Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 342: One Day Journey In The Primordial World (9)

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Name: Feng Lin

Vitality: 1318

Transcendent Gene: Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene: 10; Beast King Gene: 7

Primeval Gene: ...

Basic Gene: ...

Genetic Potential: 36.8

Having gained 2 genetic points consecutively, Feng Lin could feel the waves of energy rus.h.i.+ng through him, sending ripples reverberating into the air.

(Is this the strength of the Beast King Force?)

Feng Lin clenched his fists and felt the vigor gush through his vessels like hot, boiling lava.

He now had better control of the energy force, which felt like a resilient rope within his grip, waiting to unleash the energy within.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

Riding on the wings of the howling wind, the tiger demon hovered over Feng Lin, casting ominous shadows at its every move. As if it was omnipresent, it charged towards Feng Lin from all directions, clawing at him with an unmistakable thirst for blood.

The strengthening of the Beast King Gene gave him the instinct of wild beasts which greatly helped to fend off the attacks.

This was evident in his ability to keep up with the tiger demon's movements this time round - something he was unable to do in his earlier encounter with it.

Needless to say, he also felt recharged as the strengthening of the gene had replenished his strength as well.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sounds of Feng Lin's fist clas.h.i.+ng against the tiger demon's claw could be heard as the two got entangled in their bare-fisted fight.

Though the tiger demon was as powerful as before, it no longer had an overwhelming advantage over Feng Lin.

"Try my newly invented fist art!" Feng Lin bellowed as he changed his stance to put an end to this standstill. With that, his back arched, his chest puffed up, and his biceps enlarged to resemble the physique of a beast.

This caught the tiger demon by surprise, and it was momentarily distracted by the beastlike aura that Feng Lin was giving off.

(Could he be a tiger demon too?)

This only served to further confuse the dim-witted tiger demon.

White Tiger Seven Slaughters!

Now that Feng Lin had the upper hand, he was not going to hesitate to make his kill!

There was no better time to make his move!

In a swift movement, Feng Lin's claws tore through the air and inadvertently changed the flow of the wind. Feeling empowered, his body dashed toward the tiger demon at the speed of the wind.


The two silhouettes collided with an immeasurable force that exploded and transformed the wind into dagger-like blades that rained down and pierced the ground underneath.

The spirits and beasts who were unable to escape in time were immediately impaled and killed on the spot.

Poised to attack the vital points of the other, both Feng Lin and the tiger demon had no intention to retreat.  

Tiger's wind!

The tiger demon was riding the hauntingly chilling demonic wind.

Feng Lin's white tiger, however, was an eastern mythical creature. Its ability was a combination of the attributes of the Killer White Tiger Star: killer aura, razor-sharp claws, and dagger-like gale.

It did not take long for the tiger demon to be battered and wounded.

That said, it refused to surrender and continued growling while trying to fight back.

However, Feng Lin was used to its speed by now, and it was no longer possible to ambush him.

As he got used to the tiger demon's pace, his odds at winning was starting to improve. It seemed like he might not suffer a crus.h.i.+ng defeat after all.

Though the tiger demon had the advantage of ferocious power, with a body as st.u.r.dy as a rock and bones as resilient as metal, Feng Lin's defense was not one that could easily be breached with just the strength of claws.

It might not have seen it coming, but the tiger demon was also soon to lose its final advantage of strength.

Heart Monkey Empowerment!

At the will of Feng Lin, the Heart Monkey Force gushed through his body and boosted his abilities.

With that, the strength of his willpower had overcome the limits of the physical world.

With the Heart Monkey Empowerment, Feng Lin could feel his fists get progressively heavier. 3 times, 5 times, then 10 times its weight!

When the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene reached the level of 10, it would increase one's strength by ten-folds.

That was the limit of Feng Lin's strength then.

The original strength of his fist already exceeded 5000kg. What would ten times that feel like?

His heavyweight punches could break through anything and could leave all before his eyes in shambles.

Despite its huge physique, the tiger demon could not help but retreat in fear at the prowess of Feng Lin's fists.

Feng Lin's abilities greatly exceeded that of the tiger demon's. His blood was boiling with vitality; it was like there was an everlasting flow of energy running through his veins.

Get him while he's down!

White Tiger First Slaughter!

White Tiger Ear Slas.h.!.+

Like a streak of lightning, Feng Lin took the form of a silhouette and swiftly tackled the tiger demon to the grounds. Unleas.h.i.+ng the power in his fists, he stabbed both ears of the tiger demon in a merciless move.

This move gave him the chance to stab its brain through its ears, causing instantaneous death.

There was no chance for survival once that happened.

The tiger demon was aware of the situation he was in and immediately threw its claws toward Feng Lin in defense.

In Feng Lin's attempt to kick the claws away, he unwittingly released his grip on the tiger demon, giving it a chance to break loose.


The tiger demon intuitively retreated and escaped the death clutch. That said, it had already left him bloodied and in severe pain.

White Tiger Second Slaughter!

Tiger Ferocious Roar!

Without hesitation, Feng Lin rapidly hurled towards the tiger demon. With a deep breath, he puffed up his chest and allowed his powerful lungs to channel the air into an intimidating growl that ripped through the mountains and valleys.

This formidable growl created a vacuum, trapping the tiger demon within. Its sound frequency also exceeded the receptive limit of a human's ear and was capable of driving one into a crazed mental state.

Third Slaughter: White Tiger Devours Heart!

Fourth Slaughter: Mythical Tiger Las.h.i.+ng Tail!

Fifth Slaughter: Tiger Swallows Sun and Moon!

Based on the forms of the white tiger portrayed in the murals, Feng Lin had developed the White Tiger Seven Slaughters and was now demonstrating it one by one. They were certainly even more ferocious than the moves of the tiger demon.

With the moves executed one after the other, the power unleashed overwhelmed the tiger demon. It could only growl in anguish. Once again, Feng Lin had the upper hand.

The spirits of the Hundred Gra.s.s Town exchanged looks of bewilderment. Now, between the two, who was the actual tiger demon again?

How could this person be more ferocious than the Tiger Demon King?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The clas.h.i.+ng of the fists and claws rang through the air as Feng Lin unleashed his power unto the tiger demon, causing it to repeatedly reel back in excruciating pain.

Why should the tiger demon, the king of the mountains, have to endure such humiliation?


At that thought, the 'king' marking on the tiger demon's forehead and the patterned runes that embellished its body started glowing and giving off an unsettling aura.

The horn atop its head, in particular, was emitting unnerving waves that distorted s.p.a.ce.

By now, the tiger demon was completely enveloped in a dark, sinister whirlwind.

Feng Lin's expression stiffened, knowing that they were approaching the final faceoff.

Tiger King Ghosts!

With a sinister growl, a chilly wind swept through like a tornado from h.e.l.l, bringing with it a dark fog that soon settled to reveal one after another floating skulls, with every single one looking anguished and wailing in silence.

These are all the vengeful ghosts of those that were killed by the tiger demon.

Legend has it that living beings devoured by the tiger demon will not be able to enter the underworld. Instead, they will be captured by ferocious tigers and enslaved to the tiger demon, never to be reincarnated.

The sinister winds surrounded Feng Lin as the skulls chomped on his spirit, infusing it with their demonic energy and stealing his life force with every bite.

(So that's the tiger demon's strategy?)

With his willpower unwavered, Feng Lin magnified his spirit force to the greatest level and unleashed his next move in retaliation.

White Tiger Seven Slaughters!

Extermination of all beings!

With bloodshot eyes, Feng Lin was more determined to win this battle than ever. If anything, the attack from the tiger demon only drew out the ferocity of the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene that instantly shattered the demonic force of the evil spirits.

Focusing the power, focusing...

Once he had garnered all his power in his fist, he knew that he had reached the epitome of his strength.

His intention to kill was boundless and at this rate, he could easily wipe out all beings in the surroundings.

Feng Lin's claw clamored at the tiger demon as the winds howled. Within moments, the tiger demon would be completely trapped in his grip.

Still recovering from the exhaustion from unleas.h.i.+ng its killer move, the tiger demon froze in fear at the unexpected retaliation from Feng Lin.


A clean cut through the tiger demon's skull split it right open and sent brain juices and blood splattering in all directions. The ma.s.sive body of the tiger demon swayed and struggled to not fall over.

With a wave of his hand. Feng Lin stored the remnants of the tiger demon into his pill concoction furnace.

Even a normal tiger would have been a treasure to seize, let alone a tiger demon that had trained and cultivated his spirit for hundreds of years. The b.l.o.o.d.y skeleton possessed a spiritual aura that was even more beneficial than that of gene potions. As such, the remnants made the best ingredients for pill concoction.

Throwing out one last punch, Feng Lin knocked the tiger demon to the ground.

At that, he screamed with exhilaration at his victory,

Having watched how it all went down, the surrounding demonic beasts scurried away in fear.

Similarly, to the demonic spirits of the Hundred Gra.s.s Town, it was like they had their hearts in their throats as they watched, hardly letting out a breath for fear of being heard.

Once the adrenaline rush pa.s.sed, Feng Lin came to a sudden realization.

This battle with the tiger demon had given him new insights into the Beast King Gene. He couldn't wait to try accelerating its evolution and attain a breakthrough when he was back in school.

"Our esteemed guest, thank you for saving our Hundred Gra.s.s Town!" said the village head while approaching Feng Lin with warm grat.i.tude.

The Hundred Gra.s.s Town was built according to the mountainscapes.

Feng Lin followed the lead of the village head into the village and was met with a giant, deep sinkhole that seemed to go on forever.

On closer inspection though, it appeared that this was not a normal sinkhole. Encrusted on the walls were jades that illuminated the s.p.a.ce.

What caught his attention next though was what rendered him speechless and in shock.

Right before his eyes, next to the giant sinkhole, was a humongous ginseng!

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 342: One Day Journey In The Primordial World (9)

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