Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 151 - The Champion’s Reward

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Chapter 151: The Champion’s Reward

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Quiet, deathly stillness, silence…

At that moment, not the slightest sound could be heard in the main hall, leaving only the faint noises of breathing.

Thousands of gazes gathered upon a single person.

Being alone on the huge arena with all his opponents littering on the ground below, Feng Lin stood tall while exuding an aura of invincibility and quietness.

All the unfolding scenes startled even the clan’s self-indulgent heir, Feng Lang.

Actually, he didn’t think that Feng Lin would be able to do it.

Displaying such violence to knock all of the enemies down single-handedly, it was something one couldn’t look down upon in any case.

Three of these opponents had been Feng Lang’s nemesis. Feng Lin didn’t even know their names but could sweep them off just like that, completing their agreement from before.

Feng Lang wore an indescribable expression. He felt that, without knowing, Feng Lin had grown to a level where he couldn’t even hope to strive for, just like how a sparrow wouldn’t know that a northern goshawk was soaring thousands of meters above, looking down at the earth from its high alt.i.tude.

Silence filled the place. After a long while, a single clapping sound rang out.

The applause began to spread rapidly across the whole place, all of them paying respects to the new champion of the clan’s ranking compet.i.tion.

Interstellar Era, gene cultivation, life evolution—all became essential in human’s life.

The cruel universe, the dark law of the jungle, the life and death battle between the different races in the universe—all of those let human beings understand the importance of competencies and respect the ones who were strong.

Even though Feng Lin was a n.o.body, he had won over the respect of the clansmen after displaying his strength and remaining undefeated. All of them applauded as a manner of their highest respect.

The clan leader stood on the high platform as he watched the ten strongest contenders being helped off the arena. He felt a wave of pain in his head.

This chaotic battle model based its ranking on perseverance.

Now, those people seemed to have been swept off all at the same time; this would be a ha.s.sle to rank!

It wasn’t that they didn’t give it their all, but it was the fact that their opponent was too strong.

Feng Lin stood on the arena alone without a rival. Among the younger generation of the clansmen, he was already the strongest and well-deservedly so.

“The last one standing in the clan’s ranking compet.i.tion: Feng Lin!” Clan leader made the prompt decision and announced firmly, “Now, as the clan’s most gifted, we have decided to award you with ten million clan point as champion’s reward!”

“So many clan points! This Feng Lin is going to flouris.h.!.+”

“Those gifted clansmen from previous clan’s ranking compet.i.tion didn’t get this many clan points. Such number would allow Feng Lin to leap from the lowest, 9th-level clansman to 2nd-level clansman, becoming a high-grade clansman!”

“Isn’t this normal? Even though this Feng Lin was a low-grade clansman, but with his abilities, becoming a high-grade clansman is something that would come sooner or later. Clan leader is merely returning the favor!”

Uproar started among the clansmen. Envy and jealousy—those types of sounds didn’t calm down for a long time.

Within Feng Clan, there was a sequence among levels, from 1 to 9.

9th-level was the lowest and 1st-level was the highest.

The higher the level, the more they would be able to enjoy the tangible and intangible benefits and more inclined to receive a huge amount of the clan’s resources.

Low-grade clansmen lived in the overcrowded bas.e.m.e.nt s.p.a.ce while high-grade clansmen enjoyed the royal treatment; the discrepancy was drastic.

If one wished to increase levels, then there was only one way:

Gain clan points and acc.u.mulate them in great amount.

It was a difficult task to gain clan points. One must contribute toward the clan in order to receive them. They were very precious.

Points were practically omnipotent in the clan. One could exhaust the points to exchange things like materials, star coins, gene potion, technique and martial arts from the clan.

The more acc.u.mulated the points, the more valuable the resources that could be exchanged.

However, the biggest use of the clan points was still to help one increase their status within the clan.

Ten points would be sufficient to rise from the 9th-level to the 8th-level. 100 points would be needed to go from the 8th-level to the 7th-level, so on and so forth. Thereafter, every increase of level would require a ten times increase in points from the previous level up.

Feng Lin gained ten million points, which meant that he could leap from 9th-level clansman to 2nd-level clansman right away and become a true high-grade clansman. He would only be a level below those who were direct descendants of the clan.

All the clansmen watched with envy. Such an amount of points was enough to be the cause of the commotion.

However, the clan did treat the gifted with special treatment and so there was nothing they could say.

Feng Lin was first in the clan’s ranking compet.i.tion without a doubt, one against the crowd but had swept all of his contenders until there were no rivals left.

Such breathtaking and valiant performance… it was no wonder he received such a huge reward from the clan.

Likewise, he would receive the clan’s full support in joining interstellar college pre-qualifiers with the hope of being admitted into the true Interstellar University.

It was as though they were watching the scene of the clan’s next rising star.

Even so, what struck them strange was the lack of reaction; normal people would have been wild with joy at the news of receiving such amount of clan points.

Yet, Feng Lin was calm. There was not a hint of glee. Slowly, he opened his mouth and spoke the words which stunned everyone in the crowd into silence.

“I want to give all of these points to my family!”


“He’s crazy!”

“To give up on the clan points… Does he wish to stay a low-grade clansman forever?”

The shock spread as all of them looked toward Feng Lin with confusion, doubt in their eyes, not able to comprehend his actions.

No one would have thought that Feng Lin would make such an irrational choice. This was equivalent to giving up his great prospects. Without the clan’s support, it would be difficult for him to advance further.

While Feng Lin was unable to read their minds, he could decipher their thoughts from the look in their eyes.

He didn’t mind at all.

Had he ever relied on the clan’s support when he fought by himself against the clan’s experts and came out first?

The gifted which had been groomed by clan’s so-called support had already been defeated by him. If that was the extent of it, then what good would the resources be?

After all, the flowers in the greenhouses were impressive-looking but utterly useless.

Now, Feng Lin had received all of Giant Pharmaceutical Company’s insider information and become a genetic pharmacist as well as an initial-grade genetic hypnotist. The path he walked was the mythological path of Sun Wukong which filled his future with boundless prospects.

Feng Lin was confident; he was his own aristocrat with ample foundation.

If he continued to grow, he would be able to groom a strong clan. This wasn’t just a fantasy.

Since that was the case, then why should he s.n.a.t.c.h such meager resources from the clansmen?

The clan’s resources and support were important to others, but Feng Lin didn’t pay any mind to it.

The only thing restraining him was his family!

Feng Lin’s vitality level was growing apart from his family. With time, the distance would only grow even further until it was impossible to catch up or surpa.s.s.

Feng Lin embarked on the path of cultivation. His future journey would be outside the solar system, destined for a lonely and infinite road ahead.

After all, his family was his kin in this life. As a son, such grat.i.tude must be repaid.

That was why he could only pursue his path with a peaceful mind only after he had made appropriate arrangements for his family to settle down.

He had even thought of leaving the clan in the past when he was weak and pressured by the Head Butler and the clan.

Still, Feng Lin hadn’t been hot-headed. After calming down, he had realized that this was an immature and irresponsible method.

The Solar System was a chaotic Star Region; its laws existed only in name. The conditions outside were simply too complex and dangerous.

Feng Lin had his cultivation so he wasn’t worried. He would be able to travel as he pleased and would be able to survive anywhere, even if he left the clan.

But his parents and siblings would not be able to; they were just normal human beings.

If he left without them, then they would surely be bullied and humiliated in the clan.

If they left with him, Feng Lin would not be able to take care of them in the vicious conditions out there.

If he stayed by his family and guarded them, then how would Feng Lin be able to train?

While one shouldn’t be selfish, he shouldn’t be too selfless either.

This was why, for the sake of the family, this decision was the most appropriate choice.

He decided to give all of his clan points to his family. This way, his entire family would be able to rise as 3rd-level clansmen and receive the clan’s generous treatment.

Furthermore, a 3rd-level clansman was the lowest of high-grade clansmen. There was no benefit in stirring up trouble with higher-level clansmen.

To a normal clansman, being low-profile was the best. This way, they wouldn’t attract deliberate sabotages.

As long as he continues to grow in the future, he believed that the clan wouldn’t be so foolish as to go against him. For his family, this would be a great advantage which enticed him.

His existence was his family’s support. No one would dare to bully them without a second thought.

Feng Lin would be enough to protect his family and allow them to have a peaceful and happy life in the clan.

If his siblings exhibited any potential for strong cultivation, Feng Lin wouldn’t mind giving them a hand.

Feng Lin chose to remain in this repulsive clan for his family, nothing else.

The clan leader was stunned; he hadn’t expected the clansman in front of him to make such a choice.

Clan points, how valuable they were?

To be able to gift them so selflessly was an impressive sight.

Yet, he didn’t know that Feng Lin wasn’t just being selfless. It was more due to the fact that he didn’t care.

He would be able to live well even if he left the clan; he could do with or without the points.

Cultivation was the most valuable and genuine of all. It was something no one could s.n.a.t.c.h away.

With such a powerful potential, who would dare to look down on him just because he was a 9th-level clansman?

“You’re not leaving any for yourself?” The clan leader looked deep into Feng Lin’s eyes for confirmation.

“That’s right!” Feng Lin nodded and gave his final confirmation.

As the words slipped from him, the arrangement was finalized in an instant.

All eyes from all directions were settled onto Feng Lin’s parents. They were filled with envy, absolute envy that they had given birth to such a great son.

There was an old saying: When one achieved greatness, their family would soar with them.

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 151 - The Champion’s Reward

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