Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 346 - Groundbreaking Discovery

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Chapter 346: Groundbreaking Discovery

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

“What? Someone found a new mythological realm?”

“Really? Who discovered it? Was it an archaeological discovery by the school’s mythology expert?”

“No! It was discovered by Zhao Yue`e and a few from student societies! I heard that they even brought back many ancient murals that contain the secrets to the Huaxia desolate mythology. One of the students is only a freshman named Feng Lin!”

“That’s incredible! Isn’t he the freshman who was tried in military court earlier and fiercely defended himself? Now, he has even discovered a mythological secret realm? Are the freshmen today all this outstanding?”

“Where exactly is this mythological secret realm?”

“I heard that it was completely destroyed after the group left! We can no longer find it! Even if the school were to send a search team, they would also only be able to find a bunch of meteorites and fossils!”

“Ah! That’s such a pity!”

Great Wall University was in a state of excitement, and a flurry of lively discussion filled the hallways.

Usually, the discovery of a mythological secret realm would mean that an immense amount of mythological knowledge had been uncovered. It could inspire a new arena of mythological research topics in the cla.s.srooms.

The mythological knowledge alone was considered extremely precious. Let alone the ancient mythological relics that were discovered!

It had been ages since the discovery of a mythological relic had been made known in the vast galaxy.

Amidst the chatter, it was clear that Feng Lin had quickly become a person of interest amongst the students.

Now though, Feng Lin was still waiting in the s.p.a.cious lobby alongside Zhao Yue`e and the others.

After receiving their reports on the mythological secret realm, the school had expressed high regard for their contributions and made arrangements for them to wait in the lobby while the school sent a search team to look for the said place. Unfortunately, all the team could gather was just a bunch of fossils as the mythological secret realm had been destroyed beyond salvation.

“Zhao Yue`e and everyone else, please hand over the ancient murals in your possession! It appears that we are not fated to explore the secret realm yet. The search has been futile. What remains of the place are what’s in your hands!” an elder shared regretfully.

“Professor Qi, please take a look at this!” Zhao Yue`e and the others presented the ancient murals without reservation as the elder looked on in awe.

“These ancient murals are painted in the style of the Huaxia ancient paintings; on them, it tells the stories of the extinct divine beasts. Their value is immeasurable!” Professor Qi, who was also an expert in mythological archaeology, exclaimed in astonishment.

If the ancient murals were deemed to be so valuable, the lost mythological relic must have been priceless. It was clear from the professor’s reaction that he found losing the relic to be a shame.

“Professor Qi, this is not all that we have! The optical computer on the s.p.a.ce shuttle has created a mock replica of the original battlefield!” Zhao Yue`e chimed in enthusiastically. She and the others were fully prepared to demonstrate the depths of their find.

“A mock replica of the battlefield?” Professor Qi and his team of mythology experts could not wait to find out more upon hearing those words.

Without hesitation, Zhao Yue`e unlocked her microchip and projected the image of the battlefield.

Before their eyes was the scene of the shaman and demon races’ battle. Gasps of astonishment could be heard from them.

“Well done, everyone!” It took a moment before Professor Qi finally congratulated the team. Much like the other experts, he was amazed at the incredulous discovery and was unable to hide his excitement. “These ancient murals and battle scenes would allow us to make great leaps in our research on the Huaxia mythology!”

“Thanks for your kind words, Professor Qi! My junior, Feng Lin, had a key role to play in making the recreation of the battle scenes possible. Without him, we would not have been able to discover the secret realm!” Yue`e responded with a smile.

“I see,” Professor Qi nodded in acknowledgment and directed his gaze of grat.i.tude toward Feng Lin. “Aren’t you the survivor of the Great Qin s.p.a.ce Shuttle incident? The one who killed and fended off dozens of demons on his own? I have heard that you have chosen to study at the Mythology Academy. This is good news for us! You have demonstrated great potential and it would be a waste of talent if you had chosen another route! There will be much room for you to grow here!”

Given the military court incident and the recent discovery of the mythological secret realm, it did not come as a surprise that most people at Great Wall University would have heard of Feng Lin by now.

“The resources you have brought back are extremely valuable. Their estimated worth is 20 million in contribution points, and the rewards will be individually handed out according to the number of murals you have copied and the overall effort you have put into the task. Accordingly, Zhao Yue`e will receive 5 million, Sutt 4 million, … Feng Lin 1 million, Durant 800 thousand, Kaston 720 thousand, …” Professor Qi proceeded to allocate the rewards after closely studying the murals and battle scenes.

“Thanks so much, Professor Qi” Zhao Yue`e and the rest responded with grat.i.tude, clearly satisfied with the allocation.

As a freshman, gaining 1 million in contribution points was more than what Feng Lin could have asked for. He was certainly happy with the outcome.

After all, he just appeared to be a follower in the group, and no one was aware that he was the one who had reaped the most benefits from the trip.

He had gained the Earthfiend True Fire and countless spirit medicines – way beyond what he could have expected.

It was smart of him to stay low profile after reaping all these benefits.

Feng Lin quickly went separate ways from the group after receiving the contribution points.

It did not take long for Feng Lin to squander his rewards.

Well, regardless of how valuable the points were, their main purpose was to be spent after all. If left idle, they were but useless objects.

After a spending spree, he had quickly used them up.

“s.p.a.ce shuttle repair status: 51%, 52%, 53%, …”

The automated voice from the A.I. alerted.

The damaged s.p.a.ce shuttle floated in s.p.a.ce as multiple worker bee robots flew around it, working on repairing it with various rare materials.

With that, 900.000 contribution points were spent on repairing the s.p.a.ce shuttle. In addition, Feng Lin had also stocked up on a batch of rare materials, to be used in the future should the s.p.a.ce shuttle suffer further damage.

The Flowerfruit Mountain s.p.a.ce Shuttle was created using the best technology in the galaxy. It was highly advanced and might even be better than most of the private s.p.a.ce shuttles one could find at Great Wall University.

He had hoped to be able to use this s.p.a.ce shuttle for many more years, for his travels through the universe.

As such, he couldn’t afford for things to go wrong!

Large amounts of rare materials were being used to repair the damaged parts of the s.p.a.ce shuttle. And gradually, it started to return to its previous pristine form.

The excess materials were then stored aside as reserves for future use.

The four young spirits transformed from spirit medicine, namely the ginseng baby, lingzhi girl, tea-leaf boy, and lotus girl—they also seemed to be adapting well to the place. Drinking their nutrient fluids and staring up at the galaxy, they chatted energetically.

Having noticed that they were doing fine, Feng Lin turned his attention to the copper coin in his hands.

There was so much left to learn in terms of spiritual world.

He could tell that the s.p.a.ce within this xiantian spiritual treasure seemed boundless. Draped in curtains of fog and mist, it was hard for him to gain a clear view of what it contained.

That said, he had only himself to blame for his lack of cultivation!

Feng Lin had left a mental imprint on the xiantian spiritual treasure to avoid having it stolen by others.

Only one whose spirit force was stronger than him be able to erase his mental imprint, but it was rare to come across someone capable of doing so.

Feng Lin then spent his remaining 150.000 contribution points on ingredients needed for medicinal refinement and stored them well.

Spirit medicine was meant to be used after all!

It would be a waste if he left the thousand-year spirit medicines he had obtained idle.

He had no intention of doing so. With a flick of his hand, the pill concoction furnace landed with a thud.

The various spirit medicines that were within the furnace had already been retrieved and stored away.


The fire lotus between his brows glowed as he activated the Earthfiend True Fire, sending dancing flames beneath the furnace.

Feng Lin repeatedly transferred his energy to the furnace through his hands.

Time to start concocting the pills!

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 346 - Groundbreaking Discovery

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