Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 341 - One Day Journey in The Primordial World (8)

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Chapter 341: One Day Journey in The Primordial World (8)

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Soldier versus soldier, king versus king!

This was the most brutal rule that wild beasts abode by.

Newly born experts amongst the beasts could challenge the old beast king and fight for the beast king’s throne.

Feng Lin agitated his Beast King Gene to its greatest extent and brought up an overwhelming aura. It was as if black clouds had come pressing down, scaring many demonic beasts until they kept on backing off, not daring to get close in the slightest.

All of the Beast King Gene’s powers gushed out, forming black smoke and guiding the spiritual qi. They suppressed violent emotions, filled with savage intents, and brought about similar effects like that of a demonic aura.

In the eyes of these demonic beasts, Feng Lin was a human-shaped beast king.

He stood before the tiger demon and sent his aura clas.h.i.+ng against it. Their auras met and distorted the s.p.a.ce, challenging each other head-on. A battle between two beast kings was provoked!

A new king versus the old king!

Many demonic beasts started to grow sadly, only dare to watch from afar.

(How on earth did he do that?)

At the sight of this strange scene, the Hundred Gra.s.s Town’s demonic spirits found it really unbelievable.

However, the village head spoke up.

“If I’m not mistaken, a battle between beast kings will be taking place! The victor will become the new beast king! This honorable guest is really amazing. With this, the other demonic beasts won’t be able to interfere in the battle between him and the tiger demon. They’ll be able to have an opportunity to fight each other one-on-one, fair and square. Pay attention to this battle, it’s a rare opportunity! It’s very hard to see something like this.”

The village head had lived for over 1,000 years and had seen many things in life. The other demonic spirits took his words for it and nodded.

“Quick, look, it’s starting!” A series of gasps rang out.

At the next moment, Feng Lin made his move, turning into a series of light and shadows as he darted out rapidly.

The tiger demon stood on the mountain. He had a burly physique and looked savage and ferocious.

To think that Feng Lin, as the challenger, dared to make the first move to attack. He was really daring.

“A lad who popped up from who knows where dares to lash out at my prestige! You’re courting death!” The tiger bared its teeth and let out a burst of maniacal laughter. Its pair of tiger claws tore out fiercely. They were as sharp as steel, making it so las.h.i.+ng sounds appeared in the air.

Feng Lin’s two fists were like hammers, not dodging at all but smas.h.i.+ng straight out.

The fist and claw collided, instantly sending out a ripple that could be seen by the naked eye, sweeping up smoke and dust into the air.

Feng Lin was forced back ten meters into the air. But by condensing the wind around his lower body like a spring, he kicked in the air and bounced back.

His body shot out once again like a bullet.

Sky Flipping Hammer Imprint!

His fist came cras.h.i.+ng down onto the human world like a great mountain.

Tiger Demon Slas.h.!.+

The tiger demon smiled savagely, crossing its claws and bringing along a bloodthirsty wind. It appeared savage and ferocious, wanting to tear this repulsive guy completely into shreds and devouring him.

Bang bang bang!

The punches and claws kept colliding, sending seething and violent air currents out.

Feng Lin fought against the tiger demon head-on like a wild beast. It was a battle of the most primitive nature; each punch was. .h.i.tting its target and the entire battle was extremely violent.

Bang bang bang!

Colliding sounds kept on ringing out, causing everyone’s hearts to tremble.

The tiger demon had a big muscular body like a bull, capable of summoning a tremendous force and shaking the earth with every move it made.

Countering it, Feng Lin activated his Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene to its fullest. His body swelled up, turning into a ferocious monkey with thick and muscular arms. He wasn’t at a disadvantage at all.

The two beast kings went at each other. At this stage, the fierce killing aura completely frightened those demonic spirits, and many demonic beasts went fleeing in all directions.

The battle was drawn out without either side winning!

The tiger demon opened its mighty mouth and took in a breath fiercely.

Hiss hiss hiss!

The surrounding air gushed toward his lungs, forming a green air vortex. He roared out suddenly.

Tiger King’s Roar!

Accompanied by thunderous sounds, a huge gust of wind exploded under its feet, sending up soil and tempest that surrounded Feng Lin entirely.

Wind blades shot out, releasing ‘chi chi’ sounds in the surroundings. Anything that entered it would be subject to countless slashes.

Bang bang bang!

Sparks splattered.

Surrounded by the countless wind blades, Feng Lin’s clothes were instantly shredded up, and sparks splattered on his skin that was tough as rock, leaving behind streams of obvious white marks.


Feng Lin exhaled, let out a cry, and put his fingers together like a sword. He gathered all of his powers into one spot and slashed down harshly.

Immortal Slaying Sword Imprint!

The strong gale was instantly chopped into two by the sword attack.

A figure darted out of the gale with the sword attack pointed straight at the tiger demon’s head. He was just like an ancient sword celestial, attacking his enemy fiercely at lightning speed.


The tiger demon didn’t dodge and counterattacked instead. A whirlwind circled its body and started flas.h.i.+ng at extremely fast speed. Instantly, it summoned countless punches and claw attacks flying toward Feng Lin’s body.

They were so fast that even Feng Lin could only sense many afterimages with his spirit force. His body was unable to keep up, and he suffered a complete defeat in terms of their speed.

Feng Lin’s sword force was instantly broken apart, and he was sent flying out fiercely. The force reached his internal organs through his tough skin and flesh, dealing him with heart-piercing pain.

(This mustn’t continue on!)

The tiger demon was ferocious.

Feng Lin had awakened the Beast King Gene but had yet to strengthen it to the maximum. Thus, he wasn’t considered a true beast king yet. He also wasn’t a match for this tiger demon in terms of close combat.

But Feng Lin didn’t give up. He flipped over, covered in burning purple flames that instantly formed waves of fire around him.

“Earthfiend True Fire?” That tiger demon was startled. Its expression turned wary and it kept on retreating incessantly.

If it were to be burned by the True Fire, it would be incinerated into ashes even though its Demon King’s Body was heavily tempered.

Black Termination Demon Wind!

The tiger demon summoned its demon force, creating a series of bone-chilling black wind that covered up the sky and the sun. The chill actually blew out Feng Lin’s True Fire gradually.

Although the Earthfiend True Fire was very powerful, it wasn’t invincible.

A demon that transformed from a wild beast tended to not excel in magical techniques. However, they had their own innate divine ability.

Before this demonic wind, the Earthfiend True Fire seemed to have lost its effect.

The black wind kept seething with an icy and bone-piercing chill.

Feng Lin leaped into the air to dodge the demonic wind’s attack.

However, the tiger demon also soared into the air and chase after Feng Lin with the wind acting as its wings.

Dragons come from the clouds and tigers from the wind!

Once a tiger demon succeeded in its cultivation and took form, it would possess an innate ability to control demonic wind.

Both of them could fly and broke free from the land’s restraints, fighting it out in the sky. They would occasionally soar into the clouds and charge toward the ground… Fierce air currents shredded the clouds in the sky into tiny pieces.

Everyone on the ground was silent.

Even the Hundred Gra.s.s Town’s demonic spirits were in a daze as they watched this.

Roar roar roar!

The tiger demon kept on roaring non-stop, sending demonic air gus.h.i.+ng out and slicing the air.

Wrapped up by the wind blades, each of its claw attacks would have a slicing force.

The tiger demon brought about a violent gale that stirred up the sky into a paste. It was a blatant one-sided battle of power.

A person with great strength can win against ten people who know martial arts!

Feng Lin wasn’t even able to get close but was already slashed by countless wind blades that his entire body was in intense pain.

However, he mustn’t lose this battle between beast kings!

Once he lost, he’d probably be instantly devoured by those demonic beasts.

Beast King Gene +5 was still too low!


Add points!

With a single thought, the remaining two free genetic points were instantly added to the Beast King Gene.

Beast King Gene +6!

Beast King Gene +7!

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 341 - One Day Journey in The Primordial World (8)

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