Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 204

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Chapter 204: Chaotic Battle between Demons and Monsters

Translator: Lordbluefire  Editor: Lordbluefire

In j.a.panese mythology, Susanoo was the younger brother of the Great G.o.d Amaterasu. Because Susanoo had offended his elder brother, all the G.o.ds decided to expel him from the divine country, Takamanohara. After that, he came to the Izumo Country.

In order to marry the Onna Me Musume, he used eight vats of strong wine to cause the Yamata no Orochi to be intoxicated. After that, he wielded the sword of G.o.ds, the Sword of Totsuka, and killed the Yamata no Orochi, pulling out the demon sword Kusanagi from its abdomen. This was an extremely famous battle in j.a.panese Mythology.

Although the j.a.panese loved to bully the weak and fear the strong, they had a strong sense of guarding their legends and pa.s.sing it on to the next generation. For this point, their race did much better compared to the other races of humanity.

Clearly, these people were familiar with the legend of Susanoo. With the myth as a guide, they wanted to use the same method to deal with the Yamata no Orochi.

Although the devilish might of the Yamata no Orochi was exceedingly powerful, it had a weakness that wasn't a weakness. And that weakness was that it loved wine as much as its own life. It was extremely easy to trap it.

But even so, given how gigantic its body is, even if it stood there and allowed people to attack it, it was still extremely hard to break through its defenses.

In the legends, Susanoo wielded the Sword of Totsuka before he successfully slew the Yamata no Orochi in a single attempt.

What other methods did these j.a.panese have?

Feng Lin couldn't help but feel curious in his heart; however, he didn't show his curiosity on his face. He followed behind these people and acted like the useless person everyone believed Yamamoto Ichiro to be. He was waiting for an opportunity.

The concentrated wine fragrance spread out to a radius of ten miles. Just a whiff of it would instantly cause one to feel dizzy and intoxicated.

Clearly, these vats of wine weren't mortal wine. The j.a.panese had already made their preparations and were quietly hiding far away, waiting to lure the Yamata no Orochi out.

Roughly after half an hour pa.s.sed, eight roars rang out from the deep lake. It seemed as though a terrifying monster had just awakened in the depths of the pool.

The water parted as the heads of the Yamata no Orochi stretched out. Their nostrils sniffed at the wine fragrance as intoxicated looks appeared on their faces. But even so, their almond-colored yellowish eyes regarded the surroundings warily.

The j.a.panese hurriedly retracted their presence for fear of alerting the Yamata no Orochi. Feng Lin also did the same as them.

The Yamata no Orochi revealed a human-like puzzled expression on the faces of its heads. Why would there be such fragrant strong alcohol in its territory?

No matter how brutal and cruel it was, a wild beast was still a beast after all. Its intelligence wasn't high. Finally, one of the heads couldn't control its urges and sank its head into one of the wine vats, gulping the wine voraciously. After that, the second head, the third head…

In the end, seven of the heads indulge themselves in drinking the wine.

The wonderful taste of strong alcohol caused them to lose their wariness. Only a single head was left surveying the surroundings.

Just like a whale sucking in water, the seven giant vats of wine were completely drained. The seven heads that drank the wine seemed as though they were not sated yet. They then stretched over to the eighth remaining vat, and their actions finally enraged the eighth head that hadn't drunk a drop of wine yet.

The eight heads of the Yamata no Orochi all had a different consciousness. The enraged head knocked the other seven heads back, as it dove into the remaining giant vat of wine and greedily drank the wine.

After some time, all the eight snake heads were completely drunk. The Yamata no Orochi fell asleep and slumped down at the lakeside. It even began to snore thunderously.

“DO IT!”

After confirming that the eight heads were all asleep, the plan was a success. The j.a.panese heaved a sigh of relief as they started to act. Fuuma Taro and the G.o.ddess took out a porcelain bottle and a bamboo tube where the images of the Shuten-Doji and the Kyuubi no Kitsune could be seen upon the items respectively.

The G.o.ddess and Fuuma Taro both folded incantations gesture. The porcelain and bamboo tube became unsealed as demonic qi gushed forth from them, forming countless black clouds in the area. From within, a demonic youth with crimson eyes and a nine-tailed beautiful maiden appeared. These two were none other than two out of the three legendary greater demons of j.a.panese mythology. They were the Shuten-Doji and the Nine-tailed Fox in human form, also named as the Tamamo no Mae. Clearly, they had already been subdued earlier.

“Kill the great serpent!” The two of them gave the order. The two greater demons acted once they heard the commands, launching attacks aiming for the abdomen area of the Yamata no Orochi.

According to j.a.panese mythology records, the Kusanagi Sword was pulled out from the Yamata no Orochi's stomach.

The nine tails of the Kyuubi no Kitsune was erected, each unleas.h.i.+ng different energy waves: foxfire, demonic wind, yin thunder…

The body of the Shuten-Doji gleamed with a blood-colored light. All of a sudden, numerous heads appeared around it, all of them had disheveled hair and sinister expressions. These were all heads of evil spirits.

The power of the two greater demons gathered together, forming a sea of blood and an energy vortex which were launched toward the abdomen area of the Yamata no Orochi.

Although the body of the Yamata no Orochi was as defensive as the sh.e.l.l of a giant turtle with many protective scales covering it, it also wasn't able to endure the full-force attacks by the two greater demons. A hole opened up in its abdomen as its blood flowed like a river, dyeing the black waters of the lake a deep red.

From within the wound, a metallic gleam of light flashed. It was actually a silver-colored ancient sword that resembled the sword in the hands of the statue within the shrine completely.

“Kusanagi Sword!” Fuuma Taro shouted, he ignored everything and lunged over.

The silver-colored giant sword was none other than the true body of the fantasy land of demons. As long as he could take it, he would be able to control all the demons in this fantasy land, which would allow his combat prowess to increase greatly. In that case, he wouldn't need to worry about the second round of examinations of the Cosmos University any longer.

His eyes gleamed with greed. He had to get the Kusanagi Sword no matter what.


A fishy wind gusted over.

“What?” Even before Fuuma Taro got near, he was already blown away by the wind.

The snake heads opened their eyes and were snarling in anger. The thunderous sound waves produced an intense storm, which was gus.h.i.+ng out frenziedly in all directions.

The Yamata no Orochi received heavy injuries during its sleep and had finally awakened. Its eight pair of eyes opened, revealing cruelty within and wanting to devour these tiny bugs that dared to antagonize it.


One of the snakes opened its maw and sprayed out a jet of black-colored water with a fishy smell. The surface of the ground sizzled upon touch; it was being corroded by the acidity properties. This spray of water then blasted toward the j.a.panese.

The Shuten-Doji and Kyuubi no Kitsune roared in shock as they hurriedly evaded.

One of the j.a.panese males went too close earlier and couldn't escape in time. He could only scream in agony as his body was instantly corroded into nothingness.

“Leave quickly!” The j.a.panese G.o.ddess called out in shock. The j.a.panese then scattered in four directions. Naturally, Feng Lin had already sneaked away.

After some difficult struggles, they finally managed to shake off the pursuit of the Yamata no Orochi. The expressions of the j.a.panese all turned incomparably heavy.

The strength of the Shuten-Doji and Nine-tailed Fox was simply too weak. This wouldn't be able to work if they lacked the strength of the Daitengu. They had clearly underestimated the battle prowess of the Yamata no Orochi.

No wonder during the past three thousand years, only a few elder-level characters from j.a.pan were able to subdue the Yamata no Orochi.

The Yamata no Orochi was completely enraged. It vowed not to rest until it devoured all of these pathetic bugs.

Its body coiled up, hiding its wounds. Its long necks then shot forward; the heads attached on the necks were chomping on whatever that blocked their way. Even the toughness of the giant rocks in the surroundings wasn't able to withstand the impact and was crushed into pieces and digested by the snakes' saliva.

The j.a.panese could only flee in panic and disorder.

Only Fuuma Taro and the j.a.panese G.o.ddess remained. They controlled their s.h.i.+kigamis to attack, frenziedly rus.h.i.+ng the Yamata no Orochi.

This resulted in a chaotic battle between demons and monsters. The energy fluctuations shook the entire area, devastating the surroundings.

Feng Lin hid at one side, waiting for his opportunity. His eyes were fixed on the abdomen area of the great serpent. That place was the location of Kusanagi.

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 204

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