Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 337: One Day Journey In The Primordial World (4)

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Waaa waaa waaa...

The cry rang throughout the entire valley, sounding extremely heart-wrenching. Anyone who heard it would feel shaken, and anyone who saw it would feel sad. It was too heart-breaking.

A big, fat, and fair child wearing a red unders.h.i.+rt was lifted upside down in the air. Its four limbs were hanging, causing it to be unable to touch the ground and slip away.

Crackle crackle!

The flames continued to burn, and the huge snake was roasted over the fire with its oil dripping down. A delicious smell filled the air.

Feng Lin sat cross-legged on the floor and started chewing in big bites.

The snake meat was surprisingly tender, and it melted when being eaten. An abundance amount of spiritual qi entered his stomach together with the strong fragrance of the meat. It rapidly entered his body and nourished every single cell. Seething heat flowed through his eight extraordinary meridians and all parts around his body.

The snake meat was extremely nutritious and filled with spiritual qi. It was many times better than ordinary gene potions.

The Flood Python was a spiritual creature, being just one step away from becoming a demon. Its flesh and blood were filled with strong spiritual qi, and it could be said to be a mobile spiritual medicine that provided great nourishment.

The moment he ate the snake meat, it instantly turned into seething heat that extended out, causing his stomach to burn like a furnace.

Feng Lin immediately circulated the Beast King Gene and the art of 'transforming energy into qi' in order to digest the excessive energy.

Genetic potential +2.8, +2.8, +2.8...

Ever since he became an Interstellar cultivator, ordinary food didn't have much effect on him anymore. They were like impurities, not only useless but would also bring harm to his body if taken in large amounts.

He could only replace food with nutrient fluids and gene potions. Although they were nutritious, they were bland and tasteless. Anyone would get sick of them no matter how high their tolerance was.

This snake meat was completely different. It was tender and tasted amazing, spiking his appet.i.te.

(Who's the person who said that snake meat tastes like chicken?)

(This Flood Python's meat is even more tender than the high-quality beef steak!)

Feng Lin kept on eating like a hungry ghost, but his eyes were fixed on the fat child who was crying and sobbing non-stop. Feng Lin seemed to be thinking of something but had no intention of offering any consolation at all.

Although this fat child was crying very agonizingly, it would probably think of escaping immediately the moment it touched the ground.

In fact, the people who gathered them in ancient Huaxia would tie them up heavily with red robes to prevent them from drilling into the ground and escaping.

Ginseng baby was from 1000-year-old ginseng that turned into a spirit. They broke away from their plant appearance and became spirits with a life of their own.

When spiritual medicine achieved dao, their blood and roots would all be rare spiritual medicines that were very suitable for alchemy.

Even more amazing was the fact that this ginseng baby had already shed off its original plant appearance and could move freely. No matter how much of it was cut off, it could grow back. It was an ever-growing spiritual medicine.

No matter how cute it looked, Feng Lin steeled his heart. He would not be deceived by its appearance and let it escape.

From one point, Feng Lin's pair of glistening eyes frightened the ginseng baby, causing it to s.h.i.+ver and not dare to cry anymore.

"Do you want a piece of snake meat?" Feng Lin smiled faintly and didn't give it too much thought. He tore off a piece of snake meat and put it into the ginseng baby's hand.

He hadn't expected that the ginseng baby would gaze carefully at it and gulped, wearing a craving expression.

In the end, it couldn't hold back any longer and started to bite and swallow the snake meat in big bites. It was even more ferocious than Feng Lin. It narrowed its big jade-colored eyes, looking very happy.

(This ginseng baby eats meat??)

(This is too strange!)

Feng Lin beckoned with his hand and grabbed onto the ginseng baby. He sent his spirit force into it and started sensing in detail.

Since the ginseng baby didn't sense any ill will from him, it continued to eat its meat without a care, like a hungry ghost.

It had forgotten all of the terror it had toward Feng Lin, and its mind was now as clean as a piece of white paper.

After Feng Lin scanned it, he immediately went deep into thought,

Demonic spirits were mysterious and phenomenal. They didn't just transform into humans after cultivating for centuries.

After scanning it, he realized that this ginseng baby's body was completely made from flesh and blood. It was now an actual humanoid being, and thus it wasn't surprising that it was eating meat.

In fact, its appet.i.te was a lot larger compared to Feng Lin's.

Its teeth kept on chewing and a large portion of the snake meat ended up entering its stomach.

After eating the Flood Python's meat that was overflowing with spiritual qi, the ginseng baby's body also swelled up rapidly like an inflated balloon. If it had been two to three years old earlier on, it was now probably around five to six years old, with its limbs growing longer.

It only came to a stop after it was so full that its stomach became very round. It lay on the ground in satisfaction and let out a happy cry.

Right now, it no longer looked at Feng Lin with a frightened expression. Instead, it was now crawling on his body happily.

(Those who can give milk are moms, and those who can give meat are dads?)

This ginseng baby was only five to six years old, and it wasn't fully grown up mentally. Subduing it wasn't as difficult as he imagined.

He let it crawl all over his body, paying it no heed as he took care of the rest of the Flood Python's meat. 

He extended out his spirit force. Even if the ginseng baby were to dig into the ground and flee rapidly, he'd be able to grab it back. There wasn't a need for him to be too much on his guard.

The ma.s.sive Flood Python was over ten meters long and was as thick as a bucket.

What they had eaten earlier on was just a section of its tail. There was still a large amount of its body left.

Feng Lin's palms were like blades as he drained the blood and carefully stored the meat. During the process, a round item fell down, landing on his hand.

It seemed as if it was condensed from the snake's gallbladder and was glistening all over. Not only was there no blood stench coming from it, but there was even a sweet-smelling fragrance. It appeared to be extraordinary.

At the sight of this, the ginseng baby, who had been so full that it couldn't stand up, came pouncing over like a hungry wolf, wanting to swallow up the treasured pearl into its stomach.

Feng Lin turned his hand, and the treasured pearl immediately disappeared.

The ginseng baby bit onto Feng Lin's hand. Its teeth were surprisingly tough, releasing 'kachi' sounds. Sparks splattered out from the friction, and it refused to let go.

Ignoring the ginseng baby's angry gaze, Feng Lin carried it down with one hand. 

If he wasn't mistaken, that treasured pearl should be the demonic core of the Flood Python. It'd be too much of a waste to let this ginseng baby eat it.

After cleaning up the demonic snake, Feng Lin kept the rest of its body into his furnace's s.p.a.ce and then started foraging through the mountain valley again.

There were all sorts of spiritual herbs in this medicinal valley, and he was having a good time foraging them.

Although the s.p.a.ce in the furnace was very big, it was gradually filled up.

(Such a pity!)

Feng Lin felt very regretful.

It was a very rare opportunity to be able to enter this primordial world. There were countless spiritual herbs he could gather in addition to an endless supply of treasures.

It was a pity that he wasn't able to fit all of them into his storage s.p.a.ce.

Even though he had selected carefully, the s.p.a.ce within the furnace was still filled up to the brim.

However, he had already obtained the greatest reward from this trip!

He had subdued the Earthfiend True Fire and taken in a ginseng baby that had turned into a spirit. If he were to still wish for more, he'd be too greedy.

It was getting late and he mustn't wait for much longer. He could just come again in the future.

Feng Lin didn't hold any hesitations and turned to leave rapidly.

He wondered how Zhao Yue`e and the others were doing on the paved path.

Seeing that Feng Lin wanted to leave, the ginseng baby started to cry loudly and tugged at his sleeves, pointing toward the depths of the valley.

It seemed that this ginseng baby wanted to bring him somewhere?

Feng Lin's eyes narrowed. Could it be that other than spiritual medicine, there was something else in this mountain valley?

He no longer held much interest in ordinary spiritual herbs. If he could have other benefits from this, what did a short moment of delay matter?

Feng Lin followed the ginseng baby and headed for the greatest depths of the mountain valley.

The rounders meandered and fog filled up the place, preventing others from looking in. It was hard to tell where they came from or where they were headed for.

There was another feeling that time and s.p.a.ce had fluctuated.

Suddenly, the fog cleared up and a stretch of light appeared before him.

Seeing this, the ginseng baby let out a cheer and immediately ran toward it.

Feng Lin quickly gave chase and entered as well. 

There was actually another world within the depths of the valley. A large stretch of paradise appeared before their eyes.

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 337: One Day Journey In The Primordial World (4)

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