Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 276 - Stealthy Substitution

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Chapter 276: Stealthy Subst.i.tution

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Feng Lin intentionally incited a battle to break out between the other teams. His purpose in doing so was to make the situation chaotic enough so that he could take advantage of the turbulence.

These people were fighting intensely, and Feng Lin felt pleased to see this happening. He carried on with his plan sneakily.

In the blink of an eye, the items and equipment in the airdrop box had been secretly changed. Although it appeared as if they hadn’t been touched at all, it was just an illusion. The things left behind were just some worthless stones.

What was it like to bring about endless changes, performing a stealthy subst.i.tution to trade one thing for another?

This was it!

Just as he was planning to continue with his operation and steal all the items in the airdrop box…

Suddenly, a cold and arrogant voice rang out.

“Everyone, scram! The paladin teamis here! The airdrop box is ours, and those who dare to stop us will die!”

Holy Sword Light!


A sword light 50 meters long took form in the air and suddenly came slas.h.i.+ng down. Endless holy light scattered out and the entire battlefield was slashed completely into two halves. A crack that was like a mountain valley appeared.

The five teams scattered in different directions, watching in shock and terror at the sword mark. All of them were silent.

This prowess… The people who came were probably…

Grand cultivators!

Pa pa pa!

Uniform footsteps rang out and five examinees who were like the Middle Age’s paladins from the western religions walked over. They wore silver armor that covered their entire bodies, revealing only a pair of eyes from their helmets. Their gazes had an unshakeable will and were emotionless. They looked at the many examinees present as if they were looking at dead people.

“This place has been taken over by our Paladin Team! All of you should leave quickly!” the leader spoke in a cold voice.

One of the examinees from the combat race reb.u.t.ted in fury, “Even if you guys are paladins from the Europa Alliance’s Radiant Holy See, aren’t you being too domineering like this? Do you really think…”

Devil Extermination Wave Sword!


A sharp sword was unsheathed, glowing in a majestic holy light that slashed down fiercely. A patch of pure white light was released, purifying everything. Under this light, all impurities were exterminated.

“You dare…?” That examinee from the combat race hadn’t expected that the paladin would dare to make the first move and attacked him. Electricity burst out from his body, forming a long lance that pierced out.

However, the holy light sword purified everything, even the immaterial electricity. It slashed down fiercely, wiping out the lance, and pierced out toward that examinee.

Light flashed by.

That examinee’s body turned stiff on the spot, and at the next moment, was split into two parts. Blood gushed out like springwater, and his internal organs dropped onto the ground.

“I’m only notifying you. I don’t have the intention to hold any discussions! If you don’t leave, then die!” The paladin drew back his great sword coldly, not even throwing a glance at that corpse. His expression was as cool as ever as if he had just killed an insignificant ant.

“Ivan!” Seeing that their comrade was killed, the eyes of the examinees from the combat race turned bloodshot, and the four of them pounced forth fiercely like frenzied bears.”

“Let’s all attack together!” When the other teams saw this, they also made a move.

The mighty dragon was no match for the native serpent!

They had fought each other for so long, yet the paladin team suddenly barged in and wanted to drive all of them away and keep all the airdrop box’s resources for themselves. How could they possibly allow such a thing to happen?

All of them were calculative people, and they knew well that if the paladin teamwere to have their way, then they wouldn’t be able to get anything out of this.

The five teams joined forces and besieged the powerful opponent that had suddenly popped out.

“You don’t know what’s good for you! Holy Light Pentagon Formation!” The leader of the paladins let out a cold snort and pointed with his large sword. The other four paladins immediately took their places at the other four corners of the pentagon and coordinated with each other, forming a ma.s.sive pentagon formation.

The same kind of holy light was released from their bodies at the same time. The auras were strong, breaking through the 1,000 threshold. All of them had reached the grand cultivator realm.

This was clearly a team that comprised purely of grand cultivators. Just their cultivation and strength alone would completely suppress everyone else.

Despite being besieged by five teams, the paladin teamwas unfazed. Their auras connected together, forming a ma.s.sive magic formation. Holy light soared into the sky like a light pillar that penetrated through layers of clouds and fog, making the area within a range of one hundred li extremely clear.

Demons gushed forth like tidal waves.

Treants stomp on the ground, creating tremors. They were as fierce as a military army.

The people from the combat race drove the chariot and came smas.h.i.+ng over from the sky.

Waves of energy kept on charging forth, wanting to drown the paladin teamcompletely and crush them into dregs.

The leader of the paladins didn’t move, but the holy light formation created a huge pair of white wings on his back. It was as if he was an angel that had descended, and the large sword he held swept out calmly.

Endless amount of holy light burst out and the mortal world was covered in pure white. It was so plain that it instilled fear, or even horror!

Electricity, demons, Treants… All of them turned into powders under the white light. Even their existence was wiped out. It was as if they had never existed before.

The group of examinees fell backward, landing hard on the ground with pale countenances.

Their magical techniques were forcibly negated and they suffered serious injuries from the backlash.

“d.a.m.n it!” The four from the combat race knew no fear and continued to charge forth.

The rest of the other four teams stood up silently and turned to leave.

Against a team of grand cultivators, they had no hopes of winning by fighting them head-on. If they continued on, they would die…

At the thought of how there was such a terrifying team in this examination, a great shadow was cast in their hearts. How could they advance to the next round of the examination then? This was really troublesome!

“Heretics who know not what’s good for you! Turn into ashes under the holy light!” a loud voice hollered.

Endless amount of holy light was like tidal waves, completely drowning the team from the combat race.

After the light dissipated, there was no one left on the spot. They had been completely wiped out. It was really terrifying.

“Go!” At the sight of this scene, Feng Lin couldn’t take the rest of the equipment and resources in time. Without another word, he left rapidly without turning back.

Yana and the others didn’t say another word either.

The mighty dragon had suppressed the native serpent.

The battle prowess of this paladin teamwas far too terrifying, being a great realm above them. They could completely crush Feng Lin’s team entirely, and there weren’t any means that could make up for this difference.

Once a conflict were to break out, Feng Lin’s team would have no chance of winning.

“Hmmm?” One of the paladins closed his eyes, sensing some sort of disturbance. He said in a low voice, “Leader, there seems to be another team in the vicinity!”

The leader didn’t even take a look. “They are just five insignificant ants! And they won’t affect the overall situation. Anyway, we’ve already gotten our hands on the airdrop box.”

The five paladins stepped on all the corpses and made their way over.

A large variety of resources were placed before their eyes. The leader reached out and grabbed them. At this moment, his countenance changed instantly.

The illusions were broken. The precious resources turned into powders that leaked out between his fingers.

He bellowed furiously, “Give chase! Those people have stolen the resources from the airdrop box!”

However, it was all too late. A cloud had risen from the ground, rapidly cutting across the sky and disappearing without a trace in the blink of an eye.

“I’m going to remember you guys!” Holy light broke through the endless fog around the swamp like a huge sword, and the hollering voice was filled with endless rage and morose.

Hunting geese every day, but finally getting pecked in the eye and blinded one day [1]!

[1] Suggesting that a person was overconfident and committed an error due to their carelessness.

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 276 - Stealthy Substitution

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