Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 244 - Fishing in Troubled Waters

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Chapter 244: Fis.h.i.+ng in Troubled Waters

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

“What, this is the Ultimate Killer King?”

“Why is he a greasy middle-aged man?”

“This is too…lousy right?”

It wasn’t easy for them to see the true face of the Ultimate Killer King. Those exam candidates were also completely shocked.

This greasy middle-aged man didn’t exude the tyrannical bloodthirsty-ness of the Ultimate Killer King at all!

Feng Lin who was watching at the side actually felt wariness in his heart.

Cultivators were originally already different from mortals. Their lives had undergone ‘transcendence’ of a sort, and there were all kinds of people with all kinds of abilities. One must never judge a book by its cover.

The more the Ultimate Killer King looked ordinary, the more fearsome he must be. It must have meant that he was already at a point where he reverted to simplicity, as one with nature. His aura was completely retracted and seemed no different from an ordinary man.

If he didn’t act earlier, the vast majority of people here probably wouldn’t have known that this greasy middle-aged man was a cultivator.

This was a sign that he had absolute control over all his power.

No wonder the Ultimate Killer King could summon the wind and call the rain in the Southern Milky Way Galaxy and no one had been able to catch him.

It wasn’t scary that he had killed many people because if the peak experts of the Southern Milky Way Galaxy were to act, they could all easily subdue this man.

However, he was actually able to conceal his sharpness so well. This was the scariest, most shocking ability of him.

There were billions of people in the universe. Who could imagine that the Ultimate Killer King was a greasy middle-aged man?

“Hehehe… as expected of top geniuses from the solar system, you guys actually forced me to reveal myself. This is not easy at all. How do you all want to die?” The Ultimate Killer King started laughing. His harmless face suddenly contorted as the inner madness in his heart erupted. The demon inside him seemed to have been released.

Sharp killing intent and intense coldness engulfed everyone, causing gooseb.u.mps to appear on the bodies of the exam candidates. It felt like an asura had his sight fixed on them.

“Ultimate Killer King, you don’t need to try and scare us. Although the Asura Planet is remote, it’s still under the observation of the Solar System Coalition Government. If you overdid things and kill all of us exam candidates, not only would Asura Planet be cleansed by blood, but there wouldn’t be any more exam candidates coming here to Asura Planet in the future…”

The exam candidates banded together, facing the death criminals squarely. That golden-haired young man from earlier walked out and spoke without fear.

Things were indeed as he had said.

The Asura Planet was under the governance of the Coalition Government. Although the death criminals could kill them, they couldn’t go too far.

After all, this was just a tempering exercise in the form of an exam. They weren’t here to be sent to their death.

If the Ultimate Killer King really killed all the exam candidates, the experts from the Coalition Government would never let this rest.

In any case, that wars.h.i.+p that brought them here was still waiting in the s.p.a.ce outside the planet.

There was a fragile line of balance, one could almost say that it was a secret agreement between the government and the death criminals. Although it was stated explicitly, this balance did exist.

The government sent these exam candidates here to be nutritious food for the criminals, if the criminals grew, Asura Planet could be developed further.

But it was also a tempering exercise to weed out the weak, leaving behind the truly outstanding candidates. So, how could the government stand to watch if the Ultimate Killer King really killed all of them?

In any case, all of these were an open scheme. People knew about it but they had no way to resist.

After all, these were supreme geniuses in the solar system. There were simply too many intelligent people among them.

The golden-haired young man with the oriental appearance saw through this point and started to negotiate with the Killer King.

He didn’t lack guts nor strength.

This oriental young man was like the sun among all the other exam candidates, drawing the attention of everyone.

Feng Lin also turned his gaze toward him. He could faintly sense that this young man would be his greatest opponent in this exam.

“This man is named Donghuang Ling from the Golden Crow s.p.a.ce Station. The Golden Crow s.p.a.ce Station is a power established in s.p.a.ce, a station that revolved around the sun! Donghuang Ling’s vitality stat is over 500; in the information recorded about all the students, he is considered the number one genius,” Yana explained by the side, revealing Donghuang Ling’s origins.

A s.p.a.ce station that revolved around the sun!

Feng Lin was silently startled.

The sun was considered a mid-grade fixed star with an extremely high temperature. Just the light around it had a temperature of over 6,000 degrees. The temperature at its core was naturally even higher, reaching a million degrees. All living things would turn into ashes when moving near to it.

There was actually someone building a s.p.a.ce station near the sun?

But when he thought more about it, things seemed pretty logical.

The myriad of living things all required energy.

By staying near the sun, they would naturally have an abundance of solar energy and with mankind’s technology, they could turn the initially vile environment into something enjoyable.

It was understandable. It was said that the Solar System Coalition Government also built their base on a man-made planet near the sun, maintaining the independence of the individual planets.

The Ultimate Killer King suddenly laughed after he heard that. “You, a mere mid-phase elite cultivator, actually dare to speak in this manner to me? Do you really think I don’t dare to act against you?”

His eyes flared with a crimson light as he stared at Donghuang Ling. A formless pressure gushed forth, pressing down on Donghuang Ling.

That Donghuang Ling seemed completely unafraid at all. His golden hair fluttered in the wind and he appeared like the child of the sun G.o.d. “Sir, you are the Ultimate Killer King and naturally wouldn’t be afraid of us mere exam candidates. Although you are very famous, if you kill us all, the true experts on the wars.h.i.+p stationed outside this planet would surely send experts here to handle this. At that time, not only would your subordinates die, but even you would find it hard to escape with your life. The life of the Ultimate Killer King is so precious, how can it be comparable to our lives?”

He smiled faintly and exuded a graceful aura that caused people to be impressed.

Even when facing the Ultimate Killer King, he didn’t cower at all. His words actually elevated the status of the Killer King, alleviating the danger.

The Killer King laughed strangely after he had heard that. His gaze flickered.

“You are a genius. I have killed countless people, and there are very few people who dare to face me directly as you do or take the pressure radiating from me as easy as you are doing,” He praised Donghuang Ling. But all of a sudden, he began to laugh sinisterly.

“Your words are very correct, but what does that have to do with me? As long as I can accomplish my objectives, it’s worth it even if all of you exam candidates die here. Do you think these death criminals can threaten me? Even if all of them die, I wouldn’t feel any pain in my heart. And as for those armies from the Coalition Government, none of them has the power to be a threat to me.”

The Killer King coldly laughed, ignoring the expressions on the faces of his subordinates.

The fear of the Killer King was already engraved deeply in the hearts of these people. They only dared to rage, but they didn’t dare to say anything.

Donghuang Ling’s expression sank. He could sense that this Ultimate Killer King was truly confident in what he said. No one in the wars.h.i.+p was powerful enough to threaten him.

His mind spun rapidly as he suddenly spoke, “What if you can achieve your objective without needing both of our sides to clash with each other?”

“Oh?” The Killer King had a bored look on his face. “What plan do you have.”

Donghuang Ling continued, “Killer King, you are using the plan of rousing the tiger to swallow the wolves. Your true objective is to force us to probe the strength-level of the mother nest, so you can obtain the secret treasure inside it. As for us, we only want to kill the aberration queen and obtain the points from it. There’s clearly no conflict in our goals. Why don’t we cooperate? You can take the treasure, and we only want the queen.”

He actually wanted to negotiate with the Killer King.

The people in the surroundings were shocked.

This Donghuang Ling was truly too brazen. One must know that the man he was speaking to was the Ultimate Killer King, a demon-like existence. By entering deals with him, wasn’t Donghuang Ling courting death?

“You know about that secret treasure?” The Killer King’s eyes narrowed into slits. If the secret of the mother nest was exposed, that would be equivalent to touching his reverse scale.

A fearsome aura flooded the area and the pressure intensified.

Donghuang Ling smiled as he calmly continued, “The name Asura Planet has to come from something. Although there isn’t much news about this treasure, there are still quite a few people who know about this.”

After that, he didn’t continue to speak out loud. His lips moved as he sent voice transmissions to the Killer King.

The Killer King’s expression changed. No one knew what Donghuang Ling had told him. The Killer King cast a deep glance at the golden-haired young man and nodded. “Alright, let’s do things your way then.”

Those exam candidates were completely stunned.

Forming a deal with the Killer King. In their perspective, this was simply courting death.

Yet, this Donghuang Ling actually succeeded. How did he do this?

This was also a question Feng Lin wanted to know the answer to, but he wasn’t too bothered by it.

No matter what the treasure was, he would know once he entered the mother nest.

As the ‘heads’ of the two parties reached an agreement, the cooperation was set in stone.

Those exam candidates also didn’t have any objections. As long as they had some brains, they knew that they weren’t a match for the Ultimate Killer King.

The Killer King also controlled his subordinates.

The two groups now had clear lines of division. Neither party moved closer to each other.

The blood sea continued to churn as aberrations were coming out from it.

“Go! Whoever can kill the aberration queen will get pointers from me personally. I will guide his cultivation and allow that person to inherit my position as the Killer King of Asura Planet!” The Ultimate Killer King howled.

There would surely be courageous people within the crowd.

When the death criminals heard his words, all of them exploded forth with madness as they lunged forward.

The next Killer King of Asura Planet, this position was akin to the controller of a life planet. The temptation was too large!

However, things naturally wouldn’t be so simple.

Feng Lin’s eyes shone with a silver light. He activated his spirit vision and could see red strands of baleful aura radiating from the killer king. The strands of baleful aura seeped into the bodies of the death criminals, causing them to be in a maddened state and lose their rationale.

Being able to become the Killer King of Asura Planet naturally was great, but the prerequisite was that they must be alive to enjoy the benefits of this position first.

The gigantic-scale queen was the most terrifying lifeform on Asura Planet, how could she be killed so easily?

But at this moment, those criminals all seemed to have gone completely crazy. They forgot about the danger and ignored their lives.

(Is this will control?)

Feng Lin silently mused. This Killer King seemed to have the ability to control people; this ability was extremely bizarre and resembled hypnosis.

If not, given the fact that these death criminals were all tyrannical and lawless individuals who committed heinous crimes, how could they be so obedient to him?

“Everyone, let’s kill the gigantic-scale mother queen together. We will depend on our capabilities. The Killer King wants the treasure, and we will take the points,” Donghuang Ling spoke.

“Sure.” The other exam candidates replied as they began to enter the sea.

They were all elite cultivators and could control the pores on their bodies with ease. It wasn’t a problem for them to breathe underwater and dive into the mother nest.

“We should go in too,” Feng Lin spoke.

The Greek sisters hesitated.

“I want to see what tricks Donghuang Ling and Killer King are playing exactly. I’m also extremely interested in the secret treasure they spoke about.” Feng Lin laughed. His gaze then turned to the mother nest located in the depths of the blood sea as a look of interest flashed in his eyes.

He activated the Art of Transformations, and the three of them silently mixed into the crowd of exam candidates, moving toward the mother nest.

The combat prowess of these exam candidates was naturally extremely powerful. Their genetic energy and martial techniques were all at the peak of their peers. They even had weapons to enhance their power. Those water-type aberrations were easily crushed into pieces, becoming points for them to harvest.

The army of the Killer King also dove into the water.

After some time, an underwater cave appeared before their eyes as endless aberrations came out from it, like schools of fish.

“Kill our way in!” The Killer King and Donghuang Ling’s voice reverberated through the water, commanding everyone to enter. They were like a stampede crus.h.i.+ng everything in their way.


The words of truth spoken by the Killer King caused the entire s.p.a.ce to tremble as the poor aberrations exploded.

Donghuang Ling’s golden bell spun rapidly, producing formless ripples that destroyed the aberrations from inside out. Clearly, it was a very valuable mythological treasure.

Their groups soon entered the nest. They discovered to their surprise that there was actually a s.p.a.ce inside; the place was completely devoid of water and filled with air.

All forms of aberrations rushed out, messengers, prowlers, guards…these were obviously evolved forms compared to the ones in the large-scale mother nests. Fish scales covered their bodies; their defenses were even stronger.

The exam candidates and death criminals formed a fragile alliance. After they entered deeper into the mother nest, genetic energy gushed forth like tides, forming energy waves that flowed toward the depths.

Everywhere the energy waves pa.s.sed by, the surroundings would crack as fissures opened up on the ground. Those aberrations were transformed into pulps of meat, and a strong acidic scent filled the atmosphere.

Feng Lin mixed within them. He silently activated his spirit vision and observed the surroundings. He could see rays of red light flas.h.i.+ng from the depths of this mother nest.

Far away, there seemed to be a giant ball of red light pulsing with a rhythm, resembling a heartbeat.

(What is that? Could that be the secret treasure hidden on Asura Planet?)

Feng Lin furrowed his brows. He discovered that the ball of red light’s aura seemed to be fused with the aberration queen’s aura.

“The treasure!” After a few moments, the Killer King also sensed the aura. His eyes narrowed as a wild look appeared on his face. Cracking sounds rang out. All of a sudden, he transformed into a three meters tall and muscular man that looked completely different from the greasy middle-aged man he had been earlier. He stomped heavily on the ground, opening up a pathway through the aberrations as he shot forth like an arrow, moving toward the depths of the mother cave.

Donghuang Ling also followed closely behind.

The other exam candidates naturally rushed in that direction too, fearing that they would lag too much behind.

After all, the gigantic-scale queen was worth a total of ten million points. Whoever managed to obtain that, would undoubtedly become the King of the Solar System. None of the exam candidates were willing to watch silently as others hunted the queen.

Feng Lin’s group of three hid among the crowd, planning to fish in troubled waters.

“No hurry, the gigantic-scale queen is extremely terrifying; it wouldn’t die so easily. If we enter too early, it would be easy for us to become the targets of a mult.i.tude of arrows. We might as well play the role of the oriole at the back while the mantis stalks the cicada.” Yana’s eyes flashed as she suggested.

Feng Lin felt it was very logical.

The three of them slowed their steps and stayed at the back.

Aris took the chance and continued killing the other aberrations, gaining even more points.

Very soon, the sound of combat drifted out from the depths of the mother nest. Clearly, the Killer King and the others were currently fighting the aberration queen.

Feng Lin’s group exchanged mutual glances. They decided not to hide anymore. They unleashed their might fully, destroying the aberrations around them as they rushed into the depths.

The deeper they went, the more intense the situation was. Corpses of humans and aberrations could be seen everywhere.

Among humans, there were exam candidates and death criminals as well. Several of the corpses even had bite marks on them.

“Human weaklings, you all actually dare to barge into my nest! Simply courting death!” A formless spirit wave gushed out, trembling the area.

Feng Lin’s group finally arrived at the location of combat. To his shock, he saw that the Killer King, Donghuang Ling, and their groups were currently fighting against a shocking figure.

This figure was that of a female, and her body was so alluring that it could only be described as demonic. She was about two meters tall and extremely shapely, with huge twin peaks and well-rounded rear. Her legs were long and powerful, and her entire body was covered in a layer of armor, save for her emotionless eyes. Clearly, no one would mistake her for a human.

This gigantic-scale mother nest’s aberration queen was actually a humanoid?

At the center of her chest, a huge ruby-red gemstone could be seen, resembling the eye of a monster. It emitted demonic rays and sparkled with a faint crimson l.u.s.ter, wanting to draw in the souls of those who glanced at it.

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 244 - Fishing in Troubled Waters

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