Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 230 - If I’m Not Equal to The Heavens, How Would I Dare to Proclaim Myself as The Great Sage?

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Chapter 230: If I’m Not Equal to The Heavens, How Would I Dare to Proclaim Myself as The Great Sage?

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

A cloud soared through the horizons in a flash, leaving behind a trail of mist.

Feng Lin executed Cloudsoar and sped away into the distance. The greek sisters stood on the ground and were long since far away from him, becoming two small black dots in his vision.

He decided to part with the two sisters at this location. They already made arrangements as to where to meet up again tomorrow.

Now, Feng Lin was in a hurry to find a quiet and safe place so he could do his best to break through, entering the realm of elite cultivators. At that point, the nature of his life would undergo a qualitative evolution and he would become a transcendent lifeform.

When a cultivator was undergoing a major breakthrough, all their senses would be completely focused. They would be completely ignorant of what was happening in their surroundings.

When a cultivator broke through and underwent a transformation, he would be at his weakest then.

Once he encountered distraction or attacks from the external world, for light cases, the transcendent force in his body would counter-devour him and from then on, he would never be able to improve further again. For heavy cases, he would be completely crippled and his life might even be in danger.

Although there were cases of monstrous geniuses breaking through during combat, that required supreme talent, great luck, and the most optimal circ.u.mstances before they could succeed.

If one could break through their realms by patiently cultivating, who would be willing to risk their lives for a dangerous breakthrough in the midst of combat? Wouldn’t that be stupid?

Evidently, Feng Lin wasn’t such a fool.

His gaze was like lightning as he scanned the planet below him, clearly noting everywhere he pa.s.sed by.

He had to find a place of absolute safety that could guarantee he wouldn’t be disturbed during his breakthrough. From the start until the end, there was no one worthy of his trust. He could only trust himself.

They seemed to understand Feng Lin’s misgivings. The greek sisters also tactfully didn’t inquire further.

“Eh?” Feng Lin’s eyes flashed. Up ahead, a majestic mountain could be seen with torrents of steam emitted from it. The smell of sulfur was also present in the air.

He didn’t retreat but chose to go nearer instead. He stood at the opening of the volcano as he peered downward. He could see lava churning below as heat waves rose to the sky. The amount of lava was so much that it was like a sea of fire.

If one was to fall within, not even their bones would be left.

Yet, Feng Lin was calmly pondering as he stood at the opening.

“Let’s go down!” Abruptly, Feng Lin moved. His hands folded incantations gestures, and a giant furnace manifested in the air, landing on the sea of lava as it floated there.

Feng Lin slowly floated down the air. The furnace opened up before closing in as his entire person entered the furnace. This giant furnace acted like a giant submarine and dove into the depths of the lava after that.

He used the furnace as a tool of transport, diving into the lava.

The surroundings of the furnace were completely sealed. It was able to isolate the heat.

In this volcano, the lava was like a sea of fire. Other than Feng Lin, no one else would be able to enter here. It was naturally the most suitable place to break through.

Even if the heavens and earth collapsed on the outside, the commotion wouldn’t be able to easily affect him.

Feng Lin set his heart at ease. He had no more worries. He slowly closed his eyes and entered a state of focus, clearing all distractions.

His information appeared in his mind.


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality stat: 222

Primeval Gene: Stone Monkey Gene x10; Spirit Gene x10

Basic Gene: Monkey Gene x10; Stonebirth Gene x10; Adrenaline Gene x4; Mental Gene x9; Psychokinesis Gene x6; Spirituality Gene x8

Genetic Potential: 3688%


After the repeated combats these few days, Feng Lin had been a.s.siduously cultivating. His vitality stat had been slowly increasing, reaching a total of 222.

The Stone Monkey Gene and Spirit Gene had both been maxed out. He had already satisfied the conditions of advancing to the next level.

However, for a genetic formula to evolve to a higher-level gene, a catalyst was needed. One had to comprehend the base nature of their genes.

Feng Lin held his breath. He was in a state of total concentration. His will entered a state where there were no ripples as the furnace continued sinking inside the lava, as though it had entered a tunnel of bottomless depth. It continued sinking; it was unknown in which direction and when would it reach the end.

n.o.body knew how long had pa.s.sed. When Feng Lin returned to his senses, he discovered that he had already transformed into a short and furry monkey who just awoke, lying on a huge rock.

Long strands of golden fur fluttered in the wind.

(I become a monkey again?)

(That’s right!)

Feng Lin glanced at his surroundings, understanding that he had once again become a stone monkey.

This was an illusion-scape created from the hereditary memories of the Stone Monkey Gene, but he felt that everything here was extremely real.

This place seemed to be a lone island in the center of the sea. Dangerous mountain peaks could be seen in the distance. Waves beat upon the sh.o.r.e as tides rose and fell. This appeared to be a scene of desolation, yet it also gave off the feeling of being an immortal realm in the mortal world.

Feng Lin had come here quite a few times in the past, and he no longer felt strange. He started to roam the surroundings and search for the base essence of the Stone Monkey Gene.

Unlike before, he discovered that this world seemed to be extremely damaged. After experiencing the invasive Divine Blood Ritual and Amaterasu Will, as well as his own Great Sage Will fighting back, this immortal realm was already turned topsy-turvy. An aura of death could be sensed in the atmosphere, and everything seemed extremely silent.

This was completely different from the immortal realm filled with life which Feng Lin had seen before.

He had a feeling.

This world…

Was dead!

(That’s right, this world is dead!)

It no longer exuded vitality and resembled a scene from the apocalypse.

Feng Lin felt depressed in his heart. Since this world was destroyed, didn’t it mean that the memories would also be destroyed? How would he be able to use his hereditary memories to seek the true essence of the Stone Monkey Gene?

Feng Lin was completely stumped.

After pacing around for a long time, he still couldn’t find the key to break this situation.

(This world is already broken, could it be that there’s no longer a way for me to comprehend the true essence of my genes?)

This despairing thought arose in his heart. After some time, he shook his head, tossing aside this notion.

Regardless of whether the hereditary memories still existed or not, his Stone Monkey Gene was always present. This was a fact that had never changed. There should be some clues to unlock it, which he had not deciphered yet.

Feng Lin inclined his head, lost in thought as he stared at a large black-colored hole up in the sky.

This hole was created after his Great Sage Will erupted forth. The hole wasn’t repaired despite such a long time had pa.s.sed. It was extremely conspicuous in the air.

Although the Great Sage Will had already dissipated, remnants of the proud and lofty aura of it still permeated the atmosphere. The aura gave off a sense of being completely lawless and defying the heavens, unbridled and arrogant.

It was like the aura didn’t have the heavens and earth in its sight at all. The sky wasn’t able to mask its sight, and the earth wasn’t able to understand its heart.

Feng Lin calmed his heart down and silently tried to comprehend this remnant aura. For some reason, he could also sense a baleful qi in the remnant aura.

(This d.a.m.nable world is just too small, causing me to have no freedom. I definitely must break it!)

This thought flashed through his mind, incomparably clear.

Breaking apart this world?

Stone monkey was just a stone monkey.

A spiritual stone monkey was then a spiritual stone monkey. It could then be called the heart monkey and possessed unfathomable magic techniques.

A stone monkey evolving into a spiritual stone monkey was a qualitative transformation.

This memory illusion-scape was something created by the Stone Monkey Gene and had the inheritance of Sun Wukong in it. But wasn’t this world a type of restriction too?

It restricted the Great Sage Will which caused the baleful qi to appear and permeate the atmosphere, lasting for an eternity and yet to disperse.

(Without destruction, there can be no creation!)

(Creation comes only after destruction!)

A sense of enlightenment suddenly appeared in his mind, breaking apart the chaotic thoughts and giving him a sense of clarity.

(What does it mean to be the great sage?)

(The great sage is equal to the heavens!)

(If Sun Wukong couldn’t be equal to the heavens, why would he dare to proclaim himself as the great sage?)

(Heart monkey knows no fear, fighting against the heavens, against the bevy of immortals and buddhas.)

(If heaven and earth restrict him, just break them apart!)

Grow, grow, grow!

Feng Lin radiated spirit force, causing his body to slowly expand. From a small furry monkey below six feet, he was now at a height of roughly ten meters. He was growing at a speed visible to the naked eyes.

After all, this was just a memory world. There were countless possibilities concerning the usage of spirit force.

Since there was already a hole in the sky, Feng Lin stimulated his spirit force, flooding his body with it and enhancing his physique as he grew increasingly larger. After some time, he became a giant monkey as tall as the sky, standing on equal grounds with heaven and earth.

“BREAK FOR ME!” He howled in rage, his voice like thunder. Countless waves were dragged out from the force of his shout. His punches were like mountains, heavily las.h.i.+ng out.

With a thunderous bang, lightning and thunder crackled as this world began to collapse.

The hole in the sky widened further from the force of his punches. It was like a black hole wanting to devour this world. In the sky, a visible crack that continuously extended outward actually appeared.


It was as though he had gone crazy. He continued launching punches, and each of his punch had the power to destroy the world.

The sky collapsed!

The earth sank!

The oceans overturned!

The mountains crumbled as heavens and earth were destroyed.

Feng Lin was like the ancient Pan Gu who created the world. With a wave of his hand, boundless divine might flowed forth, sweeping aside all chaos.

It was just that Pangu created the heavens and earth, but Feng Lin was…

Destroying the heavens and earth instead!

Feng Lin’s punches continued unabated, causing the heaven and earth to shake as this world broke further.

The more of the world was destroyed, the more relaxed Feng Lin felt, like he had just thrown off invisible shackles and regained his freedom.

At this moment, the power of his Stone Monkey Gene started to become more and more active. This was the phenomenon of the gene lock being broken apart.

It was really effective!

Feng Lin silently felt joy as he put in even more effort.

Under the reinforcement of his spirit force, Feng Lin became a world-destroying giant monkey. He pulled up a mountain and used it as a rod that swung in all directions, unleas.h.i.+ng utter devastation. A baleful aura appeared in his heart, and he wanted nothing more than to tear this world apart.

And in the end, Feng Lin was already standing in a s.p.a.ce filled with darkness. The broken world he was in had already been completely destroyed; there were no traces of it left.

After heaven and earth were destroyed, the obsession which was the cause of the baleful aura also began to fade!

Feng Lin felt clearness of mind and was at peace in his heart. He could feel that he had completely thrown off the restriction and returned to the base essence of his gene. There were no more restrictions, and he felt a sense of utter freedom in his heart…

If he didn’t break through now, when should he do it then?

Stone Monkey Gene x10 + Spirit Gene x10 = Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene

With an intention of his will, his gene map clearly appeared before his eyes.

Two large golden stars were s.h.i.+ning with radiance. They were akin to inextinguishable ancient constellations that were suspended in the starry s.p.a.ce, illuminating the darkness around them.

Feng Lin used his will and attempted to fuse the power from these two genes together. The two golden stars sparkled as two clear streams flowed out from them, gathering together as one.

A sea was formed from the acc.u.mulation of water droplets, extending toward the depths of the newly formed sea as it sped toward a gigantic dark star that was not unlocked yet.

The dark star was in the depths of the starry s.p.a.ce and had remained dim for a long time. It was as though it was waiting to be awakened.

The astral light was like hundreds of birds returning to their home forest, resembling rivers that flowed into the huge sea and infusing the dark star with boundless energy.


It was like the thumping of a powerful heartbeat. The starry s.p.a.ce trembled as thunderous sounds echoed.

That dark star began to s.h.i.+ne with a golden light. From a dim state, it gradually brightened and radiated a radiance as bright as the sun, illuminating the darkness around it, unchangeable for all eternity.

A mysterious message appeared.


Gene: Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene

Grade: Perfect-grade transcendent gene

Strengthening Tally: 1

Ability: Capable of all transformations. Knowledgeable in astrology and geography. Capable of repositioning the stars.


A perfect-grade transcendent gene!

This Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene was actually of the highest perfect grade!

A mysterious power coursed through his body, pure to the extreme. However, it felt as ethereal and formless as the clouds, as though it contained the capability of countless transformations within it.

Even before he had the time to sense this power, that golden star abruptly changed. It exuded a mighty absorption force and became something like a gigantic black hole, drawing everything in.

This absorption was too great. Feng Lin’s soul had no way to resist and was drawn into it.


An exclamation rang out in the starry s.p.a.ce. Feng Lin’s consciousness had already been completely drawn into the newly awakened star.

In the darkness…

A pair of gleaming golden eyes opened.

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 230 - If I’m Not Equal to The Heavens, How Would I Dare to Proclaim Myself as The Great Sage?

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