Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 274 - Crushing Defeat

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Chapter 274: Crus.h.i.+ng Defeat

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

The airs.h.i.+p arced through the sky and a giant crate fell from the air, gleaming with piercing red light, making it extremely noticeable even from very far away.

That was the valuable supplies sent by the Cultivation a.s.sociation. Within it, there were all sorts of high-grade genetic medicine that could replenish the energy or greatly enhance combat prowess for a certain period of time. The rarest items should be level 5 equipment. All these were pinnacle-tier scientific creations such as quantum ray guns, deathray grenades, micro mecha of the starry s.p.a.ce roaming series…

Quantum ray guns could shoot out high-intensity quantum rays that could destroy and penetrate everything. It was able to break through 99.9999% of any material in the current universe. There was no way to block it.

Although the deathray grenades might not have such great power in material damage, its killing prowess toward living matters was extremely great. Once it erupted forth, death rays would seep into everything in the area, causing deadly radiation to destroy a living creature from the microscopic level, disintegrating cells and genetic molecules. No science or technology would be able to save a victim blasted by a deathray grenade.

As for the micro mecha of the starry roaming series, it was the representative of interstellar humanity’s high-end armor. This series of micro mecha was the same size as a normal human, yet it could greatly enhance one’s genetic abilities, allowing a human to move freely in outer s.p.a.ce, ignoring the limitations of gravity.

According to the examination information, the airdrop supply box would contain ten random types of level 5 equipment. If they were put to good use, they could turn the situation but were all extremely rare.

And Feng Lin discovered that the airdrop box in the air was s.h.i.+ning with a brilliant and conspicuous red light. It directly descended through the air, moving toward the depths of the Cloudsmoke Swamp.

Although Feng Lin’s team and the j.a.panese team were in the middle of a life-and-death battle, their attention couldn’t help but be attracted by the airdrop.

Things would sure to get lively!

Feng Lin’s heart sank. The airdrop crate was clearly extremely valuable. Once it appeared, many of the teams would surely gather here, trying to fight for it. Things would become extremely chaotic.

They would try to kill each other to obtain the treasure, and things would get incomparably dangerous.

But it was useless to think so far now. What important for Feng Lin now was to settle the j.a.panese team first.

The members of the j.a.panese team were all extremely ruthless. Feng Lin naturally wouldn’t be polite to them.


“You actually dared to kill my team member!”

“Our team will not rest until all of you are exterminated!”

The other j.a.panese started to howl in wrath.

As for the onmyoji, his expression turned extremely gloomy.

A member of his team was actually killed in front of his face. This was equal to a harsh slap. His face felt a burning sensation.

Originally, they already wouldn’t stop until one side was dead. Why did they have to waste time talking nonsense?

Feng Lin’s lips curled in a sneer. His body moved like lightning, directly rus.h.i.+ng the onmyoji.

Vajra Subduing Devil Fist!

Right now, he was already an elite cultivator that stood at the absolute peak. His vitality stat was extremely high. With a single punch, his qi and blood churned, blazing like fire. His punch was extremely tough and unyieldingly strong. This was an attack that was ‘Yang’ in nature.

These demons and ghosts were formed from ghost qi of a ‘Yin’ nature. Upon facing Feng Lin’s attack, it was like they had met the blazing sunlight and all of them dissipated into thin air, vanis.h.i.+ng completely.

Night Parade of One Hundred Demons, this technique was capable of turning this place into something like h.e.l.l in the mortal world.

Feng Lin wantonly aroused his qi and blood, causing them to burn like a blazing sun high up in the sky.

The demons, devils and ghosts all screamed when they came in contact with the blazing sun. They transformed into black qi before being dispersed.

“What tyrannical blood and qi.” The onmyoji coldly snorted.

“Grand Ghost Formation!”

His robes fluttered as a cold wind caused numerous yellow talismans to fly out. The yellow talismans danced in the wind and linked up together.

At this moment, a sinister air permeated the area as a giant demonic silhouette took form.

It was over ten meters with corded muscles. This demonic creature took the shape of a bull, and its silhouette was gradually turning corporeal. Its face was covered by a j.a.panese-style general mask.

This demon was different from the previous ethereal ghosts and demons. It had a real body and its body was packed with violence and explosive might.


The bull ghost roared. Its horns rammed forth ruthlessly.

Feng Lin swept his cudgel out horizontally. At the moment of collision, a great force of about ten thousand kilograms flowed into him, causing his body to retreat from the impact.

“Hundred Ghosts Devour the Soul!” The onmyoji attacked once more, controlling the ghosts to fly over, surrounding Su Li and wanting to consume his soul.

(Hmmph, did he want to fight against two of us now? What arrogance!)

Feng Lin coldly laughed. His bones creaked as his form instantly expanded into a three-meter-tall figure. His muscles were stretched taut as he pushed back with force.

The large body of the bull demon was forcefully pushed back. Its legs left deep trails behind on the ground as it did its best to resist the impact.

“HA!” Feng Lin shouted in a thunderous voice. Showing off his monstrous strength, he grabbed the horns of the demon and pulled in an upward manner, using them as a pivot to toss the bull demon into the ghosts.

The hundred ghosts formation was instantly broken.

Glimmering Demonfire!

The pressure on Su Li was greatly alleviated. At this moment, his skinny frame floated in the air, and his three tails moved as glowing specks of flames fell below.

The demons and ghosts that came in contact with the flames were all incinerated.

“DESTROY!” A silver light shot from the center of Feng Lin’s brow, exuding an aura of ruthlessness as it swept out.

The bodies of these ethereal ent.i.ties stiffened. It was like they met their jinx and started to crumble apart.

Night Parade of the Hundred Ghosts.

These malicious ghosts and demons were formed from the Yin aura given off by the evil intentions of humanity.

However, as long as one’s spirit force was high enough, they had nothing to fear.

In the past, when the Killer King had transformed into Yama King, his eighteen levels of h.e.l.l also could do nothing to Feng Lin.

Therefore, this technique was truly like a joke in Feng Lin’s eyes when he compared this to the Killer King’s technique.

His spirit force gushed out, transforming into a windstorm that caused the ghosts and demons to dissipate.

Both their attacks caused the ghosts and demons to suffer heavy casualties. A huge hole could be seen within their ranks.

Su Li transformed into a black shadow and had already arrived beside Feng Lin.

“This onmyoji’s vitality stat is too high. I’m not his match,” said Su Li in a heavy voice. From the start to the end, he didn’t occupy any advantage at all. His expression was extremely unsightly.

Feng Lin wasn’t too bothered by it. He calmly smiled. “You have delayed him long enough. Go and help the others for now; leave this onmyoji to me.”

“Right.” Su Li was also exhausted. He nodded and rushed toward Yana, aiding her to deal with the ninja controlling the Earthbound Spirit.

“Where are you running to?” The onmyoji coldly laughed. He rapidly formed hand seals.

“Manifestation of the three greater demons!”

Three wretched illusory silhouettes manifested as their demonic qi flooded the area.

They were very familiar to Feng Lin and were none other than the three greater demons of j.a.panese mythology. The Shuten-Doji, Kyuubi-no-Kitsune, and the Daitengu!

The Daitengu hadn’t materialized fully and it was already flapping its wings, flying toward Su Li.

“Your opponent is me.” Feng Lin softly laughed. His figure flashed and appeared before the Daitengu. He lifted his fists and slammed them down like a hammer, the impact causing the surrounding s.p.a.ce to tremble.

Sky Flipping Hammer Imprint!

The Daitengu just pulled out his katana but was blasted instantly into pieces.

Spirit Storm!

At this moment, silver light shot out from Feng Lin’s forehead, forming a silver vortex which transformed into countless tiny strands of spirit force. It changed into a sharp net that could slice everything.

Even before the other two greater demons took form, they were already trapped inside the net. A moment later, they dispersed into black smoke and faded completely.

Spirit force was a unique counter to evil demons and ghosts.

And as his Spirit Gene evolved into the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene, his spirit force didn’t weaken; it was enhanced instead.

Heart Monkey Force could interfere with material objects through idealistic energy. It was a sublimation of spirit force.

These ethereal ghosts couldn’t withstand it and were forcefully dispersed upon contact.

“What?” The onmyoji was shocked. He increased his hand speed. “Hundred Ghosts Stealing the Soul!”

The black qi behind him suddenly erupted with full force as numerous ghost heads manifested.

Feng Lin coldly laughed; he didn’t even bother to dodge.

The ghost heads rushed over. There were so many of them that if they stacked up, they could form a small mountain. They instantly drowned Feng Lin as they bit down on whatever they could bite.

However, Feng Lin’s body glowed with a jade-like l.u.s.ter; his skin was as tough as metal. These ghost heads couldn’t even wound him. Their teeth might be sharp but all of them shattered from the impact.

Impervious to fire and water!

He was immune to energy-type attacks. Thus, how could these illusory ghost-like beings harm him?

If this onmyoji was something from the j.a.panese mythology that resembled a magic-wielding priest, Feng Lin would be considered an a.s.sa.s.sin.

In the situation where their vitality stat didn’t differ too much, Feng Lin could completely counter his opponent.

How would this onmyoji play next?

Feng Lin’s fist contained natural energy, crus.h.i.+ng these unnatural ghosts into pieces as he moved nearer the onmyoji.

Seeing that he was at a disadvantage, the onmyoji floated in the air. He transformed into a ghost king that controlled countless ghosts, making them rush at Feng Lin.

For a period of time, both sides fought equally.

Flying Hundred Saber Technique!

Shua, shua, shua~

The samurai leaped into the air. He held a saber in each of his hands and began to spin like a top. Countless beams of light were slashed out, converging together.

Meeting his attack was Aris’s battle statue. It directly rushed toward the beams of light and fought him head-on.

“Earth Element: Surging Earth River!”

The ninja entered the earth and controlled the swamp, wanting to drown Feng Lin and his team completely.

“Golden Crow Descent!”

A golden beam of fire arced through the sky as a firebird descended. It sank right into the ground, causing everything to explode.

Yi continued firing his arrows, making it so that the ninja had no way to hide.

The other ninja continued using ninjutsu, utilizing both illusion and hidden weapons as he wanted to get closer to perform an a.s.sa.s.sination.

However, Yana had long since expected this. She moved toward her sister and fought together with her.

Aris simply rushed ahead while Yana was beside her, supporting her with her mental attacks. Their combination of material and immaterial attacks was highly effective, amplifying their combat strength exponentially.

At this moment, Su Li also made his way here. He waited at the side for opportunities and unleashed his demonic arts whenever he had a chance to.

The ninjas and samurais were surrounded and for a period of time, they were forced into retreat.

At this moment, the balance between both teams was completely broken with Feng Lin’s team occupied the advantage.

The onmyoji could no longer retain his arrogant att.i.tude. The death of a samurai led to an avalanche effect as they grew nearer to defeat upon each pa.s.sing second.

Feng Lin’s spirit force permeated the surroundings, and the onmyoji couldn’t summon any ghosts at all.

“Yamata Formation!” The onmyoji finally panicked as he chanted an incantation.

“The coiled great serpent of the marsh, the almighty being with eight heads and eight tails. The destruction of the heavens and earth, poisoning the mortal world…”

Ang, ang, ang~

The demonic ghostly qi behind him churned wildly, gus.h.i.+ng forth and materializing a Yamata no Orochi. Its eight heads stared up at the sky as it howled, radiating a baleful aura that caused chills in everyone’s heart.

Four heads among them shot straight towards Feng Lin, while the other four heads shot towards other directions.

Aris, Yi, Yana, and Su Li had to retreat rapidly in order to avoid a strike.

“Get over here!” The onmyoji roared.

The three team members from the j.a.panese team felt like they had a weight off their chests and hurriedly moved toward the onmyoji.

“Just this?” Feng Lin roared.

Creak, creak~

He waved his cudgel in a dance, smas.h.i.+ng apart four heads of the Yamata no Orochi as he rushed out.

Enlarge! Enlarge! Enlarge!

The metal cudgel was like a heavenly pillar, heavily smas.h.i.+ng down on the j.a.panese team. The power in the cudgel caused the air in the area to turn heavy from the pressure.

Earth Element: Earth and Stone Becoming a Mountain!

The earth elemental ninja rushed out. His face was pale. A layer of soil and stones covered him as he grew larger in size, becoming something resembling a mountain. He forcefully attempted to block the heavenfall cudgel strike.

“Abe-sama, you guys leave first!” The ninja viewed death as a homecoming.

“Go!” The onmyoji was also a cruel person. He and the other two subordinates actually didn’t hesitate to leave behind their comrade as they fled.

He shot a venomous gaze at Feng Lin and his team. “I will remember you all. This time, you guys managed to ambush us, but there won’t be another opportunity for you to do so in the future. I, Abe Geimei, will never spare you all!”

After speaking, he folded hand seals and the three of them actually turned into smoke and vanished, burrowing with great speed through the earth.

This technique was extremely strange, but it had great fleeing speed.

Even Feng Lin couldn’t see any flaws. Thus, he could only let them leave for now.

As for the words spoken by Abe Genmei before he left, Feng Lin coldly laughed.

(A defeated dog wants to talk big? So what even if you are a descendant of Abe no Seimei?)

(Since you were defeated by me once, you won’t ever have another opportunity to climb back up.)

Feng Lin was very clear that with the a.s.sistance of his genetic equation, his growth speed would far surpa.s.s his peers.

This Abe Genmei lost so badly and he still wanted to talk big?

What a foolish fantasy.

After killing the ninja, Feng Lin’s team started to loot the bodies of the two j.a.panese team members. They had so many treasures that just the two of them provided enough value to overwhelm a regular team. There were five level 2 equipment, two level 3 equipment, and one level 4 equipment named the Blood Silkworm Armor.

The blood silkworm was a unique creature in this spiritual qi planet. Its silk was as smooth as the snow and as light as nothingness, yet its defensive capabilities were so high that it could block the damage of any guns.

What made him feel pity was that they didn’t succeed in getting all of them to stay behind. If not, their harvest would be even greater.

After that, Feng Lin and his team continued on their way.

For the airdrop supply box, even if their team couldn’t obtain it, they wouldn’t allow other teams to get it so easily.

If not, their situation would be extremely dangerous.

Within the Cloudsmoke Swamp, the haze was everywhere, and the directions were simply muddled up.

But the brilliant red light from the airdrop box could actually pierce through the mist and haze, clearly signaling its location to everyone.

“We are getting nearer and nearer to it. We should be about to arrive soon,” said Yana.

“Careful!” Feng Lin warned.

The signal from the airdrop was so clear, most probably, many teams would try to obtain it. Things would be extremely dangerous.

His other team members nodded as they proceeded cautiously forward.

This airdrop box was as large as a house. Right now, they could already see it in their vision.

However, what was strange was that in the surroundings of the airdrop box, there was no commotion at all. There was just an eerie silence in the atmosphere.

“Seems like no one arrived yet. Let’s grab the equipment and flee,” Aris spoke in joy.

“Wait a minute!” Feng Lin spoke in a low voice. “Wear the s.h.i.+rts of invisibility and follow me closely.”

“Art of transformation!” Feng Lin still felt that it was better to take precautions. He waved his hand and his Heart Monkey Force gushed out, changing their appearances to stones as their auras became completely retracted.

This transformation…

Su Li and Yi who were new members were all shocked. This transformation ability was simply too bizarre.

Feng Lin simply smiled and spoke in a low voice to Yana, “How many teams have you located?”

“Two teams.” Yana closed her eyes, sending out her mental force to probe.

“I found three teams.” Feng Lin laughed.

“Where’s the additional team that I missed out on?” Yana furrowed her brows.

“There’s one more team hiding inside the mud, concealing their auras. If I’m not mistaken, they should be the three j.a.panese!” Feng Lin stated.

“I see.” Yana nodded as a look of pondering could be seen on her face.

After hearing their conversation, Aris and the two others finally understood the crux.

This calm scene had many currents flowing about in the dark. Other teams had already prepared their ambush.

Whoever was the first to act would definitely suffer the attack from the other teams. Most probably, the team who acted first would be in for a dreadful ending.

(So it turned out that everyone is a schemer! Interesting.)

Feng Lin’s spirit force gushed out as a cunning smile appeared on his face.

(Let’s see who can turtle for the longest!)

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 274 - Crushing Defeat

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