Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 152 - Soaring to Great Heights

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Chapter 152: Soaring to Great Heights

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

When one achieved greatness, their family would soar with them!

There was an old saying that if one achieved Dao and attained immortality, their parents and family members would soar into the world of immortals as well.

That similar scene unfolded right before the spectators’ eyes. It felt surreal as though it had been a dream.

They looked toward Feng Lin’s parents and siblings with mixed feelings.

They were just low-grade clansmen, yet they leaped through the ranks simply because they had a great son.

They were talking about ten million clan points! Even divided among the four of them, it was enough to raise their ranks to 3rd-level clansmen, stepping through the doorstep of being high-grade clansmen. They would have surpa.s.sed 95% of the clansmen.

They would only require four million clan points to become high-grade clansmen, and the remaining amount would have been enough for them to lead their life without worries and enjoy it in abundance.

Even if they wasted their time away until their last breath, they would not be able to finish it.

What had they done? All they did was to have given birth to a good son.

A phoenix rose from a pheasant’s nest.

Why didn’t such great fortune befall upon them instead?

Witnessing as the snares from heaven captured by that pair of slightly dull-witted parents instead, they could hardly disguise the jealousy and hatred on their faces.

“Have you decided?” The clan leader reconfirmed one last time.

“Yes!” Feng Lin replied resolutely. The number of times they had questioned his decision was getting on his nerves.

The clan leader was troubled. There was something different about the abrupt appearance of this Feng Lin. He seemed to have a concealed independence from the clan.

How could he have given up on such a huge amount of clan points so easily!

What did that mean?

It meant that Feng Lin didn’t possess any sense of belonging toward the clan.

However, it was understandably true.

Upon his understanding of Feng Lin’s life before, the clan leader thought it to be possible.

Feng Lin had always been quiet and never received any benefits from the clan. While growing up, he was also extremely unhappy from the Head Butler’s pressure, to the point where he had run away from the clan in secret.

They didn’t know what had happened to him during this period that caused him to grow by leaps and bounds.

That said, the clan did not spend a single cent during the entire process of his growth.

It was only normal that Feng Lin didn’t favor the clan much and could give up such valuable clan points without hesitation.

Even so, as the leader of the clan, he had to put the clan as a priority through every decision.

Every gifted cultivator was the biggest a.s.set to a clan.

It would be a great pity if such a talent drifted away from the clan and did not contribute their fair share to the latter.

Yet, since the lad’s mind had been made, it was honestly difficult to persuade him otherwise.

Then what should he do?

He frowned. For a moment, he didn’t know what would be the best course of action.

All of a sudden, an idea struck as he looked toward Feng Lin’s parents.

Feng Lin didn’t possess any sense of belonging to the clan, and he could have gone practically anywhere with his abilities, so why did he come back?

It was probably for his family that he stayed.

The clan might not be able to keep him, but his family could.

As the clan leader, he was a sneaky fox himself and saw through Feng Lin’s thoughts.

Feng Lin had boundless prospects in the days ahead. As the disparity of vitality grew between him and his family and their path in life diverged, it was difficult to stay in the same place.

This was why he was willing to tolerate his distaste for the clan and wanted to keep his regular family members under the protection of the clan.

At that thought, the clan leader gained an epiphany. He knew what to do.

His next move would be to treat Feng Lin’s parents with kindness. As long as they were still here, Feng Lin would never leave the clan.

A moment’s contradiction was no big deal. They could resolve it slowly and with time.

“Alright! I’ll agree to it,” replied the clan leader.

Following the clap of the clan leader’s decision, it meant that Feng Lin’s family reached the ranks of high-grade clansmen, all but Feng Lin.

He didn’t save any points for himself.

Feng Lin didn’t care as he turned on his heel and walked.

Thereafter, the A.I ranked the other contenders based on the slight discrepancy of their timings and allocated their rewarded clan points as per usual.

Clan points were the currency used in trades within their clan. With it, one could purchase all sorts of items. There were some valuable products which could only be exchanged through clan points; you wouldn’t even be able to buy them with star coins.

As long as you had clan points, there was nothing you couldn’t buy from the clan.

Witnessing how Feng Lin had given up the clan points, the others couldn’t help but stamp their feet in regret. If only those points were theirs!

Yet, Feng Lin seemed unconcerned as he returned straight to his family.

“Feng Lin, you really did it!” Feng Lang exclaimed with glee written all over his face as he met Feng Lin in the middle.

Feng Lin gave him a nod but spoke no more as he continued on his way.

There was no such thing as friends.h.i.+p between them. Everything was just a deal.

He had helped block out the pressures from the clan and take care of his family. In return, Feng Lin had suppressed the talented adversaries of the clan.

Everything was but a deal.

They have nothing to do with each other once the deal was done.

Feng Lin had his mind set on cultivation, and he had no interest in the clan’s disputes.

“Son, how could you do that?” His father approached and continued with worry, “You have given all the points to us! What about you then? You’re alone with no support from the clan; it’ll be difficult for you to continue on your cultivation path in the future!”

Feng Lin flashed a small smile. When had he received the clan’s help in his journey?

However, he experienced way too much and the road was treacherous. It was too bizarre and complicated to explain to his family.

Feng Lin smiled as he replied with undisguised confidence. “Father, Mother, don’t worry. I have my ways, so don’t worry too much. Didn’t I become an interstellar cultivator with my own abilities? I wouldn’t halt just because of this!”

“But…” His father was still skeptical.

“Don’t worry. As long as you and my younger siblings can lead a happy life, I’m rest a.s.sured. I’ll be able to pursue cultivation without worry! It’s just ten million clan points, and I wouldn’t be able to spend it outside of this clan anyway. It’s no big deal!” Feng Lin brushed off their concerns.

Hearing his words, his parents knew that Feng Lin had made up his mind. With a sigh, they didn’t persuade any further.

They felt a pang of guilt.

As his parents, they had never given Feng Lin much support, yet their fates changed because of their son.

Without realizing it, Feng Lin’s wings had already grown and he had become a northern goshawk in the vast blue skies, out of their reach.

They could only pat his younger siblings’ heads and sigh. “If you find yourselves with bright prospects in the future, you must never forget your brother’s benevolence. You must understand that it was him who has changed your fates and given you hope!”

The two younger siblings nodded as they regarded Feng Lin with admiration in their eyes.

The family gathered harmoniously, looking forward to the future ahead of them.

The envious looks all around them were not even worth a mention.

Feng Lin sighed inwardly. He made the appropriate arrangements for his family. Now, he could focus all his energy on cultivation and prepare for the interstellar entrance exams.

His future was the boundless ocean of stars!

Feng Lin’s had a faraway look in his eyes as though he had leaped through time and s.p.a.ce and seen the boundless astral river.

At that moment, the ceremony for the other nine contenders began. Feng Lin didn’t plan on staying and was prepared to leave with his family.

Suddenly, a peal of soft laughter sounded. It was light yet crisp as it resounded in his ears. It was, however, without any hint of respect.

“Feng Lin, you’re not bad at all! Do you have any interest in joining Interstellar Ancestral Clan? Do you want to become a true Huaxia Progeny of the Three Sovereigns? Do you want to awaken that supreme blood flowing in you?”

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 152 - Soaring to Great Heights

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