Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 325 - Obtaining The Contribution Points

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Chapter 325: Obtaining The Contribution Points

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

The great limit of the elite cultivator’s vitality was 1,000 points. How did he break past it so easily?

After seeing the result, Feng Lin couldn’t help being astonished.

For every cultivation realm, there was a natural limit for one’s vitality stat.

Even if he was walking on Sun Wukong Mythological Path, it would be exceedingly difficult if he wished to break the limit.

Back then when he had been an interstellar cultivator, in order to break through the greater limit of 100 points, he had used all methods he could think of and even entered a secret realm of j.a.pan before he succeeded.

But now, he didn’t do anything, yet he had broken through a greater limit of an elite cultivator that was supposedly countless times more difficult to break through compared to the one of interstellar cultivators’?

No, it wasn’t that he did nothing.

Feng Lin pondered slightly and understood the reason behind it.

As expected of the Dustfall Immortal Pill.

Although it was just the simplified version, just consuming it allowed Feng Lin to gain a xiantian dao body and break through the limits of his previous body.

The medicinal potency of the dustfall medicine crystal was simply too powerful, exceeding his expectations.

If he took out three G.o.d-like medicines such as this, it would still be too dazzling!

After contemplating a little, Feng Lin decided to only give two pills to Zhao Yue`e and the others.

He carefully kept the three pills he took. He definitely couldn’t expose that he had them or he would face endless troubles.


Only after an appropriate amount of time had pa.s.sed did Feng Lin contact Zhao Yue`e and the others. He then headed toward the agreed meeting point.

When he reached there, those people were already there.

“This is the Dustfall Immortal Pill you restored? Why is it in a crystal form? It is different from the perfectly round shape of ancient medicine, and its divine glow was supposed to be completely retracted. This is clearly not the case.” After Feng Lin took out the two dustfall crystals, the black-haired young man, Iron Pillar, glanced at them with unsightly expressions.

They paid such a great price and finally managed to get ten portions of the ingredients for Feng Lin. All of this was because they hoped he would be able to restore the ancient medicine.

But now, the things Feng Lin took out were clearly two crystallized genetic potions.

Even if the genetic potions were crystallized, they were ultimately still genetic potions. It wasn’t the ancient medicine they wanted!

Staring at their unsightly expressions, Feng Lin calmly spoke, “Alchemy is a secret art that has been lost for countless years. Who can perfectly restore the ancient medicine? I can only use my crystallization medicine creation technique to conduct some remodeling, maintaining 50% of its original medicinal potency!”

He was extremely confident about this point.

After all, the crystallization medicine creation technique was something that had the essence of alchemy within. No matter how much medicinal potency was lost, he could guarantee to retain at least 50% of the original product.

And as expected, when the people heard this, they all had looks of shock on their faces.

“These crystals actually maintain 50% of the original medicinal potency?”

“Incredible! Although these medicinal crystals cannot be compared to the original Dustfall Immortal Pill, they have already far exceeded the ancient medicine we excavated out!”

“How did you accomplish this?”

The att.i.tudes of everyone instantly changed.

Feng Lin smiled but didn’t say anything. He naturally wouldn’t leak his own secrets. He pa.s.sed the two sealed medicinal crystals to them.

Zhao Yue`e curiously received them. She placed them before her eyes and started to seriously survey the crystals.

All of a sudden, her finger flicked and threw one of the medicinal crystals into her mouth, swallowing it.

“Senior sister…!” Iron Pillar instantly got anxious when he saw this.

The medicinal effect of this crystal hadn’t been tested yet, how could Zhao Yue`e consume one so easily?

“Don’t worry.” Zhao Yue`e had a smile on her face. “I know what I’m doing.”

She sat cross-legged and actually floated in mid-air.

Waves of energy fluctuations could be felt. Some were as cold as ice yet as hot as a blazing fire. This was the medicinal potency unleas.h.i.+ng itself. It kept bursting out, yet she suppressed it again and again.

Zhao Yue`e’s aura began to expand at a rate visible to the naked eye, becoming something corporeal. The pressure she exuded was as heavy as a mountain, so great that the surrounding air was being compressed.

Feng Lin’s eyes narrowed. Only now did he understand how fearsome her true combat strength was. It simply surpa.s.sed his estimation.

When they had fought, she basically hadn’t taken him seriously or he wouldn’t have been able to receive more than three of her blows.

One must know that Zhao Yue`e was at the adept realm, two entire realms higher than Feng Lin. This also meant that her vitality stat had already broken past 10,000.

Even though Feng Lin had broken through his current vitality stat’s limit and could be comparable to grand cultivators, his vitality stat had only broken past 1,000. There was about a ten times difference when he compared himself to Zhao Yue`e.

Under this pressure, Feng Lin felt like there was a towering giant before him. He felt as tiny as an ant as the disparity in strength was simply too great.

Her aura gushed out, forming visible waves of energy. The compressed air grew heavier, causing everyone here to find it difficult to breathe.

These people weren’t able to withstand such a powerful aura and all decided to retreat.

Feng Lin was no exception.

After consuming the Dustfall Immortal Pill, all of Zhao Yue`e’s potential completely erupted forth.

Her aura was like the deep abyss filled with sinister killing intent, radiating a biting chill that wanted to freeze everything in the heavens and earth.

Creak, creak.

Feng Lin discovered to his astonishment that the surface of the ground started to freeze.

This extreme chill caused the moisture in the air to rapidly freeze. When they fell onto her, they made it seem like she resembled a divine statue of a frost G.o.ddess.

An ancient deity descended to the mortal world, stepping on a black tortoise with a long sword in her hand. Her figure was lanky and she had a solemn expression. It was the image of Zhao Yue`e herself.

Zhenwu Law Image!

Boundless divine might radiated from her, causing everyone not to dare directly stare at her.

Feng Lin’s eyes involuntarily narrowed. The chill was extremely overbearing, forcing him to retreat.

However, his sharp senses told him that this image was just illusory, it wasn’t the true Zhenwu Law Image.

Iron Pillar and the others had looks of awe in their eyes; excitement could also be seen on their faces.

The Zhenwu Divine Statue continued to become corporeal. It looked increasingly real, appearing from the void but it still contained a hint of illusory feel. But in the end, she still failed her breakthrough.

Zhao Yue`e drew in a deep breath and stopped.

“Senior sister, what’s wrong? Have you broken through to the elite adept level?” Iron Pillar saw that something was wrong and couldn’t help but ask.

“Not yet.” Zhao Yue`e shook her head. “Although the medicinal crystal retained 50% of the medicinal potency, it’s still very inferior when compared to the real ancient medicine. It can’t aid me in breaking through.”

“Why don’t you consume the second medicinal crystal too?” asked Iron Pillar.

“It’s useless,” Zhao Yue`e replied. “This is a disparity in terms of its base quality. It cannot be mitigated simply by consuming more of the medicinal crystals. Unless I can obtain the true Dustfall Immortal Pill, I can only depend on my own efforts to slowly grow stronger and breaking through to the elite adept realm.”

Things were troublesome then.

Everyone didn’t know what to do.

They expended so much effort and only found a person like Feng Lin. Although he only managed to retain 50% of the ancient medicine’s medicinal potency, this was something others couldn’t do.

Medicinal refinement depended too much on one’s talent. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to comprehend it.

Although everyone here wasn’t nameless individuals and had large amounts of cultivation resources at their disposal, they weren’t able to think of any good idea.

“There might be a way.” At this moment, Feng Lin calmly stated.

“What?” Numerous gazes instantly turned to Feng Lin; the tone of their voices was extremely impatient.

Feng Lin continued, “According to my research, other than the proficiency in alchemy, the a.s.sistance of a true fire is also needed. Only with the power of a true fire can I smoothly merge the medicinal properties of the various ingredients, achieving a state of union between Yin and Yang and mixing water and fire to form a golden pill! All these are things impossible to achieve with the usage of mortal fire!”

“Oh?” Zhao Yue`e nodded slightly as she started to contemplate. All of a sudden, she seemed to have made a decision.

She pointed her finger at her microchip id and sent a message.

Contribution points +50,000!

All of a sudden, Feng Lin discovered that his bank account at the Great Wall University had suddenly increased by 50,000 contribution points. The reward for this mission was given to him in advance.

“This is…” Feng Lin was bewildered.

“You managed to restore 50% of the Dustfall Immortal Pill’s medicinal potency and can be said to have accomplished your mission. This is the reward you ought to receive.” Zhao Yue`e smiled. She then continued, “Feng Lin, next we would have to trouble you to go with us to explore the mythological secret realm. How about it? Over there, you might be able to find the true fire you wanted!”

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 325 - Obtaining The Contribution Points

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