Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 270 – Humanoid

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Chapter 270: Humanoid-type Beast King

Translator: Lordbluefire  Editor: Lordbluefire

b.e.s.t.i.a.l Gene x9 + Violence Gene x8 + Coercion Gene x6 = Beast King Gene

Now the three primeval genes were all maxed out.

Three huge golden stars emitted light and gathered over, forming a ma.s.sive Milky Way that led to the depths of the dark starry sky.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The void seethed and intense sound of heartbeat rang out.

A huge dark star flickered and gradually woke up, emitting endless light and heat that shone upon the darkness.

The Beast King Gene was awakened!

A pressuring aura rose within the enclosed cave. The wind howled, bringing forth a series of violent waves that were like roars of the ferocious beasts.

The pressuring aura astonished the remaining four who were cultivating, and their expressions changed.

This Feng Lin had become stronger again!

Why did they say ‘again'?

Ever since they got to know Feng Lin, they noticed that he was going through changes daily as if there were no limits. His ability was beyond imagination.

What kind of change did Feng Lin go through once again?

They started to feel curious.

Right now, Feng Lin was situated within an enclosed cave. His figure went through a huge change and started to swell up naturally. His bulging muscles revealed wild and ferocious auras. It was as if he was a ferocious beast that was wearing human skin, about to attack and engulf someone at any moment.

He gradually closed his eyes and sensed the essence of the genes. A wave of information gushed up in his head.

Gene: Beast King Gene

Grade: High-grade Transcendent Gene

Strengthening Tally: 1

Abilities: King of Hundred Beasts, Power Over Mountains and Forests, Submission of Beast Herd, Commanding at Will

It turned out that the Beast King Gene's abilities were differentiated into two parts—the Beast King Force and the Beast King Might.

The Beast King Might referred to the beast king's inborn might that could suppress all beasts and could be freely used. It was an ability that could control wild beasts.

And the Beast King Force was a foundation.

Each beast king emerged as the king in the brutal nature after experiencing countless ma.s.sacres. Its ma.s.sacring means had been developed to an extreme, and it could be said to be the strongest in ma.s.sacres amongst its own kind.

Cultivators who had awakened the Beast King Gene were like that as well. The Beast King Force could let a cultivator experience tremendous growth. During a battle, their hearts would be completely clear of impurities. Therefore, they could fully display the prowess of every move, have unparalleled ferocity, and be unrivaled amongst those of the same realm.

This might sound easy, but it would surpa.s.s ordinary people's imagination to really be able to bring forth great prowess.

Humans beings were also shackled down by life.

Even if it was the same martial techniques and the same user, the degree of the prowess would also vary according to the different situations as their conditions fluctuated.

When one's condition was good, they would be able to unleash a prowess of over 100%, using softness to overcome strength.

When one's condition wasn't good, their fist arts would only display 60 to 70% of their prowess. It would be a great discount.

The beast king experienced countless ma.s.sacres, and battles were also a part of their natural instincts.

The mysterious function of the Beast King Force was that cultivators could constantly be at their best condition during battles, unleas.h.i.+ng 100% of their prowess. This was a terrifying advantage.

Bang bang bang!

His fists were like rolling thunder, hammering into the air and unleas.h.i.+ng consecutive sounds.

Taichi Explosive Fist! Xingyi Fist! Eight Trigram Palm!

Feng Lin started performing Huaxia ancient martial arts, switching between yin and yang in his fist techniques, bringing about a myriad of changes.

There wasn't any genetic profoundness in ancient martial arts, and it was hard for them to unleash the prowess of mythological genes. However, as they were legacies that had been polished through long periods of time, what was left was the greatest essence—the apex martial arts. They had been perfected by countless martial artists and held extremely ancient profoundness.

Using the Beast King Force to let himself enter a 100% battle condition, Feng Lin felt as if he had entered an unprecedented strange realm.

The changes to every move in the ancient martial arts appeared in his heart. He faced the intrinsic elements head-on, both the flaws and merits, and they started to gradually become clear.

Refining the essence and removing the impurities!

Feng Lin didn't know what fatigue was and kept on performing the martial arts repeatedly. He adjusted the moves. What seemed to be minute changes actually brought about qualitative improvements, making the moves faster, fiercer, and stronger!

The moves had good compatibility with the human body's movements, and Feng Lin slowly attained a perfect condition. His strength and speed had reached an extreme to his current realm, unleas.h.i.+ng 100% of his battle prowess!

With each punch and kick, violent powers gushed out, forming aerial cannons that could be seen by the naked eye. They struck the walls, causing them to shake and leaving behind many astonis.h.i.+ng cavities.

Feng Lin moved about, twisting his body and turning into strong gales that blew out. Violent waves raged on, causing the air to distort and light rays to become chaotic.

Powerful auras soared into the sky, causing Yana, Yi, and the other two to feel great astonishment.

Feng Lin seemed to have turned into a live volcano, being able to erupt and drown the mortal world at any moment.

How powerful was this person?

Beastlike Fist Art!

Feng Lin didn't have reservations at all. After performing the ancient martial arts, he started working on the fist technique that he created himself. The Beast King Force, together with the Heart Monkey force, created a myriad of phenomena and changed freely. The forms of all beasts were presented: monkey leaping, tiger pouncing, leopard running…

Not only did the moves present the forms of a myriad of beasts, but it also brought out their charms.

Each time he struck out, there would be the sound of monkeys screeching, tigers roaring, and leopards howling.

The raging auras would bring fear to the opponents before the battle even started. They were extremely chilling.

Chi chi chi…

Smoke rose and many shocking traces were left behind on the walls. It was as if they were the sharp claw marks from tigers or leopards.

A faint feeling of joy rose gradually in Feng Lin's heart.

Right now, this Beastlike Fist Art had both the form and spirit. There were no more flaws and had a perfect intrinsic nature. It could be said to be a perfect-grade low-tier martial art.

A perfect-grade martial art had no flaws or loopholes when compared with other martial arts of the same tier. They were unrivaled amongst the same tier products!

However, it was only a low-tier genetic martial art and was nothing special when placed in the ma.s.sive interstellar s.p.a.ce.

However, the sense of achievement was something that other people would be unable to imagine as this was something that he had created solely by himself.

Feng Lin remained calm. Seeing that it was already in the middle of the night, both of his hands grabbed a spirit crystal each. He continued cultivating.

Cultivation was like going against the currents. If you didn't advance, you would be pushed back. There was no room for any delays.

Spiritual qi gushed out from the spirit crystals like spring water, entering his body and nouris.h.i.+ng his parched flesh and blood.

Genetic potential +2.1, +2.1, +2.1…

He still hadn't used any gene potion, but his genetic potential grew at an unprecedented rate. It soon reached 68.8, heading to break through the 100 thresholds.

If other people were to see Feng Lin use spirit crystals so lavishly, he would be reprimanded like a wastrel.

Spirit crystals were extremely precious. They were the condensation of super-dense spirit particles and were extremely rare.

Even in the universe, it was also considered an invaluable treasure. People would usually use them to create all sorts of rare genetic products, as the degree of efficiency was far too low if one used them for cultivation. It was too much of a waste.

However, Feng Lin gave no s.h.i.+t about using them carefully.

It wasn't that he had no idea about their worth but that he had seen through the truth.

No matter how precious the cultivating resources were, if they weren't put to use, what different would they be from trash?

Misers wouldn't progress far on the path of cultivation.

One of the objectives of the candidates was to experience killing and tempering in order to complete their mission.

Another important objective was to test the examinees' abilities to become stronger, bringing out their greatest potential. At the same time, it would also test their overall abilities so that the true geniuses could be selected over good-for-nothings who looked impressive but were in fact useless.

Having seen through this hidden objective, Feng Lin naturally wouldn't stand on ceremony. He gave less s.h.i.+t than before regarding the usage of the spirit crystals and rapidly strengthened himself.

The other four also understood this point and under the supply of spirit crystals, their auras grew rapidly at a rate that could be seen by the naked eye.

However, Feng Lin discovered that in comparison to Yi and Su Li, Aris and Yana's growth was the fastest. It was as if they were riding a rocket.

Although their overall strength was not comparable to the other two, their rate of growth far surpa.s.sed them.

After giving it some thought, he understood the crucial factor in this.

They were all Interstellar cultivators from the solar system and grew up in an environment without spiritual qi. They could only rely on the cultivation resources transmitted from the universe for their own use. They were like infants who were born to be malnourished.

Now that they had entered this spiritual qi planet with ample spiritual qi supply, their parched bodies immediately received a tremendous growth. The rate at which they improved was very fast, far surpa.s.sing the rate of other candidates in the interstellar s.p.a.ce.

However, they still couldn't catch up with Feng Lin.

The vitality growth of the other four members was in all aspects and not focused enough.

However, the existence of genetic equation allowed Feng Lin to slowly grow and completely turn everything into data. It could convert the energy into genetic potential and store them. Then, he could be more focused on where he added his points, allowing him to choose the best perks and paths.

A huge amount of spirit crystals was used up completely.

After one night of cultivation, Feng Lin quickly obtained two transcendent-grade genetic points, and he added them to the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene and the Beast King Gene respectively.

His attributes became:

Name: Feng Lin

Vitality: 789

Transcendent-grade Gene: Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene x5; Beast King Gene x2

Primeval Gene: Stone Monkey Gene x10; Spirit Gene x10; b.e.s.t.i.a.l Gene x9; Violence Gene x8; Coercion Gene x6

Basic Gene: Monkey Gene x10; Stonebirth Gene x10; Adrenaline Gene x4; Mental Gene x9; Psychokinesis Gene x6; Spirituality Gene x8; Bloodthirst Gene x10; Beast Heart Gene x7; Strength Gene x9; Savage Gene x8; Pressure Gene x8; Prestige Gene x6

Genetic Potential: 68.1

Kacha kacha!

His bones rang out in cohesion as if firecrackers were set off.

Feng Lin rose and his muscles swelled up. He became the personification of strength and beauty.

He could sense the changes that his body was going through, and a faint feeling of joy rose in his heart.

After awakening the Beast King Gene, he could now be considered a humanoid-type beast king.

To prevent a case where his improvement was so tremendous that he would attract too many unnecessary surprises, Feng Lin returned to his original appearance, recalled his aura, and appeared completely harmless.

The first day of the examinations pa.s.sed by.

After resting for one night, the team of five walked out from the caves they were each resting in. Their auras had surged tremendously and they were filled with energy and vigor. They had adjusted themselves to reach the optimal condition.

Thereafter, they moved rapidly and started hunting the native races on this planet.

Swoosh swoosh swoos.h.!.+

The winged silver-colored fish pounced out from the water, and they were densely packed together.

Feng Lin's team arrived at a lake that was called the Drizzle Lake. They immediately encountered the attack of flying fish that resembled the Luo Fish.

Streams of icicles with bone-chilling auras shot out from the flying fish's mouths, eager to pierce through the five of them into holey sieves.

Tyrant Aura Battle Statue!

Aris's tyrant aura grew increasingly thicker, and a huge figure wearing armor appeared to protect all of them.

When the icicles touched the battle figure, they instantly shattered.

Soul Devouring Arrow Rain!

Yi kept on drawing his bow and shooting out endless arrows that came raining down. Each arrow would kill a fish monster.

The fish monsters landed on the ground and immediately disintegrated, turning into stone powder. It was as if all of their life essences had been sucked out.

A strange flush appeared on Yi's face, and a b.l.o.o.d.y aura permeated the air. He became increasingly vicious as if he had no idea what fatigue was.

Mental Reveberation!

Yana was like a G.o.ddess dressed in a golden armor while waving her scepter. An invisible mental storm surged out and wherever they pa.s.sed by, the flying fish's eyes would turn dull and their minds would be destroyed. They would no longer have any hints of vitality.

As the leader of the team, Feng Lin couldn't lose out to the rest of them.

Unexpectedly, he charged into the fish swarm by himself.

Without using any excessive means, Feng Lin sent his punches out, bringing forth great bloodshed.

There were too many of these fish monsters charging over. Countless attacks were launched in an instant and as long as there was a hint of a flaw, he would instantly be attacked.

Feng Lin took this opportunity to demonstrate his martial arts.

A violent aura rose throughout his entire body and as he moved around, he kept on punching out without leaving any gaps. His moves brought about a series of wind that protected him like a great stronghold as well as forming a millstone of flesh and blood.

Once the flying fish got near the absolute defense circle that was three feet around his body, they would be instantly crushed into meat paste, and pools of blood would splatter everywhere.

His aura was extremely violent as he entered a 100% battle condition, ma.s.sacring without any restraints.

After a series of ma.s.sacre, regardless of how ferocious the flying fish were or how great their numbers were, they were still wiped out completely.

Fish corpses piled up into small mountains, and the stench of blood gushed over. It was extremely pungent.

Feng Lin's group held no reservations and dived into the lake. Crystals glimmered at the bottom of the lake as if they were brilliant-looking pearls. It was clearly a huge spirit crystal mine. The cooling energy seeped into their bodies, cleansing their meridians thoroughly.

Right now, their greatest takeaway on this trip was that they had obtained many spiritual qi equipment from the flying fish tribe that were called the “Mystic Ice Thorn”.

Yi didn't stand on ceremony and took all of them.

These Mystic Ice Thorns were shaped like long needles and could be modified into long arrows. This would give him an additional fighting mean, increasingly his battle prowess tremendously.

In the next two days, they continued to advance quickly, hunting many natives on the planet. They wore all sorts of spiritual qi equipment which glimmered in vibrant light. They appeared very different from before.

Gathering spirit crystals, modifying spiritual qi equipment, harvesting useful organs from the planet's natives—all of them got to work and became very familiar with the process of harvesting the spoils of war.

While collecting their battle spoils, a great feeling of threat rose in Feng Lin's heart.

“Be careful!” Through his spiritual sense, Feng Lin noticed that a ma.s.sive black figure was heading in their direction and he instinctively called out to the others.

The moment, he finished saying this, the surface of the water suddenly exploded.


The head of a hideous-looking figure popped out from the water. It was clearly an octopus that was over 50 meters in height. It lashed out its tentacles fiercely toward them.

A ma.s.sive force caused waves to surge, sending the five of them flying out.

“Handover all of your treasures and I'll spare your lives!” A series of weird laughter rang out.

Feng Lin's team took their positions. They saw five figures standing on the octopus monster, laughing proudly and looking down on them, acting as if Feng Lin's group couldn't escape their grasp.

This was a team of examinees, and they had been lying in ambush.

Handover their spoils of war?

The corners of Feng Lin's lips curled up into a savage smile.

“Kill!” He let out a low bellow and took the lead to charge out. He didn't hold back at all and dished out killing moves.

This round examination was where they were expected to survive amidst harsh and dangerous conditions. There was no way of reasoning between the two teams. If they were to encounter each other, it would be a fight to the bitter end!

The moment the battle started, it entered an intense situation.

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 270 – Humanoid

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