Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 272

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Chapter 272: If One Wanted to Be Wealthy, One Had to Be A Bandit First

Translator: Lordbluefire  Editor: Lordbluefire

The light rays were bent, and the s.h.i.+rts of invisibility allowed them to meld perfectly into the surroundings. As there were no traces of their presence, it wouldn't be so easy to discover them.

The other team slowly wandered over, they had no idea what was going to hit them as they chatted leisurely.

“Brothers, let's rush to the three-layer mountain as fast as we can. That place is the territory of the aboriginal Zheng Clan. As long as we can seize the spirit crystal bead, we would be number one! It's only a matter of time that we qualified to become Cosmos University's students.”

“Boss, you are right!”

“Let's speed up.”


They were all extremely eager, wanting nothing more than to sweep aside the other teams with invincibility and advance to the second exam. However, they didn't notice that right now, there were five pairs of eyes staring at their every movement, like how tigers would view their prey.

Rather than spending so much effort to hunt aboriginals, why don't they plunder loot from other exam candidates instead? This was the quickest method to be wealthy!

Things were getting exciting…

Level 1 equipment: Frigid ice Thorn, Thunderfire Bullet, Illusion Light Mirror

Level 2 equipment: Metal-plated s.h.i.+rt, Gravity Whip

Level 3 equipment: Diamond Helmet

Yana's eyes glowed, as she identified the properties of these people.

In Feng Lin's eyes, this team of five were like free gifts walking towards him.

Other the other three members of the team didn't say anything, their eyes had a coldness that would cause people to tremble.

Feng Lin's team could truly be ruthless.

When Yana observed this, she couldn't help but sigh for this enemy team.

The moment they took a step into the calabash-shaped mountain valley, their boss who was up ahead, suddenly stopped.

“Boss, what's going on?” Someone at the side asked.

The boss didn't say anything for a long time but he could sense the cold intents in the atmosphere. It felt like some terrifying existences were staring right at them. The atmosphere was cold and eerie.

However, this feeling vanished after one second, like it was an illusion.

The boss was extremely puzzled, there should be no reason why he felt that feeling at all. He couldn't make any heads or tails out of it.

“Nothing. Let's continue.” The boss shook his head and prepared to continue heading forward.

Swish, swish, swish~

At this moment, a sharp sound breaking the air rang out.

A total of five arrows transformed into silver lines, shot straight towards the five targets respectively. The fired arrows were fast, accurate and ruthless. It was not going to be so easy to avoid them.


Light radiated forth from three of the members, blocking the unavoidable barrows. Three of their equipment then shattered apart and fell to the ground.

The other two wasn't so lucky, the arrows penetrated their shoulder and the impact slammed them to the ground.

In an instant, this team lost two of their members. Even their defensive equipments shattered. The boss shouted in shock, “Someone is ambus.h.i.+ng us!”

The other four members of his team hurriedly acted, even the two knocked to the ground by the arrow's impact hurriedly stood up.

A skinny man opened his mouth wide but no sound came out from it.

Feng Lin's sharp senses told him that there was a formless sound being spread outwards, covering every inch of the ground in the surroundings.


He felt wariness in his heart.

“Over there!” At this time, the skinny man had already discovered their locations.

“How dare you ambush us!” The boss roared in rage. His entire body shone with the l.u.s.ter of stone. He punched out repeatedly, with incomparably ferocious moves forcing Feng Lin's team out from their concealment. Invisibility was useless.

The echolocation could scan all kinds of frequency using sound waves. Even s.h.i.+rts of invisibility couldn't hide from this ability.

The vitality stats of these five weren't that high, roughly about 600. This team wasn't strong enough to make Feng Lin and his teammates feel fear.

“Let's act!”

Feng Lin roared.

His team started to move, after so many battles, their rapport was already honed to a very high level.


Sharp arrows pierced the air, creating a rain of arrows that suppressed their opponents.

Tyrant Aura Battle Statue!

Aris rushed out, transforming into a giant statue. Under cover from the rain of arrows, she launched attack from a high position, battering the other team so badly that they had no choice but to flee.

Mental Control!

Yana also acted. Her scepter danced in the air, forming invisible shackles that suppressed the mental states of the five targets, telling them not to resist.


A formless energy barrier manifested. It turned corporeal and blocked the giant statue's blows and the rain of arrows.

Three-loop Destruction!

At this moment, Su Li instantly acted. Lightning, fire and ice instantly fused together, transforming into a black sphere, containing enough energy within to destroy all living things.

The energy barrier instantly collapsed upon contact.

Feng Lin moved like lightning, he transformed into a black shadow, rus.h.i.+ng straight into the midst of the five members from the enemy team.

Beastlike Fist Art!

Lion's Roar!

His eyes gleamed with fury, his qi settled in his dantian. With a thunderous roar, the s.p.a.ce trembled as the atmosphere was permeated with the might of a hundred beasts, shaking the hearts of everyone, directly shattering the echolocation of that skinny man from before. The five enemies felt their eardrums vibrated so much that they got a headache.

Tiger pounce, dragon claw, wolf attack…

Feng Lin was like a tiger in the midst of lambs. He devastating attacks left behind shocking wounds on the bodies of the five enemies.

After a short period of time, three of the five members from the enemy team were knocked down. They lost all combat prowess.

Upon seeing this, the other two didn't even say anything. They immediately turned and fled in opposite directions.

An exam with the basis of survival on dangerous grounds. Even if only one could survive, they had to turtle all the way to the end. Who knows, they might still have a chance to become the victor. If they took the first place, their team would pa.s.s this exam.

Clearly, they were thinking too much. Feng Lin's team has been camping here waiting for prey to walk in, how could they allow two of their targets to escape?

“Transform, grow!”

With the empowerment from Feng Lin's heart monkey force, the metal cudgel in his hand turned as flexible and soft as a rope. It expanded swiftly, forming iron chains that shot after the two escapees, binding them together, wrapping them up like a mummy, rendering them completely immobile.

Feng Lin's group was extremely well coordinated, acting first to suppress their opponents before controlling the battle situation, while Feng Lin move in for the final kill. Everything was done in one uninterrupted chain. Their opponents had no way to resist.

The enemy team of five were effortlessly subdued. They were then chained together and stared in shock at their surroundings. They were like little kids who were helpless to resist, even their voices were trembling, “Wha..what do you all want?”


Feng Lin's team of five smiled as they walked over, their eyes gleaming with light.

“DON'T!” Screams of fear echoed through the mountain valley, filled with terror and despair.


After some time, Feng Lin's team left this area with satisfied smiles on their faces. Five naked figures were left behind and their targets were all trembling in the cold wind.

Although they managed to retain their lives, they were already disqualified.

After succeeding again, their harvest naturally increased greatly. Other than some general level 1 and level 2 equipments, they obtained two more level 3 equipment, the diamond helmets!

This was considered a type of armor that was forged from diamond stones that was unique to this spiritual qi planet. The material was incomparably tough and in times of need, it could be used to block the explosions of scientific-based firearms that were aimed at the head.

In addition, there were at least over a hundred pieces of spirit crystals of various elements.

Feng Lin's team truly became wealthy after that.

Next, they repeated their actions and kept plundering the other teams, succeeding two more times in a row. They collected even more spiritual qi equipment and gained two more types of level 3 equipment, the Qiankun Mirror and Cloud Ascending Whip!

But unfortunately, they didn't know was it because the number of small teams were limited or people started to be more vigilant. No other teams pa.s.sed by this area.

Feng Lin's team camped here for a long time but no one came by, they could only choose to give this up.

Although blocking the path of others, becoming bandits could lead to them being rich. They still had to hunt monsters.

After a period of slaughtering monsters, the equipments they looted from other teams showed some signs of damage. If they continued using the equipments for a long period of time, the equipments would probably break apart.

Only by hunting aboriginal races would they obtain complete equipments.

Above level 3 equipments, there were still level 4 and level 5 equipments.

If they wanted to become number one, it would be tough to succeed without a weapon of ma.s.s destruction.

If others have it and they don't, during critical times, their team might be completely dominated to the point where they couldn't fight back.

“Yana, check the map and see if there's any level 4 or 5 equipments being produced nearby?” Feng Lin spoke in a low voice.

Yana searched through all sorts of information and gave her answer.

“Right now, the place closest to us is the Cloudsmoke Swamp. That place is one of the top five spiritual places in this continent. There are an intelligent aboriginal race there known as the swamp fishmen. They can produce level 4 equipments named Fishscale Armor. And as for the trident used by the fishman king, it's a level 5 equipment that could control vast amounts of water element spiritual qi, turning any locations into swamps, marshes or giant lakes!”

“The Fishking Trident!” Feng Lin's eyes gleamed. This sort of equipment that could change the terrain could simply be considered a divine weapon. He could turn the battlefield into a place suitable for himself. This was an extremely rare treasure.

“Let's head there then.” Feng Lin made his decision.

Yana also nodded, “This is a good idea. Although many teams chose to land at the Cloudsmoke Swamp during the air drop, the number of swamp fishmen exceed tens of thousands and there are many different races, their naturals are all extremely brutal. It wouldn't be so easy for the other teams to obtain the equipment. If we go there now, we can even hunt some of the other teams for their equipments. Given our strength, it is highly possible that we can succeed.”

Everyone nodded after they listened.

This was an advantage of having a strategist in the team. The strategist could formulate plans from the information they gain and choose the most appropriate time to seize advantage, allowing the odds of victory to increase tremendously. A team with a strategist is much more useful than those who only rely on brute strength.

Feng Lin's team rushed there straight, not wasting time.

Very soon, a gigantic swamp that extended endlessly appeared before their eyes. Clouds of mist and smoke could be seen on the swamp's surface, and from afar, it appeared to be like paradise in the mortal world. However, a vivid killing intent could be felt in the surroundings.

The surroundings were fogged, their vision could only see haze. No one dared to get near the swamp recklessly.

“Today is only the second day of the exam. There's still plenty of time, we don't need to be in a rush to go in or we might become the targets of others instead.” Yana spoke. Her eyes shone with a penetrating light as she continued, “Cloudsmoke Swamp is one of the top five spiritual grounds on this continent. Large quant.i.ties of spiritual qi equipment can be found here. The other teams would surely target them. We can set our ambushes here and reap the harvests!”

This was truly a good idea.

Blocking the paths of others, becoming bandits and growing richer and richer. Such an easy way of making money truly could make people feel addicted.

Feng Lin's team instantly came to a consensus. They then found a suitable place and prepared their ambush once more, not wanting to waste time. After they are done, they used the spirit crystals as they cultivated.

For Feng Lin, his genetic potential +1.6, +1.6, +1.6…

His heart and mind sank into a state of silence. There were no distractions at all as his genetic potential kept surging up.

“Someone is here.” All of a sudden, Yana's voice rang out, waking everyone.

The eyes of Feng Lin's team glanced over.

Three figures walked towards them from the clouds of smoke and mist, their silhouettes gradually turning from blurry to clearness!

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 272

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