Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 217 - Did You Just Say You Are A God?

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Chapter 217: Did You Just Say You Are A G.o.d?

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Those who caused chaos to appear in my heart. Kill!

Those who caused anxiety to appear in my heart. Kill!

Those who disobeyed the will of my heart. Kill!

As the metal cudgel smashed down, it contained the weight of ten thousand catties, capable of killing everything.

The Asura Planet was a place where death criminals were sent to. There was no civilization or order here; the cruel law of the jungle was everything. The weak was food for the strong.

At this moment, Feng Lin chose to toss aside his rationale and morality. There were no distractions in his heart as he entered a completely focused state.

The rules were set by the strong, the weak could only follow the rules.

So what even if he killed humans?

What was an expert?

An expert didn’t simply possess invincible power, he also had to have an invincible state of heart.

As long as his state of heart was unperturbed, how would there be any opponents for him in the world?

As the metal cudgel descended, the people from the Pure-blooded Aryans Society felt as though doomsday had arrived. The killing intent emanating from Feng Lin engulfed them as coldness pervaded their bones. They had no way to resist.

“You should die!” The round-faced young man had the highest cultivation. He shook himself free from the suppression of Feng Lin’s mental energy. His face turned malevolent as he roared, “Transfer me all of your strengths!”

Those people behind him moved, transferring their energy into his body. The genetic energy from them all infused into him, congregating together. The round-faced young man’s vitality stats experienced an explosive surge; the fluctuations caused a phenomenon visible to the naked eyes. The light rays here bent and twisted, causing the area around him to s.h.i.+mmer.

Vitality stats 110, 120, 130…The pooling of power into the round-faced young man allowed his vitality stats to break past the 100 mark limit for interstellar cultivators. In fact, it continued to rise to a point where even Feng Lin felt the pressure. He also had no idea what sort of ability this was.

“Divine Empire Rampart!” The round-faced young man roared. His palms spread outwards as a wave of energy turned corporeal, manifesting a crescent-shaped rampart above them.


The rampart shuddered violently.

The metal cudgel heavily smashed into it, and this strike by Feng Lin actually failed to break the rampart apart in a single strike. This ability was like the true rampart of the divine empire that lay above the stars. How could any mortal damage it?

“Feng Lin, you only managed to succeed earlier due to a sneak attack. Do you think you still have a second opportunity? Before the divine rampart, all your attacks will be rendered useless. It’s best that you stop wasting effort…” The round-faced young man had a look of satisfaction like he had already won the battle.

“Oh?” Feng Lin coldly smiled. He couldn’t be bothered to listen to this person speaking nonsense anymore. His grab tightened on the cudgel as he shouted, “Enlarge!”

As the sound of his voice rang out, the metal cudgel actually expanded in size. As Feng Lin channeled his spirit force into it, he could decide what form and size the cudgel took. It contained a myriad of possibilities.

It could become the gigantic Divine Pillar that propped up an entire continent, or it could be as tiny as an embroidery needle, as thin as a strand of hair, hiding in his ear.

Naturally, the larger the form, the more spirit force Feng Lin had to expend.

Given Feng Lin’s current capacity of spirit force, he wasn’t able to make the cudgel take on the form of the Divine Pillar of j.a.pan. However, for it to be turned into a cudgel that was about over ten meters in circ.u.mference and height, it was still doable. Twenty tonnes of power smashed down tyrannically; actions always speak louder than words.

Crack, crack~

As the cudgel slammed into the rampart, creaking sounds rang out.

The expressions of the round-faced young man drastically changed as a spiderweb-like crack actually appeared on the rampart. The crack extended swiftly with explosive speed.

This blow from Feng Lin was completely inaudible because all the power in the cudgel was concentrated to the extreme, nothing leaked out.

“Flee quickly!” Luckily, the rampart managed to buy them a moment of time, allowing them to react, hurriedly fleeing in the four directions.

“Six Rays Hexagon Divine Formation!” The group of opponents stood at a different location as their hands formed gestures. Genetic energy flowed from their bodies, connecting to each other at six different points, establis.h.i.+ng a formation that trapped Feng Lin in the center.

Six rays of light from six corners. Six different types of energy could be felt—light, darkness, earth, fire, wind, and water!

The holy light could purify, the darkness could devour, the earth manifested gravity, the fire blazed, the water could freeze, the wind could corrode…These different energies mixed together into a giant energy vortex that felt extremely chaotic.

Feng Lin was slowly drawn closer. In an instant, the energy from the vortex flooded him. He felt as though a thousand needles were p.r.i.c.king his skin with such power that they pierced his bones.

These weren’t ordinary energies; they had a hint of divine power within. Although Feng Lin had maxed out his Stone Monkey Gene, he wasn’t able to resist this for long either.

What shocked him was the fact that the mythological genes they had awoken were completely different, and each of them was proficient in only one type of energy. Yet, they could actually fuse their energy together into a divine formation, compressing it into one ent.i.ty.

Such might was already equivalent to a mid-phase elite cultivator with over 500 points in the vitality stat. It naturally could suppress Feng Lin.

Feng Lin’s metal cudgel spun in the air, tightly protecting himself while shattering those energy blasts one by one.

It was unknown what grade of treasure this measureless divine metal cudgel was. But since it was something left behind from ancient civilizations, it wouldn’t be too weak.

There were even more profound secrets hidden inside, but Feng Lin wasn’t able to access them due to his current level of power.

The metal cudgel seemed invulnerable to all forms of damage. His cudgel force formed a protective screen around him and for a period of time, those energy blasts weren’t able to get near him.

“What a powerful cultivation base. Seems like your strength have greatly increased after you seized the acc.u.mulations of our Pure-blooded Aryans Society!” The eyes of the round-faced young man were filled with wariness.

Feng Lin’s rate of growth was simply too fast. His strength was on a completely different level from what the records of the Giant Pharmaceutical Company stated. It was like Feng Lin was a completely different person. At the very least, his total amount of power had increased by three times.

Within such a short frame of time, how did Feng Lin accomplish this?

If they couldn’t subdue Feng Lin today, it would be equal to them releasing a tiger back to its mountain. It would be even harder if they wanted to deal with Feng Lin in the future.

“G.o.dking’s Lance!” He called out once more. The energy vortex of the formation changed. The others followed his call and condensed their energy into a single point, allowing them to engender and subdue each other. After a few moments, a miraculous change appeared. The mixture of energy turned corporeal, manifesting a black-colored lance of thunder.


Lightning and thunder flowed around the lance, permeating the area. Feng Lin stood at his original location unmoving. His skin was charred and his body was covered in wounds. Even his clothes were burned into cinders by the electricity.

“Are the reserves of our Pure-blooded Aryans Society something you can imagine? After undergoing the Divine Blood Ritual, our genes became similar, and the energy we produce can fuse together using a formation. With the support of the Six Rays Hexagon Divine Formation, we are equivalent to a G.o.d! You are merely a mortal and yet you want to rebel against G.o.d? If you submit to us obediently, we can spare your life,” the round-faced young man spoke imperiously, like a lofty divine being peering down at an inconsequential mortal.

“You say that you guys are like a G.o.d?” Feng Lin laughed in contempt. He inclined his head and stared at the lance. He then asked a strange question, “Can this turtle formation be compared to the heavens?”

“Huh?” The eyes of the round-faced young man narrowed. He had no idea what Feng Lin meant by that, but a sense of unease arose in his heart.

Feng Lin embedded his cudgel into the ground. He then channeled the entirety of his spirit force into it with no reservation, allowing them to gush forth like tides.

“Grow, grow, grow!” The metal cudgel was like springtime bamboo shoots that encountered rain, expanding extremely quickly.

20 meters, 30 meters, 40 meters…

As the metal cudgel expanded, the formation Feng Lin was trapped in could no longer contain such a gigantic object. The pressure caused by the expanding cudgel forced the s.p.a.ce in the formation to change.

The metal cudgel was like a heavenly pillar that could prop up the heavens, extending unceasingly upwards.


With an explosive bang, the formation crumbled like a shattered mirror.

The sky…

Broke apart!

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 217 - Did You Just Say You Are A God?

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