Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 191 - Yamata no Orochi

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Chapter 191: Yamata no Orochi

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

This deep-sea monster had eight appendages with snake heads at the tip. They were all roaring soundlessly, appearing like heads but also appearing like tails. The gigantic stomach was covered in darkness. It radiated an extremely savage aura, and its form greatly resembled the world-destroying monster Yamata no Orochi of the j.a.panese legends.

Ignoring the fact whether this was it or not, just by its tyrannical appearance, this creature was definitely a hegemon-level lifeform at the depths of the ocean.

Yamata no Orochi, everywhere it pa.s.sed, the surroundings would become a zone of death. No living creatures would exist here, and those who could flee would have fled long ago.

The eight appendages of the Yamata no Orochi spread out. It was unknown when that severed appendage had regrown. The Yamata no Orochi battered the Flowerfruit Mountain, continuously slamming its appendages at it, creating thunderous sounds.

This worm that killed its kid had entered into this metallic sh.e.l.l. How would it give up? It treated the flying shuttle as a mortal enemy and was frenziedly attacking it.

However, it could do nothing more.

The Flowerfruit Mountain shuttle was created from the pinnacle of science and technology. Its body was incomparably tough and durable, and wasn’t something a mere monster could break. If not, how could users survive in it when they explored the universe with its multiple complex and dangerous environments?

What made Feng Lin feel puzzled was that he had no idea when he had offended this monster. Was there a grudge between them? Why would it pursue him so relentlessly?

A scene suddenly flashed through his mind. A cuttlefish-like sea monster was severed into pieces by him earlier.

Could that be a child of this Yamata no Orochi?

Staring at the crazed state the monster was in, a slight smile appeared on Feng Lin’s face. He was completely speechless.

After killing the young one, the old one comes?

Since the cub had been killed, no wonder this mother Yamata no Orochi would act so crazily. But how could this be blamed on him?

Feng Lin was just innocently defending himself against an attack. He silently cultivated in this area, but that sea monster had attacked him.

He couldn’t help but agree that the appearance of this Yamata no Orochi was extremely terrifying. Now that he could see it clearly, its total length was over 100 meters and each appendage contained overwhelming might, causing the flying shuttle to tremble intensely.

With such tyrannical might, if Feng Lin really fought with it in the waters outside, he couldn’t be this monster’s match.

Feng Lin wasn’t a brainless idiot. Why wouldn’t he make use of his flying shuttle since it was present? Why would he head out to fight the monster one on one? Wouldn’t he be courting death?

Was he a fool?

Clearly, he was not.

The flying shuttle was constructed from the toughest and most durable alloys. There was no need to doubt how solid it was. This Yamata no Orochi might seem ferocious, and its attacks generated thunderous noises. However, it had no way to damage the flying shuttle at all.

Upon realizing that the metallic sh.e.l.l was undamaged despite its repeated blows, the Yamata no Orochi grew even more berserk. It opened its maw wide as different types of energy could be seen gathering within. In an instant, lava, ice, wind blast…all sorts of attributes blasted out. Eight types of energy gathered into a powerful current, heavily smas.h.i.+ng upon the flying shuttle.

Ring, ring, ring.

A notification sound rang out from the shuttle’s A.I., “Attention! There’s a transcendent lifeform attacking the shuttle. Should I activate the counter-attack measure?”

Transcendent lifeform?

Feng Lin felt somewhat puzzled.

Transcendent lifeforms were the same as cultivators; they had control over transcendent powers. It was just that cultivators were referring to races from intelligent civilizations while transcendent lifeforms referred to beasts and monsters.

One must know that there was no lack of powerful creatures in the various mythologies. This Yamata no Orochi from j.a.panese legends couldn’t be considered anything. Just from a single mountain-and-sea sutra of Huaxia Mythology, there were already countless strange beasts: Qiongqi, Xiang Liu, Pixiu… And as for Western Mythology, some examples were Hydras, Medusa…

They were the same as humans. Beasts also had sleeping mythological genes in their bodies. It was just that their intelligence was much lower, and they had no way to consciously awaken their mythological genes and step upon the cultivation path.

However, given how vast the universe was, there were all sorts of wonders. Some animals managed to awaken their mythological genes pa.s.sively due to luck and fortune and gain an increase in their intelligence. Their natural instincts allowed them to control transcendent powers, and all these creatures were known as transcendent lifeforms.

This monster before his eyes was actually a transcendent lifeform? Could it really be a true Yamata no Orochi?

No, that’s wrong.

This is illogical.

Earth has long since lost all spirit particles, how could there still be transcendent lifeforms?

One must know that the resources which the cultivators on Earth needed were all funneled through other places in the universe. There were basically no more environments on Earth where one could absorb spirit particles. Naturally, this monster couldn’t be a naturally born transcendent lifeform.

In that case, there was only a single possibility.

This Yamata no Orochi was artificially created by humans like how the Giant Pharmaceutical Company artificially created the t.i.tan.

Feng Lin instinctively felt that this was an experiment of the j.a.panese.

j.a.pan was located near the Mariana Trench, and they loved doing experiments that shouldn’t see the light of the day. Also, the Yamata no Orochi was a mythological creature from their legends. Maybe, through genetic engineering, they restored an aspect of the true Yamata no Orochi by using a cuttlefish as the base form and creating this monster?

Feng Lin felt that the possibility of this was very high.

The Mariana Trench was nearby and also immeasurably deep. It was very suitable for the j.a.panese to rear an artificial Yamata no Orochi. No one would discover it.

At this moment, that Yamata no Orochi was still launching energy attacks, causing the flying shuttle to vibrate intensely from the impact.

After Feng Lin had this thought, he decided not to waste time any longer. After capturing this creature, wouldn’t all its secret lay bare for him to inspect?

If a tiger doesn’t exert its dominance, would you treat it like a sickly cat?

“Zixia, switch over to unrestricted free attacking mode!” Feng Lin gave the order.

“Yes, captain!” the A.I. of the flying shuttle, Zixia, replied.

The flying shuttle didn’t need Feng Lin to manually control it. The A.I. was sufficient for this task. A panel on the flying shuttle opened up, revealing a light ray cannon that blasted out a pillar of light.

The fiery energy instantly immolated the Yamata no Orochi. It also exuded an immensely sharp force that severed its appendages.

The tip of the flying shuttle kept ramming into the Yamata no Orochi and soon after, the creature revolved around repeatedly in the waters before sinking into the depths from the impact.

However, it was modeled after a terrifying beast from the legends, how could it give up so easily? The savage aura in its bones wouldn’t permit it. The Yamata no Orochi rushed over again, opening its mouth and unleas.h.i.+ng another torrent of energy attacks.

At this moment, with a ringing sound, an ionic light s.h.i.+eld manifested around the flying shuttle, easily blocking all the energy attacks.

As expected of a foundation flying shuttle. Its defensive capabilities were shockingly high!

Feng Lin silently nodded. If it didn’t have such defensive power, this flying shuttle wouldn’t be able to freely enter and exit the various vile environments in the universe to establish a foundation base of humanity and transform the vile environments into something suitable for humans to live in. It naturally had many other capabilities.

Even though Feng Lin was the owner of this flying shuttle, he still wasn’t very clear on the entire set of capabilities this flying shuttle had.

The power of this Yamata no Orochi was simply a joke before the flying shuttle. It was completely useless.

The light ray cannon continued firing. Since it also had a lock-on mode, there was no way for the Yamata no Orochi to flee. The monster howled in pain as its appendages were severed once again.

No matter how powerful the monster’s recovery was, it could no longer resist. And no matter how savage it was, it still felt fear before the danger of death.

The stumps of its appendages flapped rapidly, and it resembled a giant cuttlefish trying to flee. It wanted nothing more than to grow more appendages so it could hasten its speed in the water.

Feng Lin had suffered a major loss earlier from the damage he took. How could he allow it to flee so easily? Therefore, he controlled the flying shuttle, and it shot forth rapidly, transforming into a silver light and diving into the depths of the ocean in pursuit.

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 191 - Yamata no Orochi

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