Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 241 - Potential Breakthrough

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Chapter 241: Potential Breakthrough

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire


Invisible waves locked onto Feng Lin and the group of people from the Heavenly King Planet as if they were a law of causation that was destined to happen. It bound around them, causing them to be unable to break free.

An abnormal baleful aura pressed down on their hearts. Wherever the auras pa.s.sed by, the laws would become chaotic.

Green veins popped up on Feng Lin’s forehead and kept on twitching non-stop, as if they were going to explode. He trembled uncontrollably.

This was an instinctive fear that one would feel when encountering a higher grade lifeform, one that was beyond imagination.

It was as if they had the Locking Curse performed on them. Even the clouds under Feng Lin’s feet started to become unstable.

The group of people from the Heavenly King Planet was in a worse state.

Prince Hesello’s expression became twisted as he struggled. The sword qi under his feet became unstable and the light started to flicker.

His subordinates were capable of hanging in the air by the sword qi he had sent out. They didn’t have flying abilities. As the sword qi started to go out of control and become unstable, they kept crying out as they plunged toward the ground like dumplings.

Before they landed, the group of murderers in the desolate desert had already cried out excitedly toward the sky. They pounced toward the people from the Heavenly King Planet, splitting the meat amongst them.

No matter how brutal wild beasts were, they didn’t eat their own kind.

These murderers were worse off than wild beasts. They were like devils that had crawled out from h.e.l.l, crazily biting and tearing into the flesh. Their mouths were filled with blood and their eyes were gleaming.

The group of people from the Heavenly King Planet cried out agonizingly. Many stinking mouths were right before them, and they could only watch as they were torn apart and devoured.

This weird scene sent s.h.i.+vers down one’s spine.

However, the baleful aura shook people’s hearts. The people from the Heavenly King Planet were struck by the Locking Curse and rendered immobile. They couldn’t put up any resistance and could only watch as their companions died horrible deaths.

Feng Lin’s spirit was also restrained and the clouds started to tremble intensely. The three of them could no longer stand steadily.

He quickly agitated his mind, wanting to recover as soon as possible.

He suddenly sensed that there was an extremely horrifying existence entrenched on the ground. It locked onto them as if they were something that was already within its grasp.

Golden light flashed in Yana’s eyes. Waves of lofty and dignified aura appeared on her skinny body. She suddenly broke free from the spiritual restraint and woke up.

“Wake up!” Looking at Feng Lin and her younger sister Aris’s struggling expressions, her gaze was solemn and she started to form imprints with her hands. A beam of golden light appeared on one of her palms, turning into a golden staff that she grabbed with both hands. It was slightly blurry and had not completely taken form.

However, when Yana grabbed it in her hands, her disposition immediately changed. It was as if she was the G.o.ddess of wisdom who was holding onto the Scepter of G.o.d, looking down onto the mortal world.

She waved her hand slightly.

Dong dong dong!

The golden rings on the scepter knocked into each other, producing clear sounds. These sounds were like the sound of bells from the divine empire in the starry sky, baptizing the hearts of humans and awakening their minds.

Feng Lin’s body trembled and he woke up in shock. His consciousness became extremely clear.

He looked at Yana.

As expected of a cultivator who took the path of Athena, the G.o.ddess of wisdom. Although her battle prowess might not be strong, she had great wisdom and had a calm temperament. She was terrifying in a sense.

“Help me to stabilize my spirit!” Feng Lin said to Yana.


Feng Lin started to ama.s.s his spirit force once again, bringing the water vapor in the air together to form clouds that propped the three of them up.

“Hmmm?” a soft questioning exclamation rang out.

Amongst the group of murderers, a pair of bloodshot eyes flashed out from the sedan that was raised by over 20 people. Its gaze locked onto Feng Lin and the other two as the trio attempted to leave.

“Extinguis.h.!.+” that hoa.r.s.e voice still sounded lazy, but the tone became stronger than before.

The moment the words came out, the magical art took place.

Words that were said couldn’t be taken back. Invisible waves extended out once again, filled with destructive intents. Wherever they pa.s.sed by, everything would be turned into dust.

Feng Lin’s body swayed intensely and the clouds under his feet started to disintegrate at a speed that was faster than earlier. His ability was completely suppressed and it was hard for him to maintain it.

This wasn’t an ordinary pressure. It was filled with intense spiritual deterrence that applied great pressure on the spirit.

Both the body and the heart was completely suppressed.

Feng Lin stimulated his Heart Monkey Force and a vicious aura rose in his heart. It fought against the material-like baleful aura.

Ding ling ling!

The Divine Scepter in Yana’s hand kept on swaying intensely, releasing a series of sounds that cleansed a person’s heart and soul. Feng Lin’s spirit continued to remain clear and he felt extremely thankful that he didn’t go on separate paths with the two ladies after he had attained a breakthrough in his cultivation.

One’s cultivation and battle prowess weren’t equivalent.

Interstellar cultivators’ abilities weren’t just for use in battle. There were also their adaptation abilities in various complicated environments in the universe.

Some abilities might not have strong battle prowess or many uses, but they might have unbelievable effects in certain strange environments.

This was how it was for Yana. Her battle prowess was very weak, but her intelligence was developed to a very high degree. The power of her spirit and will were above that of Feng Lin’s.

Feng Lin’s heart throbbed.

Regardless if it was Aris whose ferocity surpa.s.sed that of men’s or Yana with her outstanding wisdom, they were both great talents.

Weren’t these just what the Mythological Genes a.s.sociation needed?

The universe was boundless and regardless of how strong a person was, there would be limitations. One would need to keep on strengthening their own forces concurrently until the day that they established their own standings in the universe.

However, all of these were stuff meant for the future. He would still need to plan for the long run.

“Go!” Feng Lin tossed away all the distractions in his mind and brought along the two ladies with him.

This Killer King was clearly not a person to trifle with and was an extremely vicious existence. In order to prevent any further complications, it would be better to leave as soon as possible.

Otherwise, by the time he reacted and attacked at full-power, it would be very difficult for him to retreat safely.

Feng Lin didn’t even turn back and left at full speed.

“Interesting!” the Killer King’s hoa.r.s.e voice rang out again.

To think that these three exam candidates had such means to break out from her restraints. They weren’t simple.

Feng Lin was too far away now. The Killer King gave it some thought and didn’t continue to give chase. Instead, he sent his invisible pressure onto the people from the Heavenly King Planet.

Only three candidates had left and these remaining people were the bigger targets. Keeping all of them here could allow his subordinates to have a good meal.

The Killer King increased his pressure and the sword lights were crushed. The people from the Heavenly King Planet came plunging down like dumplings.

The murderers who had gone into primitive state on the Asura Planet since a long time ago let out excited howls and came crowding over, enjoying the rare delicacies.

The fresh, tender flesh and blood had them craving for very long.

The agonizing cries on the ground continued on endlessly.

Prince Hesello stood on the flying sword; his entire body affixed and he faced mountain-like pressure.

(These adulterous b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!)

He looked at the trio’s departing figures and clenched his teeth.

If it wasn’t for them, how could he and his subordinates land in such a dangerous plight and suffer great casualties?

(Now that they managed to run off, we’re in deep trouble!)

This prince from the Heavenly King Planet felt great hatred for Feng Lin and the two ladies.


The Killer King once again let out an explosive bellow, and his pressure was great as the mountain, pressing down heavily. This caused Hesello’s spine to crack, unable to withstand the great weight. It felt as if his spine was going to break.

The sword light exploded intensely as well.

This Killer King’s cultivation was far too terrifying. If things were to continue to drag on, he would really be unable to get away.

Being seen as a genius in the royal family, although Hesello was used to being arrogant, he wasn’t a fool. He instantly made a decision.

Platinum light flashed on his face and the flying sword under his feet suddenly exploded, bringing forth violent air currents that scattered the pressure in the sky.

Without saying a word, he rode on the remnants of the sword light and rapidly left. His unlucky subordinates were left behind and he didn’t pay them any more heed.


Experiencing repeated failures, the Killer King’s voice became increasingly eerie.

(Even though the Asura Planet is very big, there’s no way for you to escape!)

His b.l.o.o.d.y and malevolent gaze glared at Feng Lin and the others, recording them deeply in his heart.

The group of murderers behind him were like hungry ghosts as they pounced toward the cultivators who plunged to the ground, starting to eat them up in big bites.

The desert was dyed in the color of blood.

Feng Lin had left a long time ago and naturally had no idea that someone had set their minds on him.

After breaking away from the Killer King’s constraints as well as the pursuit from the people of the Heavenly King Planet, Feng Lin moved rapidly. He found a quiet cave and took a rest.

The trio landed on the ground and started panting.

They had first wiped out a large-scale aberration mother nest and then had a conflict against the people from the Heavenly King Planet, not given any chance to rest at all. They were far too tired and must quickly recover.

The two ladies each took out a Guard-type gene hypophysis and started cultivating.

Feng Lin was even more extravagant. He took out the large-scale queen’s gene hypophysis that was as big as an elephant’s head and started to engulf it in big bites.

With each bite he took, blood would splatter, filling up his mouths. The pungent smell permeated the surroundings; ordinary people would find it hard to bear.

However, Feng Lin had long since gotten used to devouring things in their primitive state. As long as he could strengthen himself, he didn’t care for the taste and his brows wouldn’t even twitch.

Smelling the blood stench, the Bloodthirst Gene started to circulate by itself. Working together with the art of transforming energy into qi, Feng Lin’s stomach was like a furnace, operating at full capacity to absorb the essence from the blood to replenish his body.

The stronger the stench of the blood, the greater the amount of nutrition.

Feng Lin engulfed in big bites, and seething energy gushed into his body. His body was like a dry desert that had been nourished by water, releasing vigorous vitality.

His genetic potential started to increase at an unprecedented speed. +108%, +108%, +108%…

The rate of Feng Lin’s growth was far too astonis.h.i.+ng and his body became stronger at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.

This large-scale aberration queen was different from the small-scale queen. Her battle prowess was astonis.h.i.+ng and it was a powerful transcendent creature. The nourishment in her blood also far surpa.s.sed that of her own kind, having absorbed the essence of a variety of living creatures. Her blood was a great source of nourishment, causing the growth of Feng Lin’s genetic potential to surpa.s.s 100%…

Powerful qi activities emitted from his body, bringing forth wind that caused the two ladies to wake up in surprise.

What a powerful vitality this was!

The rate of his recovery was far too astonis.h.i.+ng!

The two ladies were extremely surprised and their eyelids kept twitching. They could sense an intense pressure from Feng Lin’s vitality. It was very similar to that of the Ultimate Killer King’s.

When the pressure materialized, it could interfere with the actual world.

This was a display of rapid growth in one’s vitality. How could ordinary people possibly possess such a cultivating speed? It was extremely terrifying.

The Greek sisters exchanged a glance, their gazes filled with surprise.

Since young, they had been taught by their irresponsible father, and their cultivation knowledge far surpa.s.sed that of ordinary people’s.

Ever since they came into contact with Feng Lin, they discovered that their perspectives toward cultivation had been broken and crushed.

They had seen Feng Lin’s changes over the past few days.

The rate of his progress was far too astonis.h.i.+ng. It was like sitting on a rocket!

(How did he do that? Which mythological path did he take?)

The Greek sisters felt extremely curious. The rate of Feng Lin’s improvement gave them tremendous stress. If they didn’t work hard, they would probably be tossed far behind him.

The two ladies secretly found a spot that was very far away from Feng Lin, just in case so that they wouldn’t be disturbed, and then started fully focusing on their cultivation once again.

Feng Lin was in deep focus. His body was like a furnace, refining the nourishment.

The unprecedented rate of growth in his potential allowed his body to continue to progress toward energy-evolution.

Humans were matter-based lifeforms and their energy-evolution process couldn’t be achieved at one go. The transformation to their lives required progress in small steps.

The limit of an elite cultivator was to reach 20% in the energy-evolution process.

The higher the degree of completion, the stronger one’s senses would be toward the energy of the universe. They would be able to freely take rein of energy with every action and possess great battle prowess. It was very amazing.

Energy-evolution 3.61%, 3.62%, 3.63%… The ratio rose slowly.

This cultivation took Feng Lin an entire night to complete.

His potential surged explosively, reaching 13,180%.

As his cultivation improved, his requirement for genetic potential also increased tremendously. It was a good thing that his cultivation could keep up with it.

His genetic potential exceeded 10,000% and this also meant that Feng Lin obtained a free transcendent-grade genetic point. He didn’t give it a second thought and added the point directly.

His attributes suddenly changed.


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality: 370

Transcendent-grade Gene: Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene x2

Primeval Gene: Stone Monkey Gene x10; Spirit Gene x10

Basic Gene: Monkey Gene x10; Stonebirth Gene x10; Adrenaline Gene x4; Mental Gene x9; Psychokinesis Gene x6; Spirituality Gene x8; Bloodthirst Gene x10

Genetic Potential: 3,180%


The Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene’s strengthening tally changed from 1 to 2, and his vitality suddenly surged by 52 points.

Feng Lin’s body kept on changing and his muscles shook, moving unsteadily like flowing water. Sometimes, his figure would be as burly as a giant’s, sometimes it would be as thin as a matchstick, and sometimes he would be as strong as a cow…

His body changed randomly. Clearly, as the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene strengthened, his mastery over his figure was brought to a higher realm.

However, this was far from being enough.

In order to reach the level of being able to change matter and spirit with his Art of Transformations, his strengthening tally would still need to be higher.

Feng Lin opened his eyes, seemed to be deep in thought.

Right now, his genetic potential had suddenly hit a growth past 100%. It was no longer suitable for it to be displayed by percentages.

In the past, the growth rate of his genetic potential was far too slow; it was less than one genetic point per session. That was why the display was in the form of percentages.

Every 100% was the lowest level of free basic gene genetic points.

However, as Feng Lin’s cultivation continued to attain breakthroughs, the increment in genetic potential could no longer be lower than 100%. It would be extremely troublesome to continue to use this unit of measurement.

Feng Lin’s heart throbbed. The genetic potential on his attributes window suddenly changed from 3,180% to 31.8. The ‘%’ was no longer there and the unit became basic gene genetic points.

The two ladies also woke up in succession with lights gleaming in their eyes. Their disposition was very different from before. Clearly, they had benefited a lot.

The path of cultivation was one with a suitable amount of tension and relaxation.

The two ladies came to the Asura Planet and had been through a series of ma.s.sacre. Their acc.u.mulated experience had become a resource for them to rapidly attain breakthroughs in their cultivation. There were endless benefits.

Seeing that, Feng Lin went deep into thought.

The ma.s.sacre trial on the Asura Planet wasn’t just a simple test. It was an intense compet.i.tive experience, and only the real experts would be able to go through the dangers and keep on getting stronger, standing out from the rest of the several hundred thousand genius candidates across the solar system.

“Who’s that Ultimate Killer King? Why is there such a terrifying murderer on the Asura Planet? To think that the person can subdue all the other murderers and proclaim himself to be king!”

Seeing the two ladies waking up, Feng Lin asked this question.

Yana knew of Asura Planet’s background and was definitely clear of the background of this Ultimate Killer King.

Yana’s brows furrowed deeply. She spoke up only after a very long time had pa.s.sed. Her voice was unprecedentedly heavy, horrifying, and extremely wary…

“If my guess is right, then that person is the Ultimate Killer King, Heretic G.o.d of the Blood Sea, who had caused a storm of ma.s.sacre in the Southern Milky Way Galaxy in the past, killing millions of people!”

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 241 - Potential Breakthrough

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