within.

Bang, bang, bang!

Feng Lin instantly moved. His punches were like lightning, filling the sky with fist shadows.

That violent thunder and flame had fused into one and struck down, but they were dissipated by Feng Lin’s normal punch.

The remnant thunder crackled uselessly while embers glowed, scattered around Feng Lin. There wasn’t a single charred spot on Feng Lin’s body.

Feng Lin calmly retracted his fists. He stared at the blackened clothes on his body, feeling somewhat speechless.

Although the Stone Monkey Gene was strong and could resist the rush of different types of energy properties, this ability couldn’t extend to his clothes.

“What?” Feng Zhen was completely stunned as he had never seen such a strong body that could ignore the rush of impact from thunder and fire.

Wasn’t this simply invincible?


Feng Lin was lazy to talk nonsense. His figure flashed, transforming into a series of after-images as he moved toward Feng Zhen.

“How fast!” Feng Zhen’s eyes narrowed, seeing Feng Lin’s silhouette flas.h.i.+ng about akin to teleportation. This made it hard for him to react to.


Fighting in close combat with a cultivator that had a body-strengthening gene? Wasn’t this stupidity?

Thunder Protection!


Sparks flew about. Feng Zhen’s entire body was shrouded by lightning and thunder, as though he was clad in armor made from electricity.

Swis.h.!.+ His body transformed into lightning shadow and hurriedly shot away.

Feng Lin’s punch hit an empty s.p.a.ce. He was astonished.

Truly, there were no weaklings at this stage of the ranking compet.i.tion.

This Feng Zhen actually used thunder and lightning to strengthen his cells, allowing him to move at incredible speed.

Feng Lin couldn’t help but feel excited. It seemed like he could play around more seriously now.


Feng Zhen seemed to have transformed into a lightning hero, circling Feng Lin at great speed. His hand gestures changed as flames gushed forth unceasingly from his palms.

He used lightning to strengthen his body, increasing his speed so that no one could track him, and had completely mitigated his flaw in close combat.

At the same time, he could use flames to launch long-distance attacks to unleash his greatest advantage.

One couldn’t help but say that this man had the right idea. By doing this, he was able to maximize his greatest unique point. It was simple and effective, allowing him to strengthen his attacks.

Ordinary experts wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

However, to Feng Lin, all of these were meaningless.

Now that his Stone Monkey Gene had been maxed out, his ability of being impervious to fire and water had also been strengthened to the max. He was already completely immune to ordinary flames.

Unless it was those unique flames found in planetary cores, no matter how fierce the flames were, it would be completely ineffective against him. He felt as though he was soaking in a hot spring, such ordinary flames made him feel comfortable instead.

However, he also didn’t wish for his clothes to be burned. Things wouldn’t be too nice if he had to stand before everyone stark naked.

He instantly unleashed a barrage of attacks, causing fist shadows to fill the sky, completely stifling these flames.

For interstellar cultivators, energy attacks would consume the most genetic energy.

Feng Lin wasn’t anxious to close the distance. He was waiting for his opponent to exhaust himself, slowing down his speed.

There was nothing Feng Zhen could do against Feng Lin. He didn’t dare to get near and continued using flames, greatly depleting his store of genetic energy. In the end, the electricity around him weakened as his speed gradually slowed.

“A good opportunity!” Feng Lin stomped the ground. His muscles tensed and acted as a conduit for the energy in his body which transferred them onto the surface of the ground.

The ground suddenly trembled as Feng Lin shot up into the sky like a cannon.

“What?” Feng Zhen didn’t expect Feng Lin would erupt forth with such a ferocious move. The electricity around his body flared brilliantly as he wanted to dodge again.

However, Feng Lin couldn’t even be bothered to play catch with him.

“Just stay.” A pair of palms stretched out, s.h.i.+ning with a jade-like l.u.s.ter, breaking part of the electric s.h.i.+eld as he grabbed hold of Feng Zhen.

His hands were like iron hoops, holding onto the vital points of Feng Zhen’s body. No matter how Feng Zhen struggled, he was like a poor rabbit that was pressed down by the tiger’s paws. He couldn’t move at all.

“Feng Lin, victory! Time taken: 12 minutes.” The A.I. immediately announced the result.

Although Feng Zhen’s combat method wasted quite a bit of Feng Lin’s time, as this was the first time Feng Lin took over 10 minutes to defeat someone, Feng Lin’s energy consumption wasn’t that much at all.

In truth, he didn’t even act. Just the immense defense provided by the Stone Monkey Gene was enough to cause his opponent to be defeated without him needing to fight for real.

Feng Lin swept his gaze over to the other partic.i.p.ants. Without realizing it, he was already at the final stage. Once the victors among the other partic.i.p.ants were decided, the final ten partic.i.p.ants would be ranked.

On the arena, other than Feng Lin who could crush his opponents effortlessly, the other supreme geniuses of the clan seemed to have met some unexpected situations.

For Feng Li, his saber arts were sharp, and his slash would manifest formless saber force that projected an imposing aura.

However, his opponent was extremely powerful too. He had a body covered by extremely tough scales which was capable of blocking Feng Li’s sharp qi. His claw attacks were extremely ruthless as he parried blows from Feng Li again and again.

For a while, the two seemed to be equally matched.


As for Feng Jinpeng, he spread his arms wide, taking on a stance like a bird spreading his wings, as he controlled gales. He was like a golden roc soaring proudly through the sky, swooping down on his opponent.

His opponent was as immobile as a gigantic mountain and had a defense alike an ancient turtle. From the start until the end, Feng Jinpeng wasn’t able to find a chance to obtain victory.

The others felt that the clan’s ranking compet.i.tion was extremely intense.

However, to Feng Lin, he just watched for a while and found it extremely boring.

The Stone Monkey Gene was a variation-grade and innately, it was already able to suppress several same-grade primeval genes.

To others, the attacking techniques of these people seemed very powerful, but Feng Lin could see that they lacked sufficient killing power.

Due to the influence of his Stone Monkey Gene, his style had always been to overwhelm others with pure strength.

Unless the attacks of these people had high enough intensity to break through his defense, everything would be useless, no matter what techniques they used and how dazzling they might look.

Feng Lin already didn’t have the patience to continue waiting. He had to hurry up and settle the troublesome matters in his clan and put in all his effort to partic.i.p.ate for the interstellar college exam.

The universe was very vast, and his future had no limits. He didn’t wish to remain behind in such a small clan on Earth.

After another half an hour, the top ten partic.i.p.ants finally appeared. Feng Li, Feng Jinpeng, and the other acclaimed geniuses all had their names listed in the top ten list. Feng Lin was the only unexpected one.

But when the crowd saw how invincible Feng Lin seemed earlier when he had fought during combat, they naturally wouldn’t be blind enough to say that he didn’t deserve this.

For the compet.i.tion between the top ten, the method of choosing opponents would be done by drawing lots.

And just when it was about to commence, Feng Lin took the initiative to walk out, drawing the attention of the entire clan.

His gaze swept toward his nine potential opponents as he calmly spoke, “Don’t need to draw lots. Just come at me together.”

As his voice rang out, the entire s.p.a.ce fell silent, so silent that you could even hear a pin drop.

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 146 - Utter crushing

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